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					Edition 1                                                                                                       March 2006

                                                                 THREE QUARTERS OF OUR TEE
                                                                 STUDENTS IN TOP THIRD OF STATE
                                                                    The standards at Lesmurdie SHS are so high that in 2005
                                                                 over three quarters of our TEE students were ranked in the top
                                                                 third of the state based on their TER score.
                                                                    TISC (Tertiary Institutions Service Centre) ranked Les-
                                                                 murdie SHS as the 5th best public school in the state based on
                                                                 median TER scores. The bulk of our Year 12 TEE students
                                                                 were top performers, in fact for a Year 12 student at Lesmurdie
                                                                 SHS last year you could say it was a lot easier being in the top
                                                                 third of the state than being in the top third of Lesmurdie SHS
                                                                    The staff at Lesmurdie SHS are very pleased with the re-
                                                                 sults. For most of last years TEE students this great personal
                                                                 achievement resulted from a rigorous approach towards their
                                                                 studies and from the support of their families and teachers.
                                                                   For the 2006 TEE students the message is hard work brings
                                                                 results. Mr Keenan (Upper school co-ordinator) and Ms Hyde
                                                                 (Year 12 co-ordinator) will be seeking out students in TEE
                                                                 courses, non TEE courses and VET (Vocational Education
TOP 10% STATEWIDE CLUB                                           Training) courses who may not be coping and may need extra
   In 2005 twenty three Lesmurdie SHS students made it into
                                                                    Mr Keenan arranged for ex Lesmurdie students Leah Van
the top 10% of the TEE based on their TER score (Tertiary
                                                                 der Meulen (top 1% of state) and Danielle Lewis (top 3% of
Entrance Rank).
                                                                 state) to come back to school and speak to the current year 12
   It is with great pride that the Principal and Staff of Les-
                                                                 students. Leah and Danielle presented the secrets to their suc-
murdie SHS acknowledge the 2005 entrants into the ‘Top 10%
                                                                 cess and their own study techniques.
Statewide Club’. Photographed above—front row is Robert
                                                                 Misleading Newspaper Article
Welsh and Kyla Mattner, second row—Melissa Williams, Dan-
                                                                    A major newspaper printed a very misleading article in Janu-
ielle Lewis, Grace Morley and Sarah Johnson, third row—Brie
                                                                 ary that stated Lesmurdie SHS had only 30.88% in the top third
Elson, James Rowland, Luke Walker and James Curry. Also in
                                                                 of TEE students. Their misleading statistic included all the
the Top 10% Statewide club but unable to be in the group pho-
                                                                 Lesmurdie students not enrolled in a TEE course. Even the
tograph are; Kate Campbell, Matthew Witham, Dean Van der
                                                                 students that did not sit the TEE exam were included. A staff
Woude, Luke Juniper, Timothy Laferia, Emily Everett, Re-
                                                                 member at Lesmurdie SHS is seeking an apology from this
becca Hudson, Michael Fitzgerald, Belinda Radford and Laura
Davis. A special mention is made for three exceptional stu-
dents that made the top 1% statewide: Leah Van der Meulen,
Matthew Cole and Katherine Hegarty. Well done to all of
                                                                 UPCOMING DATES
these students.                                                  21st March—Year 8 Parent BBQ
   This is an excellent achievement considering Lesmurdie        27th March—School Photos
SHS had 81 students enrolled in TEE courses. In other words      29th March—School Council Meeting
28% of Lesmurdie SHS TEE students made the top 10% of the        12th April—Students last day
state.                                                           5th May—Year 12 Ball
   All of our top 23 students had a TER score of 90% or better
meaning they in the top 10% of TEE students.                     UNIFORM SHOP & ABSENTEE LINE
   Every year Lesmurdie SHS has a considerable number of
                                                                 Uniform Shop: The uniform shop is open every Tuesday and
students who rank in the top 10% and it has been decided to
                                                                 Thursday mornings strictly from 8.15am until 10am
honour these students and their achievement within the school.
                                                                 Absentee Notification: Parents wishing to advise the school of
Starting from the class of 2005, Lesmurdie SHS will have a
                                                                 student absences should phone the absentee line on 9291 1215
‘Top 10% Statewide Club’. Each year a new group of Les-
                                                                 and leave a message on the answer machine or alternatively
murdie SHS students will enter the club by performing in the
                                                                 send a note with the child on their return to school. If parents
top 10% of the state.
