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                                    maguire 2006

                     maguire 2006   ii
                           From the Principal
                           Welcome to the 2006 edition of Maguire. At the beginning of each year the Student and
                           Staff Representative Council identifies a theme for the coming year.

                           The theme for 2006 is Renaissance which is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as
                           ‘a renewal of interest or creativity’. It is about new beginnings but also about
                           implementing positive changes that are informed by the traditions and values of the past.

                           I feel the Renaissance theme is particularly appropriate this year as the College is entering
                           one of the most exciting phases in our history. We have just launched our new strategic
                           plan - Strategy 2010 – which will guide every facet of the College’s activities in the lead up
                           to our sesquicentenary in four years time.

                           The strategic plan includes the physical development of the school and this year we started
                           work on our new $7.3million performing arts centre and school of music. The development
                           is the largest building project to be undertaken at the College since Mother Xavier Maguire
                           built the beautiful bluestone school, Convent and Chapel in the 1860s.

                           Strategy 2010 is a blueprint for the College’s future. It has been prepared with input from
                           our whole community and is structured around our core values of spirituality, learning,
                           community, respect and social justice.

                           It is our goal that our graduates will be knowledgeable, inquirers, thinkers, communicators,
                           principled, open-minded, risk-takers, balanced, caring and reflective individuals. We need
                           to provide a curriculum and co-curriculum to help us achieve this goal and ensure that the
                           College has the resources necessary in a modern, dynamic school.

                           We have clearly set ourselves a considerable challenge but I am confident that all members
                           of the school community will accept their share of responsibility and help us to implement
                           the changes necessary to help us achieve our goals.

                           Change is not new to Sacred Heart. Over the years our founding Sisters and the Sisters
                           who followed them have had to change and adapt the focus of the school as times
                           and circumstances changed. They were truly Renaissance women and we are guided
                           by their example.

                           In this edition of Maguire we have highlighted some of the exciting developments taking
                           place at the school and shared our hopes and aspirations. I am confident that the future
                           holds great promise for Sacred Heart College and will continue to be shaped by the spirit
                           of Mercy.

                           'Lord, send out your spirit and renew the face of the earth' Psalm 103

                           Jeffrey Burn
maguire 2006

2              principal                                                                        10      Picture courtesy Matt Murphy Times Publications
    2 From the Principal                            8 Social justice

    3 Contents                                     10 Mercy in action
                                                       The College has a special bond with
    4 Renaissance                                      the children from Odafuro School in
       The theme for the College in 2006 is            East Timor and our students and staff
       Renaissance. On page 4 read why the             raise funds to provide much needed
       Student and Staff Representative Council        resources. Principal, Jeffrey Burn
       chose the theme and why it is so                discovered first hand the difficulties
       important to the school.                        teachers face in this troubled nation.
                                                       More examples of mercy in action
                                                       pages 10 and 11.
    5 College leaders
                                                   12 Staff and Convent news
    6 News
       Ardent Cats fan Rebekah Best, far right,    13 Return of the eagle
       was selected from hundreds of Victorian
       students to sing the national anthem at         College archivist Glen Turnbull is trying
       the pre-season NAB Cup in Adelaide.             to solve the mystery of the eagle that
       Rebekah sang before a 40 000 crowd              has been missing from the Aphraisia
       and a huge television audience and              Street gates for more than 25 years.
       watched her team win the day against St         Turn to page 13 to find out more.
       Kilda. She is pictured with fellow Year 8
       student Lizzie Sahlstrom who sang the       14 SHOCA news
       national anthem at last year’s Wizard
       Cup. More College news page 6.
                                                   15 Boarders’ reunion
    7 Sport                                            Sr Olive Toirmey, right, tries out the
                                                       gym equipment during the Boarders’
       Year 12 student Kacey Braddock had              Reunion weekend much to the surprise
       stars in her eyes when she joined the           of Year 12 students Rose Sejean, right,
       enthusiastic spectators to cheer on their       and Kiri O'Connor. Share the joy of our
       teams at this year’s athletics carnival.        first ever boarders’ reunion page 15.
       Turn to page 7 to read about our sporting
       highlights and the achievements of our
       teams and individual performers.
                                                   16 Performing arts centre
                                                       This year work began on the school's
    8 Performing arts                                  new $7.3million performing arts centre
                                                       and school of music. On page 16
       To coincide with the opening of the new         discover how you can play a role in this
       performing arts centre next year the            exciting new development.
       College is setting up a new School of
       Performing Arts with a special Talented
       and Gifted Students Program. On page 8      17 Financing the dream
       and 9 read about our talented current
       and former students.                        18 Thanks to our supporters

                                                                                                              maguire 2006

s                                             6                 7                                  contents   3
                SSRC 2006
                College Captain                    Renaissance
                Bridget O’Dwyer
                Deputy Captains
                Sophia Katos, Matilda Myers        Each year the Student and Staff Representative Council identifies a theme for the year. This
                                                   year the theme is Renaissance and at the Catholic Education Week Celebration Mass,
                House captains                     College Captain Bridget O’Dwyer explained why it had been chosen.
                Arts:       Millicent Burke        "We wanted the theme for 2006 to be unique, bold and striking. We wanted a single word
                Sports:     Cara Kennedy           that had a powerful meaning and so after careful consideration the SSRC agreed that our
                Deputy:     Shari-Ann Livingston   theme this year would be Renaissance.
                Assistant: Claire Breed
                                                   Renaissance is a French word meaning ‘Rebirth’ and this has come to mean the revival of
                Arts:       Rose-Marie Sejean
                                                   learning and culture. Renaissance was a period in time, several hundred years ago that
                Sports:     Felicity Pendergast    began in Italy. It was a time when the people of Europe started taking big strides forward.
                Deputy:     Edith Kenny-Smith      The rebirth spread into many aspects of life from literature, to art, to music, to science and to
                Assistant: Ashlyn Gibbons          exploration.
                                                   Renaissance was not just about art and literature however; it was a period in time where
                Arts:       Daisy Tsen
                Sports:     Brittany Hennessy      cities grew in size and wealth, reform movements stirred the Christian church and voyages of
                Deputy:     Yvette Edsall          discovery changed popular ideas about geography.
                Assistant: Prue Morrison
                                                   People began to use their initiative and became inspired to move forward and explore. We
                                                   believe that at Sacred Heart, in the year 2006, we can experience our own Renaissance.
                Arts:       Kiri O’Connor
                Sports:     Evie Maguire           This is your year to follow your dreams, join the choir, be a part of that particular sports team,
                Deputy:     Lauren Giggins         take up debating, start your own sports aerobics squad, become a peer support leader,
                Assistant: Cara Mathison
                                                   nominate yourself for class captain or become the chess club champion because all of these
                Year level leaders                 opportunities await you.
                Year 7                             That is why we hope we can all embrace the theme, draw inspiration from it, but most
                Shannon Fargher
                                                   importantly, move forward together and explore. It is not about letting go of the old; it is
                Hayley Livingston
                                                   about developing the old and revitalising ourselves in the process."
                Elizabeth McKeown
                Enza Maree Taranto
                Year 8
                Jessi Canny                        Call for prayers                                   Foundress:
                Gabrielle Paatsch                                                                     Sr Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy in Dublin
                Ashlee Skorjanec                                                                      175 years ago this year. Her leadership has inspired Sisters to
                                                   At the start of each day the students
                Molly Smyth                                                                           carry the message of Mercy around the world to establish
                                                   come together for a class assembly
                Year 9                             and the school day begins with a                   schools and hospitals and care for the poor and disadvantaged.
                Khia Griffin
                                                   prayer. This year students were
                Caroline Haddad
                                                   invited to contribute their own
                Kristina Khougaz
                                                   prayers for “A Book of Prayers” to                 Catholic students:
                Annie Middlemiss
                                                   provide a compilation so that classes              Marilyn Peterson, Marita
                Year 10
                                                   could select an appropriate prayer                 Fitzpatrick, Judith Watts
                Eloise Carr
                                                   for the day. More than 400 students                and Kathy MacDonald
                Sarah Lyons
                                                   responded to the request for prayers               pictured at the Young
                Michelle Sanders
                                                                                                      Catholic Students summer
                Madeleine Smith                    written in their own words.
                                                                                                      camp in 1951.
                Year 11                            This is just one of those prayers:
                Emily Burchell
                Caitlin Moore                      Dear God, My life is great but I
                Emma Rogan
                                                   am aware that it is not the case
                Janelle Thomas
                                                   for everyone.
                Year 12
maguire 2006

