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                                International Student Support

CRICOS Provider Number 00103D
Information in this handbook was correct
at the time of printing in June 2010. For
subsequent changes please refer to the
International Student Programs website The
University reserves the right to alter any
course, procedure, regulation or fee.
Students should read carefully all official
correspondence       and    consult    the
International Student Programs Office as

Produced by International Student Support.

                  University of Ballarat
                  Support Guide
                  For International Students 2010


Living & Studying in Ballarat           5    On Arrival                             14 
▀  THE UNIVERSITY OF BALLARAT           5    ▀  AIRPORT PICKUP                      14 
▀  THE CITY OF BALLARAT                 5    ▀  GETTING TO YOUR ACCOMMODATION       14 
▀  CLIMATE                              5    ▀  LOST/DELAYED LUGGAGE                14 
Preparing to Travel to Australia        7    ▀  INFORMATION PACKAGE                 15 
▀  WHEN TO ARRIVE IN BALLARAT           7    ▀  ENROLMENT PROCEDURE                 15 
▀  WHAT TO PACK                         7    ▀  FEES                                15 
ESSENTIAL ITEMS                         7    ▀  ORIENTATION PROGRAM                 15 
▀  MAILING AND SHIPPING                 8    Settling In                            16 
▀  CUSTOMS AND QUARANTINE               8    ▀  CULTURE SHOCK                       16 
PRE-DEPARTURE CHECKLIST                 8    International Student Programs and
Australian Government Requirements      9    International Student Support Staff    17 
▀  ESOS ACT                             9    ▀  INTERNATIONAL STUDENT PROGRAMS -
▀  STUDENT VISAS                        9    STAFF                                  17 
▀  EXTENDING A VISA                     9    STUDENT SUPPORT STAFF                  17 
                                             Communications                         18 
▀  WORKING IN AUSTRALIA                 9 
                                             ▀  CONTACT WITH INTERNATIONAL STUDENT
Australian Government Requirements     10 
                                             PROGRAMS                               18 
                                             ▀  INTERNEWS                           18 
▀  HEALTH INSURANCE                    10 
                                             ▀  EMAIL ACCESS                        18 
▀  CONTACT DETAILS                     10 
                                             ▀  UB INTERNET ACCOUNTING SYSTEM       18 
                                             ▀  POSTAL SERVICES                     18 
                                             ▀  TELECOMMUNICATIONS                  18 
PROCEDURE                              10 
                                             Transport & Travelling                 20 
Australian Government Requirements     11 
                                             ▀  PUBLIC TRANSPORT                    20 
STUDENTS                               11    ▀  AIR TRAVEL –INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC20 
STUDENTS                               11    ▀  BUYING A CAR                        21 
▀  IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT              11    Banking and Finances                   22 
▀  PERMANENT RESIDENCY                 11    ▀  MONEY AND BUDGETING                 22 
Accommodation                          12    ▀  BANKING IN AUSTRALIA                22 
▀  TYPES OF ACCOMMODATION              12    Health Matters                         23 
▀  RESIDENTIAL LIFE                    12    ▀  HEALTH COVER                        23 
▀  LIVING, LEARNING & ENVIRONMENT            ▀  MEDICAL SERVICES                    23 
PROGRAMS                               12    Health Matters                         24 
▀  PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION               13    Other University Services              24   3
Studying at the University of Ballarat 25    Map of Mount Helen Campus   37 
▀  ACADEMIC REGULATIONS AND STUDENT          Map of Camp Street Campus   38 
RIGHTS                                 25    Map of SMB Campus           39 
▀  ACADEMIC CULTURE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF     Useful Websites             40 
                                             Useful Websites             41 
BALLARAT                               25 
                                             Useful Telephone Numbers    42 
▀  LEARNING CONTEXTS                   25 
Legal Matters                          27 
▀  LEGAL AID                           27 
PROCEDURE                              27 
Shopping and Buying Food               28 
▀  SHOPPING                            28 
▀  EATING OUT                          29 
▀  BUYING FOOD                         29 
Social Clubs and Cultural Associations 30 
▀  STUDENT ASSOCIATION                 30 
COUNCIL INC. (BRMC)                    30 
ASSOCIATION                            30 
(MSLA)                                 30 
Social Customs in Australia            31 
▀  USE OF NAMES                        31 
▀  CONVERSATION                        31 
▀  GOING OUT FOR A MEAL                31 
▀  CLOTHING CULTURE                    31 
Culture Shock                          32 
Social Customs in Australia            33 
▀  RELATIONSHIPS                       33 
Personal Safety                        33 
▀  PUBLIC TRANSPORT                    34 
▀  IN YOUR VEHICLE                     34 
▀  PARKING YOUR VEHICLE                34 
Frequently Asked Questions             35 

    Living & Studying in Ballarat
▀       The University of Ballarat
    The University of Ballarat (UB) is a medium                 Location:
    sized, modern and progressive University.                   Ballarat is 106 km west of Melbourne, the capital
    Established in 1870 as the Ballarat School of               of the State of Victoria. It is located 1 1/2 hours
    Mines, it is the third oldest tertiary institution in       away from Melbourne by car or train.
    Australia. Early in its history the institution
    developed a strong reputation in applied learning           Population: 94,000
    methods and for close links with industry. This
    reputation continues to grow along with the                 For a map of Ballarat:
    student population, which now totals around       
    22,000. The institution was declared a                      Map.pdf
    University in 1994.
                                                                For more information about the City of Ballarat:
    UB is noted for its strengths in business,        
    information technology, environmental sciences
    and management, engineering, food technology,               For local news stories:
    behavioural and social sciences, humanities,      
    human movement and sports science,
    education, nursing and health studies, and the
    visual and performing arts. The University is
    well-known for preparing its graduates for
    successful employment. Courses and curricula
    are continually monitored and adapted to meet
    society and industry demands.

    UB offers courses and study pathways from
    certificate, diploma and advanced diploma
    through to undergraduate and postgraduate
    degrees and research. Small class sizes at UB
    allow for personal contact with academic and
    support staff.

    A map of the Mt Helen Campus is on page 33.

    A map of the Camp Street Campus is on page

    A map of the SMB / TAFE Campus is on page

▀        The City of Ballarat                               ▀       Climate
    Ballarat is a city of stature, elegance and history.        Ballarat has four distinct seasons. The average
    The lure of gold drew people from all over the              daily temperatures are as follows:
    world to Ballarat in the 1850’s. Today Ballarat is
    a major business and service centre for Western             Month             Celsius       Fahrenheit
    Victoria and is the region’s main centre for                January              30             95
    education, health and welfare services. Ballarat            February             25             77
    is one of sixty cities around the world to be listed        March                22             72
    in the League of Historical Cities. Some 3 million          April                18             65
    tourists visit the city each year.                          May                  14             57
                                                                June                 11             52
Living & Studying in Ballarat
Month              Celsius            Fahrenheit    and 14 degrees Celsius during the day. Winter
July                  10                  50        days are often windy and rainy. Overnight
August                11                  52        temperatures, in both winter and summer are
September             14                  57        usually much cooler than day temperatures.
October               17                  63
November              19                  66        Ballarat is 450 meters above sea level on the
December              25                  73        southern side of the Great Dividing Range. This
                                                    altitude brings more rain and colder winds than
These temperatures are monthly averages.            experienced in lower areas of the state. The
Ballarat’s weather can be quite variable from day   coolness and extra rain also produce a lovely
to day, with warm days often followed by windy      green landscape and milder summer
cool changes.                                       temperatures.

The summer heat in Ballarat is dry rather than      For up to date weather forecasts for Melbourne
humid, with maximum daytime temperatures            and Victoria, see:
ranging between 22 and 35 degrees Celsius.
During the winter, temperatures range between 8

  Mt. Helen Campus                                           SMB Campus

          Camp Street Campus

    Preparing to Travel to Australia
▀        When to Arrive in Ballarat                            personal items and import duty will need to be
    All new international students are strongly                paid. Also, a computer bought in Australia will
    advised to arrive at least four days before                generally receive after sales service.
    orientation day. This gives you time to recover
    from your long flight, settle into your                    Electrical Appliances:
    accommodation, become familiar with the                    Australian electricity is 240 volts 50 cycles. If
    campus and Ballarat itself. Those who arrive               you intend to bring an electrical item with you
    early establish themselves properly and are fully          check to see if it is suitable for Australian
    rested by the time classes begin. Arriving late            electricity supply. Plug adaptors can be
    only causes stress and disorganisation.                    purchased in Australia.