                                                                 need to get an urgent message to a student regarding appoint-
                                                                 ments etc please phone Student Services on 9291-1250.
                                                                      Lesmurdie Senior High School is an educational facility that
                                                                    offers services which meets the needs of students education-
                                                                    ally, emotionally and socially so that when our young people
                                                                    leave us they are prepared to engage positively in the world
                                                                    they live in.
                                                                     Please feel free to contact the school on 9291 1200 with any
                                                                    enquiries or arrange for a visit and tour to see first hand what a
                                                                    great place we have here at Lesmurdie Senior High School.

                                                                    THE 100% EFFORT CLUB
                                                                        We are implementing a new initiative to reward students at
                                                                    Lesmurdie SHS. In addition to already acknowledging stu-
                                                                    dents who are achieving great results we are creating the 100%
                                                                    Effort Club. The Effort 100% Club will commence this year
                                                                    to acknowledge those students who continually give 100%
                                                                    effort each day.
                                                                        Those students who are working to the best of their ability,
                                                                    are positive contributors to the school community, have excel-
                                                                    lent attendance at school and generally give their ‘best shot’
                                                                    every day will be inducted into the 100% Effort Club.
PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE                                                     Each term, learning areas will be asked to nominate two
                                                                    students who give 100% at all times to join the 100 Club. We
 Welcome to Lesmurdie Senior High School for 2006.                  will have a special morning tea, invite parents, have a guest
     Lesmurdie Senior High School is a grand State Govern-          speaker and present certificates and ‘goodies’ to these special
ment School with a fine history. The thousands of students          students.
who have travelled its corridors and graced its classrooms have         Keep an eye out for articles about these wonderful students
gone on to do many wondrous things across the world. I wel-         at Lesmurdie Senior High School!
come new students and parents to our school and believe that it     Keith Svendsen
will be enjoyable and rewarding experience.                         Principal
     Lesmurdie Senior High School demands of its students and
staff the very best of their abilities. As such we deliver excel-
lence in Secondary Education. The teamwork and camaraderie          25 YEARS OF ACHIEVEMENT AND
in the school community creates an atmosphere of enjoyment          MEMORIES
and pride in our day-to-day journey. The rich diverse culture          Lesmurdie SHS has been serving the local community for
together with our academic and sporting record attracts stu-        25 years. This year we celebrate 25 years of memories. In
dents from across the area. A special program in Science and        1981 our founding year, Lesmurdie had only year 8’s.
Mathematics as well as raft of other projects and programs             In 1982 we had years 8 and 9 and so on. In 1983 our first
helps to create a vibrant and unique senior high school. A          year book/magazine was produced by the year 10’s. Amaz-
sense of fun and enjoyment in our learning is important.            ingly this 1983 magazine featured two current teachers of Les-
     Our school motto is ‘Quality and Excellence’. We encour-       murdie SHS, Ray Stevens and Dennis Wills.
age our students to make tough decisions and to be accountable         While many students and staff have left Lesmurdie SHS
for them in their own quest for quality and excellence. We ask      over the years, some long standing staff members remain; Ray
our students to be all they can be and to have the courage to       Stevens 25 years, Dennis Wills 24 years, Hilda Beale 24 years,
accept all the challenges that life presents to them and tackle     Neil George 22 years, Colin Contos 22 years, Juliette Page 21
them to the very best of their ability and strive for quality and   years, Brad Robinson 20 years and Chris Brown 20 years.
excellence in all that they do. Staff also demand of each other
both quality and excellence in their efforts to create the best
educational experience for our students. I am indeed fortunate      MEMORIES SOUGHT
to have been placed here at Lesmurdie SHS and look forward
to furthering the very positive reputation we have and add fur-         Over the short time of 25 years, Lesmurdie Senior High
ther value to the experience students receive at Lesmurdie          School has wasted no time in making a name for itself as being
SHS.                                                                one of the top high schools. As a teacher who came to Les-
    I had the honour and privilege to meet with the Premier and     murdie SHS in 1999, I recall I knew nothing about this school
the Minister for Education recently to receive a plaque on be-      but other teachers were telling me that Lesmurdie SHS was one
half of the school. We were one of the top public schools with      of the best schools in the state.