                                                   Please help us to take care of
                Tess Armstrong
                Ashleigh Farquharson
                                                   the poor and under-privileged in
                Morgan Smyth                       our society and do your work
                Melanie Turnley                    here on earth. AMEN

4              ssrc 2006
                                                 Committee leaders

                                                 Social Justice
                                                 Erin Warner
Phoenix:                                         Zoe Crerar
This image of a phoenix rising from the flames   Sarah Goring
designed by Year 12 student Ashleigh Robertson
features alongside the Renaissance theme and     Ellana Katos
encapsulates the message of rebirth and of       Gemma Ballan
new beginnings.
                                                 Stephanie Quirk
                                                 Alice Turnbull
                                                 Lauren Friend
                                                 Nina Guerra
                                                 Jessica Mewing
                                                 Madeleine Clark
                                                 Hayley Guy
                                                 Emily Siedow-Egan
                                                 Bridget Gargan
                                                 Erin Tomadin
                                                 Kirstie Mangas
                                                 Emma Hayes
                                                 Cassandra Lombardi
                                                 Visual Arts
                                                 Eva Torkkola
                                                 Isabella Powell
                                                 Sarah Murray
                                                 Elizabeth Malouf
                                                 Ilara Crestale
                                                 Public Relations
                                                 Caitlyn Carter
                                                 Lucie Sgro
                                                 Erin Ryan
                                                 Jacqui McDonald
                                                 Annmaree Schokman
                                                 Eloise Roche
                                                 Louise Bench
                                                 Maddison Chandley
                                                 Nicole Wiedmann

                                                 From left, Deputy College
                                                 Captains Matilda Myers and
                                                 Sophia Katos, pictured with
                                                                                maguire 2006

                                                 Fr Greg Trythall, one of
                                                 our College Chaplains
                                                 and College Captain
                                                 Bridget O’Dwyer

                                                                    ssrc 2006   5
               2005 VCE results
               Dux of the College
               Emily Pegan
                                                         College news
               Mercy Award
               Sarah Boak
                                                         This year has seen a dramatic change in the         All students are involved in activities to improve the

               Caltex All-Rounder Award
                                                         physical appearance of the school with the          lives of others through our social justice program
               Justine Buckley                           demolition of McAuley Hall to make way for our      and the personal project which is part of the
               Soroptimist Award                         new performing arts centre. The building            International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program.
               Madeleine Jackman                         project will take the whole of 2006 but once        One of the many imaginative projects undertaken
               Maguire Award                             completed it will transform the Aphrasia Street     was a CD "Journey to the Soul" recorded by Stefanie
               Kate Tamblyn & Tricia Rose
               Thornton                                  aspect of the school.                               Gumienik in Year 10. Stefanie is a gifted classical

               Performing Arts Award                                                                         pianist and is donating the proceeds from sales of
                                                         In spite of having a massive building project
               Kate Gore                                                                                     her CD to an isolated Aboriginal community in
                                                         taking place in our midst, College life continues
               Pierre de Coubertin Award                                                                     Western Australia.
                                                         and students are enjoying an enriching and
               Sarah Jane McDonald
                                                         fulfilling year.                                    A highlight of the school year was a concert of
                                                                                                             beautiful, sacred music held at St Mary’s Basilica in
                                                         Our graduating class achieved excellent VCE
               academic awards                                                                               Geelong in June. More than 600 people attended
                                                         results and some students achieved top marks
               Accounting: Jessica Gulli                                                                     the concert which featured our soloists, vocal
                                                         in their subject areas. Students involved in
               Art: Natalie Debeljuh                                                                         ensemble, College orchestra and the newly formed
                                                         Vocational Education and Training programs
               Biology: Katlyn Wilson
                                                                                                             junior choir which made its début on the night.
               Business Management:                      were equally successful and Rachel Belton, Year
                                                                                                             Many of the students also contributed their talents
               Caitlin Grace                             12, was regional finalist for commercial cookery
               Chemistry: Ann-Louise Slee
                                                                                                             to the production of the Renaissance CD launched
                                                         in the WorldSkills VET in Schools competition.
               Dance: Megan Blyszak,                                                                         at the concert by noted Geelong tenor Tim
               Emma Madden                                                                                   McCallum. The concert and the CD are the
               English: Emily Pegan,                                                                         students’ contribution to the campaign to raise
               Kate Tamblyn
                                                                                                             funds for the new performing arts centre.
               French: Holly Windle
               Further Mathematics: Olivia Roles,                                                            Our talented textiles students were the hit of the
               Alison Slee                                                                                   show at the 2006 PaintRight Victorian Fashion
               Geography: Adelle Hosking                                                                     Awards. The event brought together some of the
               Health & Human Development:
                                                                                                             state’s most promising young designers and
               Sarah Sheehan, Emily Pegan
                                                                                                             dressmakers and the school walked off with a clutch
               History Revolutions: Jade Brunt,
               Sarah Fagan                                                                                   of awards including the John Claringbold Cup for
               Industry & Enterprise:                                                                        the best school and in the individual awards, Year
               Emma Wischmann                                                                                11 student, Carley Harman, pictured left, won the
               Italian: Elise Flynn
                                                                                                             top award in the long gown section.
               Japanese: Jessica Sferco,
               Katlyn Wilson
               Legal Studies: Elizabeth Muhlebach
                                                                                                             Wild and wet weather for the annual swimming
               Literature: Olivia Roles
                                                                                                             carnival failed to dampen the spirits of Year 7 students
               Mathematical Methods: Elise Flynn
                                                                                                             Harriet Darley left, Natalie Palmer and Brianna Weigl.
               Media: Kristen Turner
               Music Performance – Solo:
               Lachlan Cahir
               Physical Education: Christine Fagan
               Psychology: Kate Tamblyn
               Physics: Elise Flynn
               Specialist Mathematics: Elise Flynn
               Studio Arts: Lauren Glasson
               Theatre Studies: Sophia Katos,
               Amy Mullins
               VET: Hospitality: Hayley Guy
maguire 2006

               VET: Multimedia:
               Jessica Milinkovic
               Visual Communication & Design:
               Sophie Rowe, Deanna German
                                                     Picture courtesy Matt Murphy Times Publications

