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                                            October 2006                                 P O Box 5170, Maroochydore, BC Qld 4556
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                                           unfair it was that their whole careers
                                           hung on the results of just one exam.       How we choose the people we do
                                           Dr Simon Longstaff (Executive Director      business with, what should we do,
                                           of the St James Ethics Centre) asked        is an ethical question. Every single
                                           them – if it were possible to see the       thing that we do is an ethical
                                           exam paper beforehand – would they          question at its heart. Every single
                                           accept the offer? Without hesitation        thing about the world we live in is
                                           they all answered, “yes, yes,” and          the product of human choice
                                           were puzzled when asked if they fully       mediated only by the laws of
                                           understood what they were saying.           nature. There is nothing around us
                                           The interviewer asked them “are you         now that is mandated to be as it is.

Michael’s                                  prepared to cheat in order to
                                           succeed?” and the answer was – “yes,
                                           we know that is what the offer
                                                                                       Our language, our customs, our
                                                                                       institutions, somebody chose to
                                                                                       make it this way and the choices

Message….                                  means”. When asked why they were
                                           prepared to do that, they looked
                                           somewhat perplexed and answered:
                                                                                       that they made were actually
                                                                                       determined by a set of core values
                                                                                       and principles which give us
Friendship is the key to world             “well why wouldn’t we?         Isn’t that   guidance for whatever we choose
understanding – it is the only cement      what you’re supposed to do in society?      for this or that.
that will ever hold the world together     You do whatever it takes.” They had
and allow us to reach our goal – a         derived from the society in which we        The big challenge for us is that we
better world.                              live a signal that if you are going to      must Lead the Way in a return to
                                           succeed you do whatever it takes!           basic values and the practice of
When you are no longer thirsty, you        Another group of students, keen on a        sound ethical conduct. A tall order?
begin to think of your other needs –       career in business, were asked: “how        Not if we are genuine – it might not
and hunger is a tremendous problem         many of you think that you can              seem as dramatic and appealing as
throughout the world. Every year 11        succeed in business without having to       the PolioPlus campaign for instance,
million children die, most of them in      lie and cheat?” How many do you             but measured in terms of long term
developing countries and 70% from          think thought it was possible? None.        effect on our community, it could be
preventable        causes,       mainly    None! Now these were children who           even greater in its final result. If
malnutrition and waterborne illnesses.     had all the potential to believe            you want proof study the origin of
RI President Bill Boyd emphasised that     something else, nothing about the way       the Four Way Test, the inspiration
“without food there is no health,          they were born or about their nature        of Rotarian Herbert Taylor, and how
without health there is no hope, and       pre-disposed them to that set of            it proved critical to the conversion
therefore our second emphasis will be      views. Somehow or other we have             of a near bankrupt business to a
health and hunger”. The 17th October       communicated to them that this is the       great success story in tough times.
is the United Nations International Day    way that the world is, and they have        We need to show that there is a
for the Eradication of Poverty and         accepted that.                              capacity to prosper within an ethical
promotes awareness of the desperate        So what is going on? To understand          framework, to succeed with honour.
plight of millions so please Lead the      this is to understand ethics in a deeper    We must turn from a world of mere
Way with at least one project              sense than we tend to do. In many           celebrity towards a belief in heroes,
addressing this critical need. Share       places      ethics   basically     means    from a world of images and surfaces
your project with the media to bring       compliance, or it can mean codes of         towards a world of depth in which
attention to this worldwide issue and      one sort or another that define what        character matters.
how Rotary Clubs are helping to make       you should do.          But to really
a difference.                              understand it we have to look at the        Remember the District TRF Seminar
                                           ancient Greek philosophers who asked        on 15 October and plan to have
In October we turn our attention           such questions as – “what is truth? –       your Club represented.      The 31
towards Vocational Service – achieving     Why is there something rather than          October deadline to access RI’s
a     properly      developed     Rotary   nothing? – What is beauty?” and the         Public Relations Grant funds is
membership,        adhering    to    the   word ethics was given to name a             quickly approaching.      Aimed at
classification principle, and promoting    conversation in response to another         assisting Rotary Clubs and Districts
high ethical standards in members’         question, a question that was different     in promoting Rotary’s public image,
own businesses and professions are         from the others because this was a          the PR Grant Program was started
the most critical challenges facing our    practical question.    “What is ethics      last year on a pilot basis after
entire movement today according to         about answering? – About answering          approval by the RI Board.          All
PRIP Bhichai Rattakul.                     the question what ought one to do?”         Rotary Clubs are eligible to apply
A little while ago a group of High         Faced with a choice, faced with a           for a grant of up to US$3000 to help
School children were talking about how     decision, what should we do?                fund their media outreach efforts.
