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									                        Le Chat
                                                                                                                      NUMBER TWO 2006

                    N E W S L E T T E R  O F  C H A T S W O O D  H I G H  S C H O O L

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World Premiere at Chatswood High School
‘Joshua’, composed by Ralph Hultgren and commissioned by
Chatswood High School for our Concert Band 1, had its success-
ful world premiere at CHS on the 8th April. This was a fantastic
evening of music by our Concert Band, Stage Band and special
guests: The North Sydney Girls’ High School Vocal Ensemble
and The Northern Sydney Regional Primary Wind Orchestra.
Gavin Staines, our Musical Director, approached our principal
Peter Dobbin and the CHS Finance Committee in 2005 with a
request to commission a work in 2006. His first choice for a
composer was the world renowned Australian composer, Ralph
Hultgren. Our students had previously enjoyed playing Ralph’s
works; ‘Masada’ and ‘Hornet’s Nest’. Gavin was delighted when
he agreed as Ralph is also a gifted conductor, tertiary lecturer
and strong advocate of music education.
The completed score arrived in February, our students were
                                                                             Gavin Staines, Ralph Hultgren and Peter Dobbin. 
delighted to see “Commissioned by Chatswood High School”
on the score and each part. This is also a tribute to the thou-             this work; it has been an extremely rewarding learning experience
sands of students who have participated in our Concert Band                 for our students. It has also put CHS “on the map” as a sup-
Program which Gavin Staines has developed over the last 26                  porter of Australian music. Our Regional Director, Ms Deonne
years. The only ‘negative’ for our students was that the music              Smith was present on the night and was very impressed by our
was hard and that they had just over 2 months to learn it. They             students’ performance and their exemplary behaviour.
rose to the occasion and presented a dynamic and well received              Thank you also to the parents, staff and students who assisted on
performance under the baton of Ralph Hultgren.                              the night including Mr Lockwood (father of Tim) who recorded
CHS has documented the entire procedure; we have hours of                   the evening and Mr Livingstone (father of Natasha) who videoed.
footage to edit, including a Sunday afternoon workshop with                 A special mention must also go to Mr Dean who won 1st prize
the composer earlier in the year, a composition workshop with               in the guessing competition. He donated his prize to the concert
our senior students, additional rehearsals on the 7th April and             band touring fund. An auction was held; the winning bidder for
student interviews.                                                         two return tickets to Christchurch was Mr Peter Dobbin.

Thank you to Peter Dobbin and CHS for agreeing to commission                We will now produce a DVD of the ‘Joshua’ experience and
                                                                            would like to hear from talented graphics students to design the
                                                                            cover and students interested in editing the footage.
                     Open Night                                             Briona Gill 
                                                                            for Gavin Staines who is currently touring New Zealand with the
                                                                            Concert Band
 Wednesday May 17                            4.30 to 7.30pm
         Held as part of our Education Week celebration
      A warm invitation to all parents, caregivers
           and friends of Chatswood High
               to join us on this night
      All faculties have worked together to showcase the excellent  
     opportunities that exist for your child at Chatswood High. Come 
 view the displays, take part in hands-on activities, observe a debate 
     or the student forum. Enjoy the BBQ and Asian food while you 
   listen to our musicians and meet teachers, students and parents.
     This is a great opportunity to showcase our
     school to prospective students and parents,
    so please invite your neighbours and friends,
     particularly those with school age children.                           Members of the band on tour in  New Zealand.  
                                                                            See more photos and story, page 7.

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Principal's                                      that Chatswood High School clearly has        not always been able to do previously.
message                                          high expectations of its students. These      Similarly we have been able to offer
                                                 expectations are confirmed when you           Engineering Studies for the
                                                 consider the excellent results our students   first time in many years. In Year
                                                 have achieved in the Year 7 & 8 ELLA          11 t h i s y e a r t h e r e a r e t h r e e
                                                 and SNAP tests and the School Certificate     Extension 1 Mathematics classes, and
                                                 and Higher School Certificate examina-        Business Studies, Economics, Physics,
                                                 tions over the past few years. They reflect   Chemistry, Extension 1 English and An-
                                                 a lot of hard work by the students and        cient and Modern History all boast more
                                                 their teachers and there is no reason to      than one class, for the first time in some
                                                 think that this level of achievement will     years. This demand for academic classes
                                                 not be sustained or improved upon well        reflects not only the impact of the first se-
                                                 into the future. If you would like to read    lective group at Chatswood High School
                                                 more about the results of this survey and     to enter Year 11, but also the academic