6              awards                                 news
Sporting highlights                                                                                                   Class of 2005
                                                                                                                      The hard work and
                                                                                                                      commitment of the Class of
At Sacred Heart every student has the opportunity to         Athletics carnival                                       2005 certainly paid off and our
participate in a wide range of sporting activities -                                                                  graduating students achieved
                                                             By contrast the weather for the annual athletics
everything from netball and tennis to rock climbing                                                                   some excellent academic
                                                             carnival brought a magnificent sunny autumn day.
                                                                                                                      results. Of the 212 students to
and rowing. The school offers 20 team sports and             The main oval looked a treat and the grass               undertake VCE 98 percent
school teams compete against other schools, locally          spectators’ area was "abuzz" and full of                 successfully completed their
and interstate and the girls achieve some amazing            anticipation. It was a fabulous carnival with plenty     studies, 18 percent achieved an
successes.                                                   of team spirit displayed by spectators and athletes,     ENTER score of 90 or above
                                                                                                                      and 41 percent scored 80 or
Our athletics and netball teams have been state and          Results at the end of the day saw Siena defeat
                                                                                                                      above. The Dux of the School
national champions, our quad sculls rowing team              Clairvaux followed by Padua and Loyola.
                                                                                                                      Emily Pagan received an
competed in the national finals against some of the                                                                   ENTER score of 99.70.
top independant schools in Australia and we have             Cross country                                            Every member of the
lots of outstanding results from individual students.        At our annual cross country day in May we had            graduating class has gone on to
                                                                                                                      either further study or has
Sports coordinator Mrs Karen Cordy says that at              serious runners, joggers, power walkers and many
                                                                                                                      gained employment. The
Sacred Heart the emphasis isn't on trophies and              just out for a stroll. But with spot prizes as well as
                                                                                                                      majority of our graduating
medals but trying to make sure that each student             medals, and participation points up for grabs the        class is now involved in tertiary
becomes the best person that they can be -                   day was quite competitive.                               studies and 94 percent of those
physically, mentally and spiritually.                                                                                 who applied were offered
                                                                                                                      places at the universities and
                                                             Team sports
She said: "Sportmanship and celebrating the                                                                           colleges of their choice.
achievements of others are just as important as              Our school teams have had a very busy year.              Congratulations and well done.
individual or team successes. Interestingly when the         We were runners-up in the State Surf Lifesaving
                                                             Schools event and our junior swimmers and                honours
emphasis is on enjoying sport - rather than being
                                                             intermediate tennis players won their SCSA               The following students
driven to be number one - it is then that the
                                                             divisions. Our athletics team again dominated the        achieved an ENTER score of
students achieve the results."
                                                             Division SCSA Athletics Carnival in May winning          90 or above.
Here are some of the highlights of the past year.                                                                     Elise Flynn
                                                             the junior and intermediate sections as well as the
                                                                                                                      Kate Tamblyn
                                                             overall points trophy for the day.                       Katlyn Wilson
Swimming carnival                                                                                                     Elizabeth Muhlebach
                                                             Football has been very popular again in 2006 with
                                                                                                                      Miriel Ho
On the day of the swimming carnival the weather              many girls taking part in trials and training days for   Johanna Williams
was wild and wet. Conditions were so bad that heats          the junior and senior teams. Our senior girls team       Olivia Roles
were abandoned and students returned to the                  finished runners-up to Clonard in the Geelong            Lauren Glasson
school. However by recess the weather had                                                                             Sophie Wayth
                                                             Independent Schools Lightning Premiership and the
                                                                                                                      Jade Brunt
improved and the students returned to Kardinia Pool          junior team narrowly missed playing off in the           Deanna German
and enthusiastically took part in a modified                 Grand Final.                                             Tara Breheny
program. The different format still saw a carnival                                                                    Jessica Kelly
                                                                                                                      Lisa Currie
result with Loyola narrowly defeating Siena.                 Individual athletes                                      Rose Farrugia
                                                                                                                      Sarah Sheehan
                                                             Many students have achieved outstanding
                                                                                                                      Jane Cherry
                                                             individual success in their chosen sports.               Alison Slee
                                                                                                                      Kristen Turner
                        Cheer squad:                         Three Sacred Heart girls were nominated for the
                                                                                                                      Elise Butler
                        All dressed up and ready to cheer    Geelong Advertiser award for the Junior Sports Star      Tegan Riley
                        on their teams are Year 7 students   of the Year. Jess Gulli, former student and winner of    Anne Fitzgerald
                                                             the award in 2005, and current students Jessie           Caitlin O’ Sullivan
                        Clancy Ferris, Dee Dee Jones,
                                                                                                                      Mikaela Carter
                        Alexandra Trower, Madeleine          Couch and Bianca Maurer were in line for this            Madelyn Smith
                        Hibble and Annabelle Nunan.          prestigious title which honours local sports stars.      Sarah Tinitali
                                                                                                                      Lindsey Warner
                                                                                                                      Jessica Hose
                                                                                                                      Genevieve Sharp
                                                                                                                      Marina Kaukov
                                                                                                                      Jessica Sferco
                                                                                                                                                          maguire 2006

                                                                                                                      Christine Fagan
                                                                                                                      Adelle Hosking
                                                                                                                      Natalie Roche
                                                                                                                      Meggon Brooks
                                                                                                                      Sophie O’ Keefe

                                                                                                              sport                             awards    7
                   Social justice                                                  Spotlight on
                                                                                   performing arts
                   Through the College’s social justice program
                   every student is involved in a project which will
                                                                                   Sacred Heart is raising the curtain on a new direction for the performing
                   make a positive difference to the lives of others.              arts. To mark the opening of the new performing arts centre and school
                                                                                   of music next year, the College is setting up a new School of Performing
                   The aim of the program is to maintain and
                                                                                   Arts with a dedicated Gifted and Talented Students Program to nurture
                   develop the Spirit of Mercy in the school
                                                                                   those who have special skills in dance, drama and music.
                   through action, raising awareness of justice
                                                                                   Students from Years 8 to 12 will be able to audition for a place in the
                   issues and creating opportunities to work
                                                                                   program and once accepted will take part in an individually tailored
                   collaboratively with the Sisters.
                                                                                   course to develop their skills and fast track their performing arts studies.
                                                                                   The opportunity to develop the expertise and confidence to perform in
                   Projects undertaken by the students touch
                                                                                   public will be a key focus of the program and students will have a mentor
                   people in our local community such as street
                                                                                   to help them prepare for auditions and interviews and design folios for
                   retreats, serving meals to homeless people and
                                                                                   entry into tertiary courses. Senior students will also take part in a guided
                   distributing Christmas hampers to needy                         extra-curricular program which will include workshops, theatrical and
                   families. Other projects focus on international                 musical excursions.
                   issues. In response to a request from former
                                                                                   It is expected that the program will open exciting new opportunities for
                   principal Sr Elieen Ann Daffy the whole school                  students involved so that they can complete academic studies in the
                   raised funds for earthquake victims in Pakistan.                performing arts while developing their performance skills and networks. It
                   Money has also been raised for people in need                   will form a springboard to further studies and careers in all aspects of the
                   in East Timor, the Sudan and Nepal.                             entertainment industry.