    Higher Education Semester 2, 2010                           Essential Items
                               Orientation for international
                                                                 Air ticket
          st              nd
    21 Jul – 22 Jul
    25 July
          th              th
                               Ballarat Wildlife Park Trip
                                                                 Valid passport with Student Visa
    26 Jul – 17
                               First lecture period begins
    Sep                                                          Letter of Offer
          th              st
    20 Sep – 1 Oct Mid semester break
     th               th
    4 Oct – 29 Oct Second lecture period begins
                                                                 Confirmation of Enrolment
     st              th
    1 Nov – 5 Nov Exam preparation (swot vac)                       issued by the University
     th                   th
    8 Nov – 19
    Nov                                                          Receipts of payments (course,
    Nov 20th                   End of Semester
                                                                    accommodation and health
                                                                    cover fees)
                                                                 Original academic records
▀       What to Pack
    As Ballarat’s weather ranges from very cold to               Personal identification
    very hot and is quite changeable from day to
    day, you are advised to bring clothing to suit both
                                                                    documents e.g. drivers licence,
    warm and cold conditions. Students generally                    I.D. card
    dress casually at university. Most students wear
    casual jeans, T-shirts and jumpers (sweaters).               Any medical prescriptions,
    Bedding, Crockery and Cooking Utensils:                         relevant medical reports
    Bedding, linen, towels, crockery and cutlery are
    available to purchase in Ballarat. It is not                 Spare glasses or contact lenses
    necessary to bring these items from your home
    country. All types of cooking equipment,
                                                                    and a current optical prescription
    including rice cookers and woks can be                       Telephone number of the
    purchased in Australia.
                                                                    International Student Programs
    The University has a number of networked                        office
    computer laboratories for student use, including
    student computers in the International Student               +61 3 5327 9018
    Computer Room (level 2, Union Building).
                                                                 Some cash in Australian dollars
    Having your own computer can make life                          – about AUD $200.00
    simpler. IBM compatible computers, which
    support NT and Microsoft Windows, are the                    A warm pullover or jacket
    standard equipment. Such computers can be
    bought new in Australia for about AUD$800.00.
    We advise you buy your computer in Australia,
    as customs do not consider computers to be

    Preparing to Travel to Australia
▀        Mailing and Shipping                            ▀       Flight and Arrival Details
    You may use the International Student Programs
    office as a temporary address for mail and               Arrival and Airport Pickup
    parcels until you have a permanent residential
    address in Ballarat. The postal address is:              Free Airport only Pick-Up is available to new
                                                             international students. For this service you must
    (Your Name)                                              complete an Arrival Details Form. Find this in the
    C/- International Student Programs                       ‘Instructions Regarding Acceptance of the Offer
    University of Ballarat                                   of a Place’ information or download from
    University Drive                               
    Mt Helen                                                 ation/documents/Arrival_Details.pdf
    Victoria 3350
                                                             IT IS ESSENTIAL an Arrival Details Form
                                                             reaches the Accommodation Services office
                                                             no later than 3 working days (Monday –
▀        Customs and Quarantine
                                                             Friday) prior to your date of arrival.
    Australia is an island continent and the
    Australian environment is fortunate not to have          You may send this information by facsimile or
    many of the insect pests and biological infections       email. The fax number for the Accommodation
    which are found in other parts of the world. All         Services office is: +61 3 5327 9484 or email
    visitors to Australia have a serious legal      You will receive
    obligation not to bring any pests and diseases           a confirmation email of your transport request
    with them that would damage our environment              and the appropiate details.
    and agriculture.
                                                             If you do not complete and return the Arrival
                                                             Details Form, you may catch the airport ‘Shuttle
    You need to carefully check what you can
    and cannot bring with you into Australia.                Bus’ from the Melbourne Airport to Ballarat at a
    Quarantine regulations are strict and you must           cost of AUD$45.00.
    declare all foodstuffs, animal or plant products         If you have delays or unforseen circumstances
    you bring into Australia. It is an offence not to        upon arrival at the Melbourne airport, please
    declare these items.                                     telephone Accommodation Services International
    For more information on Quarantine:                      Housing Officer on: 0400599035

    For more information on Customs:                         Pre-Departure Checklist                                       I Have:
                                                              A current student visa to Australia
▀       Accommodation Request
                                                              A confirmed airline booking
    International students who have received an
                                                              Received a Confirmation of Enrolment from the
    offer from the University should immediately fill
    out the ‘Accommodation Choice Form’ and fax it               University of Ballarat
    back to the University. Applications for                  Read the pre-departure section of the Student
    accommodation are made online at                             Support Guide                (
    al                                                           /index.shtml#pre)
    If you wish to have Accommodation arranged for            Spoken to my bank about organising banking and
    you, you must contact the Accommodation                      money transfers
    Services Office. Accommodation will only be
                                                              Paid my university fees
    arranged if you have requested it prior to
    arrival. Full instructions are included with the          Paid my health insurance cover
    Letter of Offer. For information about University         Obtained a certified English translation of my
    accommodation options and the on-line                        drivers licence
    application:            Obtained an international drivers licence
                                                              Sent my request for accommodation to the
                                                              Sent my request for airport pickup to the University
                                                              Sent my flight and arrival details to the University
                                                              Packed suitable clothing
                                                              Checked the ‘Essential items’ list on page 7
    Australian Government Requirements
▀        ESOS Act                                               Working without permission, or above the
    The University of Ballarat is bound by the ESOS              maximum number of hours permitted on a
    Act 2007. This Act sets out the legal framework              student visa
    for the delivery of education to overseas                 Not maintaining the Overseas Student
    students. For more information see:                          Health Cover (OSHC) or           Conditions can be found at

▀        Student Visas                                   ▀        Extending a Visa
    All overseas students are required to have an            If you need to extend your visa in order to
    International Student Visa issued by the                 complete your course or to study other courses
    Australian Government. Student visas are                 in Australia, you must submit your application
    issued for full-time study on the understanding          before your current visa expires. A fee is
    that the student studies on-campus and has               charged for this process.
    sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living
    expenses while in Australia.                             The International Student Programs Office
                                                             can give you information about applying for a
    The Student Visa is a multiple entry visa which          visa extension. Your application will need to
    allows a student to enter and leave the country          include the results of a health check if you have
    for holidays during your course of study. It is          not had one done in the previous 12 months (a
    valid for the entire length of your course. You          fee is charged for this process), a financial
    will only need to renew it if you have changed           statement and academic transcripts. The
    your course, or are taking more or less time to          Australian Immigration website contains all the
    complete your course. If you are required to             information you need to put together a full
    renew your Student Visa, it is important to renew        application, see:
    it prior to the expiry of your current visa.   