Applications that include a well-            wherever I work or serve.         As    Bryce Nicol (District 9570), and
developed PR Plan stand a better             Rotarians we need to stay focused       Lauren-Phoebe Nielsen
chance of being approved and if you          … We have to finish this program        (District 9550) have all won Peter
need assistance give our District PR         and give this gift to the children of   Doherty      Outstanding     Senior
Committee a call.                            the world.       Rotary is making       Science Awards, which recognise
                                             history with this program and soon      their personal interest in pursuing
Register early for the Kingaroy World        we will reach our goal of a polio       scientific study outside their
of Opportunity Conference in April
                                             free world.                             school       environment,      and
2007 if you want accommodation close
to the venue. ShelterBox may be able                                                 demonstrate their out-standing
                                             I thank you 9600 Rotarians.             levels of achievement in at least
to provide accommodation for the late
registrants!                                 PP Jenny Horton                         two senior science subjects. Four
                                             RC Kenmore.                             of the nine awards went to NYSF
  To love is to risk not being loved in                                              students.
   To hope is to risk disappointment.                                                The Governor of Queensland, on
 But risks must be taken because the                                                 behalf of the Order of Australia
 greatest risk in life is to risk nothing.                                           Association (Queensland Branch)
  The person who risks nothing, does                                                 has        presented      thirteen
  nothing, sees nothing, has nothing,                                                Queensland students with a
             and is nothing.                                                         Student      Citizenship   Award.
They cannot learn, feel, change, grow,                                               Damien Rua, (District 9600),
              love and live.                                                         Marc Barker (District 9630) and
      Be daring – Lead the Way.
                                                                                     Danielle Lonie (District 9550)
                                                                                     have been selected for these
 Michael          Governor D9600                                                     awards in recognition of service
                                                                                     to their schools and communities.
                                                                                     Perhaps not surprisingly, as least
                                                 Obujpobm!Zpvui!Tdjfodf!             six of the recipients were
Sharing 9600.                                        Gpsvn!Ofxt!                     members of an Interact Club.
Never would have I believed when I
                                             Christopher Snape, a student at         The District NYSF Committee, and
joined the YEP that one day I would
                                             Nudgee College, has been added          the student’s Rotary Clubs have
be invited to share my experiences
                                             to the list of students who will be     cause to be proud of their
with Rotary International as an
                                             attending     the    2007    NYSF.      involvement       with     these
exchange student, a TRF Alumni and
                                             Congratulations to the Rotary Club      remarkable students
in polio eradication with so many.
                                             of Geebung for identifying Chris.
but it has been an honour to share
                                             This makes a total of 19 young
my district of 9600 in several
                                             people who will be representing
countries of the world and bring                                                             Researchers
                                             the District at the National Youth
greetings home to my club and
                                             Science Forum next January.             Queensland has eight ARHRF
district. Our 9600 district badges
are     wonderful    thank     you     to                                            researchers      studying     very
                                             Three students from District 9600,
presidents     and    DG’s     following                                             different subjects.
                                             who attended the 2006 NYSF,
presentations.     I will continue to                                                Professor Ranjeny Thomas is
                                             have done us proud. They are
carry the wishes of our district with                                                at the University of Queensland
                                             Davina Bates (RC Alexandra
me as I am invited to speak at                                                       trying to unravel some of the
                                             Headland), Ruth Fuhrman-Luck
functions. Recently I was able to                                                    mysteries of rheumatoid Arthritis.