                                                 of other major achievements in 2005 I         strength of the cohort as a whole. One
     t is a great pleasure being the principal   recommend that you read the 2005 An-          particular subject that shows our commit-
     of Chatswood High School and being          nual Report which will be posted to all       ment to providing the best opportunities
     able to reflect on the many positive        families in Term 2 this year.                 for our students is the Technology Multi
achievements our students and com-                                                             Media Course which is available in Years
mitted staff have attained over the past         A clear outcome of what I have described
                                                                                               9 & 10. This is a Board Endorsed Course
five years and the wonderful spirit that         above is that the student population has
                                                                                               (BEC) developed by our two Deputy Prin-
is present in our school. Visitors to the        been rising steadily. In January 2001, the
                                                                                               cipals Wayne Duncombe and Stephanie
school constantly remark positively on           official student population (excluding
                                                                                               Dempsey and is available only to students
the friendly greetings they receive from         the Intensive English Centre) was 572.
                                                                                               at this school. It is a course which teaches
students and staff alike and pass on their       The official 2006 figure is 782 which
                                                                                               students research and time management
compliments. There is no doubt as you            represents a 37 % increase in student
                                                                                               skills and prepares them for the rigours
walk around the school and visit classes         enrolments since January 2001. I
                                                                                               of study in the senior school. The staff
you will detect that there is a great “buzz”     anticipate that numbers will continue
                                                                                               have been so encouraged by the student
in the school. It is particularly pleasing to    to grow as more people become aware
                                                                                               response to this course that it has spurred
notice the increased numbers of inquiries        of the quality of the teaching and learn-
                                                                                               a number of them onto developing other
and requests for tours of the school that        ing programs and support we offer our
                                                                                               Board Endorsed courses in Psychology
we have received from parents within             students in helping them achieve the best
                                                                                               and Philosophy which hopefully will be
our own drawing area and from parents            possible results.
                                                                                               available for students in Year 11 2007.
who are thinking of moving into our area
in order for their children to be enrolled         It is a great pleasure
at our school.                                     being the principal                         Fantastic Music
Indicators of the “buzz” also include              of Chatswood High                           On Saturday 8 April, I believe I was very
student ownership of the school through            School and being able                       fortunate as principal to have been a
                                                                                               witness to one of those very special events
high levels of compliance in wearing               to reflect on the many                      that stay in your memory for the rest
uniform, record high levels of attend-             positive achieve-
ance at Swimming, Cross Country and                                                            of your life. It certainly was one of the
Athletics Carnivals, high levels of attend-
                                                   ments our students                          major highlights of my teaching career
ance generally and historically high levels        and committed staff                         which spans over thirty four years in eight
of participation in academic competitions.         have attained over the                      different schools. The event I am referring
In my first school assembly address to the         past five years and                         to was the pre-tour concert for the bands
                                                                                               that Gavin Staines took to New Zealand
students after being appointed principal,          the wonderful spirit                        in the last week of Term 1. The highlight
I stated that one of my greatest hopes and         that is present in our
desires was that every student enrolled                                                        of the evening was the world premiere
at our school (and their parents) would
                                                   school.                                     performance of “Joshua” – a piece of
be proud to say they are a member of             Another outcome of the rise in student        music that was especially commissioned
the Chatswood High School commu-                 numbers is that there have been signifi-      by the school for the concert band.
nity. Whilst I believe it has always been        cant changes to the school’s curriculum       The audience included the Director of
there, I believe I have been seeing this in      structure and subject offerings to accom-     Education for the Northern Sydney
action particularly over the past year and       modate changes in demand that naturally       Region, Ms Deonne Smith. We had the
a half in the levels of commitment from          come with the increase in population. For     privilege of hearing the concert band
students, staff and parents.                     example in the senior school we now           in really outstanding form and being
                                                 offer the complete suite of extension         conducted by the composer himself, Mr
One clear result from a survey of Student                                                      Ralph Hultgren. In the six years I have
                                                 courses in English, Mathematics, History
Learning conducted in October 2005 was
                                                 and Music. It is something that we have
that students, parents and teachers agreed                                                                          Continued on page 12
Page  2                                                                                             Chatswood High Parent Newsletter
                                                                               NUMBER TWO 2006 

Year 7 camp
In the fifth week of Term One,
Year 7 spent three days getting
to know each other while on
camp at the Sydney Academy
of Sport at Narrabeen.

                                                  Group activities 
                                                  to build trust 

                                    Year 7 Adviser
                                    Wendy Reato
                                    This is my third year at Chatswood High
                                    School and prior to that I spent most
                                    of my teaching years in Broken Hill,
                                    firstly as a primary classroom teacher
                                    and then as a primary teacher-librarian
                                    after completing a post graduate degree
                                    in that area. The change from primary to
                                    high school teaching has been fantastic
                                    and provided me with lots of new chal-
                                    lenges and given me a refreshing new direction in my career. The
                                    friendly, helpful and supportive staff and students at this school
                                    have really made that transition easy and I certainly can’t imagine
                                    ever going back into the primary system!
                                    The decision to take on the Year 7 adviser role this year was a
                                    big one for me but it’s something that I really wanted to do and I
                                    look forward to building positive, friendly relationships with all
                                    the students in my year over the next few years. I think as a Year
                                    Adviser, one of the most rewarding things must be to see a group
                                    of children come into high school and leave as young adults.
                                    Hopefully my background in primary teaching and the fact that
                                    I’m also a Mum who survived the teenage years of my own two
                                    darlings (who incidentally remain my best friends even though
                                    they are adults with lives of their own now) will help me with the
                                    inevitable challenges of the years ahead!
                                    Wendy Reato

Chatswood High Parent Newsletter                                                                 Page 3

Arts North Film Festival                                            Calling all CHS student
      An Invitation to the Dendy Cinema                             film makers.
              November 16, 2006                                     An exciting new opportu-
In 2006 the Northern Sydney Region will present the inaugural       nity exists for students in the
Arts North Film Festival, a digital short film festival designed    Northern Sydney Region. Our
to support syllabus implementation in English, ICT and              ArtsNorth Council, which
Creative Arts.                                                      represents 170 schools in our
The Festival affords an opportunity for students to engage in       region, has introduced a new
acting, directing and editing their own video production as well    film festival. We would love
as providing teachers with a platform to promote the arts as a      to see CHS represented. 2006
vital part of the school curriculum.                                HSC submitted works can-
                                                                    not be entered due to NSW
Festival 2006, ‘A Splice of Reality’, will be screened at the       Board of Studies restrictions;
Dendy Opera Quays – a venue that will give students the             however these works will be
unique opportunity of showcasing their work in a stylish and        eligible in 2007.
prestigious theatre.
New films or films produced in 2004/5 may be entered. Later        All films should be submitted in digital video format on a mini-
in Term 2, schools will be asked to nominate their entries to      dv tape.
assist with Festival planning but the closing date for all films
                                                                   2. Number of Items per school. Schools may nominate as
will be Friday 15 September.
                                                                   many individual entries as they wish. Each film category will
Details for ticket bookings will be sent to all schools in         be judged by industry professionals.
Term 2. School groups are strongly encouraged to attend as
                                                                   3. Participation. There is a participation fee of $20 per
audience members to support their own productions.
                                                                   film entry.
Primary Festival (Years K-6): 16 November, 11.00am
                                                                   4. Film Styles. Films may be entered in the following
Secondary Festival (Years 7-12): 16 November, 7.00pm               categories:
1. School years/Time limit. Students/school groups                 • Animation            • Comedy
from Years 3 to 12 are eligible to participate.
                                                                   • Documentary         • Experimental
Junior Years 3 -4                      2 mins
Senior Primary 5-6                     2-3 mins                    • Narrative (Drama)
Secondary 7-10                         3-4 mins                    Closing date for films: Friday 15 September.
Senior 11-12                           4-5 mins