▀        Conditions of a Student Visa                    ▀        Working in Australia
    Students must comply with their visa conditions          If you are the holder of a student visa, then you
    in order to retain their visa. You may be reported       can undertake employment while in Australia,
    to Immigration and your visa may be cancelled            provided you only work up to 20 hours per
    for:                                                     week while your course is in session. During
     Failure to provide the University with your            term breaks, you are able to work full-time.
         address or change of address details, within        Spouses or ‘dependents’ of students who are
         seven days of arrival or change of address          studying at Undergraduate level can also only
     Taking leave of absence without university             work 20 hours per week during semesters.
         approval                                            Spouses of students who are studying their
     Not meeting course requirements, including             Masters or Post Doctorates may work full-time
         irregular attendance at class                       throughout the year. Your spouse cannot start
     Unsatisfactory academic performance,                   working before you have commenced your
         including not attending classes                     course of study.
     Performance would be considered                        Please see:
         unsatisfactory if a student fails 50% or more
         of enrolled units in two consecutive                g_while_studying/index.htm
         semesters. A student may then be excluded
         from study which may lead to visa                   Students who undertake paid work will also need
         cancellation                                        to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) and
     Students are expected to complete the                  complete an income tax return at the end of each
         course within the duration specified on the         financial year. For further information, please
         CoE                                                 refer to:
     Failing a core unit more than once           
                                                             &mnu=&mfp=&st=&cy=1   9
    Australian Government Requirements

▀       Changing Education Provider                     ▀       International Student Support
    Students who wish to study at another Education         International Student Support is the primary
    Provider must request a Transfer Between                point of contact for international student
    registered Providers (Release Letter) if they           concerns within the University. International
    have not completed 6 calendar months of their           Student Support is responsible for the provision
    principal course of study.                              of support services to international students.
                                                            There is no cost to students for this service or for
    Students must demonstrate exceptional                   referrals. Please contact:
    circumstances justifying the change of provider.
    Exceptional circumstances can include:                  Coordinator, International Student Support
         Ongoing medical condition.                        (Mt Helen and SMB)
         Loss or Bereavement.                              Kelsey McDonald
         Hardship/trauma.                                  Phone: +61 3 5327 9340
         Educational progression problems.                 Fax:      +61 3 5327 9017
                                                            Location: Student Services Health Centre,
▀        Health Insurance                                             T Building, Mt Helen
    As an international student it will be compulsory
                                                            Student Support Worker-International and
    for you to obtain Overseas Student Health
                                                            Equity (SMB)
    Cover (OSHC) while you are in Australia. This
                                                            Catherine Kennedy
    rule also applies to any members of your
                                                            Phone: +61 3 5327 8089
    immediate family who join you here. The health
                                                            Fax:       +61 3 5327 8004
    insurance fee must be paid before your visa can
    be issued, and you will be required to renew the
                                                            Location: Student Services, SMB
    health cover annually.

    Please refer to:     ▀        Refund for International Students
    s/oshc.htm                                                   Procedure
                                                            Student to submit an Application for Transfer
                                                            Between Registered Providers form, which must
▀        Contact Details                                    outline the exceptional circumstances leading to
                                                            the request, and attach all relevant
    Under Australian law all international students
                                                            documentation (such as medical certificates).
    must provide their current Australian residential
    address and phone number to the University.
                                                            Students studying at a Ballarat Campus should
    These contact details are to be recorded on the
                                                            refer to the International Student Programs office
    ‘International Student Information’ form,
                                                            at Mt Helen or SMB.
    available at the International Student Programs
    office (level 2, Union Building). The University
                                                            Students studying at a Partner Provider should
    must be notified of any changes to your address
                                                            refer to their local Student Administration office
    or phone numbers within seven days.
                                                            or Student Advisor/Counsellor.

                                                            For further information please refer to the
                                                            University Procedure at:

    Australian Government Requirements

▀        Information about International Students             While costs vary between Centres, the average
    While the University treats a student’s personal          cost for a full day at Childcare can be over $50
    information as confidential, under Australian law         for younger ages. Please check with your local
    information provided to the University by an              child care centre for current prices.
    international student may be passed on to                 There are normally long waiting lists for
    certain Commonwealth and State Government                 vacancies at most childcare centres. Most full-
    agencies, which manage visas and oversee                  fee paying international students are expected to
    International Student Programs. The University            meet full child care fees for their children.
    is also required, under law, to report certain            Students sponsored or subsidised by the
    changes to a student’s enrolment and any                  Australian Government may be eligible for child
    breach of the student’s visa conditions, including        care fee relief.
    poor attendance and unsatisfactory academic
    performance.                                              Kindergartens
                                                              International student tuition fees do not apply to
▀        School for children of International                 kindergartens. However, all parents are required
         Students                                             to pay a small materials fee each term
                                                              (approximately AUD $45-60 per term). Some
    You are welcome to bring your children with you
                                                              centres have an exclusive fee, whereby term
    to Australia. However, if they attend school, fees
                                                              fees are set at a higher rate to cover the costs of
    will be charged. Students receiving an
                                                              excursions and other events. You can find
    Australian Government Scholarship may be
                                                              kindergartens listed in the White Pages
    eligible for an exemption from their children's
                                                              Telephone Directory. Alternately, you can access
    school fees.
                                                              information about local kindergartens from the
                                                              Ballarat City Council.
    For full details check with the nearest Australian
    Diplomatic Mission:
                                                          ▀        Immigration Department
    Or the Victorian Department of Education and              The Department of Immigration and Citizenship
    Training:                                                 (DIAC) manages all matters relating to visas,                          permanent residency and citizenship. For more
                                                              information on visas and all immigration matters
▀        Child care for younger children                      please refer to:
    When you and your spouse are unable to
    personally look after your children you may have
                                                              For assistance with visas and other DIAC
    to use a Childcare Centre. Childcare Centres
                                                              matters at the university, please contact:
    have qualified child care workers who can care
                                                              Geoff Burgess
    for young babies up to children 6 years old.
                                                              International Student Programs
    Australian law requires that children under the
                                                              Phone: 5327 9028
    age of 12 must be fully supervised at all times. It
    is against the law to leave young children home
    Although UB has a childcare centre at the Mt          ▀       Permanent Residency
    Helen. The waiting period for a vacancy can be            Usually, you must complete your studies before
    more than one year. To search for child care              you can apply for Permanent Residency. There
    centres in Ballarat, please see the                       are exceptions, however, for students who apply             on the basis of marriage or refugee status, or for
                                                              students in certain courses continuing their
     Another alternative is Family Day Care, which is         studies at a higher level.
    a home based child care where your children are
    cared for in private homes by people who have             If you do obtain permanent residency status
    been registered and approved by Family Day                while you are studying, you may apply to transfer
    Care. Care is provided for children up to 12              to a Commonwealth supported or domestic fee-
    years of age.                                             paying place. Refer to Section 11 of your refund

▀       Accommodation Services Office                       Licence Agreements
    Accommodation Services provides on and off              Rooms within the Halls of Residence are leased
    campus accommodation to students of the                 to students by way of a licence agreement.
    University of Ballarat.                                 Generally the leases are for the entire academic
                                                            year, from the beginning of the academic
    The Accommodation Services office also owns             semester to the end of the examination period.
    and manages a number of houses throughout
    Ballarat, which are generally subject to 48 week        Accommodation fees are payable in advance for
    leases. A database of privately rented rooms            each semester.
    and boarding places is also available from
    Accommodation Services.                                 Linen and Bedding - New linen and bedding,
                                                            including a doona, pillow, doona cover, 2 sheets,
    Applying for Accommodation Online                       pillowcase and towel, is provided with all
    Those international students who have received          Residential University accommodation.
    an offer from the University should immediately
    apply for accommodation on line at:                 ▀        Residential Life           The residential environment of the University
    al.shtml                                                aims to provide a balanced living and learning
                                                            experience for all students. The Residential
▀       Types of Accommodation                              Support Team provides support to students living
                                                            in the Residential Halls both on and off campus
    Residential Accommodation                               and also those residing in our managed
    Mt. Helen campus has two residential halls, Bella       properties.
    Guerin and Peter Lalor. Several smaller
    University residences are located around the city       Orientation to Residential Colleges
    of Ballarat.                                            This program, conducted at the beginning of
    View Accommodation Options online at                    each semester, provides an introduction to “res                       life” and the academic expectations of University
    Bella Guerin - Bella Guerin Hall is made up of          The ‘Orientation to Res’ program includes
    units of twelve rooms with shared bathrooms and         Academic Mentoring Sessions for 1st year
    kitchens. Students cook for themselves.                 students, which provides support and guidance
                                                            in assisting students with their course of study.
    Peter Lalor - Peter Lalor Hall provides similar         An ‘On-going Student Support Network’ is
    accommodation, except that evening meals are            available for 2nd, 3rd & 4th year students,
    provided Monday to Thursday. The cost of these          providing advice and guidance in the areas of
    meals is included in the Residential fees.              academic achievement and course selection.