                                                                                   The College already has an excellent reputation in the performing arts
                   Through the social justice program students are
                                                                                   and in addition to the academic program students delight local and
                   encouraged to lead by example and show that by
                                                                                   national audiences with their performances. In June, students in our
                   our actions we can make a difference.                           vocal ensemble, College orchestra and junior choir performed to a
                                                                                   capacity audience at a concert of beautiful sacred music in St Mary’s

                                                                                   The performing arts have been an important part of the curriculum since
                                                                                   the College was founded and all students have the opportunity to
                                                Students Annette Whelan
                                                                                   develop their talents and or interests. Music, dance and drama are
                                                and Macey Barratt chat with
                                                residents of Maryville
                                                                                   taught from Year 7 to Year 12 and students from other schools come to
                                                Nursing Home during the            the College to study these subjects at VCE level.
                                                monthly visiting program.
                                                                                   There are currently 18 different performance groups in the school
                                                                                   including a school orchestra, vocal ensemble, rock band and Jazz group,
                                                Felicity Program:                  liturgical dance group, strings, brass and saxophone groups. All students
                                                Below, our young friends           in Years 7 and 8 learn an instrument and students at other levels are
                                                from St Thomas Aquinas             encouraged and supported to continue music studies. Students are
                                                and St Francis Xavier
                                                                                   encouraged to perform and be involved in all aspects of school
                                                PrimarySchool enjoy a visit
                                                                                   productions. Each year the school stages a joint production with St
                                                to the O’Dwyer Centre to use
                                                the climbing wall. The visit
                                                                                   Joseph’s College and these provide opportunities for students to
                                                hosted by students from            showcase their talents and also experience live performances.
                                                Years 7-11 was part of the         Productions range from full musicals to Shakespearean plays and often
                                                Felicity Program set up to         include original music and choreography.
                                                allow the College to share its
maguire 2006

                                                resources with local primary       Over the years many students have gone on to achieve successful careers
                                                schools. The program was an        in the performing arts – some of our talented former students are
                                                initiative of former student       featured here.
                                                Felicity Hoare (2005).

8              social justice                                                    performing arts
Tim and Noni McCallum (2000)
Noni and her brother Tim, right, are both professional performers and both studied at Sacred
Heart. Noni, graduated in 2000 and went on to complete a Bachelor of Music (Classical Voice) at
the Australian Catholic University. She has appeared in many productions and is currently touring
as a member of Hi-5 the popular children’s entertainment group.

Tim, is Geelong’s favourite tenor, and in 1997 studied VCE Theatre Studies at Sacred Heart whilst
a student at Belmont High School. At the age of 19, a swimming accident left him confined to a
wheelchair but in spite of his injuries he has gone on to establish a successful singing career which
has seen him perform on television, in musical theatre and cabaret and as the guest artist for the
Prime Minister’s Celebration of Federation Dinner.

Tim’s inspirational story, his determination and his God-given talent ensure he is always in high
demand as a singer, performer and motivational speaker. The school was delighted this year when
Tim agreed to launch Renaissance – a CD of beautiful sacred music produced by College students
to raise funds for the new performing arts centre.

Amy Lehpamer (2003)
Amy is a gifted musician and singer and while at the school performed in front of an audience of
40 000 people at the Jubilee 2000 Mass at Colonial Stadium. She was the inaugural winner of the
Performing Arts Award established by the Parents’ and Friends’ Association.

Sally Beck (1984 )
Sally has a successful career in arts administration as the general manager of Geelong Performing
Arts Centre. She completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne and her
qualifications and interest in dance and music led to a career in the entertainment industry.

Natalie O’Donnell (1994)
Natalie, right, launched her career in musical theatre at Sacred Heart and her performances
have included the lead role in the Australian production of Mama Mia.

Lee Abrahmsen (1996)
Lee’s beautiful soprano voice has won her lead roles with Melbourne Opera Company including
Adele in Die Fledermaus and Zerlina in Don Giovanni.

Catrionadh Dobson (1994)
After leaving Sacred Heart Catrionadh went on to complete a Bachelor of Music at the University
of Melbourne. She is now Community Program Manager at Orchestra Victoria which plays for all
seasons of the Australian Ballet and Opera Australia in Melbourne, as well as the new Victorian
Opera Company. Catrionadh manages all the Orchestra's non-ballet & opera activities which
includes approximately 70 performances each year across the regional concert program, the
education program of workshops and concerts, as well as a series of Melbourne concerts in
partnership with a range of community-based and charity organisations.

Carla McKernan (2002)
                                                                                                                          maguire 2006

Carla has managed to combine studies with her music career and is achieving success as a jazz
singer. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne and is now studying
towards a Diploma of Education.

                                                                                                        performing arts   9
                                 Who will speak if we don’t?
                                 This year several staff had the privilege of experiencing Mercy in action visiting and working
                                 with the Sisters’ missions around the world. Principal Jeffrey Burn visited Sisters and other
                                 Catholic organisations working in East Timor; Annette Chidzey spent time with former principal
                                 Sr Eileen Ann Daffy in Pakistan and Laura Doherty visited the Sisters’ mother house in Dublin
                                 during the 175th anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy. Here they talk about their experiences

                                 Jeff Burn
                                 Sr Carole McDonald, Social Justice Contact for the Sisters of Mercy Melbourne introduced the
                                 Sacred Heart community to the staff and students of Odafuro School in Timor Leste (East
                                 Timor). This co educational school works in the face of immense challenges to provide a
                                 Catholic secondary education for students in one of the country’s poorest areas.

                                 We decided to make supporting Odafuro part of the whole College social justice program and
                                 raised funds to help the school. In April I had the opportunity to see how our support was
                                 making a difference when I was invited to visit Timor Leste - the world's newest nation.

                                 The trip was funded by Mercy Works so that I could see first hand how the funds raised by
                                 Sacred Heart and others are being used and to look at further ways we could help.

                                 The poverty of the country is striking. The country has a population of 1 million and there
                                 seems to be inaction on the part of the government to improve basic human needs such as
                                 sanitation, health care, education, roads and power. During my stay I was based in Baucau,
                                 the second largest city after the capital, Dili. There is electricity for only six hours per day and
                                 inadequate sewerage and plumbing.

                                 Villages consist of grass huts with earthen floors although some have electricity. Malnutrition is
                                 a problem and the young have little resilience to diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.
                                 Sixty out of every 100 babies die before their first birthday and half the population does not
                                 have access to safe drinking water. Life expectancy is 55 and not improving.

                                 Together with Sr Herminia, an Ursuline sister who is Deputy Director for Catholic Education in
                                 the Baucau Diocese and Sr Carole, I visited a number of schools. All were desperately in need
                                 of funds.

                                 Most schools needed money for urgent repairs, classroom furniture, basic equipment and
                                 for teacher salaries which are about US$100 per month. I was able to visit a school where
                                 funds from Norway have made a real difference and the Salesians and other religious orders
                                 run very good schools. But there are many, many schools which need help and between
                                 10 – 30 percent of primary school aged children do not go to school.

                                 During my stay I tried to visit Odafuro School but days of torrential rain meant that the river
                                 crossing was impassable and our FWD was unable to reach the school. However Mr Rui Da
                                 Costa Branco, the school principal, came to meet me on his motorbike and waded across the
                                 crossing so that we could talk. He thanked me for the funds that we had sent to his school and
                                 told me that they had been used to put a new roof on the school, provide salary support for
                                 the teaching staff and to buy diesel to power the generator.

                                 Rui told me that he has many students who walk for 13kms down from the mountains to
                                 attend school and his hope is to build two cottages so that these students can board during
                                 the week and then return to their families at the weekend.

                                 In spite of the hardships of life, the Odafuro School achieves good results and in the last six
                                 years 350 students have passed the national exam.
maguire 2006

                                 As I left Timor Leste civil unrest had broken out in Dili and the situation in the country is
                                 bound to make the task of educating students harder for Rui and other teachers. They need
                                 our assistance more than ever and we will continue to give the school our support and try and
                                 persuade others to help us make a difference for our friends at Odafuro.

10             mercy in action
Annette Chidzey
The plight of women and children in many parts of the world can
move us to tears, yet our readiness to act and genuinely make a
difference to their lives is often less pragmatic. However, Sr Eileen
Ann Daffy, who was College Principal from 1976 to 1981, is a
striking exception.

Never one to be daunted by a challenge, for the past 12 years, she
has worked to advance education for thousands of boys at St
Mary’s Academy, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. As principal and visionary,
she has grafted new opportunities for her students, providing them
with invaluable skills and experiences that have empowered these
young men to take charge of their lives.