 A letter in the North Shore Times (8/3/06):                        Farewell to
 Students deserve                                                   valued
 an accolade                                                        staff
 On behalf of the performing arts unit at Willoughby
 Council, I would like to congratulate Chatswood
 High students, staff and personnel on the student’s
 impeccable conduct during their study skills day
 at the Zenith Theatre and Joe Ciantar Rehearsal
 The students were courteous towards staff and
 members of the public passing through the venue,
 they were cooperative and a pleasure to have on
                                                                                                      Last term we said goodbye to
 The students’ maturity and behaviour is a credit                                                     two long term members of our
 to them and the school’s staff.                                                                      Barbara White has worked as
                                                                                                      a Laboratory Assistant in the
 The Zenith Theatre staff is looking forward to                                                       Science Department for 19
 welcoming Chatswood High back in the very                                                            years and Steve Hanson was
 near future.                                                                                         with the Mathematics
 Pat Reilly                                                                                           Department for 32 years!
 Willoughby Mayor

Page  4                                                                                        Chatswood High Parent Newsletter
                                                                                                               NUMBER TWO 2006 

Another successful Suginami Cultural Exchange for our
boys and girls! For the first time our Chatswood girls
have been able to enjoy the experience in return for the
Japanese girls’ inaugural visit last year to Chatswood
High School.

                                Mr Doherty

                               Mr Robinson
                                                      Mrs Smith (right) and our girls try on traditional Japanese dress

Chatswood High Parent Newsletter                                                                                          Page 5

Members of the String 
Group once again  
performed at the National  
                                                                                           New Zealand
Fiddle Festival in  
Richmond on the weekend                                                                    Band Tour
before Easter. Although, 
due to other weekend 
commitments, less than 
half the group was avail-
able to perform, they                                                                      The Chatswood High School Stage and
impressed the                                                                              Concert bands’ 10-day tour of Christch-
audience with their                                                                        urch and Queenstown in April was full
accomplished sound and 
varied repertoire.                                                                         of surprises. With the weather favouring
                                                                                           us by providing sunny days and neither
                                                                                           snow, sleet or rain, the first five days of
                                                                                           tour were rather packed with concerts for
                                                                                           schools, promoting the bands’ upcom-
                                                                                           ing performance in the Aurora Festival
                                                                                           of Music. Both the Stage and Concert
                                                                                           band performed in the Festival that ran
                                                                                           over the Easter weekend, playing quality
                                              Evening ,                                    repertoire in their respective categories.
                                                                                           With new friends being made in our host
                                                                                           school of Cashmere High, we were able
                                                                                           to experience Christchurch from a local
                                                                                           view. When the performances at the Festi-
The Arts North Music Festival                                                              val were over and done, both Chatswood
The Arts North Music Festival rehears-       students for auditioning. Som Howie           High ensembles achieved a Silver award,
als are underway in preparation for our      has been selected as one of four school       a satisfactory prize for the hard work we
concert at the Sydney Opera House on         individual items. He will be playing a        had put in. The surprise to us came when
May 18 (Public Education Day) at 7pm.        clarinet solo ‘Who’s Sorry Now’ and           other ensembles, whose repertoire was not
This years festival features the Northern    will be accompanied by his father David       as challenging as our own, were awarded
Sydney Regions commissioned work             Howie, congratulations Som. This is the       Gold awards. Although disappointed, we
“Yennibu” (People and Place) an Indig-       second consecutive year that CHS has          are proud to have played our best and
enous history of the Guringai people,        had an individual item, Carmel Robinson       presented our own specially commis-
composed by Paul Jarman. The ABC has         and Eldora Yau represented CHS in 2005.       sioned piece, Joshua by Ralph Hultgren,
expressed interest in the work which will    We’ll be going for the trifecta in 2007.      on a world stage.
be performed by a 750 voice choir, tal-                                                    With the performance section of the
ented instrumentalists and dancers. This                                                   tour over, there was an opportunity for
exciting work was composed in consulta-                                                    a greater experience of New Zealand,
tion with Indigenous leaders and student                                                   with the band leaving Christchurch and
workshops in the Northern Sydney region                                                    heading to Queenstown on the Monday.
schools during 2004/5.                                                                     Of course, we all went on the jet boat,
CHS is a host school for rehearsals and                                                    an exhilarating experience, and then
committee meetings. The combined choir                                                     traveled up the gondola to the luge ride
                            th        th
rehearsed at CHS on the 10 and 11 of                                                       and kiri haka, a traditional Maori show
April. The composer, Paul Jarman was                                                       that demonstrated some of the key parts
present for these workshops and provided                                                   of traditional life in New Zealand. With
invaluable Indigenous insight and histori-                                                 those activities included in our last few
cal facts to the students.                                                                 days in New Zealand, the tour and its
                                                                                           organization is a testament to the skill,
CHS is well represented with students in                                                   time and effort put in by Mr Gavin
the Combined Choir, Orchestra, String                                                      Staines. We all had a great time and the
Sinfonia and Wind Orchestra. We also                                                       band members would like to thank both
nominated seven talented students for                                                      Mr Staines and Ms Suzanne Myers, who
solo spots; Kim Hughes, Anna Terrey,                                                       accompanied the band on this tour, for
Mia Dodd, Michael O’Halloran, Som            Som Howie, pictured here performing at our    making the trip so enjoyable.
Howie, Vincent Mickleborough and             2005 Presentation Day, has been selected 
                                                                                           David Baynes Jaul, Year 12
                                             as a  soloist for this year's Arts North 
Stefan Cvetkovik. Thank you to all           Festival                                      Performing Arts Captain

Page  6                                                                                        Chatswood High Parent Newsletter
                                                                                           NUMBER TWO 2006 