our results for Year 12’s in 2005. A great result demanding             If you were an ex-student or know any ex-students/teachers
that we do the same or better in 2006.                              who played a part in building the reputation of Lesmurdie SHS
    Our teaching and non-teaching staff is a very dedicated         or have interesting memories or photos, we would like to hear
group of dynamic people who are committed to making Les-            your story. In our 25th Anniversary we would like to share
murdie Senior High School an outstanding school. Their dedi-        some of these achievements or memorable stories.
cation and the willingness of our students creates more than            Contact the school either by phone on 9291 1200 or email
just a school. I’d like to welcome new staff to this great team.
                                                                    Dean Parton - Teacher
VOCATIONAL EDUCATION & TRAINING                                      ROCK EISTEDDFOD 2006
 What is happening in 2006?
    This year we have introduced an innovative Year 11 Job
Link Vocational Program (JLVP), designed to cater for students
who want to make an immediate transition from school to work
and/or further education. Students who complete all require-
ments will receive a nationally recognised TAFE Certificate, a
Duke of Edinburgh Award, a Senior First Aid Certificate, SWL
Stage 1 and a school report outlining Curriculum Council sub-
jects achieved. Welcome and good luck to Mr Neville who is
looking after this special group.
   Mr Robinson and Mrs Smith will continue their excellent
work with the Year 11 & 12 General Vocational Program
(GVP) that has been the flagship of our VET courses for the
last six years. Mrs Smith will continue to deliver a full Certifi-
cate II in Business to GVP students over two years on site as a
stand-alone unit of study, under an auspice agreement with
SWAN TAFE. Students will continue accessing (many thanks
Jill Hocking) a mock office. As well, students will be released
for SWL one day per week ‘on-the-job’ to gain invaluable in-
dustry skills. Certificate I in Business is also now available to
students entering the program at Year 12 avoiding students
leaving with only half of Certificate II.
   Our Year 11 Work Studies Vocational Program (WSVP) has             Jekyll and Pride – A Modern Musical Thriller…
proved popular and successful (special thanks goes to Mr                  This years Rock Eisteddfod has started with a bang! After
Miller). This program will continue to see all students do Vo-       almost 2 weeks of auditions 76 lucky students from Years 8 to
cational English, Work Studies, Mathematics in Practice and          12 were selected to perform on stage. We also have around 35
SWL as their core subjects. All students will attend TAFE one-       students who will be involved in either backstage or support
day a week to complete a Certificate in an industry area of their    crew and an opportunity to perhaps include more students in
choice. This will be provided under the new Profile Funding          the actual performance. The theme this year has a moral mes-
arrangements that give schools access to courses at TAFE for         sage – that Pride has gone to the extreme and plastic surgery
upper school students only. Finally, these students will do a        and botox seems to be acceptable in today’s society. We are
two-week SWL work placement during the mid-year exam                 using the original story of Jekyll and Hyde as the basis for our
break. I am also pleased to announce that we have a group of         production. Our intention is to mix modern day music with
Year 12’s participating in this program this year. Mr Francis        music from the musical version of Jekyll and Hyde and put
has taken on the challenge of getting this group ‘job ready’.        together a dance extravaganza that will hopefully impress and
   In total in upper school we have 88 students doing a TAFE         get us through to the Grand Final and perhaps even in the top 5
Certificate this year, 51 students attending TAFE off campus         schools again. We plan to aim high!
one day per week and 37 doing their TAFE Certificate on-site              We are looking for two businesses to help with sponsor-
as part of their GVP. In addition, 50 of these students attend a     ship in return for their business logos on our team T– shirt and
Workplace one day per week (SWL); the remaining 38 will do           other advertising throughout the year. The idea behind Rock
their Work Experience as a two-week block, mid-year during           Eisteddfod is that it is a community project involving students,
exams. We have one student in the new School Apprenticeship          staff and parents. Thankyou to Coastal Stump Grinding and
Link program and will continue to, where possible, convert           West Coast Automotives for their donations – it is much appre-
some of our SWL placements to School Based Traineeships.             ciated.