However, it is her capacity to reach out to help others, apart from
the 2000 boys at the academy, that characterises her true qualities
                                                                        Laura Doherty
of mercy and social justice. Never one to just ‘ talk the talk’, but
                                                                        This year I had the opportunity to take part in a
rather one to ‘walk the walk’, it is her commitment to the
education of Afghan women and children in the tiny village of           program entitled "Walking and Praying with

Tarnool on the outskirts of Pindi that speaks volumes for her deep      Catherine" at Mercy International Centre in Dublin.
commitment to those less fortunate than herself.                        The participants were Sisters from New Zealand,
                                                                        Ireland and the United States and I was the only
As a current member and past President of the local Rotary Club
based in Rawalpindi, she has been a driving force behind the
creation of a school and vocational centre for Afghan women and         Over the four days of the program, we were led to
children to help prepare them for repatriation to Afghanistan.          consider Catherine McAuley's work, writings and
                                                                        spirituality, and sessions were held in various rooms
Many of these refugees had no assistance prior to the club’s
                                                                        of her house, which brought her life and her spirit
involvement, even though they had been living in the area for
many years. Sr Eileen oversaw the establishment of a health clinic      very much alive.

and a primary school for girls as well as a vocational training         One of the highlights for me was the walking tour
centre to provide adolescent girls with sewing and design skills.       around areas of Dublin in which she lived and
In 2005, she approached Mercy Works Inc. to provide funding to          worked. We ended that pilgrimage at Georges Hill
assist in the vaccinating of these women and children against           Convent where Catherine was professed. The Sisters
Hepatitis B as part of the group’s ongoing commitment to practical      on the course renewed their vows there and I
health education. Sr Eileen’s awareness about the importance of         renewed my commitment to mercy and justice - a
educational skills for women and children ensured that some             very moving occasion. It was a thought provoking
female members of the local Afghan community were trained as            and enriching experience, and I am grateful that as
teachers in basic literacy and vocational skills.                       a layperson working in a Mercy school, I have
It was recognized that by giving skills to women they could             gained in my understanding of Catherine and in the
supplement the family income from work within the home through          sense of mercy alive in the world today.
activities such as sewing as social custom still restricts the
movement of many women outside the home.

A small plot was selected, a well for portable water constructed,
and a school, community centre and vocational centre established.
                                                                           Those who would like to
From a few children in the beginning, more than 175 children are
                                                                           contribute to the Mercy projects
now receiving education that otherwise would have been forgotten
                                                                           in East Timor and Pakistan are
and neglected. Plans to introduce electricity, develop the vocational
                                                                           asked to contact Annette, Jeff or
centre, buy more sewing machines and better equipment loom in
                                                                           Laura at Sacred Heart College
                                                                                                                                 maguire 2006

the next phase of this project’s growth.
                                                                           by calling 03 5221 4211.
Sr Eileen is a true woman of Mercy and the expression of God’s
love in this part of the world. Who will speak if we don’t.
Sr Eileen will.

                                                                                                               mercy in action   11
                 Convent News                                              Staff news
                 They say - "The older one gets the quicker time flies!"   Congratulations
                                                                           Deputy principal Peter Morgan has been awarded a Master of Education in
                 This must surely mean we are really getting older as
                                                                           Leadership and Administration by Deakin University. Peter, pictured below,
                 this year is already half way through and we don't        joined the College in 1992 and was appointed deputy principal responsible
                 know where it has gone!                                   for pastoral care in 2002.

                 Early in the year we were delighted with Tim              Student Counsellor Sandra Jelly has been awarded an honours degree in
                                                                           psychology from Deakin University. Sandra, pictured below, is part of the
                 McCallum's performance as Herod in ‘Jesus Christ
                                                                           counselling team working from the school’s new Well-being Centre at the
                 Superstar’ and Rose Sejean played Cosette in
                                                                           corner of Cumberland Street and Retreat Road. The new centre, formerly
                 ‘Les Miserables’. The Sisters are always delighted to     the caretaker’s residence, was opened in April this year.
                 see our past students performing and feel so very
                                                                           College archivist Glen Turnbull has been elected as president of the
                 proud of them.
                                                                           Australian Institute of Genealogists. Earlier this year he also took up the
                                                                           position of archivist at St Joseph’s College, Newtown. It seems appropriate
                 The Boarders' Reunion was a highlight and enjoyed
                                                                           to have the one person in charge of the archive collections of schools that
                 by all. Sometimes we are asked if there are still
                                                                           share a comparable history.
                 Sisters living here and indeed there are - 16 of us at
                 present and we love the SHC girls visiting.
                 We were saddened by the death of our dear Sister          The school community has bid a fond farewell to staff members Ruth
                 Brendan in April, but we also have many happy events      Kulakaukas, Agata Gulli and Bev Haigh who have retired from the College.
                 to which we can look forward - one of which is Jubilee    Ruth first joined the school the 1983 and held several positions. Until her

                 Day when we celebrated Sr Jude's 75th anniversary of      retirement at the end of 2005 she worked in the food technology area.
                                                                           Agata joined the College staff in 1989 and retired in 2005 as the cleaning
                 Profession and Sr Philomene's 60th anniversary
                 of Profession.
                                                                           Bev has worked at the school for 20 years as a member of the science
                 Happy feast day to all, from the Sisters                  faculty. She said: “I value the friendship of so many of my past students.
                                                                           I am always interested in what they are doing and if anyone wishes to
                 Sr Madeleine Fox
                                                                           contact me in my retirement I would love to hear from you. My email is
                 Newtown Convent Community Leader                ”

                 New babies                                                Farewell:
                                                                           Congratulations to Phil and Loretta Wayth on their appointment to the
                 Melody Joy Campbell-Gordon                                teaching staff at the International School in Luxemburg - an IB school.
                 24 December 2005                                          Phil has been a member of the teaching staff at Sacred Heart since 1991
                                                                           and was latterly responsible for timetabling.
                 Lachlan Thomas Elevato Linehan
                 27 September 2005
                 Abby Lea Cookson                                          The College community celebrated the wedding of two popular members of
                 1 November 2005                                           the teaching staff when Lea DeWaard and Heath Selleck, were married in
                                                                           the Chapel in April. Lea teaches psychology and biological science and
                 Noah James Poirier                                        Heath teaches art, RE, graphic communication, studio art and photography.
                 1 October 2005

                 Jamieson Casey Renkauskas
maguire 2006

                 1 May 2006

                 Aaron Paul Malley
                 17 May 2005

12             staff and convent news
Return of the eagle
With the spotlight now on the construction of the new performing arts centre and
school of music, attention is also turning to the Aphrasia Street façade of the
College and the wrought iron entrance gates.
The gates, which were a gift from the Old Collegians’ Association for the school’s
centenary in 1960, will be renovated and restored in time for the opening of the
new centre next year.
However a mystery surrounds the gates. Several members of the Old Collegians’
Association believe that when they were first installed an eagle, part of the school’s
emblem, was attached to the gates.
Judging by the welds and rivet holes on the wreath, which is part of the emblem it
would appear that the eagle has ‘flown’ and a 1982 photograph of the gates shows
that it has been missing for at least 25 years.
It is hoped that when the gates are restored the eagle can be replaced. Unfortunately
the school does not have a photograph of the gates showing the original eagle. If
anyone has such a photograph we would be grateful to get a copy for our archives so
that the new eagle will match the original.
Photographs are an invaluable part of the school archives and we welcome
donations from former students. Last year following the Old Boys’ Reunion several
photographs were added to the collection and have provided a record of this
important part of the school’s history.
Hundreds of photographs were given to the archives by former boarders who took
part in the first boarders’ reunion in May. Other items donated by the boarders
included pieces of uniform from the 1950s, badges, medals, trophies and
One of the most interesting additions to the archives, presented during the reunion
weekend, was the Jeopardy Cup kindly donated by former student Bernadette
Renwick (Stokes). Bernadette was awarded the cup, pictured page three, for winning
‘Jeopardy’ a national television quiz for school students in 1970.
I encourage anyone with photographs to consider either donating the original
photographs or allowing us to copy and return your images. Most of the images are
small informal "box brownie" photographs, some measure just 80mm x 50mm.
These images are just as important to the collection as the large formal
All photographs and other items of memorabilia donated to the school will be
cherished and preserved for future generations. Many items will feature in displays
which are placed in Reception and other areas around the College. In the future,
some will form part of a permanent archives display to be housed in the upper floor
of the former Convent in space made available when the music school moves to its
new home following the completion of the performing arts centre.
Glen Turnbull
College Archivist
03 5222 0416
                                                                                                    maguire 2006