                                                               On Monday the 10th of April 2005, the Chatswood

                                     New                       High Senior Concert Band assembled bright and
                                                               early to embark on their tour of New Zealand. A few
                                                               hours later they arrived in Christchurch, some a little
                                     Zealand                   over-excited at the prospect of seeing...sheep, and,
                                                               after a quick group photo, they piled on the coach
                                                               and travelled to their host high school for the first
                                                               part of the tour, Cashmere High School (ironic, as
                                                               both schools are abbreviated as CHS). They were
                                                               then collected by their billets, and taken to their
                                                               respective homes for the next few days (some stay-
                                     Thanks to David and 
                                                               ing as far as forty minutes away on a long, windy
                                     Nicole for their tour 
                                     reports and to Justine 
                                     Lesmana for providing 
                                                               The next day, the band gathered at Cashmere High
                                                               before departing to Manning Intermediate School to
                                                               perform for the students a few songs from the band’s
                                                               repertoire. This was followed by another perfor-
                                                               mance, back at Cashmere, to some local primary
Band                                                           school kids, many grateful for the chance to dance
                                                               around and act a little crazy. Later, the band joined
                                                               Cashmere in rehearsing a combined piece ‘Finland-
                                                               ia’, which, for some got a bit tiresome, and everyone
                                                               was pleased when it was over, and they could all
                                                               return to their billets' home to relax or go have some
                                                               fun out and about Christchurch.

                                                               Wednesday was a well earned day off performing for
                                                               the band, a day trip to Hanmer Springs, which was
                                                               spent enjoying the beautiful scenery and the heat of
                                                               the water, as opposed to the chilly temperature of
                                                               the air. Thursday was another performance day, with
                                                               two separate concerts performed for two primary
                                                               schools in the area over the course of the day, as
                                                               well as a combined concert with Cashmere that night
                                                               for Cashmere families and friends, with Chatswood’s

                                    2006                       Concert Band and Stage Band both performing
                                                               extremely well, as well as all the Cashmere
                                                               ensembles, which included a Barbershop Quartet,
                                                               which was certainly entertaining.

                                                               The next morning was spent farewelling billets and
                                                               their families, and then shopping and sightseeing
                                                               in Christchurch. That afternoon, everyone checked
                                                               into St Andrew’s College for the next three nights,
                                                               and then went to have a sound check at the Aurora
                                                               Festival for the competition the next day.

Tour                                                           Over the weekend, the Concert Band and Stage
                                                               Band both performed their selected pieces for the
                                                               competition, as well as participating in workshops
                                                               and masterclasses, and watching other ensembles
                                                                             perform. On Saturday night the band
                                                                             was treated to a concert in which the
                                                                             Christchurch Girls High School Or-
                                                                             chestra, two students undertaking the
                                                                             Music Course at Canterbury University,
                                                                             and Professional Flautist Virginia
                                                                             Taylor all performed for the
                                                                             competitors of the competition.

                                                                             The Band’s overall result for the
                                                                             competition was a Silver, as was the
                                                                             result for Stage Band.

                                                                             On Monday the Band travelled to
                                                                             Queenstown for a few days of fun and
                                                                             sightseeing, including a jet boat ride, a
                                                                             trip up the mountain on a gondola and
                                                                             luge rides, a Haka Show, and a Maori
                                                                             Dinner, as well as strolling the streets
                                                                             of the beautiful town of Queenstown.

                                                                             On Thursday the 20th of April, the
                                                                             Band arrived home in Sydney on time,
                                                                             safe and sound, if only a little bit tired,
                                                                             but overall, having enjoyed the tour
                                                                             and having been impressed by what
                                                                             New Zealand has to offer.
                                                                             Nicole Smith, Year 10
Chatswood High Parent Newsletter                                                                               Page 7

C A L E N D A R • O F • K E Y • E V E N T S
Term 2, 2006                                     Fri Sept 29: Year 12 Graduation Assembly &     An extract from the North
Mon May 1: Term 2 commences, staff only          Charity push to RNSH
                                                                                                Shore Times, reported by
Tues May 2: Students return to school            Fri Sept 29: Last Day Term 3
Tues May 2 to Fri May 12: Yr 11 exams                                                           Vincent Morello on 27 Apr 2006:

                                                                                                Teacher set for a
Wed May 3: Australasian Schools Science          Term 4, 2006
                                                 Sun Oct 15: BushCare, 9am to 12noon 
Sunday May 7:  Year 8 family picnic
Tues May 9:  P&C meeting, Library, 7.30pm*
Wed May 10: Yr 8 &11 parent/student & 
                                                 Mon Oct 16: Term commences, staff and 
                                                 Mon Oct 16 to Fri Oct 20: Yr 10 exams
                                                                                                close shave
teacher night
                                                 Mon Oct 16 to Fri Oct 20: Marnie Music Tour 
                                                                                                Chatswood High School teacher
Sun May 14: Grounds clean up day (TBC)           (CB2, strings, guitars)                        Kathy Giles has offered to shave her
Mon May 15: Arts North Music Festival,           Thurs Oct 19: HSC exams commences              head if her Year 9 students raise at
Sydney Opera House                               (Year 12)                                      least $1000.
Tues May 16: Zone Cross Country                  Mon Nov 13 & Tues 14: School Certificate
Wed May 17: Open Night – all welcome             exams (Year 10)
                                                                                                If they fall short, then she will get
Sun May 21: BushCare, 9am to12noon               Mon Nov 13 to Fri Dec 1: Yr 8 Yearly  
                                                                                                just a trim.
Tues May 23: Yr 7 & 9 parent/student &                                                          Ms Giles said her brother Peter, 47,
teacher night                                    Tues Nov 14: P&C Meeting (AGM), Library, 
                                                 7.30 pm* 
                                                                                                developed leukemia but has been in
Wed May 24: School Athletics Carnival (all 
students)                                        Sun Nov 19: BushCare, 9am to 12noon 
                                                                                                remission for the past 10 years.
Fri May 26: Year 12 parent dinner                Mon 20 to Fri Nov 24: Yr 7 & 9 Assessment      ``Kids today are `me, me, me' but I
Tues May 30: Australasian Schools Writing                                                       was actually quite surprised at their
Competition                                      Mon Nov 27: Term Music Night, 7.30pm 
                                                                                                response when I told them what I
Mon May 29 to Fri June 2: Year 8 &10             Mon Nov 27 to Fri Dec 1: Year 9 camp 
Assessment Period                                                                               wanted to do,'' she said. ``At this point
                                                 Mon Dec 4: Year 7 Surf Education
Mon June 5 to Fri June 9: Year 7 & 9                                                            they probably want their teacher to
                                                 Tues Dec 12: P&C Meeting, Library, 7.30 pm *
Assessment Period                                                                               look stupid but it makes them think
                                                 Sun Dec 10: BushCare, 9am to 12noon 
Wed June 7: Year 8 (into 9) BOS evening                                                         about what they're really doing.
                                                 Dec 7 to Dec 14: Concert Band Tour, North 
Thurs June 8: Term Music Night, 7.30pm           Coast                                          ``So I'm letting the kids run it and I
Mon June 12: Public Holiday (Queen’s Birth-
                                                 Tues Dec 19: Presentation Day Assembly         want it to be their project.''
                                                 Thurs Dec 21: Last Day of Term
Tues June 13: P&C meeting, Library, 7.30 pm*                                                    Because of school holidays, Ms
Wed June 14: Yr 10 (into 11) BOS evening                                                        Giles' team will host their Shave on
                                                 *The P&C welcomes all parents, caregivers 
Thurs June 15: Australasian Schools English      and teachers. Alan Clarke, the  P&C Presi-     May 12.
Competition                                      dent, can be contacted on 9427 6820.
Sun June 18: BushCare, 9am to12noon                                                             Money raised will help provide free
June 21: Musical ‘Guys and Dolls’ matinee        BushCare is a community based program          support services, counselling, educa-
performance                                      in which volunteers, supported and assisted    tion programs and practical assistance
June 22 to 24: Musical ‘Guys and Dolls’ eve-     by Willoughby Council, help in regenerat-      to people with leukemia, lymphoma,
ning performances                                ing and preserving bushland at the back of 
                                                 Chatswood High. The group meets on the         myeloma and blood disorders.
Tues June 27: Year 10 Mock Job interviews
                                                 3rd Sunday of each month and welcomes 
Fri June 30: Last day of term
                                                 new members. More information from Lynne 
                                                 Saville on 9412 1846.
Term 3, 2006
Sun July 16: BushCare, 9am to 12noon
Mon July 17: Term commences, staff only
Tues July 18: Students return to school                If you have any enquiries
Wed July 26: Westpac Maths Competition                 about school matters in a
                                                     language other than English
Thurs July 27: National Chemistry Quiz                    please ring 9411 5288
Mon July 31 to Fri  Aug 12: Year 12 Trial HSC 
Sun Aug 6 to Fri  Aug 11: Year 10 ski trip
Tues Aug 8: P&C meeting, Library, 7.30 pm*
Wed Aug 9: Year 8 parent/carer lunch (TBC) 
                                                                                                 Ms Giles is the new Year Adviser for 
Sun Aug 20: BushCare, 9am to 12noon                                                              Year 9. Pictured here prior to May 12.
Wed Aug 23 to Fri 25: Student Art exhibition
Tues Aug 29: Showcase Music Night                                                               Prayer Meeting 
Wed Aug 30: Yr 11 (into 12) BOS night                                                           Parents, students and friends are invited to 
Mon Sept 11 to Fri Sept 23: Yr 11 Exams                                                         join us on the last Tuesday of each month 
                                                                                                during school term to pray for our school at St 
Tues Sept 12: P&C Meeting, Library, 7.30 pm*                                                    Stephen’s Anglican Church on Mowbray Road, 
Sun Sept 17: BushCare, 9am to 12noon                                                            Chatswood. Please ring parent Judy Smith for 
Wed Sept 27: Term Music Night, 7.30pm                                                           details on 9416 9264.

Page  8                                                                                               Chatswood High Parent Newsletter
                                                                                                            NUMBER TWO 2006 

SRC                                                                  Harmony Day
SRC has been very busy this term with everything from elec-          At the SRC Harmony Day assembly several of our student leaders
                                                                     addressed the student body. One speech is published here and we
tions to fundraisers for clean water for Third World Countries.      intend publishing others in coming issues of Le Chat.
We started off in week 3 by hosting a regional SRC forum             Today and every year on March
with150 students from over 40 schools from three surrounding         21, Australians celebrate Har-
regions. The focus was on youth issues with guest speakers           mony Day.
and workshops. Next on Tuesday 21 March was Harmony Day.
To celebrate our diverse culture as a school, Chatswood High         It is a day where we recognise,
and our Intensive English Centre SRC’s combined to organise          and make a conscious effort to
a fantastic day. Students were invited to wear mufti for a gold      uphold Australia’s success as a
coin donation. An assembly was held, for the first time including    diverse, yet united multicultural
the IEC students. We also had local band ESP play in the hall        society - acknowledging that
at lunch. The day raised over $500.                                  a respect for multiculturalism
                                                                     has been integral to Australia’s
Another initiative of the SRC this year has been to start collect-   development as a strong and
ing loose change at the canteen twice a term. The money raised       peaceful nation. We celebrate
will go towards getting clean water to areas of the world where      our democratic system, our
there is none, a vital health problem. Students donated $59 in       freedoms and our laws, and
loose change in one lunchtime.                                       participate in activities that focus on equality, fairness and
Ongoing form last year we have received several letters from         friendship.
the local MP Ms Berejiklian who is keeping us updated on the         The Australian community is diverse in culture, religion and
issue of collapsing support classes which we raised with her at      lifestyle. Between us we now speak more than 200 languages.
the end of last year.                                                Our school, being located on the North Shore, is in one of the
Elections were held at the beginning of term brought forward         most culturally diverse places in Sydney. People come from all
new leaders committed to the SRC.                                    over the world to live here.
Elected were:
                                                                      Today we take the opportunity to gain better
President: Nicole Goodman                                             understanding and respect for each other’s
Junior Presidents: Chris Armas and Young Yi                           differences, striving to achieve unity in diversity.