   Unfortunately, our Mining partnership with Gold Fields Aus-            Rehearsals are every Wednesday after school in the gym
tralia, St Ives Gold Mining Company in Kambalda has been             and a small group of students from Year 10, 11 and 12 are in
discontinued after five years.                                       charge of the choreography. Over the next few weeks we will
   If new guidelines and procedures can be met, selected Year        start thinking about our fundraising and may call on the local
10 students at educational risk will continue to be released by      community to help and support this wonderful opportunity for
Student Services to Hillside Farm (Rural Skills Program),            the students here at Lesmurdie SHS. Rock Eisteddfod is a
PCYC (Certificate I in Auto & Community Rec.) and possibly           chance for students to socialise with different year groups, ex-
even Work Experience.                                                ercise the brain and the body with dance, have fun and illus-
   We are actively being encouraged by both the Minister and         trate our school motto of ‘Quality and Excellence’. Watch this
the Department to offer VET programs that will help retain           space for details and photos as we go on our Rock Eisteddfod
students at school and/or in some form of training. Unfortu-         Journey for 2006…
nately, very few additional resources are provided to schools to      Emma Dolley — Dance Coordinator
do this and this limits what we can offer and deliver.
Max Borsei — Vet Co-ordiantor
A NOTE FROM THE DRAMA QUEEN                                        P & C SCHOLARSHIPS
                                                                   The following students were the recipients of Scholarships
                                                                   awarded by the P&C for 2006.
                                                                   Selection was based on:
                                                                       • Academic Record
                                                                       • Teacher References
                                                                       • Involvement in school and community activities
                                                                   Year 8—Two General Scholarships:
                                                                       Dylan Romeo—Lesmurdie Primary School
                                                                       Uzmah Samnakay—Wattle Grove Primary School
                                                                   Two Special Science / Maths Program Scholarships:
                                                                       Buster Aamot—Pickering Brook Primary School
                                                                       Callan Bosley—Roleystone District High School
                                                                   Year 11— Scholarships
                                           Nando Collela               Bianca Owen
  Amanda Woodhams                                                      James Fletcher
                                                                       Rachel Chung
Fantastic News                                                         Candice Wilson
    Year 11 student Amanda Woodhams recently auditioned            School Scholarships to the value of $400 were won by:
for the West Australian Youth Theatre Company’s next pro-              Mathew Bye
duction of “Cloudstreet” based on the novel by Nick Enright            Mathew Curry
and didn’t just get in she gained the LEAD ROLE. Rehearsals
have commenced and Amanda will be very busy learning her           SWIMMING CARNIVAL
lines for the five hour marathon play. Performance dates are
the 24th March through to the 8th April, tickets are through            The Inter-house swimming carnival was held on the 24th
Bocs and the venue is at the Rechabites Hall in Northbridge.       February at the Belmont Oasis.
Lets show her our support.                                             The individual swimmers results are used to select our team
    Meanwhile another Year 11 student is currently shooting        for the Inter-school carnival in early March. Individual prepa-
the second series of ‘Streetsmart’ airing on channel 9 in March.   ration for this carnival started almost at the start of the school
Nando Collela was in the first series of the TV show but has       year with regular morning training sessions at 6am followed by
taken on a far greater role in the second series. We wish them     a breakfast for swimmers.
all the best.                                                           The house results were; Wallis 1st on 889, Owen 2nd on
Amanda Huntley — Drama Department                                  685, Weston 3rd on 643 and Sanderson 4th on 451 points. Our
                                                                   champion swimmers were: 17 year old champions; Craig
HARD WORK PAYS OFF IN THE TEE                                      Groves and Lisa Finch. 16 year old champions, Ashley Marley
                                                                   and Chloe Escott. 15 year old champions, Ben Horn and
    All the hard work of 2005 school leaver Matthew Cole from      Stephanie Webb. 14 year old champions, Douglas Proctor and
Lesmurdie SHS has been rewarded with a scholarship from            Jade Dyson. 13 year old champions were Tahni Macara and
Curtin University of technology that will cover the full cost of   Caitlin Webb.
his chosen university course.                                       Friendly Carnival
    Over $4 million worth of scholarships have been awarded             This year was a friendly carnival as Lesmurdie SHS invited
under Curtin’s new undergraduate scholarship program, which        Roleystone DHS to bring a team and swim alongside our
is one of the most comprehensive and generous programs of its      school house groups. Many Roleystone DHS students move to
kind in Australia.                                                 Lesmurdie SHS to complete upper school. Currently there are
    More than 160 students from across Western Australia will      76 ex Roleystone students at Lesmurdie. Roleystone was quite
attend a presentation ceremony at Curtin on Monday 20 Febru-       competitive as without any upper school students they still
ary as recognition of their achievements and to celebrate their    gained enough points to beat one of our house groups. Roley-
success.                                                           stone finished on 638 points.