    Those students who prefer to cook for               ▀       Living, Learning & Environment
    themselves or who wish to eat food from                     Programs
    their own culture are advised to seek a place
    in Bella Guerin Hall. Bella Guerin Hall is also            Life Skills
    more suitable for mature age students and                   Residential Support Team members facilitate
    those who are more independent.                             various programs for students. Such
                                                                programs cover the areas of budgeting,
    Camp Street Residence provides                              cooking, personal safety, stress
    accommodation for 38 students in ensuite studio             management and exam preparation.
    rooms or four bedroom apartments with shared
    facilities. The residences are located on the 4th       For more information see:
    and 5th floors of the new North and South     
    buildings at the Camp Street Campus. Camp               _life.shtml
    Street is a fully self-catered residence.
    Elsworth Street and Jemacra Place are both
    off–campus accommodation residences. They
    are both close to the CBD and Mt Helen Campus
    and are self catered residences.

▀       Private Accommodation
                                                          The Accommodation Services Office
    There are many accommodation options in
                                                          maintains a comprehensive database of houses,
    Ballarat. You can share a house or unit with
                                                          apartments, bungalows, shared housing and
    other students, (usually through a real estate
                                                          private board available within Ballarat. For
    agent) board with a local family or take
                                                          further information contact:
    advantage of the many on-campus and off-
    campus options provided by the University of
                                                          Accommodation Services
    Ballarat’s Accommodation Services. Whatever
                                                          Ph: +61 3 5327 9480
    you choose, please remember:
     Do your research. Talk to other students,
        get advice, go to real estate agencies.
     Don’t expect to sign a lease for less than 12
                                                          Notice boards in the Union Building also list
        months. Most rental properties in Ballarat
                                                          available accommodation. You will also find a
        are long term lease only, generally for 12
                                                          listing of houses and apartments to rent in the
        months at a time.
                                                          local newspaper, The Ballarat Courier, which is
     Don’t sign a long term lease agreement until
                                                          available from supermarkets and newsagents.
        you have explored all your options. It can be
        very difficult (and expensive) to break a
                                                          Tenancy Information
        lease once you have signed. Pleading that
                                                          Accommodation Services Housing Officers,
        you weren’t thinking straight, were jetlagged
                                                          Student Counsellors and ISAs can provide
        or didn’t understand the agreement will not
                                                          information on tenancy rights (eg, leases, bonds,
        help. If you genuinely don’t understand the
                                                          repairs, rent, eviction and breaking of lease).
        agreement, take it to someone who does
                                                          The Accommodation Office has copies available
        and get them to explain it to you. Legally
                                                          of pamphlets produced by the Tenancy Advice
        you have 24 hours to look over an
                                                          Bureau. For tenancy advice contact:
        agreement before you sign.
     Don’t panic if you can’t find permanent
                                                          Consumer Affairs Victoria
        accommodation straight away. With
                                                          206 Mair Street, Ballarat
        hundreds of students all seeking
                                                          Phone: (03) 4301 7000
        accommodation at once, finding a suitable
        place may be difficult. Just remember that
                                                          Tenants Union of Victoria
        everyone finds somewhere to live eventually,
        and taking the time to look carefully will save
        you stress later.
     When completing application forms with Real
        Estate Agents, your occupation is classified
        as ‘student’. If you need assistance with
        referees contact the ISP office.

    On Arrival
▀       Airport Pickup
    A University representative will meet you at the      ▀       Getting to Your Accommodation
    airport. After you exit customs, please go to the         The University representative will take you to
    Information Desk just in front of the Arrival             your accommodation and help you with your
    Gates. Please refer to a map of the Arrival Hall          luggage. The representative will make sure you
    at Melbourne International Airport at:                    have everything you need to be comfortable.                                         Bedding, linen and crockery packages will be
                                                              placed in your room ready for your arrival.
    The representative will be carrying a University
    Ballarat sign, which looks like this:                     Buying Food and Other Essential Items
                                                              The representative will also help you with
                                                              shopping for food and other items you might

                                                          ▀        Lost/Delayed Luggage
             UNIVERSITY OF BALLARAT                           In the case of lost or delayed luggage please
                                                              provide carriers with the following information for
                                                              delivery purposes:
    The representative will identify him or herself and
    will be wearing a University Identity Card and a          Accommodation Services
    red vest with the University logo. Ensure you             University of Ballarat
    view the identification of the person who meets           Residence Drive
    you. This is your first friend in Australia, and          Mt Helen Vic 3350
    they will assist you to make an easy and
    comfortable journey to the University at Ballarat.        Ph: 5327 9480
    They will help you with:
     Information                                             Please note that the University of Ballarat
     To exchange money                                       accepts no responsibility for luggage until the
     To contact your family by phone or email                Housing Officer has signed for items from the
     Drive you to the University at Ballarat                 carrier or representative.
     Shopping in Ballarat
     Settling into your accommodation

    We understand that you have undertaken a very
    long journey. So, once you have arrived at the
    university, our first concern is to make sure you
    are comfortable. When you are settled into your
    accommodation we will begin the process of
    introducing you to the University.

                                                        ▀       Fees
                                                            Course fees for new international students are to
    On Arrival                                              be paid by bank draft prior to arrival in Australia.
▀        Information Package                                Refer to the International Student Accepting
                                                            Your Offer publication, which is sent with the
    Each new student will receive a package of
                                                            Offer of a Place at the University. Course fees
    information to help with their orientation to the
                                                            are charged according to the number of units
    University and life in Australia. It contains
                                                            being studied.
    information, maps, tourist guides and a range of
    forms for different purposes.
                                                            Once studying at the University, an invoice is
                                                            sent out each semester to your University email
▀       Enrolment Procedure                                 address, itemising the fees payable for the
                                                            coming semester. You may be required to pay
    Meeting your School Contact                             subject material fees on enrolment, these should
    Staff of the International Student Programs             be detailed on your offer letter.
    office will introduce you to the school in which
    you will study while at the University. You will        For new students staying on residence, you will
    meet the Coordinator of your program and the            be required to pay fees for the residential
    School Administration Officer.                          colleges prior to arrival. The Accommodation
                                                            Services Office will email new students about
    They will help you choose the subjects you will         the fees and method of payment. These
    enrol in and will help you complete an enrolment        residential college fees are payable at the
    form. You will then be guided to the Student            beginning of each semester at the
    Administration office to complete your                  Accommodation Services Office.
    enrolment and receive a student identification
    card.                                               ▀        Orientation Program
                                                            An orientation program for all new international
    Each new international student will be given
                                                            students is held before classes begin. The
    assistance with enrolment. Generally, the
                                                            orientation program is compulsory for all new
    following process should be followed:
                                                            international students. It is conducted in a
                                                            relaxed manner and is designed to give you a
     1. Obtain advice regarding the selection of            sound introduction to studying at the university.
        subjects for your course from the School            You will meet other international students and
        contact. It may be useful to have your              staff of the International Student Programs office.
        Letter of Offer as proof that you have              You will be enrolled as part of the Orientation
        been accepted and are eligible to enrol in          Program.
        your course
                                                            The orientation program is a compulsory and
     2. Complete enrolment forms and ask your               essential part of your introduction to the
        School Program Manager to check and                 university. Full details of the orientation program
        approve your enrolment                              are issued to new students on arrival in
                                                            Australia, please check:
     3. Obtain a Student Identification Card from 
        the Student Administration office. The              shtml#op
        Student ID Card contains your Student
        Identification Number, which allows you
        to use University services, such as the
        library, computers, etc (You will need to
        wait 24 hours before your email account is

    When these three steps are completed, you will
    be issued with a receipt of enrolment by the
    Student Administration office.
    Quote your Student Identification Number in
    all correspondence with the University.