Treasurer: Nicole Smith                                              Today we take the opportunity to gain better understanding and
                                                                     respect for each other’s differences, striving to achieve unity in
Minutes Secretary: Emily May
                                                                     diversity. As a man called Doug Floyd once stated, “You don’t
Correspondence Secretary: Douglas Martin                             get harmony when everybody sings the same note”.
District Representatives: Alice Li and Emily                         Chatswood High School - “Diverse in culture, united in learn-
May                                                                  ing”.
                                                                     Kylie Grover (Year 12)
Congratulations to the incoming committee
                                                                     Welfare Captain
and a big thankyou to our outgoing commit-
tee who worked tirelessly for the last year/s:
Erik Jensen, Justine Lesmana, Geoff Ward, and
Emma van Bussel.
We have some exciting things planned for the
term ahead and are looking forward to the sup-
port of the student body.
Nicole Goodman (Year 10)
SRC President

Chatswood High Parent Newsletter                                                                                              Page 9

Bob’s Column                                                           P&C news

News from our Community Ambassador                                           arent participation in school activities is a great strength
                           I can’t seem to keep away. Why? The               of Chatswood High School with many volunteers help-
                           old school song (rarely heard these               ing out at functions such as open night, working in the
                           days) says it well: “It’s a great, great   uniform shop, involvement with the parent network, assisting
                           school.” I recently came across the        with committees and giving financial support through donations
                           staff photo of 1985, the year I joined     to the building fund.
                           Chatswood High. There are now
                                                                      The school captains and vice captains have attended P&C
                           only three teachers left from that
                                                                      meetings regularly this year, showing great commitment to the
                           group. Yet the more things change,
                                                                      school and bringing fresh ideas from the student body. The
the more they stay the same – Chatswood High still provides
                                                                      P&C is currently working on a couple of options to improve
an excellent education for students of all abilities and that’s
                                                                      school facilities.
one of the reasons I have chosen to continue to work for your
children.                                                             A recent student survey conducted by the Student Representative
                                                                      Council found that a major priority for students was the provi-
As your Community Ambassador I try to let others know about
                                                                      sion of shade in the school grounds and the P&C is looking at
the great things that are happening here, whether in letters to
                                                                      the feasibility of this project, in terms of location and cost.
the Herald, my regular ChitChat email “letter” to our feeder
primary schools or during the tours I run for prospective enrol-      On May 1 the Federal Government will advise the P&C on the
ments. I am also the Presiding Officer for the HSC and School         result of its grant application to refurbish the student toilets
Certificate – thus our students have a familiar, hopefully smiling,   under the Investing in our schools program. We are confident
face running these, often, stressful exams. I also run the Primary    that our application will be successful and, if so, will commence
Selective Schools and OC exams in the Hall. From time to time         the building works as soon as possible. This is a long-overdue
I keep my hand in with some casual teaching days. I’ve found          project that will be welcomed by the students.
a whole new generation of unsuspecting Year 7 and Year 8s
                                                                      This year will be the last school year for several of the regulars
who have not heard my corny historical jokes!
                                                                      at P&C meetings and without them we may be ‘short staffed’
I would encourage you to become involved with the P&C. When           next year. Please consider joining us on the second Tuesday
I was doing my Teachers’ College training I read of research          of each month in term time at 7.30pm in the library. Everyone
that investigated the quality of education in various types of        is welcome and your ideas and support will benefit all students
schools. The author argued that what really made the differ-          at Chatswood High.
ence had little to do with the type of school or the condition
                                                                      Please don’t forget our major fundraiser for the year, the annual
of the buildings or, indeed, a whole variety of other factors.
                                                                      Trivia Night, which will be held on Saturday 5 August.
What really made the difference was the interest parents took         Alan Clarke
in what was happening for their children. Not nagging about           President, P&C Association
homework but helping by simply discussing what was being
taught and encouraging wider study through the library (and
these days, through the internet.) One factor stood out – the
                                                                      Duke of Edinburgh Award
                                                                      As summer comes to an end and the cooler weather descends
positive attitude towards learning and the school that students
                                                                      upon us with fresher mornings, warm, sunny days and crisp,
gained from their parents involvement in the school at some
                                                                      clear nights, it is time to start organising our D of E expedi-
level, whether it be just coming to Band concerts, attending
                                                                      tions up to Marnie, Chatswood High’s country property and
parent-teacher nights and the like.
                                                                      the base for the expeditions in the Wollemi National Park.
The P&C is totally committed to the welfare of the school             2006 will hopefully be another successful year with most of the
and its best work is done when as many parents as possible            32 Bronze participants from 2005 progressing to their Silver
get involved. Even if you are just able to come to the monthly        Award and at least 10 of the 12 Silver participants continuing
meetings this would be good; of course, even better if you            on to do their Gold Award. Recruitment for this year’s Bronze
would join one of the committees. I know that you will be             will take place after the introductory talk to Year 9 students by
made to feel welcome.                                                 one of the D of E state coordinators, Glen Byrne, on May 17.
Bob Selinger                                                          Students will have spent Terms 1 and 2 completing the Commu-
                                                                              nity Service, Skills and Physical Recreation components
                                                                              of their current participating awards. Training will com-
                                                                              mence for this year in Term 3 to prepare for the expeditions
                                                                              which will take place at the end of Term 3 and early Term 4.
                                                                              Hopefully students will be able to experience
                                                                              the glorious spring weather conditions they en-
                                                                              joyed last year, when they do their expeditions.