                                                                                         archives   13
                                                           Mercy milestones
                                                           2006 is an important milestone for Sacred Heart College. This year Mercy schools
                                                           around the world are celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy and the
                                                           contribution Catherine McAuley, the order’s foundress, has made to Catholic
                                                           Those who knew her best say that she loved each student, found joy in the presence of
                                                           young people and celebrated their development.
                                                           I think Catherine would be proud of what has been achieved at Sacred Heart College,
                                                           but I think she would be equally proud of the contribution that the former students
                                                           make to the school and our role as a bridge between one generation and the next.
                                                           As I come towards the end of my two-year term as president of the Old Collegians’
                                                           Association I am delighted with the direction the association is taking. In the last two
                                                           years we have had a 25 percent increase in membership and celebrated many reunions
                                                           which have given former students an opportunity to return to the school and renew old
                                                           friendships. Boys of Sacred Heart, who were students in the junior school, met for the
                                                           first time, as did the boarders, and many former students took part in year level
       The boys are back:                                  reunions. Our annual reunion in November provided a wonderful opportunity for
                                                           former students of all years to return to the school.
       Top, former students of the junior school, from
       left, Brian Dummett, Brian Brushfield, Richard      One of our tasks is to try to keep in touch with former students and provide them with
       Perry and Des Podbury pictured at the first boys    opportunities to stay in contact with each other and the College. Over the last two years
       of Sacred Heart reunion.                            we have been developing an electronic database of students who attended the school
                                                           and this will be an on-going task. We have students all over the world working in many
       The Event:                                          professional areas. There is a group of former students living in London, another in
       Above, Old Collegian Annice Lappin pictured         the United States and our Queensland Old Collegians are keen to form a chapter. The
       with her brother Commonwealth Games                 Colac group celebrated its 25th anniversary this year and the Melbourne group again
       distance runner Louis Rowan and Cameron
                                                           held its annual gathering.
       Healy at "The Event" hosted by the Association
       at Kirrewur Court, Newtown.                         If the growth of the Association continues at the current rate we will have more than
                                                           3000 members by the school’s sesquicentenary in 2010 and half will be under 30 years
       Cameron, Accreditation Coordinator for the
                                                           of age. It is wonderful to see the paths that the former students have taken and the
       2006 Commonwealth Games, gave the after
                                                           contribution that they are making not only in professional and community areas but
       dinner address and spoke about his "job of a
       lifetime" and the challenges of providing
                                                           also as wives and mothers.
       accreditation for the Queen, hundreds of            The Old Collegians’ Association is an important part of the school community and the
       athletes, thousands of volunteers and an            future of the Association is too important to leave to chance. This year we have been
       assortment of mascots during the
                                                           involved in a strategic and financial planning exercise to chart our future direction. We
       Melbounre Games.
                                                           clearly have many talented and committed members ready to make a contribution to
                                                           the Association and the role we can play in supporting our school. I think the current
       Chapel wedding:                                     committee and all members can feel confident that the future of the Association will
       Pictured right, after their wedding in the Sacred   be in good hands.
       Heart College Chapel, are Old Collegian
       Lorraine McGrath and her husband Gerald
                                                           I would like to thank the committee for
       Fitzpatrick. Lorraine (Roche) said she had          their help and support over the past year
       dreamed of being married in the Chapel since        and the College Leadership Team for
       her schooldays in the 1940s.                        providing opportunities for former
                                                           students to share the life of the school. As
                                                           we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart
                                                           I think we can all count ourselves
maguire 2006

                                                           fortunate to be part of this wonderful
                                                           Bernice McGann (Love)
                                                           SHOCA President

14             shoca news
Boarders return
For more than a century Sacred Heart College was          highlight. We saw the nuns’ cells, their
a boarding school as well as being a day school. In       recreation room and the organ gallery. The
May, 100 former boarders returned for a weekend           boarders’ chapel, where we remembered daily
of memories, non-stop talking and lots of fun             Mass, visits, Litany, Benediction, brides’
reliving their years at the College. Marita Fitzpatrick   consecration to Our Lady, is now the Religious
shares the joys of the school’s first boarders’           Education Centre.
reunion:                                                  The school extended an invitation to sleep over
"As we drove down Retreat Road we noticed the             if we wished and after dinner on Saturday
familiar gates are now closed, the tower can barely       evening 18 former boarders slept on the lower
be seen for the trees, the hedge has gone, windows        balcony. But it was a totally different experience   Old habits:
enclose the balconies where we slept, but the             from our school days. The balconies where we         To give former boarders a special
entrance is still the same and the Grotto, scene of       slept in the open air now have glass windows         welcome back for their first ever
                                                          and lockers replace the beds. Some drank             reunion Sr Madeleine pulled one
many photos, is still there.
                                                          champagne to celebrate the occasion, everyone        of the traditional Sisters’ habits out
Fashionable outfits replaced the hats, gloves,                                                                 of mothballs and wore it to greet
                                                          talked and there were only a few hours sleep.
blazers, tunics and lisle stockings as we entered the                                                          the visitors. She is pictured, above,
                                                          We understand now why there was silence in the       with the Carew sisters who along
front door where we were greeted by a nun – Sr
                                                          dormitories and on the balcony from 8.30pm to        with their mother and aunt were
Madeleine – who wore the well-known habit of the
                                                          8am!                                                 boarders at the school. The sisters
Mercy Sisters for the occasion. One girl even wore                                                             are, from left, Claire McGannon,
her school hat!                                           On Sunday, Monsignor James Murray celebrated         Carmel Dingemans, Mary Stoddart
                                                          Mass in the Chapel and College Principal Mr          and Shirley Murphy.
A roll call revealed we had come from Queensland,
                                                          Jeffrey Burn and Old Collegians’ Assoication
New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Darwin                                                             Claire recently hosted the 25th
                                                          President Mrs Bernice McGann welcomed
                                                                                                               anniversary lunch of the Colac
and New Zealand. There were mothers and                   everyone back to the school. We remembered           group at her home which was
daughters, sisters, cousins, twins, nuns who had          deceased Sisters and boarders and sang some          attended by many of the former
looked after the boarders, who taught us and who          of the familiar hymns from our past.                 students whose families lived in
had been our classmates.                                                                                       the Western District and sent their
                                                          At the end of the weekend everyone left              daughters to the College.
We had boarders from the 30s through to 1975,             determined that our first boarders reunion will
the last year of boarders. Photographic displays                                                               Carmel received a special honour
                                                          not be our last. We are indebted to the SHOCA
                                                                                                               this year when she was awarded an
and memorabilia in the Sacred Heart Cloister              committee member Margaret Purcell for
                                                                                                               honorary life membership of the
brought our memories to life. Letters from those          suggesting the reunion and pursuing her dream        National Council for Women in
unable to attend spoke of their experiences and of        so enthusiastically.                                 appreciation of her contribution on
the Sisters who taught them. Hats, prefects’                                                                   behalf of the Old Collegians’
                                                          We thank all the boarders who shared their
badges, a form prefect’s blazer and a prefect’s                                                                Association. Carmel was invited to
                                                          memories and for the school and Old                  represent the OCA on the Council
pocket were shown with pride.
                                                          Collegians’ Committee for making the weekend         by former president, the late
The Year 12 students, who led tours of the College,       possible."                                           Miss Lille Sheridan.
were amazed to hear that current classrooms were
                                                          Madeleine’s girls:
dormitories, the staff room was two classrooms, the                                                            Footy fans:
                                                          Former boarders from the 70s pictured below,
staff work area was the senior refectory and the          with Sr Madeleine Fox, centre, who was in charge     Leon Brown, second left, enjoyed a
principal’s office was St Cecilia’s Parlour. To visit     of boarders and Sr Patsy Burke, far right, who       boarders’ day out at the football
                                                                                                               with sisters Clare, Mary and
areas that were out of bounds to boarders was a           taught at the school.
                                                                                                               Marge. The picture above was
                                                                                                               taken by the Melbourne Herald
                                                                                                               before the match at Victoria Park
                                                                                                               and had appeared in the
                                                                                                               newspaper by the time the girls
                                                                                                                                                        maguire 2006