    Settling In
▀        Culture Shock                                        ▀       Philosophy of the International Student
    Most students who go overseas to live and study                   Programs office
    in a new country will experience some emotional
    disturbance in response to their new                          The ISP office is a place where international
    circumstances. This reaction is often referred to             students, their friends and International Student
    as "culture shock". Everything that you see and               Support Staff can come together for friendship
    experience - the countryside, the weather,                    and mutual support. The central belief of the
    people, food and buildings - will be new and may              Centre is that through mutual support we can all
    seem different in the beginning. It will take time            be more successful in our studies and our living.
    to adapt to your new surroundings.                            All users of the Centre are asked to think about
                                                                  this philosophy and use their initiative in helping
    To experience a degree of homesickness and                    others. This may be as simple as an
    loneliness is normal.                                         encouraging smile, helping someone to use a
                                                                  computer, or tutoring another student. The more
    Many new students who attend UB, including                    we can do to help each other, the more we will
    Australian students, will be living away from their           all gain individually.
    families and friends for the first time. By being
    involved in the Orientation Week activities
    (particularly the activities for overseas students),
    new students soon make friends and begin to
    feel more settled.

    If you are feeling unsettled, or unhappy, you are
    encouraged to speak with a member of staff at
    the International Student Programs office, or
    to a counsellor in Student Services.

    While culture shock is uncomfortable, most
    people come to value the experience of a new
    culture. New experiences help us to reflect on
    the nature of our own values and perceptions
    and the cultures of our upbringing. Most people
    agree that exposure to different cultures
    broadens and develops us as individuals.

    Remember that your time here in Australia may
    be very brief and you may not have this
    opportunity again. Think of it as a chance to live
    a different life, just for a little while, and a chance
    to teach others about your own culture and
    background, while learning about others. The
    most important point to remember though is that
                                                                  UB United Verses the Victoria Police Copperoos, Soccer
    the first few weeks are often the hardest. Give               Match 2009
    yourself time and you will soon start feeling more
    settled and comfortable. Strange as it may
    seem, students who feel the most ‘homesick’ are
    often the ones who don’t want to go home when
    their course finishes.

    International Student Programs and International Student Support
▀        International Student Programs - Staff
    The International Student Programs office is the administration office of the University’s international
    programs. This includes recruiting new international students, admissions and administration. The
    International Student Programs office comes under the Student Services portfolio. International
    Student Support is also part of the Student Services portfolio and provides social and welfare support to
    international students.

    Director, Student Services                  Manager, International & Domestic Recruitment
    Valerie Runyan                              Phill Crone
    Phone: +61 3 5327 9555                      Phone: +61 3 5327 9041
    Fax: +61 3 5327 9017                        Fax: +61 3 5327 9017
    Email:             Email:

    Coordinator, Client Services                Marketing Officer
    Geoff Burgess                               Tennille Anderton
    Phone: +61 3 5327 9028                      Phone: +61 3 5327 9854
    Fax: +61 3 5327 9017                        Fax: +61 3 5327 9017
    Email:            Email:

    Admissions Officer                          Marketing Officer
    Tiffany Forbes                              Tessa Mao
    Phone: +61 3 5327 9009                      Phone: +61 3 5327 9030
    Fax: +61 3 5327 9017                        Fax: +61 3 5327 9017
    Email:             Email:

    Admissions Officer                          Administrative Assistant
    Christina Bleakley                          Jenny Brennan
    Phone: +61 3 5327 9009                      Phone: +61 3 5327 9018
    Fax: +61 3 5327 9017                        Fax: +61 3 5327 9017
    Email:           Email:

▀       International Student Programs – Student Support Staff

    Manager, Student Support                                   Coordinator, International Student Support
    Jeannie King                                               Kelsey McDonald
    Phone +61 3 5327 9742                                      Phone: +61 3 5327 9340
    Fax    +61 3 5327 9779                                     Fax: +61 3 5327 9017
    Mob 0407 358 377                                           Email:

    Student Support Worker-International and                   International Student Academic Adviser
    Equity (SMB)                                               Talia Barrett
    Catherine Kennedy                                          Phone: +61 3 5327 9868
    Phone: +61 3 5327 8089                                     Fax: +61 3 5327 9017
    Fax:      +61 3 5327 8004                                  Email:

▀        Contact with International Student                  Allocated monthly quota:
    The University and in particular the International            TAFE 200Mb
    Student Programs office will need to                          Undergraduate 200Mb
    communicate with you on a regular basis.                      Postgraduate 400Mb
    Please ensure you keep the ISP office advised
    of your current residential address, email               Students have the ability to purchase additional
    address and phone numbers. A Contact                     quota. $1.00 = 40Mb.
    Details form should be completed at the ISP
    office when you arrive and whenever any of your      ▀       Postal Services
    contact details change. As well as helping us to         A standard letter within Australia costs 55 cents
    keep you informed, it is a condition of your             to send. Overseas letters are more expensive.
    student visa that the University has your current        Ask at a Post Office for information listing postal
    address and contact details.                             charges worldwide, or see the Australia Post
▀        INTERNews
    International Student Programs office emails a           Letter Boxes on Campus
    newsletter called “INTERNews” to all                     Accommodation Office and near the bus stop at
    international students on a regular basis. Each          the entrance to the University.
    issue of INTERNews includes study and safety
    tips, information from Unijobs and the Library       ▀       Telecommunications
    and promotes any activities at UB and within the         The cost of making phone calls varies according
    community of interest to international students.         to whether you are using a home phone,
    Students can also advertise items for sale or            business phone, pay phone or mobile phone.
    accommodation vacant or wanted.                          Generally, home phones have cheaper rates,
                                                             and mobile phones have the most expensive
▀       Email Access                                         rates. A phone card is the cheapest and most
    Email access from the day of your arrival is             convenient way of calling overseas from a pay
    available at the International Student                   phone.
    Resource Room. Please enquire at the
    International Programs Office.                           Phone communication products and rates are
                                                             changing all the time. To get the most up to date
    Email is the primary method of communication             information it is recommended that you visit one
    within the university. When you enrol you will be        of the major telecommunications retail shops.
    given access to the University Email system.             Staff at these shops will help you find the most
    Please be sure to check your Email on a regular          effective and economical way of making phone
    basis. If you do not know how to use Email, the          calls.
    ‘help desk’ staff in the library can show you.
    Computer labs are placed in each of the schools          Telephone Cards:
    around the university. Computer access                   Telephone cards (phone cards) offer great value
    locations for all campuses can be found at the           for calling overseas and can be purchased at
    back of your Student Diary.                              most convenience stores and at the University
                                                             There are many different phone cards available
▀       UB Internet Accounting System                        to suit your needs. Some phone cards are
                                                             designed for payphones only and others require
    Internet Quota                                           Personal Identification Numbers (PIN).
    The monthly quota allocated to students has
    been determined after analysis of usage patterns
    and comparison with systems in other
    Universities. It is expected that the majority of
    students will be able to complete their studies
    within the quota.

    The Internet Accounting System allows you to
    check your balance. Your monthly quota is
    displayed as an Mb amount. Once the quota is
    exceeded a dollar amount is displayed.