                                                                             D. Hanny
                                                                             D of E coordinator

Page  10                                                                                           Chatswood High Parent Newsletter
                                                                                                                NUMBER TWO 2006 

Parent Network News                                                   Snippets
                                                                      Congratulations to Samantha Coles who has progressed to the 
The Parent Network began when our current Year 12 parents’            regional final of the Rostrum Voice of Youth Speaking Competi-
children started in Year 7 and has proven to be a great way for       tion. As a division winner Samantha, who is in Year 10, competed 
these parents to get to know each other and be more involved          against students in Years 11 and 12 from both public and private 
                                                                      schools. Well done Samantha and good luck in the regional final
in the school. All year groups from 7 through to 12 have strong       in May!
networks of parents and caregivers. Now in its sixth year of          Philip White, Tom Tulett and Angela Fehlner (all Year 10) are off 
operation, the network has evolved into what we believe works         to Boston in August for the Under 19 Frisbee Team. What stars!
well for our school, although there are still a couple of changes     Tim Grellman (Year 8) who plays for Gordon Cricket Club won the 
needed for the network to be most effective.                          Clyde Coltman Junior Cricketer of the Year award. Congratulations 
It has always been an aim of the Parent Network to find ways          Congratulations to Year 7 students who have received their 
to provide more opportunities for the participation of families       first Year Adviser award: Evgeny Martynov, Michael Yang, Wares 
                                                                      Ahmed, Daniel Sung, Ben Shakespear, Cameron Greene, Simran 
from non English speaking backgrounds. The benefit of this            Mehta, Ellen Hemming, Reyanne Alameddine, Sebastian Figg, 
involvement was seen at the recent Year 7 and 8 BBQ when              Umang Patel, Kelly Li, Joanne Kha, Mariam Kiani, Yasmin He-
delicious Chinese and Indian food was provided by some of our         meida, James Saludo, Fanny Chen, Kenny Ng. Emily Mostert has 
                                                                      received two Year Adviser Awards. Well done Emily! Remember 
parents. We have also met with ESL teachers and are planning          that 6 merit certificates equal a Year Advisor’s Award. Well done
some morning teas for parents from a variety of language              Year 7!
backgrounds. Po Cheng, a parent of girls in Years 9 and 10,           A squad of 36 swimmers represented Chatswood High School
has volunteered to act as an additional coordinator of the Parent     at the Zone Swimming Carnival which was held at Sydney 
                                                                      Olympic Pool, Homebush. All were excellent ambassadors for the 
Network to help liaise with parents from other backgrounds            school, conducting themselves with great sportsmanship and good 
and find ways to help them feel part of our school community.         school spirit. Special mentions go to Siobhan Grace (whose total 
Although the Parent Network has always had links with                 race distances on the day measured well over one kilometre!), 
                                                                      Isabelle Meulenbroeks, Emma van Bussel, Jake Misener, Toran 
the P&C (Parents & Citizens group) we have now formally               Collins and Bruno Jenel for their “never say die” attitudes and 
become a sub-committee of the P&C. This will ensure better            willingness to represent the school in so many different events. 
communication between parents and guarantee ongoing success           Well done all Zone Swimming representatives. I am very proud of 
                                                                      you all.   L. Chaloner (PDHPE)
of the Parent Network.
                                                                      Local Rock Band, ESP performed at Pre-Shocked in February 
A number of network activities are known and others are being         at Synergy Youth Club in Lane Cove. Three of the band members 
                                                                      are in Year 10 at CHS, Tim Lockwood, Felix Marsh-Wakefield
planned. Please read Mini Chat or check your emails for further       and Lloyd Goodall. The review on the Synergy website says it 
details.                                                              all: ‘That bought ESP to the stage, the youngest group performing 
                                                                      on the night. They showed that they are definitely a band to keep
The Year 7 parents have met and have begun planning some              an eye on as they thrilled their huge support with a good perfor-
social activities for Year 7. Thank you to Browyn Shakespear          mance.’ Well done boys. 
(0409 661465) and Caroline Robb (9456 6416) who have
                                                                      Former student, Katie Boone (Year 12, 2003), won the Ministers
volunteered to be the coordinators for the Year 7 network.            Student Achievement Award in Tourism and Hospitality. She 
                                                                      studies Business Management in Tourism at UTS and was the 
The Year 8 network did a great job with the BBQ at the Year 7/8       top scoring student in first year uni after doing VET at school and
Information Night and plan a family picnic at Beauchamp Park          Hospitality at TAFE.
in early May. The Year 8 parents will also be asked to provide
supper at the Year 8 (into 9) BOS evening on Wednesday, June 7.       Year 10 parents have begun plans for the Year 10 formal.
Michele Jeffery (9436 1032), Cartnie Lu ( 9457 8074)                  The Year 10 parents will also be asked to provide supper at
The Year 9 parents are planning a social event for                    the Year 10 (into 11) BOS evening on Wednesday, June 14.
parents where they can meet their new Year 9 Adviser.                 Judy Smith (9416 9624), Deborah Goodman (9428 4350)
Rosemary Dillon (9415 1295), Jo Forbes (9427 6820)                    Year 11 parents will be asked to provide supper at the Year
                                                                      11 (into 12) BOS evening on Wednesday, August 30. Year
                                                                      11 parents and students will also be invited to support the
                                                                      Year 12s at their graduation dinner at the end of Term 3.
                                                                      Bronwen Sidaway (9419 4194), Liana Manescu (9427 7891)
                                                                      Year 12 parents are invited to a dinner on May 26 to
                                                                      begin discussing plans for the Year 12 graduation dinner.
                                                                      Pam Grover (9419 7152), Mary Baynes (9955 7600)
                                                                      All parents/caregivers are welcome to become part of the
                                                                      Parent Network. Please contact the Parent Network for your
                                                                      year (above) if you would like to join.
                                                                      Pam Grover, Jo Forbes, Po Cheng
                                                                      Parent Network Coordinators

                                                                    More than 20 students from Years 8 to 11 had a relaxing and 
                                                                    enjoyable time at a combined R.E (Religious Education) and 
                                                                    ISCF (voluntary Christian group) weekend away at Pittwater 
                                                                    Youth Hostel in Ku-ring-gai National Park. 