                                                                                                               arrived back at the College - where
                                                                                                               Leon received a severe reprimand
                                                                                                               for not wearing her full uniform!

                                                                                                                                           borders      15
                  Appeal committee                                             Performing arts centre
                  A committee has been formed to lead our capital appeal       Sacred Heart College has a well-deserved reputation for excellence
                  and fundraising program and members represent the            in the performing arts. However, the strength of our teaching
                  groups that make up the College community.                   program and the achievements of our students are not matched by
                  Mr Frank Costa is our appeal patron. Mr Costa is a former    the quality of our facilities.
                  pupil of the school and attended the junior school under     This year we plan to redress the balance.
                  Sr Celestine’s tutelage from the age of three. His eight
                                                                               Performing arts will be a major focus of activity over the next
                  daughters have all attended the school and he was a
                                                                               18 months. Work has begun on our new $7.3million performing arts
                  former chair of College Council.
                                                                               centre, we have established a new Performing Arts School and in
                  The membership of the Appeal Committee includes:
                                                                               2007 Sacred Heart will be one of the few schools in Australia to
                                                                               have a Talented and Gifted Program for students who excel in
                  Ms Gillian Costa (chair)                                     music, dance and drama.
                  Costa Family Foundation representative,
                                                                               Our new performing arts centre is the largest and most ambitious
                  Old Collegian and current parent
                                                                               building project to be undertaken at the College since our foundress
                  Mr Michael O’Brien                                           Mother Xavier Maguire built the school’s beautiful bluestone
                  Past parent, CEO of G-Force Recruitment                      quadrangle and Chapel in the 1860s.
                  and Director of United Way’s 2004 appeal                     The new development will be an icon building for Sacred Heart and
                                                                               will transform the Aphrasia Street aspect of the College. We will
                  Sr Madeleine Fox
                                                                               retain important features such as the entry gates and our architects
                  Newtown Convent Community Leader, Sisters of Mercy
                                                                               have designed the facility to complement our historic buildings.
                  representative, Member of College Council and former
                  staff member                                                 To make way for the new centre McAuley Hall and two classrooms
                                                                               adjoining the main school buildings have been demolished. The
                  Mrs Gael Perry                                               building project is now well underway and it is planned that the new
                  Secretary of the Old Collegians’ Association, former Chair   centre will be completed in April 2007.
                  of Colac Hospital Board, member of Kalkee Community
                                                                               The two-storey centre will include a new 588-seat auditorium, a
                  Appeal Committee and the Multi Cultural Hostel Board
                                                                               school of music, a galleria, tutorial rooms, practice and
                  Mrs Anne Mathieson                                           performance spaces. As well as being a focus for performing arts at
                  Chair of College Council, Old Collegians’ Association        the school it will also provide a much-needed teaching space. The
                  member, current parent and, senior manager with              new auditorium will have retractable seating and will be used by the
                  Coles Myer                                                   whole school community as an events venue.

                  Mr Jeffrey Burn                                              We also intend, in a managed way, to make the centre available to
                                                                               local Catholic primary schools and other groups that do not have
                  College Principal and the College’s
                                                                               the resources to access a venue of this size or quality. Our intention
                  first lay principal, former parent
                                                                               is not to compete with commercial venues but to share our
                  Ms Anna Negro                                                resources with our community.
                  Deputy Principal, staff representative                       To acknowledge the outstanding support that Mr Frank Costa and
                  and Old Collegians’ Association                              his family have given to Sacred Heart over many years, the new
                  committee member
                                                                               centre will be named the Costa Centre for the Performing Arts. The

                  Mrs Kath Walsh                                               school of music will be called the Sr Raphael School of Music in
                                                                               honour of the late Sr M Raphael Sheehan who taught music at the
                  College Development Manager.
                                                                               school for 34 years. The generosity of former student Mrs Joan
                                                                               Cameron and her husband Wallace has ensured that the school of
                                                                               music can be included in the new centre. The support of Mrs
maguire 2006

                                                                               Heather Austin and her family will allow the project to proceed in its
                                                                               entirety. The new auditorium will retain the name McAuley Hall to
                                                                               honour Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy,
                                                                               and to maintain links with our heritage.

16             performing arts
Financing the dream                                                How you can help
Financing our new performing arts centre is a major                Make a tax deductible donation of any
commitment for the school and the support of our whole             amount to the performing arts centre appeal
community will be critically important.

We do not intend to raise fees to finance the project as this      Name a seat in the new auditorium
would be contrary to the values of the Sisters of Mercy which is   Naming a seat in the new McAuley Hall involves a tax
to ensure that fees are affordable to families from all walks of   deductible donation of $500 which can be made as single
life. Instead we hope to finance the development through other     gift or in two instalments. For more information please contact
means.                                                             Kath Walsh, Development Manager, 03 5222 0459
                                                                   or email
We have taken out a $5.5million low interest loan which we will
repay over 15 years. We are contributing $300 000 from the
school building fund and we have set ourselves the target of       To make a donation please complete the
raising $1.5million towards the new centre.                        form overleaf and return to:
This is the first major capital appeal to be conducted by the      Performing Arts Centre Appeal
school and was launched at a special ‘Night to Remember’
                                                                   Sacred Heart College
dinner and auction in October last year. There has already been
                                                                   Reply Paid 79677
an excellent response from our community to our appeal. The
school is indebted to some very generous individuals, families     NEWTOWN VIC 3220
and organisations which have pledged more than $920 000            (no stamp required)
towards the building program.

But we still have a long way to go and we need to raise an
additional $580 000 to help fund our new centre. To help make
our dreams a reality we are seeking the financial support from
members of our community who share our vision for the future
of the College.

Our families, former students and friends can help by making a
tax deductible donation of any amount to the project or naming
a seat in the new auditorium.