                                             (RC Caloundra Pacific) and Damien
spend a month back in Australia and                                                  She has a Funding Partners grant
                                             Rua (RC Windsor).
it was ever so wonderful to return to                                                thanks to the financial support of
a    society   where     traffic    flows    Following the 2006 Forum, Ruth          the Rotary Clubs of Greater
smoothly and quietly. I could eat            and Damien were offered a place         Ipswich.
my favourite foods and really enjoy          at the International Youth Science      Professor Paula Barrett has a
my friends. Where security, good             Forum in London, a proviso being        Mental Illness grant for Paediatric
sanitation and clean water are taken         that they raise the necessary           Anxiety and is also working at the
for granted and most have a decent           $7,500.00.    With financial help       Uni of Queensland.
roof over their heads. Really we             from the Rotary Clubs of Windsor,       Professor Matt Sanders is
have it all in Australia. While on           Mitchelton, Albany Creek, Pine          continuing his acclaimed research
leave I was privileged and humbled           Rivers and Caloundra Pacific, they      into Teachers as Parents at Uni of
to speak at a TRF seminar in Kyoto           were both able to attend.               Queensland.
D2650 Japan and was overwhelmed                                                      A/Professor Ian Shochet has a
                                             Damien and Ruth have also been          Mental Illness grant for Work /
with the hospitality of my host DG
                                             selected as staff members for the       Life balance at the Queensland
Hirai. It was great to meet with the
                                             2007 NYSF.      Penny Benjamin          Uni of Technology.
YEP committee and TRF committee
                                             (RC Stafford), who attended the         Samantha Prosser is a Funding
and hear of their activities. Truly
                                             NYSF in 2005 as a student,              Partner PhD Scholar for the very
inspirational.      What      a     great
                                             returned in 2006 as a staff             topical   subject   of   Childhood
organisation we belong to.
                                             member, will also be at the 2007        Bullying at the Uni of Queensland
But now back in Karachi I attend
                                             Forum as a senior staff member.         thanks to support from the Rotary
Rotary when possible, however
unrest in the city often prevents me                                                 Clubs of Combined Brisbane.
                                             Davina Bates and Damien Rua
from attending my club.                                                              Katherine Morley is an Ian Scott
                                             (District 9600),
I thank you all for your commitment                                                  Mental Illness PhD Scholar is
to Polio Eradication …9600 is known                       -2-                        trying to use genetics for Smoking
Cessation     at   the     Queensland
Institute of Medical Research.
                                                More Diary Dates                                      Don’t Forget
Simon Apte, another Funding
                                                November 1:                                          Registration is
                                                Rotary Club of Camberwell Victoria is
Partners PhD Scholar with the help
                                                celebrating 50 years with a dinner on
                                                                                                      NOW OPEN
of The Rotary Club of Toowong and
the Basis Show Fellowship, is able to           November 1 2006. Any past member                      for the next
research the insidious Auto Immune              wishing to be invited should ring PP                 Annual District
Disease at the Queensland Institute
of Medical Research.
                                                Frank Price on 07) 5492 1824 ASAP.
Prof Phillipa Hay at James Cook
                                                19 – 23 March 2007
                                                                                                        at Kingaroy
                                                Australian Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians
Uni has a Mental Illness grant
                                                Annual Tournament –                              13 – 14 – 15 April, 2007
looking for factors affecting the very
                                                Warrnambool & Port Fairy
worrying     condition     of   eating
Disorders.                                      Entries close 18 January 2007 – for further              see Website
Clubs have found researchers are a              information contact David Richards – Phone       for Registration Forms (and
source of fascinating speakers –                03) 5561 1840 or go to and        for accommodation deposit)
particularly the researchers who                follow links to AGFR or email David on
have received grants from the
ARHRF. If your club would like to               June 2007:
book one of the above speakers for                                                                Accommodation is in short
                                                1st – Closing date for implementation
a future meeting, contact Anthony                                                                 supply, there is also a big
                                                of PR Grant.                                       race meeting the same
Scarman 02) 8837 1900 or email:         at                                                            weekend, and most of the
the ARHRF office.                                                                                   caravan sites are fully
The topics covered by these grants                                                                     booked already.
would interest most Rotarians, their
partners and friends.                                                                                 Morning and
                                                                                                     Afternoon Teas.
District Diary                                                                                   Many people are omitting
October: Vocational Service Month                                                                to fill-in the Morning and
                                                                                                 Afternoon Teas, sections.
5 – Orientation session for 2007 NYSF
                                                                                                 They are free, but you
students, University of the Sunshine Coast.                                                      need to indicate whether
6 – Orientation session for 2006 NYSF                                                            you want it or not. You
students, University of Queensland.                                                              may      not  be   present,
14 – District Team (2007/08) Training                                                            especially on the Sunday
Session No.1 – AG’s & committee chairmen,                                                        – so don’t forget, indicate
Shaftesbury Citizenship Centre Campus,                                                           every-thing you want.