    This is the first year of the Scholarship Program has been
running at Curtin and is set to continue and be developed fur-
ther for 2007.

    Congratulations to yr 9 student Tamara Blowers on being
selected in the Perth Allstars Under 15 Softball Team and also
to Year 10 student Thomas Martin for being selected into the
under 15 Baseball Team. Last but not least ex student Lee
Wisby was selected into the under 19 Baseball Team for the
second year. These three will be travelling to Bangkok on the
26th March 2006 to represent Western Australia and play
against people from all over the world.
Good luck and have a safe trip from everyone at Lesmurdie
ITALIAN EXCHANGE DIARY                                                NEWSLETTER HELPERS
                                       Friday November 25 ,
                                       myself and 18 other stu-
                                       dents from across the
                                       Perth districts, met at the
                                       Perth International Air-
                                       port to begin our two
                                       month Italian exchange
                                        On arrival in Rome, we
                                       attended meetings and
                                       then ventured off to meet
                                       our host families, in dif-
                                       ferent cities.
                                       Naples was my city of              This year the Small Business Class of just 17 pupils from
                                       learning. While I was          year 11 and 12 are helping to produce the newsletter, by con-
                                       there I met a lot of people,   tributing to the design of the front cover and articles presented
                                       I also was given the op-       in the newsletter.
portunity to experience the culture, history and attend school as          This helps prepare the pupils for the real world. For exam-
well as trying as much of the food possible.                          ple we have to meet deadlines, talk to people to retrieve infor-
   The family I stayed with was very giving and warm. I got           mation, work together and prepare information in an agreed
along with them really well. On the weekends they would take          arrangement for publishing. Students are able to build up the
me to visit all the different places, my favourite places were the    essential skills that are used in their future employment.
stony beach and the snow.                                                  We hope you will enjoy what is presented in the first issue,
   School was very confusing to begin with, but as I heard more       keeping in mind this is our first issue; it is a work in progress!
of the language and got to know the people better I began to          If there are any suggestions over the newsletter and how to
pick up things and feel more comfortable. Everyone in the             improve it, we hope they will be put forward. Positive criticism
town was so helpful and very interested to have a foreign stu-        is just another stage of learning, and I hope you will be apart of
dent in their midst.                                                  it!
   The Italian culture is one of the most interesting cultures and         We hope you have and enjoyable year at Lesmurdie SHS,
the ancient history is fascinating. I am so grateful to have been     work hard and play harder!
chosen for this exchange experience, it is one that I have learnt     Natasha Nathoo and Toshiff Nathoo
from and one that I will never forget. I would most definitely        Class Managers of the Newsletter Project
recommend this exchange programme for anyone interested in
Italian.                                                              LUNCH TIME MUSIC PERFORMANCES
 Narrelle Zagami — Year 11
                                                                         Leading into Term 2, we have the privilege to experience the
ITALIAN EXCHANGE DIARY                                                musical talent that is W.A.M.I (West Australian Music Indus-
                                                                      try). A local band from Perth will be selected to perform at a
   My name is Katrina Lane and I’ve just been to Italy for 2          lunch time during week 3 of Term 2.
months. I stayed in the city of Trento which is about an hour            The band will play all original material in the hope to build
North of Verona - the city of Romeo and Juliet! In Trento,            up a bigger repertoire and to create more local fans in the hills
school was about a ten minute walk from where I was staying           area. The band will be supported by a group of upper-school
and the city was about a 15 minute walk! In Italy the shops           students at Lesmurdie Senior High School; they are Paul Mo-
close at about 12:30 and open again at 3:15 so if you get bored       rellini, Troy Blackman, Evan Morton, Lynden Baskin and An-
after lunch you can only sleep, watch TV or do homework as            drew Eidam.
you can’t go shopping or anything like that.                              This particular performance will be held during a “special”
    While in Italy I have not only made life long friends but I       extended lunch time, giving both bands the chance to showcase
now have a family in both Italy and Australia.                        their extraordinary talents on their particular musical instru-
    I went to ‘Antonio Rosmini’ which is a Language school,           ments.
but unlike here students can’t                                           We hope all who are interested in this area of the arts to
choose their subjects so I had                                        flock to the P.A at the start of lunch to support all W.A has to
to study: Italian, English,                                           offer.