 Telecommunications                                   therefore best to check before making long
Mobile Telephones:                                     distance calls.
Cellular or hand phones are referred to as
‘mobile phones’ in Australia. Mobile phones vary       Translating and Interpreting Service
in cost depending on the usage and time of the         Dial 13 14 50 for translation and interpreting
call. When you call from a mobile phone or call a      assistance in over 100 languages 24 hours a
mobile telephone from an external telephone you        day. Some translation services will have to be
(the caller) acquire the charge.                       arranged in advance. You may be required to
                                                       pay for the service.
International students wishing to have mobile
access can get pre-paid SIM cards. With a pre-         To get the most up to date information on phone
paid SIM card you are given a number and you           cards, mobile phones and other
make the calls as long as there is credit value on     telecommunication services you can contact:
your card.
                                                       Telstra Shop Locations
Please note: This card may or may not be               Corner of Bridge Mall and Peel Streets
compatible with your mobile phone from your            Ballarat.
home country. To ensure that your mobile phone         Phone: 5333 3828
will accept a pre-paid SIM card, check with the
relevant telecommunication retail companies in         Shop T41, Stockland Wendouree Shopping
Australia.                                             Centre
                                                       Corner of Norman and Gillies Streets
Local Calls                                            Wendouree
A local call from a payphone will cost you 55          Phone: 5339 9440
cents.                                                 Web:
A ‘local’ call means a call within the town you are
in, and the immediate surrounding area. Local
calls are not timed, so you can talk for as long as    Optus Shop Location
you like.                                              Optus World
                                                       76 Bridge Mall
Long Distance Calls within Australia (STD)             Ballarat
and International Calls (ISD)                          Phone: 5331 2111
Long distance phone calls (STD) within Australia       Web:
and international calls (ISD) are timed. The
charges vary depending on the distance of the
call, or the country you are calling.                  Faxes - Mt Helen
                                                       Fax services are available at Post Offices.
The charges for STD calls increase with the            The University also provides a fax service from
distance of the call. Using a Telstra Phone Card       the International Student Programs office.
is much cheaper for STD calls than international
phone cards and coins. Phone card prices vary          Faxes - SMB
considerably in the cost per minute to various         SMB – The Student Association (rear entrance
locations. It is best to ask other students and to     of the Gribble Building) allows all students to
‘shop-around’.                                         send faxes from their office for a small charge.
                                                       Phone: 5327 8106.
Charges for STD phone calls from a home
phone vary, depending on the day and the time
of day. The rates will change quite regularly. It is   19
    Transport & Travelling
▀       Public Transport
    The Myki Travel Card                                       Trains
    The Myki travel card is Victoria’s newest public           Victoria has two train systems. Country Victoria
    transport ticketing system. It is a reusable plastic       is serviced by ‘V-line’ and connects to the
    smart card that you can purchase and (top up) to           Melbourne Metropolitan service.
    pay for your fare on public transport. They are            Train and Airport Shuttle Bus timetables and
    available in different fare types; however                 routes:
    International Students must purchase a full                Web:
    fare card.                                                 Ballarat Railway Station
                                                               Phone: 5337 8609
    Please Note: full-fee paying international
    students are not entitled to public transport travel       The Melbourne Metropolitan service contact
    concessions (the exception is Exchange                     details:
    Students). This is a Victorian State Government            Phone: 13 16 38
    policy and affects all universities in Victoria. The       Web:
    fine for International students caught
    travelling on a concession fare is currently               The journey to Melbourne takes about 90
    $175.                                                      minutes and ends in Spencer Street at Southern
                                                               Cross Station in central Melbourne. At Southern
    Myki cards can be purchased at the Stockland               Cross Station there are links to other transport
    Wendouree Newsagency, the Ballarat Train                   networks: You can also use the Melbourne
    Station and the Ballarat Post Office in Central            buses, trains and trams with your V-Line ticket.
    Square. Topping up your myki card can be done
    by giving the bus driver cash (up to $20) or               Airport Transit (Airport Shuttle Bus)
    through the website. For more information on               The Airport Shuttle Bus Service operates
    the myki travel card please see                            between Ballarat (departing from the railway                                     station) and Melbourne Airport, approximately 6
                                                               times a day, four times daily at weekends. The
    Buses                                                      service costs AUD$28.00 one-way; AUD$50.00
    Buses connect the University campus at Mt                  return; AUD$43.00 for same-day return.
    Helen to central Ballarat. The bus stop at the             Information, bookings and Shuttle bus timetables
    University is in Chancellor Drive, near the main           are available at:
    entrance of building C.                          
    For information on city bus services,                      Phone: 5333 4181
    including timetables and routes, contact:
    Phone: 5331 7777                                           Timetables and routes for all public transport
    Web:                are also available from the University at the
                                                               Student Administration and from the Railway
    Please Note: full-fee paying international                 Station in Lydiard Street.
    students are not currently entitled to public
    transport travel concessions (the exception            ▀        Air Travel –International and Domestic
    is Exchange Students). This is a Victorian                 Any local travel agent will be able to book your
    and NSW State Government policy and                        tickets for travel in Australia and your flight
    affects all universities in Victoria and NSW.              home. However, online ticketing can provide
                                                               cheaper domestic tickets.
    Taxis                                                          Qantas:
    Different charges apply at different times of the              Virgin Blue:
    day but the journey from the University to the                 Travel agents are also listed in the Yellow
    centre of Ballarat will cost approximately                      Pages:
    AUD$15.00. This does not include extra
    charges for waiting time or luggage.                       Always make bookings early to get the best
                                                               deals. If your ticket is an open-ended return,
    If you are travelling in a group a shared taxi can         make a reservation six months in advance.
    be quite reasonable, only costing a few dollars            Travel dates can be changed, if necessary.
    each to get where you are going to quickly and             November, December and January are the peak
    easily.                                                    periods for travel in Australia.

    Ballarat Taxis
    Phone: 13 10 08

    Transport & Travelling
▀       Driving in Australia                                   Victoria. Melways is available at supermarkets
    To get a local licence, you will be required to go         and newsagents at a cost of $50.00AUD.
    through the full testing procedure. This consists          Community shops or ‘Op-Shops’ often have
    of a written test and a driving test.                      second hand copies for $5.00 to $10.00AUD,
                                                               see for further
    For information please see:                                information regarding purchasing a Melways and
    VicRoads                                                   for information about online maps.
    Phone: 13 11 71
                                                           ▀       Car Accidents - What To Do
    International students may drive in Victoria on               If someone is hurt in a car accident
    their overseas licence indefinitely, provided:                 phone 000 for ambulance and police. The
         The licence is current                                   police must be called if someone is hurt. If
         The licence is in English                                the accident is not serious and no one is
         The licence is accompanied by an English                 hurt, the police do not need to attend.
          translation from the Overseas Licence
          Authority                                               Obtain the other driver’s name, address,
         You have a temporary or student visa.                    telephone number, car registration number,
                                                                   type of insurance cover and name of
    Should you wish to drive in other states of                    insurance company. Provide similar
    Australia and in other countries, it is advisable to           information about yourself to the other driver.
    get an International Drivers Licence. This must
    be issued in a student’s home country.                        Note the other driver’s car type, colour and
                                                                   damage incurred.

▀       Buying a Car                                              Obtain name, address and contact number
                                                                   of any witnesses to the accident.
    Having your own car certainly makes life easier
    but there are lots of potential problems. The
    booklet entitled ‘Better Car Deals’ (published by             If there are no witnesses, and there is the
    the Ministry of Consumer Affairs) is available for             possibility of some dispute over who caused
    loan from the International Student Programs                   the accident, phone the police and ask them
    office. We strongly recommend you read this                    to attend.
    before buying a car.

    Please note: Unless you obtain Third Party
    Property, Fire & Theft Insurance, you will be
    liable for any damage your car causes to another
    vehicle or property in an accident. For example,
    if your car hits a brand new Mercedes Benz and
    the cost to fix the Mercedes is $20,000 AUD,
    then you will have to pay this amount unless you
    have Third Party Insurance.

    For information on Third Party Insurance please
    Royal Automobile Association of Victoria (RACV)
    Phone: 5332 1946

    Maps and Street Directories
    A ‘Ballarat Street Directory’ is available from
    newsagents or service stations at a cost of
    approximately $7.95.

    The ‘Melways Greater Melbourne Street
    Directory’ is a comprehensive street directory of
    Melbourne. It also contains maps of country                Boomerang throwing, Grampians National Park, 2009
    Banking and Finances
▀        Money and Budgeting                                   ATM’s and EFTPOS (Electronic Point of
    To live in Australia as a student you will need to         Purchase) almost everywhere.
    ensure you have enough money. In addition to               Exchange rates at each of the banks are more or
    your university fees, airfare and OSHC                     less the same. You will be given assistance to
    expenses, you will need about AUD$15,000.00                open a bank account, as part of the Orientation
    for living expenses per year. This amount will             program.
    cover reasonable levels of accommodation, food,
    transport, phone, electricity bills and                    An ANZ ATM is located on the Mt Helen campus
    entertainment, etc.                                        of the University, at the base of the stairs to the
                                                               left of the Library (see Mt Helen map page 33).
    Only limited casual work is available in
    Ballarat. It is not possible to rely on wages              Tax and Tax File Numbers
    from work in Australia as a reliable source of             All adults in Australia who have income are
    income.                                                    required to register with the Taxation Office. It
                                                               is recommended that students who plan to stay
    If possible bring a small amount of Australian             in Australia for more than one semester, and
    currency (AUD$200.00 - $400.00) when you                   particularly those who wish to seek paid work,
    travel to Australia. This Australian cash will cover       obtain a Tax File Number (TFN). If you do not
    immediate expense, such as buying food, when               have a TFN you will be taxed at the highest rate
    you first arrive. US dollars cannot be used as             on any income you may earn.
    currency in Australia. Money can be exchanged
    at the Airport when you arrive.                            Tax File Number application forms are
                                                               available at the International Student
    To help you plan your budget, look up Currency             Programs office or at Post Offices and online
    Converter:                      at