16 – World Food Day
17 - World Day to Overcome Poverty
24 - UN Day
31 - Closing date for application of PR        Corrie Parkinson, president of Noosa Heads
Grant                                         Daybreak with their promotional Rotary board.
DG Club Official Visits October:
Visits with the 2 Rotary Clubs in the
Solomon Islands start Monday 9 October,
with the DG returning to Queensland on
Saturday 14 October.
Tues 17 – Caloundra
Wed 18 – Stafford
Fri 20 – Alexandra Headland
Wed 25 – Strathpine
Thurs 26 – Aspley
Tue 31 – Pine Rivers Daybreak
DG Club Official Visits November:
Wed 1 – Toowong
Fri 3 – Buderim
Mon 6 – Noosa
Tue 7 – Pine Rivers
Thurs 9 – Brisbane High-Rise                  District Governors have to do their ironing too!
Thurs 9 – Bribie Island

                                                Conference Accommodation
       Please send articles to                 There are only a few of you that have                 paid the deposit only.       Your full             Rotary Race Day at Corbould Park
                                               registration must be completed by Jan.                Sunday 17 September, DG
  Deadline for articles – The last                                                                 Michael, and Maureen Hall from
   week of the previous month.                                                                          the Caboolture Club.
An email (dated 5 Sept) to DG             station, the banks, my university etc).     In contrast, Lausanne, a 30
Michael, from Kate Del Mar,               Thursday evening (it gets dark here at      minute train ride from Geneva,
Ambassadorial    Scholar    in            about 8pm, so 6pm feels like 3 in the       feels rougher and younger.
                                          afternoon). The Gomel's took us to          This is probably due to it being
                                          have a beer in an outdoor square in         a university city. Lausanne is
Hi everyone.                              the city centre, before returning home      also on the lake but unlike
                                          for a lavish Turkish meal at the “early     Geneva which is quite flat and
We arrived in Switzerland last            time” of 7.30pm (dinner is usually at       has its city centre right on the
Thursday, about mid-morning. We           8pm).                                       waterfront, Lausanne is hilly.
were a bit worried that we wouldn’t                                                   Its centre (the old town) is
                                          On Friday, Max and I walked around          perched on the highest point
be allowed to bring the copious
                                          Geneva, visiting the lakeside, and          with much of          the town
amount of bags we had with us on
                                          getting a sense of direction in the city.   sprawling in front of it, down a
board, but after messing around for a
                                          That evening, Juliette prepared a           sometimes quite steep slope to
bit, we managed to get everything
                                          cheese Fondue for dinner – something        the lake-front where there lies
                                          Max had never experienced.           The    one     of    the   best     lake
Our flights were as good as long          fondue was mild compared to some I          promenades.
hauls in economy can be. We had           have had which contained a lot of
good seats on Singapore Airways to        Kirsch, and absolutely delicious. We        The lake in front of Lausanne is
Singapore, with some room to stretch      had a chocolate fondue for dessert,         quite misty and feels very
out, and watched a terrible French        and reflected later on the merit of         magical with blue mountains
film called “Les Quatre Etoiles” (4       walking all day seeing we are eating so     silhouetting the horizon. We
stars”). In Singapore we bought a         well.                                       were very surprised when
shower which was an excellent                                                         walking    to    the   lake   on
                                          Soli and Juliette are Jewish-Turkish ( a    Saturday to happen upon the
investment.    The next leg was on
                                          minority in Turkey where Jewish             World      Triathlon     Champ-
Lufthansa to Frankfurt which was a
                                          people number 20,000 in a population        ionships which were held in
packed flight. It was about 11 hours
                                          of about 80 million). They have had         Lausanne over the weekend.
long and we managed to sleep for
                                          an amazing life together living all         Needless to say, we felt very
most of it. After that, we had to
                                          around the world due to various             unfit puffing up a hill, as lean
hang around Frankfurt airport for 4
                                          postings     by    Soli’s   work    (an     muscle machines pumped past
hours before catching a one-hour
                                          international     import    /    export     us on bikes. It was wonderful
flight to Geneva. It was immediately
                                          company).       As a result, they all       to have the opportunity to
apparent in Frankfurt Airport the
                                          (including the children) speak about        cheer     on    some     Aussies
different attitude to smoking in
                                          six different languages, and are very       (although, as in any sporting
Europe (it was allowed in the airport
                                          worldly. Jonathan, who is completing        event, they were not short of
and there are special “smoking bars”
                                          the last year of his international          supporters). And I am happy
where people stand around smoking).