German, French, Maths,                                                Paul Morellini and Troy Blackman
Economics, Physical Educa-
tion, and many more…                                                  AFTER SCHOOL ARTS
    Going to Italy was a once
in a lifetime opportunity, I                                             After School Arts is an independent co-operative run by
encourage any students who                                            local artists offering creative courses for young people .Our
have the opportunity in Year                                          activities enable children to be creative, to socialise and de-
10 or 11 to do this trip if pos-                                      velop new talents.
sible. It gives you something                                             After School Arts classes started on February 13. Classes
to work towards and it is a                                           include drawing and Painting, Pottery, Hooked on Hessian,
chance to meet new and ex-                                            Craft and Cooking are held at Kalamunda Learning Centre and
citing people and see a and                                           Mundaring Sharing, Weekdays From 4pm – 6pm
different country!                                                        For more information please phone:
Katrina Lane — Year 12                                                    Barbara Ph: 9454 5186 Margie Ph: 9291 1909 or
                                                                          Norma Ph: 9293 4486
CHAPLAINS CORNER                                                     HOME ECONOMICS
                                Welcome back to another excit-       Donations Please
                                ing year at Lesmurdie SHS.               Home economics department is asking for donations of toys
                                Throughout the year I hope to        for children from 0-5years of age.
                                bring you some articles of inter-        We are also running a year 9 personal management course
                                est and always welcome feedback      (Caring For Kids and Me) this year and require unused cosmet-
                                or requests for further informa-     ics (i.e. make-up, skin care, nail polish, lotions etc) and any
                                tion or help. This year we are       working foot spas.
                                having several visiting groups           The home economics department would particularly like to
                                coming to the school to encour-      thank Avon for donating sample cosmetics for this course.
                                age and equip our students and to    Free Playgroup
                                help make their life at school           We will be running two playgroup sessions a week from
                                much more fruitful, enrich their     Tuesday 2nd May to Friday 7th July. Playgroup days are as
                                learning and help them with their    follows:
                                relationships. These will take       Session 1: Thursday from 8.45—9.35am in Textiles 4
place in term one and term three more information will be            Session 2: Friday from 8.45—9.35am in Textiles 4
forthcoming at a later date.                                         Please contact Lisa Taaffe on 9291 1256 to register your inter-
   I also have many resources in my office which are available       est.
to you to assist you as you live with your adolescent.                   We have planned activities, fruit time (fruit supplied), out-
   Last year I was blessed to travel to China (Shanghai) and         door activities and morning tea for parents.
Japan (Osaka) and once again realised just how fortunate we              Parents must be present at all times and must advise us of
are in Australia to have all the facilities we enjoy in our school   any allergies or medical problems. Please bring a change of
and our community. Even a glance at the history of those two         clothes for your child.
countries reinforces how thankful we can be to live in Australia     Danica Hocken — Home Economics Department
and enjoy the benefits offered here.
   During the second week of term we had a visit from a trades-      PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS
man, Adam, from Budget Glass, who came to fix our window
in Student Services, he did a great job. On completion of the        Tanieth Brien graduated from Lesmurdie S.H.S. in 2004 and
job he advised me of an injured bobtail goanna in the school         was this year awarded membership to the Vice Chancellors
grounds and asked if he could rescue it and place it safely back     List at Curtin University for being in the top 1% of students in
in the bush. He then had to use his tracking skills as the bobtail   her course.Congratulations Tanieth!
had moved on looking for a hiding place. He soon located it          Leah Withnell earned a distinction in the 2005 RACI (Royal
and carried it to the safety of the bush where it had a much bet-    Australian Chemical Institute) quiz. Unfortunately, Leah's feat
ter chance of survival. A very kind and thoughtful thing to do       was not recorded in the 2005 Year Book. Well done Leah,
in his busy day.                                                     sorry for the omission.
Glynis Turpin — Chaplain
                                                                     WIND IN THE WILLOWS
     Greetings from the nurse! I would like to raise awareness
about a few health issues in this article.