Chatswood High Parent Newsletter                                                                                                   Page 11

Chatswood High School is a member of The Soundhouse™
Association. This organisation, which is dedicated to the peda-
gogical applications of music and multi-media technology, has
over 50 full venues in six countries. Seven of our Australian
and New Zealand venues, including Chatswood High School,
are also training centres for teachers. Our 2006 courses (20
full day courses) have commenced and have been well attended
by teachers from all over NSW. We are now officially called
Soundhouse™@Chatswood. Thank you to Jason Li (yr 11) for
designing our stunning new logo.
The Soundhouse™ Association builds partnerships with organi-
sations and related industries. Training status has strengthened
our relationships with our industry-based partners. I would like
to thank John Bievenue from Sibelius Australia, Ray Partridge
from The Roland Corporation, Nick Middleton from Intelliware
and Robin Kelly from Cakewalk US for their ongoing support
and generosity in supplying site licenses. A new partnership        for a cross-curricula animation project with English in Term 2.
with Sony USA has just been established; Sony will provide          Two of the teachers involved in this project, Claire Schneider and
site licenses for our venue and presenter training and accredi-     Natasha Rinnie attended a very entertaining teacher training day
tation status. This training will take place later in the year in   earlier in the year run by Ken Owen, the Melbourne Director of
Wisconsin, USA.                                                     Soundhouse™.Com. A “huge” thank you to Ross Terrell (TAS)
New titles added and arriving in 2006 include the full Sibelius     for working on the weekends to build our new animation sets;
education suite – 10 titles, Sonar Producer, Sonar Studio XL,       beautifully made and painted in chroma key green.
Stop Motion Pro and the Sony Products; Acid Pro, Vegas Pro,         Negotiations for our 2006 developments commenced in August
DVD Architect, Sound Forge etc. In addition 20 CDs of Acid          2005. I would like to thank Peter Dobbin (Principal), Stephanie
Loops have been loaded on the content drive of each workstation     Dempsey (Deputy Principal), Emma van Bussel, Erik Jensen,
and we now have web cams for each machine.                          Angela Li, Kim Hughes (School Captains), Jason Li (Yr 11),
In the past CHS has been involved in curriculum development         Parth Gandhi (Yr 11) and Mario Brce (Yr 10) for assisting in
in music technology. This will now be extended to other faculty     this procedure and helping to take our Soundhouse to “the next
areas to increase the learning opportunities for our students and   level”.
teachers. Soundhouse curriculum development will now be co-         Briona Gill
ordinated by Stephanie Dempsey (Deputy Principal). 7T and 7C        Soundhouse Manager
Visual Arts students spent Term 1 working on their clay models      Chatswood High School

                                         Continued from page 2                            Education Week on Wednesday May
                                         been principal of Chatswood High School          17 from 4.30 to 7.30pm. This event is a
                                         I have never heard them play so well. They       great opportunity for our own parents to
                                         “owned” the piece and it showed. The             experience what is happening at Chatswood
                                         musicianship and the virtuosity displayed        High and also a chance to showcase our
                                         clearly demonstrated that they perform           school to prospective students and parents.
                                         consistently at a superior level and what a      Please invite your neighbours and friends
                                         credit they are to their parents and to their    to come along. If for some reason they are
                                         teacher, Gavin Staines. I am certain they will   unable to attend on that night but would like
                                         acquit themselves well in the international      to tour the school or obtain further informa-
                                         competition they have entered in Christch-       tion about what we can offer their son or
                                         urch, New Zealand.                               daughter, our Community Ambassador, Bob
                                                                                          Selinger would be only too happy to help.
                                         Finally, if after reading this edition of Le
                                                                                          Simply contact the school office and Bob
                                         Chat you decide you would like to find
                                                                                          will get in contact with them to arrange a
                                         out more about our school, I would like to
                                                                                          suitable time.
                                         invite you to attend our annual Open Day
                                                                                          Peter Dobbin
                                         Night function which will take place during      Principal
Page  12                                                                                         Chatswood High Parent Newsletter
                                                                                      NUMBER TWO 2006 

           CHATSWOOD HIGH SCHOOL                                      Chefs of the future...
                         proudly presents
             Frank Loesser’s timeless classic…

    As Broadway’s longest running musical since the
      50’s, Guys and Dolls still provides sparkling
           entertainment in the 21st century.

            June 21: Matinee performance
       (A dress rehearsal with special invitation
           to Primary Schools and seniors)
        June 22, 23, 24: Evening performances.

  Our school Musicals provide a unique experience for students,
   staff and parents to all work together to provide a great learn-
  ing experience and an extremely professional quality show for
    our school, other schools and all members of the local com-
  munity to enjoy. Come and support all the students and enjoy a
  wonderful night or singing and dancing. Hope to see you there.

     Tickets on sale June 5 from Mary Drury in the office.
                 Check Mini Chat for details.

                                                                              Year 10 Work
                                                                              Year 10 students recently had a
                                                                              week of Work Experience. Stu-
                                                                              dents were required to find an
                                                                              area of work in which they had an
                                                                              interest, then approach employers
                                                                              to find a job.
                                                                              Nicole Goodman found her week
                                                                              at the North Shore Times to be an
                                                                              excellent experience. She learnt
                                                                              the art of journalism, researching
                                                                              and writing four articles that were
                                                                              published in the paper, including
                                                                              a front page story and another on
                                                                              Gavin Staines (at left).

Chatswood High Parent Newsletter                                                                       Page 13


Cross Country
Champions 2006
We had a wonderful day at St Ives Showground for the
school Cross Country Carnival. There was tremendous
school spirit shown by all who participated on the day.
Congratulations to all students and staff involved.
12 years: Reyanne Alameddine              Thomas Wang
13 years: Carmen Leung                    Frankie Biltoft
14 years: Jenny Williams                  George Yang
15 years: Josephine Giessel               Jeffery Kwok
16 years: Vanja Smilojanic                Tom Tulett
17 years: Emma Van Bussel                 Nigel Ymana
House Placings
1st – Carr                 3rd – Walsh
2nd – Fuller             4th - Hordern

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