                                          baccalaureate, was born in Chile where      to report that an Australian
Juliette Gomel, Soli (our contact in      he spent his childhood, and his parents     woman won the Women’s
Geneva)’s wife, met us at Geneva          only speak to him in Spanish. English       overall place, and another
Airport with a sign (“Kate and Max”)      is spoken with us, and Turkish              Australian woman was placed
so we found each other immediately.       amongst Juliette, Soli and Rita. French     third (the Australian men didn’t
She had a very big car with her so        is spoken when we are out.           It’s   do quite so well).
fitting our bags in wasn’t a problem.     amazing. I think Polish is the only
The Gomel's live in a leafy residential   language Max and know that they             Max and I started our French
inner-suburb    of   Geneva      called   don’t.                                      course this morning in “the old
“Champel” in an apartment that                                                        town” part of Lausanne. We
                                          Geneva is a very special city. It feels     have four other women in our
spans two floors and has a roof-top
                                          like the luxury arrondisments of Paris      “advanced French” class. Our
terrace with amazing views over the
                                          (particularly the 16th arrondisment)        teacher is from France and is
roofs of Geneva, and glimpses of the
                                          have been placed in the most ideal of       lovely.
jet d’eau ( the enormously tall water
                                          locations on a spectacular lake next to
fountain on Lake Geneva).
                                          mountains and surrounded by lush            In terms of the time difference
                                          green countryside. Geneva thus has          between here and Brisbane,
The Gomel family (Soli, Juliette, their
                                          the excitement of an international city     you are 8 hours in advance.
elder    daughter    Rita    and   son
                                          that    brings    together     high-end
Jonathan) are amazingly hospitable
                                          professionals from around the world,        The weather here is fantastic,
and charming in every way. We were
                                          as well as the charm of a country           even a little hot.
given a room to ourselves with a sofa
                                          village which is small enough for
bed, two fantastic cooked meals
                                          everyone to recognise one another and       Kind regards,
everyday, and Soli came back
                                          is home to displays of the finest           Kate & Max Del Mar.
especially to lunch with us the day we
                                          attention to detail (elaborate window
arrived, although he obviously has a
                                          boxes brimming with colour, the
very busy work schedule.             On
                                          butcher eating his midday meal out the
Thursday afternoon, Juliette walked
                                          back with a white and red chequered
around the city centre with us, and
                                          tablecloth and glass of wine, the clean
their son, Jonathan, gave us a tour of
                                          street, businessmen riding to work on
the city centre, taking us to all the
                                          bikes … etc.)
places that we had to visit (the bus

     STORM THE STAGE                      Saturday the 30th September was          Our Queensland sponsors name will
       COMPETITION                        the first of the heats for the           be proudly displayed at all these
                                          Queensland competition these were        events, Australia Zoo sponsorship
                                          held in Nambour.      We had 24          has enabled us to pay for the
Three years ago the Rotary Club of
                                          students auditioning on that day.        airfares for the young finalists from
Cannington with the support of
                                          The Rotary Club of Nambour 76 will       Townsville, Cairns, Innisfail and
Burswood Entertainment Complex
                                          be assisting.                            Rockhampton.
and the International Foundation
for Arts and Culture (IFAC), started
                                          Saturday the 7th October is the          Western Australia has invited
a competition called Storm The
                                          Brisbane audition we have 62             Queensland to send 3 best Musical
Stage.       This   year   founding
                                          students auditioning.        Rotarians   Drama and 3 best Drama to
sponsors IFAC, presenter Burswood
                                          from the Rotary Clubs of Aspley,         compete      in    the    National
and Rotary Clubs of Australia have
                                          Brisbane Mid City, Brisbane High         Competition. Our judges will be
united to turn this competition into
                                          Rise and Redcliffe City are assisting.   choosing those lucky talented
a national musical drama and dram
                                                                                   young people at the Queensland
                                          SATURDAY the 21st OCTOBER will           finals. Please come and encourage
                                          be the QUEENSLAND FINAL all are          these young hopefuls through their
The concept provides a platform for
                                          welcome.      There is a change of       stage performances.