    International debit/credit cards are by far the        ▀       Concessions for Students
    simplest and safest way of managing your                   Local Travel
    finances. It is recommended that you place the             Overseas students are not eligible for travel
    bulk of your money in a debit account which has            concessions on Ballarat Buses or V-Line or the
    a card that will operate internationally. You can          services in Melbourne. This is a Victorian State
    then operate this card from Automatic Teller               Government policy and as such the University of
    Machines (ATM) in Australia in the normal way.             Ballarat cannot give overseas students travel
                                                               concession cards.
    Alternatively, you can transfer funds using this
    card to an Australian bank account. Other ways             Cinema
    to bring money to Australia are travellers’                To receive concessions at the cinema, present
    cheques, telegraphic transfer (TT), or a bank              your Student Identification Card when buying
    draft. TT’s cost $25.00AUD in Australia. Bank              your ticket. Without a card you will be expected
    drafts from overseas countries can cost up to              to pay the full adult price.
    $50.00AUD and because they travel by normal
    postal service, they can take several weeks to             Other
    process.                                                   Your student card may be used anywhere that
                                                               advertises a student concession rate, e.g. some
    We strongly recommend you get advice from                  theatres (live), concerts, bookstores and sports
    the bank in your home country, to determine                shops.
    the best method for transferring money to
    Australia. Please note that your visa to                   Carry your Student Identification Card with you
    Australia requires you to have enough money to             at all times. It's worth asking whether there is a
    cover your daily living costs.                             concession for students wherever you are.

▀        Banking in Australia                                  ISIC Cards (International Student Cards) entitle
    Most international students, once they have                you to many travel discounts both in Australia
    arrived in Australia, open a savings account with          and worldwide. Application forms are available
    a local bank. These accounts are operated with             at the International Student Programs office.
    a card and funds can be accessed through

    Health Matters
▀        Health Cover                                   medications and up to date information on travel
    All international students in Australia are         health issues.
    required to take out health insurance cover for
    any medical expenses while living in Australia.     During University vacations, Health Services
    This insurance is called Overseas Student           operate on a reduced timetable. You will need to
    Health Cover (OSHC).                                phone to make an appointment.

    Students coming into Australia must take out        To make an appointment phone: 5327 9477
    their health insurance cover before arriving in     Email:
    Australia. Details of how to apply for OSHC are     Web:
    enclosed with the Letter of Offer of a University
    place, and include instructions on how to make      In central Ballarat there are many doctors but
    payments. . Students are encouraged to take         most of these do not take new patients. Clinics
    out their medical cover online. Students must       which will see new patients are:
    ensure that their health cover is current for the
    length of their course.                             MedicAid is open on weekends.
                                                        Corner of Raglan and Mair Streets
    NOTE the OSHC does not cover such things as         Ballarat
    dental treatment and spectacles. Information on     Phone: 5332 3355
    Extra Cover Benefits can be obtained from the
    University Health Service, or the appropriate       Eureka Medical and Dental Centre located at the
    Health Fund.                                        corner of Dana and Albert Street in Ballarat.
                                                        They are open 7am-10pm Monday – Friday and
    Please see:                                         8am – 10-pm on Saturday, Sunday and Public    Holidays. You do not need to make an
    g.nsf/Content/Overseas+Student+Health+Cover         appointment – just drop in – but you may need to
    +FAQ-1                                              wait to see a doctor.
                                                        Phone: 5309 1111
▀        Medical Services
                                                        For other doctors, refer to “Doctors - Medical
    University Health Service is located at Mt
                                                        Practitioners” in the Yellow Pages directory.
    Helen campus in the Student Centre – ground
    floor T building – opposite Student
                                                        Public hospitals throughout Australia have
    Administration). To make an appointment to see
                                                        emergency departments where any person can
    a doctor call 5327 9477.
                                                        go, at any time of the day or night, for
                                                        emergency treatment.
    Health Services is staffed during the University
    (higher education) teaching periods by:
     A secretary/receptionist
                                                        The University Health Services charges are
     A nurse                                           billed direct to the Health Fund. No charge is
     Doctors                                           made to the student. You will need to sign a
     A Dermatologist (by referral) on site once a      claim form at Health Services.
                                                        Other doctors charge between AUD$40.00 and
    Other services include:                             $50.00 for a standard consultation. When you
       Daily chemist pick up service (prescriptions    visit a doctor, take your OSHC card with you.
        need to be in by 11:30am)                       Some medical practices bulk bill the Health Fund
       Daily pathology (blood collection)              direct. Others will require you to pay for your
       Recommendation of dental services for           consultation, in which case you can take your
        students.                                       receipt to the Health Fund office for
    The nurse can see you on a drop-in basis.           reimbursement.
    9.00am – 3.30pm Monday to Thursday
    9.00am – 1.00pm Friday

    The Health Services also specialises in Travel
    Health, providing overseas travellers with
    comprehensive pre-travel health care. We have
    available a full range of vaccines and   23
Health Matters
                                                       The University Health Services provides a
Hospitals                                              pharmacy pick up service for prescriptions
There are two hospitals in Ballarat. One is a          issued by the university doctors or from any
public hospital; the other is a private hospital.      other doctor.
OSHC covers international students for
accommodation and/or treatment in public               Dentists
hospitals. This applies whether you need to            Dental treatment in Australia is expensive. A
stay in hospital, or are a patient at the hospital’s   basic check-up with no treatment will cost
outpatient clinic, or in the emergency                 around AUD$50.00 and you can expect to pay
department. The public hospital is the Ballarat        AUD$100.00 for standard treatment. It is
Base Hospital.                                         recommended you take out special dental cover
Address: Drummond Street (North), Ballarat             insurance.
Phone (general enquiries): 5320 4000                                 Optometrists
                                                       Refer to the Yellow Pages directory for local
St John of God Hospital is a private hospital.         optometrists. Fees for eye tests are covered by
OSHC will cover you for accommodation at a             your health insurance. However, the provision of
private hospital, but only up to the limits of your    glasses is not covered.
insurance cover. St John of God Hospital also
has an emergency department but a visit will           All health and medical consultations are
cost over $130 which you will not be able to           confidential.
claim back via OSHC.
Address: 10 Drummond Street (North), Ballarat
Phone (general enquiries): 5320 2111                   Other University Services
,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL                          Prayer Rooms
                                                       An inter-denomination Prayer Room is located
Emergencies                                            next to the International Student Programs office
In any emergency you can ring 000 which will           and can be accessed during business hours.
connect you to the police, fire brigade or
ambulance service, depending on which you              The University of Ballarat also has a Muslim
require.                                               Prayer Room that can be accessed with a
                                                       special after-hours card. To obtain this card and
Ambulance Service                                      more information about the Muslim Prayer
Your OSHC will cover your costs for ambulance          Room, please go to the Reception Desk at the
only in an emergency when you require medical          International Student Programs Office.
treatment in a hospital immediately. Ring 000.
                                                       Financial Advice
Pharmacies (Chemists)                                  Financial advice and short-term emergency
Pharmacies dispense medicines on prescriptions         loans of up to AUD$20.00, are available through
from doctors. Pharmacies also stock a wide             Student Services (ground floor, T Building, north
range of health related products.                      wing).
UFS Dispensaries offer membership and a
discount card:                                         Contact:            Student Services
                                                       Phone:              5327 9470
    40 Bridge Mall, Ballarat
    717 Sturt Street, Ballarat
    69 Victoria Street, Ballarat
    Mt Clear Shopping Centre
    56 Albert Street, Sebastopol
    316 Learmonth Street, Buninyong
    1207 Howitt Street, Wendouree