     Health Record cards – Thank you to those parents of Year
8 students, who have returned the health record cards, which
were distributed on enrolment last year. Some new students
may not have received this card. If this applies to your child
please ask them to come to my office and pick one up.
     Students with Asthma and Allergies – Students with
medical conditions may need a health care plan which informs
the school about the condition and what action the parents
would like to follow. Please give me a call if you would like to
organise a care plan or emergency medication for your child.            Our upcoming production ‘Wind in the Willows’ will be
     Tai Chi classes are on again this year. The class is held on    performed at the Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre on May
Wednesdays in the school performing arts room from 4pm to            18th and 19th. Matinees will commence at 1pm and evening
5pm. The cost is $10 per lesson. We have a friendly and re-          shows at 7pm.
laxed group and new members are very welcome.                           The cost for children under 5 will be $2.50, students $8.00
     I wish you all a happy school year                              and adults $10.
Jill Higgins — School Health Nurse                                      Bookings may be made through the school by phoning 9291
                                                                     1221. Be quick tickets are selling fast.
                                                                     FAMILIAR FACES AT UNIVERSITIES
                                                                        Often when students go onto University studies they take a
                                                                     path not taken by many of their friends. However, recently
                                                                     when taking the group photo for the “Top 10% State-wide”
                                                                     club (front cover) the ex students were talking about just how
                          Talking with your children
                                                                     many ex year 12’s were accepted into Curtin.
                          if they are bullying others
                                                                        A quick enquiry was made with Curtin University regarding
                                                                     the exact number of enrolments from Lesmurdie SHS this year.
                                                                       It seems an large group of 22 students from Lesmurdie have
 All children are capable of bullying at some time and it is
                                                                     enrolled this year into Curtin University and five more have
 important for parents to respond in a calm and helpful
                                                                     been accepted into courses but have opted to defer for a year or
                                                                     semester. Shortly, Lesmurdie SHS will have a full report on
                                                                     all students who have enrolled in TAFE’s and Universities
 Encouraging your children not to bully others
                                                                     around Australia.
                                                                       This group of Lesmurdie SHS students will obviously see
 Parents can:
                                                                     each other around Curtin University from time to time. The
 Talk with your children about what is acceptable behaviour
                                                                     next article confirms Lesmurdie SHS students are admitted into
 and what is not, e.g. “we should not tease people to make
                                                                     University and TAFE Courses in large numbers.
 them feel bad”;
 Work together with your family to establish simple rules
 and expectations about how to treat each other amongst the          CHAMBER OF MINERALS AND ENERGY
 family members;                                                     SUPPORTS LESMURDIE SHS
 Encourage and provide opportunities for your children to
                                                                       For the second year running the Chamber of Minerals and
 openly discuss bullying issues with the family;
                                                                     Energy has indicated it will supply educational resources to
 Discuss friendship and help your children make friends by
                                                                     assist Lesmurdie SHS because our school is in the top 5 public
 encouraging them to play with other children at school, at
                                                                     schools when it comes to having the most students take up
 home or in the neighbourhood;
                                                                     courses at University and TAFE in the field of Engineering,
 Invite other children over for visits and help your children
                                                                     Energy and Recourses.
 make their guests feel welcome;
 Encourage your children to share their things with other
 children they feel would enjoy them too; and
 Improve your children’s self-esteem by encouraging them
 to have a go at new activities and thinking about their abili-
 ties in a realistic way.
                                                                                                    D   2005
                                                                                               CA R
 Amanda Huntley
 Student Services                                                                      RT                    l
                                                                                  E PO                  choo
                                                                            TEER                 i gh S
                                                                                            or H
                                                                                   die Seni                          R
                                                                                                      R         - TE
                                                                            Les mur               n TE he state
                                                                                             edia of t
                                                                                         l-m    ord
                                                                                           scho      p thi
A NOTE FROM THE REGISTRAR                                                              blic nts in to ER
                                                                                  t pu tude                  - TE
                                                                           th bes                    T
                                                                          5             s        % - top 10%
   Thank you to those parents who have paid or made arrange-                      TEE       top 1    in
                                                                           ¾ of dents in t of 81
ments to pay school fees and contributions. There are various
                                                                             3 stu ents ou
methods available for payments. You may pay direct on line                         tud
                                                                              23 s
(Internet Banking) our bank is Bankwest, Account No: is BSB
306075 Account No:4173680, If you use this method of pay-
ment please make sure the name of the student is added, other-
wise we will not know which family to credit. It is also possi-
ble to make credit card payment over the phone, pay at the
school front office from 8am until 3.30pm or send money or-
ders or cheques.                                                  WELCOME TO NEW STAFF
   If you are a holder of a Centrelink Family Health Care/
Centerlink Pensioner Concession/Veterans’ Affairs Card you         A warm welcome is extended to the following new staff to
are entitled to a discount on your school contributions           Lesmurdie SHS.