16-19 year old musical drama and
                                          venue for this event it is now at The
drama performers to demonstrate
                                          Visy Theatre at THE POWERHOUSE,          Jan Lawton
their talent on an international
                                          119 Lamington Terrace, New Farm.         Qld Rotary Co-ordinator
stage, and contributes to the
                                          If you wish to attend the Queensland     Storm the Stage 2006
development of Western Australia
                                          Finals - please phone Jan - A/H on
as a centre of excellence in theatre
                                          5476 2067 to secure a seat for the
for Western Australia for young
                                          evening as numbers are limited.
performers.    Since its inception,
Storm    the    Stage   has    been
acknowledged within the arts
community as exceptional.

Twenty       young        outstanding
performers from Victoria, South
Australia, Tasmania, Queensland
and Western Australia will compete
for Best Performance Drama and
Best Performance Musical with
prizes of $5000 each and an
opportunity to audition for the
television series “Home and Away”
and “All Saints”.         This year’s
judging panel is comprised of
prominent Australian theatre and
television    identities,    Ms    Jill
Perryman, Mr Austin Bond, Mr Tom
Gutteridge and Mr Bevan Lee.

The Storm the Stage initiative has
the strong support from world
renowned Australian actor and
Storm the Stage patron Mr Hugh
Jackman and would not be possible
without the continued support from
our sponsors. The Rotary Clubs of
Australia     acknowledge        the
invaluable support provided by
founding Sponsors Mr Haruhisa
Handa     and   the    International                         Some of the contestants from 30 September
Foundation of Arts and Culture                                              at Nambour.
(IFAC),     presenting      sponsor
Burswood Entertainment Complex,                                             Left to Right:
Smoke Free WA and The Perth                             Kirsty Leishman, Jack Pulsford, Kirsty Beavon, Katie
Mint.                                                   Goss, Elizabeth Pulsford, Ross Medew, Tom Pulsford.

Profits of the competition go to aid
the Cordblood Bank, a Rotary of
Western Australia initiative, which
enables     the   preservation    of
umbilical or cord blood for vital
stem cell research.

         District 9600 Governor’s Newsletter — October 2006
        Col’s Comments                                 D9600 Membership and Attendance Report
When the August returns closed on                                          July and August 2006
17 September there were 28 clubs still
missing. With 13 late ones now to hand,
there are 15 “No Returns” for August                                         Club Membership         Attendance Percentages
listed opposite. A fairly normal result,                    Club
much the same as last month. The                                           30/6/06 31/7/06 31/8/06   July 2006   August 2006
number of outstanding returns for July                                       36      35       35      70.97         74.84
                                                    Albany Creek
has come down from 13 to five.                      Albion                   15      15       14      85.91         95.38
Last month the membership drop from                 Alexandra Headland       24      24       24      83.50         76.14
June to July was shown as 18 (1929 to               Ashgrove /The Gap        42      42       42      68.90         65.05
1911). Now with further refinement                  Aspley                   46      46       48      72.55         69.25
(only five returns yet to come) it has              Bribie Island            26      25       25      90.12         82.00
                                                    Brisbane                 67      67       67      54.11         53.57
become a more believable drop of a net                                               50       50      77.55       No Return
                                                    Brisbane High-Rise       51
24 members (1929 to 1905), but still                Brisbane Mid-City        62      61       61      63.24         64.18
much better than the “normal” 43 which              Brisbane North           33      33       33      65.85         61.80
has been the average drop for this period           Brisbane Planetarium     71      71       69      83.63         82.47
over the past 10 years.                             Buderim                  25      25       25      71.00         60.00
But it is good to note that the downward            Caboolture               31      30       30      85.40         74.20
                                                    Caloundra                27      28       28      77.67       No Return
trend appears to have been arrested.                                                 33       33      75.00         84.29
                                                    Caloundra Pacific        35
There was a net growth during August,               Coolum-Peregian          12      12       12      73.33       No Return
admittedly only one member (from 1905               Cooroy                   29      29       29      79.26         91.44
to 1906) but still a growth! After May,             Fortitude Valley         50      49       50      67.24         74.56
June and July had all been losses.                  Geebung                  12      13       13      80.00         88.64
Attendance averages are rising slightly,            Gympie                   54      54       55      83.33         84.37
                                                    Gympie-Cooloola          45      44       44      77.15         84.09
but given the relaxation in make-up                                                  49       49                    71.00
                                                    Hamilton                 50                       74.37