Gillian Costa

Chairperson of the Performing Arts Centre
Capital Appeal Committee

               f          c
         all gifts are welcome
                        e    f i
                 and every gift will
          a        f e
         make a difference.
                                                                                                                                     maguire 2006

                                                                                                              performing arts        17
               Performing Arts Centre Appeal
               Gift Intention Advice

                      YES. I/We would like to make a donation of ?................
                      to help Sacred Heart College to build a new performing
                      arts centre and school of music.

               Auditorium seats

                      I/We would like to name a seat in the new auditorium

                      I/We would like to make a single tax deductible
                      donation of $500

                      I/We would like to make two annual tax-deductible

                      donations of $250

               Payment options


               Please find enclosed a cheque for $....................... payable to
               Sacred Heart College. (If payment is in two instalments we will
               send you a reminder when the second instalment is due.)

                      Credit Card

               Please deduct $........................ from my

                     Mastercard                           Visa                       Bankcard

               Expiry date ......../ ...... Signature ..................................

               Name on card.......................................... Date ............

               Address ..................................................................................


               State......................................Postcode ....................................


               Email ......................................................................................

               (If payment is in two instalments we will deduct the second
               instalment 12 months after the first payment.)

               Please name the seat or acknowledge my gift as follows:


               (i.e. Mary Kelly (Class of 1999), Frank Kelly, The Kelly family,
               Mr & Mrs F Kelly).
maguire 2006

                  Please complete this form and return to:
                  Performing Arts Centre Appeal
                  Sacred Heart College, Reply Paid 79677,
                  NEWTOWN, VIC 3220 (no stamp required)

18               maguire 2006
Sponsors and                        Helga Schulte             Travelworld Newtown          Donors – Performing           Association Geelong
Supporters                          Treehouse Graphics                                     Arts Centre
                                                              Trevor Murdoch Panels                                      Ann Treloar
3D Paint & Colour                   Hertz Geelong                                          Robert Allwell & Associates
                                                              Truffleduck                                                Kerri & Joe Virgona & family
ACE Hygiene Services                Ian Trezise MP                                         Lou & Diane Ballan
                                                              V & R Fruit & Vegetable                                    Kathleen Walsh
Adrienne Leitch                     Jindalee Estate           Market                       Theresa & Ken Best
                                                                                           & family                      Stephanie Witcombe
Amy Lehpamer                        JLT Workers               Wills family
                                    Compensation Services                                                                Whelan family
Arthur Reed Photos                                                                         Essie & Hannah Bohan
                                                              Sr Marita O’Connell
                                    John Bushell                                                                         Woodruff family
Archdiocese of                                                Scholarship Fund             Brazelis family
Melbourne                           John Fitzgerald           Our thanks to the                                          In addition we would like to thank our parents for
                                                              following families who       Russell Briers
Bannockburn Cellars                                                                                                      their contributions to the School Building Fund and
                                    John Gill Butcher         have contributed in 2006     Butler family                 the School Development Fund and the individuals
Barbara Barry                       Helen Jordan              to the Sr Marita O’Connell                                 and organisations who have made gifts to the
                                                              Scholarship fund             Jeff Burn & family
Barwon Cleaning                                                                                                          school but wish to remain anonymous.
                                    Judy Dahlke
Supplies                                                      Adamovic family              Joan & Wallace Cameron
                                    Katos family
Barwon Pool Shop                                              Biscombe family              Sheila Carey & family
                                    King family
Barwon Security                                               Blomeley family              Convent of Mercy Newtown
                                    Lane Kelly’s Curtains
Belmont Timber                      & Blinds                  Brazelis family
                                                                                           Costa family foundation
Bishop Audio & Lighting             LBW Chartered             Burns family
                                                                                           Dean family
                                    Accountants               Margaret Campbell
Boomerang Holiday
Ranch                                                                                      Jack De Stefano
                                    Lisa Dalla-Zuanna         Clancy family
Bottles & Barrels                                                                          Drs S & V Fitzgerald
                                    Lisa Gollan               Clatworthy family            & daughters
Braces ‘n’ Faces                    Mammoth Health            Cleary family                Brian & Elizabeth Fowler
Bunnings                                                                                   & family
                                                              Clissold family
                                    McHarrys Buslines
Carey’s Picture
                                                              Edwards family               Dr William Fraser
Framing Gallery                     McQueen’s on Pako
                                                              Farrugia family              Grace family
Clearwater Business                 Meeks Design
Solutions                                                     Grace family                 Hayden family
                                    New Vision Eyewear
Club Italia                                                   Grayling family
                                    Nolan Bradbury                                         Anne & Richard Hesketh
Costa’s                             Photography               Ho family
                                                                                           Huson family
Computers Now                       Officeworks               Hosking family
                                                                                           Pamela Hudson
Cosgriff & Associates               Patrick Rowan &           Howard family
                                    Associates                                             Bernard & Helen Jordan
Coulter Roache Lawyer                                         Keating family
                                    Penfold Buscombe                                       Nikki Knight
Coyte family                                                  Kershaw family
                                                                                           Mathieson family
David Fox                                                     Lowther family
                                    Powell family
                                                                                           Mewing family
Davidsons                                                     McDonald family
                                    Premier Paper
De Grandi Cycle                     Company                                                Gerald & Anne Miller
                                                              McGlade family
and Sport                                                                                  Bromley & Gail Morphy
                                    Print Design              Muhlebach family
Delta Carpet One
                                    Product Dynamics          Neivandt family              Mons James Murray
Des Munday & Son
                                    Remy and Derek White      O’Callaghan family           Maureen Naughton
Discount Fencing
                                    Rex Gorell Family         Paridaen family              Anna Negro
Dobbins family                      Group
                                                              Powell family                O’Brien family
Donna Stokie Visual                 Ridgeway family
Merchandiser                                                  Rigby family                 Maree & Bridget O’Dwyer
                                    Road Runner Driving
Dr Gerald J Tofler &                School                    Saunders family              Peacock family
                                    Ross Parke                Sitka family                 Mary Perdrisat
Fuji Xerox Australia                The Good Guys
                                                              Suzanne Skidmore             Gael & Richard Perry
Frank Costa                         Sacred Heart Old
                                    Collegians’ Assoication   Spiteri family               Powell family
Garry Prigg
                                    Sacred Heart College      Teague family                Ramia family –
Geelong Advertiser                  Parents & Friends                                      Sphinx Hotel
                                                              Tinitali family
Geelong Aquatic Centre              Sisters of Mercy                                       Robert & Elizabeth Riordan
                                                              Turner family
                                    Newtown Convent
Geelong Cosmetic
                                                              Vinnicombe family            Kevin & Mary Roache
Refinement Clinic                   Steampacket Fine
                                    Foods                     Virgona family               Mary Rowan &
Geelong Football Club
                                                                                           Cameron Burns
                                    Student Training for      We would also like to
Geelong Wine Tours
                                    Hospitality Services      thank the family of the      Barbara Smoorenburg
G-Force Recruitment                 St Mary’s Basilica        late Mrs Shirley Peters
                                                                                           Sacred Heart College
                                                              Mills for making a
                                                                                                                                                                           maguire 2006

Goodall’s Quality Meats             Tell-a-Balloon                                         Parents & Friends
                                                              donation from her estate
Heath Selleck                       Thomson family            to establish a scholarship   Spurling family
                                                              fund for students in Years
Hedley’s Educational                Tim McCallum                                           St Joseph’s College
                                                              11 and 12 whose families
Book Centre                                                                                Geelong
                                    Torben Rusz Westcoast     are experiencing financial
Height’s Sewing Centre              Leadlighting              hardship.                    St Joseph’s Old Collegians

Photography by Photonet 03 9398 0333 and John Watts SHC
Graphic Design by TreeHouseGraphics 0414 416 401
                                                                                                                                                 donors                  19

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