(Secondary Assistance Scheme) and a Clothing Allowance.            Keith Svendsen         Principal
You must fill out the necessary claim form before 13th April       Maria De Bellis        L.O.T.E. Teacher
2006.                                                              Joanne Ladiges         L.O.T.E. Teacher
   If you are having difficulties in paying these fees and         Glenn Carroll          Science Teacher
charges please do not hesitate to contact me on 9291 1212.         Jackie Nicoletto       Science Teacher
Bronwyn Jacobson—Registrar                                         Richard Provis         Design & Technology Teacher
                                                                   Damien Uren            Design & Technology Teacher
                                                                   Tanya Dunkley          Education Assistant
                                                                   Lesley Smith           Education Assistant
                                                                   Katherine Harrington   Education Assistant
                                                                          LONG STANDING STAFF
                                                                          ACKNOWLEDGED FOR THEIR YEARS
                                                                          OF SERVICE

                                                                           At a staff meeting on the last school day of 2005 long
                                                                          standing staff were acknowledged and given a medallion
                                                                          for their valued contribution to Lesmurdie SHS.
                                                                           Ray Stevens was also given a special award for being
                                                                          the only founding member of the staff.
                                                                          Seated: Neil George, Hilda Beale, Ray Stevens.
                                                                          Back row from left to right: Colin Contos, Ursula Cum-
                                                                          mings, Dennis Wills, Chris Brown, Juliette Page, Brad
                                                                          Robinson, Nick Neates, Rod Freckelton and Greg Taylor.

      The Lesmurdie Link                                                                                         Postage

   If not claimed within 7 days please return to
   Lesmurdie Senior High School
   Reid Road, LESMURDIE 6076

   The Lesmurdie Link
   “Print Post Approved”
                                                                                                  Telephone: 9291 1200
   Principal: Mr Keith Svendsen                                                                         Fax: 9291 9521
                                                                                    Web Site:

CHEERLEADING CLUB                                                  KICKBOXING
Fit 2 Cheer—Cheer Gym                                               Junior Muay Thai Kickboxing classes have now commenced
   Fit 2 Cheer is a cheerleading club based in the hills and is   for female and male students aged 12-17 years. No experience in
the biggest and most successful club in W.A.                      martial arts is necessary as all training is ongoing and tailored to
   Cheerleading is a fun, spectacular team sport for both girls   each individual student.
and guys. At Fit 2 Cheer, we combine elements of dance, ac-         The classes provide a balanced mixture of fitness and self de-
robatics, gymnastics and stunting into routines which we per-     fence, incorporating self defence, kicking, punching and super-
form at displays and competitions throughout the year. We         vised sparring. Fully qualified instructors with over a decade of
run programmes for both recreational and elite members and        combined experience in kickboxing supervise the training.
cater for all ages, from Kindy Cheer (3+) through to our 18+        All classes are run continuously throughout the year, and be-
squads.                                                           ginners are welcome to start any time. Classes run on Monday
   Cheerleading is a sport that encourages self-esteem and        and Wednesday evenings from 5-6pm.
pride, in a fun, non-threatening environment. Cheerleading is       If you or your son/daughter is interested in training, please con-
a sport for everyone—all shapes and sizes and ability levels.     tact: -
   To enrol in a 2006 squad or for more information, please       Cannington: Lee Blackman 9291 0774 - 0417504366
contact Bri at Fit 2 Cheer on 9257-3512.                          Kalamunda: Murray McKechnie 6293 1633—0419942318
   Fit to Cheer operates from the Lesmurdie S.H.S. Gym.           for more information and to book your two free classes or visit:
                                                         for further information.

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