policies in recent years, not by as much            Indooroopilly            18      18       18      72.22         55.56
as I would have expected.                           Karana Downs             21      20       21      75.52         76.13
I’m convinced that some clubs are not               Kawana Waters            12      14       15      83.56         86.30
taking full advantage of the opportunites           Kenmore                  48      46       45      76.72         71.92
which exist these days for making up.               Kingaroy                 21      21       21      70.52       No Return
                                                    Kingaroy-Taabinga        15      15       16      68.33         76.32
Any project activity, for example DIK                                                         18                  No Return
                                                    Kippa Ring               17      18               88.64
attendance, selling raffle tickets at a             Maleny                   37      36       36      79.03         71.03
shopping centre or even participating in            Maroochydore             38      36       37      76.72         66.67
a Rotary Golf Day may be claimed as a               Mitchelton               25      27       25      81.31         89.17
makeup for a club meeting missed within             Mooloolaba               51      51       52      84.29         73.21
a fortnight either side of the event. Also          Murgon                   20      20       20      69.11         58.82
club board and club committee meetings              Nambour                  29      32       32      67.55         62.41
may these days be claimed as makeups.               Nambour 76               36      34       33      76.75         70.71
I am surprised that more clubs are not              Noosa                    39      39       39      79.85         70.35
approaching 100%!                                   Noosa Heads              43      43       43     No Return    No Return
                                                    Noosa Heads Daybreak     32      32       33      60.94         63.91
                                                    Nundah                   18      17       19      100.00        91.12
                                                    Paddington/ Red Hill     13       8        8      90.32         80.00
                                                    Pine Rivers              19      21       21      84.52         76.19
 Welcome to New Members                             Pine Rivers Daybreak     15      15       16      76.66         85.71
As of today, 4 October 2006, there have             Redcliffe City           50      49       49      74.66         75.15
been 20 new, rejoined or relocated members          Redcliffe Sunrise        17      17       15      86.54         73.84
advised by clubs since the DG’s September           Samford Valley           37      37       37      79.05         84.44
Newsletter was prepared on 4 Sept 2006.             Sandgate                 18      18       19      80.23         77.77
Of these, four refer to the Rotary year             St Lucia                 18      18       18      70.37         73.61
2005/06, and 16 to 2006/07. During the              Stafford                 18      18       18      82.02         73.61
same period there were 15 termination               Strathpine               16      14       14      68.18       No Return
notices received, one for 2005/06 and               The Glass House Mtns     19      16       15      80.00         91.42
14 for 2006/07.                                     Toowong                  36      34       31      81.10         75.00
                                                    West B’ne Daybreak       25      19       19      90.79         93.42
A big welcome, then, to the following new,          Windsor                  19      19       19      75.79         78.95
rejoined or relocated members:                                                       20       20      97.50         95.00
                                                    Woombye Sunrise          23
Caloundra:           Judy Clark, Ian Davidson,      Boroko                   29      30       30      88.42         95.33
                Rudy Goosem and Gerry Swan.         Bulolo-Wau                4       4        4     No Return    No Return
Coolum-Peregian:                 Morrie Barnes,     Goroka                    8       8        8      37.50         67.50
                  Bruce Ellicott, Sandy Heaton      Huon Gulf                21      22       23      77.01         74.55
                       and Anton Richardson.        Kavieng                   8       8        8     No Return    No Return
                                                    Kokopo                   11      11       11      81.82       No Return
Gympie:                           Jill Crampton.
                                                    Lae                      20      20       20     No Return    No Return
Kingaroy-Taabinga:                   Ken Taylor.    Madang                   12      12       12      59.26       No Return
Mitchelton:         Keith Bailey, Kerri Nixon,      Mount Hagen              13      12       12      52.08       No Return
            John Torrance and Rod Winterton.        Port Moresby             41      42       41      59.88         62.36
Mooloolaba:                      David Fleming      Rabaul                    7       7        7      82.14         96.43
                            and Peter Thomas.       Wewak                     8       8        8     No Return    No Return
                                                    Gizo                      7      10       10      52.50         52.00
Nambour:          Greg Hale and Rod Tunstall.       Honiara                  34      34       34      61.76       No Return
Pine Rivers Daybreak: Iain Martin-Blakey.
Redcliffe City:                      Deric Pople.   Totals/Averages         1929   1905     1906       75.64%       75.98%

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