    Studying at the University of Ballarat
▀        Academic Regulations and Student
         Rights                                              Studying at an Australian university may seem
    Certain aspects of University life are governed          difficult at first. It is natural to take some time
    by formal procedures, for example extensions of          to settle into your studies. If you are having
    time for assessments, any special consideration          difficulties, discuss this with your lecturer, tutor or
    in assessment, and academic appeals, which all           with Talia Barrett, the International Student
    have special procedures. These need to be                Academic Adviser. Your lecturer or tutor is
    followed correctly.                                      available to assist you if you are not sure what is
                                                             required, or if you are having difficulties. Most
    Advice on academic matters is available from             lecturers have timetables on their doors
    Talia Barrett                                            indicating when they are available to see
    International Student Academic Adviser                   students. Alternatively, e-mail your lecturer and
    Phone: 5327 9868                                         ask for an appointment.
                                                         ▀       Learning Support Services
▀        Academic Culture at the University of               Your source of learning support for course
         Ballarat                                            content will always be your lecturers and tutors
    Sometimes international students - for whom              but you can seek general academic skills
    English is a second language - have difficulties         support from Talia Barrett, International Student
    coping with the academic tasks. The reasons for          Academic Adviser, or from the Student
    this are that the types of assessment tasks and          Learning Support Centre at Mt Helen campus.
    the academic culture of the university are often
    different from those experienced in the home             International Student Academic Adviser
    country.                                                 To ensure that you are given every opportunity
                                                             to succeed in your studies at the University
▀        Learning Contexts                                   academic support services for all international
                                                             students. This service can assist you to develop
    Lectures tend to be held once or twice each
                                                             the following skills:
    week. The lecture will generally contain the core
                                                              English language
    information to be covered for that week. All
    students enrolled in the unit will attend lectures        Using the library
    as a group.                                               Essay and report writing
                                                              Referencing
    Tutorials tend to be held once a week and                 Reading and research techniques
    involve a smaller group of students. The tutorial         Note taking
    provides an opportunity to discuss the lecture            Oral presentations
    and talk about topics in detail. Sometimes                Exam preparation
    students are asked to present papers individually         Time management
    or as part of a group in a tutorial.                      Understanding Western academic culture
                                                              Understanding the system of lectures and
    Laboratory Sessions (Labs or Pracs) are                      tutorials
    practical classes, where students conduct tests           Developing critical thinking skills
    and experiments with the assistance and
    supervision of lecturers and laboratory                  To access this service, and obtain any advice on
    technicians.                                             academic matters, contact Talia Barrett,
                                                             International Student Academic Advisor
    Self Directed Study is a student’s personal              Phone: 5327 9868
    program of study which fits around the “contact          Email:
    hours” of lectures, tutorials and labs. This
    personal program includes reading, research,
    writing up lecture notes, writing essays and
    reports, discussion with other students and
    lecturers, studying for exams, etc. A well
    organised and regular study program is
    essential for success at university.

    Studying at the University of Ballarat
▀        Monitoring Academic Progress
    Your program and course coordinators will           Library
    monitor your academic progress so that they can     The Library's role is to provide information in the
    provide assistance to you where required. This is   form of books, journals, newspapers, electronic
    to ensure that you will complete your studies       information and audio visual materials to support
    within the expected duration specified in your      courses offered by the University. Recreational
    CoE. If the program or course coordinator           and general interest books, newspapers and
    believes that you require assistance, you will be   journals are also available.
    contacted and asked to come in for a meeting to
    discuss your progress. To assist in the support     Library tours and library skills workshops are
    offered, you have the option to use the             available during the first few weeks of each
    ‘International Student Academic Progress            semester. The orientation program will include a
    Form’ when handing in assessment tasks.             library tour and the opportunity to participate in
    Attaching this form to each assignment you hand     library skills workshops.
    in, allows your lecturers, tutors and the
    International Student Academic Adviser to           Library staff are available to assist students to
    identify any extra assistance that you need.        effectively use the library, and can help in finding
    Based on the feedback your marker gives to you      particular books, journals and electronic
    on this form, your school or International          information resources.
    Student Support staff will offer you appropriate
    assistance, if necessary. For more information      Some library materials are restricted and can
    on this optional support mechanism, contact         only be viewed within the library. Photocopying
    Talia Barrett, International Student Academic       these materials is generally permitted.
                                                        Photocopying machines are available in the
    Student Learning Support Centre                     library for student use.
    Academic assistance is also available through
    the Student Learning Support Centre, (1st           To find out the library hours see the library
    floor of the Union Building at the Mt Helen         website:
    campus). This Centre operates on a drop-in          Phone: 5327 9594
    basis. Staff members provide one-to-one support
    for literacy and numeracy skills. Academic skills
    workshops are also run throughout the semester.
    For more information contact:

    Book Lists
    You will receive a copy of the recommended
    booklist for your course when you enrol.
    Textbooks are available from the Campus

    It is advisable not to buy books until you
    have spoken with the course coordinator,
    who can advise on the books students will
    definitely need. Second hand books are
    advertised on notice boards in the Union building
    or in your school.

    The Campus Bookshop at Mt Helen is open
    during semester at the following times:
    Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm
    Friday              9.00am - 3.00pm

    Legal Matters
▀       Legal Aid
    The Central Highlands Community Legal Centre          ▀        Equal Opportunity Advice
    and Victoria Legal Aid will give you free legal           The University takes responsibility for providing
    advice.                                                   an environment free from discrimination based
                                                              on gender, marital status, pregnancy,
    The Community Legal Centre.                               parenthood, sexual preference, race, disability,
    15 Dawson Street Nth, Ballarat.                           religious or political belief or activities. The
    Phone: 5331 5999 or 1800 466 488                          International Student Programs office and
    For further information see:                              each school in the university has an              ‘harassment officer’, who is the first point of
    pages/contact_us.php                                      contact for any student or staff member who
                                                              feels that they have been treated inappropriately
    Legal Aid                                                 by another person.
    75 Victoria Street, Ballarat
    Phone: 5329 6222 or 1 800 081 719                         If the actions of another person have made you
    Victoria Legal Aid Online:                                feel uncomfortable or unhappy for any reason,                           you are encouraged to discuss the matter with
                                                              an harassment officer.
    A translating and interpreting service is also
    available. Call 131 450 for this service, and ask
    to be put through to either organization.             ▀       Student Grievance Policy and Procedure
                                                              The University of Ballarat’s Student Grievance
    Tenants Union of Victoria:                                Policies and Procedures apply to all students.                                     The policy can be accessed at
▀       Statutory Declarations and Affidavits                 evance/ch01.php
    Forms are available from Post Offices and most
    newsagents. The form will list authorised                 Please note that this policy states that
    occupational categories of persons who can                international students have the right to an
    receive affidavits and witness statutory                  Advocate of their choosing in the Informal and
    declarations. The University has a number of              Formal Procedures. Contact ISP for further
    authorised people. This list is available online at       details.

                                                                                            Town of Echuca,
                                                                                            Murray River tour,

    Shopping and Buying Food
▀      Shopping
    Shopping in Australia is done at supermarkets,        Clothes and Other Goods
    department stores, specialist shops, local            There are a number of shopping areas and
    shopping centres and factory outlets.                 shopping complexes in Ballarat, which have a
                                                          range of specialty shops. They are:
    In most retail shops, such as food and clothing          Sturt Street, Ballarat
    shops, the goods are sold according to the price         Bridge Mall Shopping Centre (bottom of Sturt
    at which they are marked. When buying larger              Street)
    items such as a fridge, vacuum cleaner, TV or            Central Square Shopping Centre -
    bulk quantities, it is normal to ask for a lower          Armstrong Street South (behind Myer)
    price. This is not seen as “haggling” over the           Stockland Shopping Centre – Howitt and
    price, but as seeking the best deal. You might            Gillies Street, Wendouree
    ask, “What is the best price you can do?” or “Any        Howitt Street Shopping Centre - Howitt
    discount for cash?” Accept the reply from the             Street, Wendouree
    salesperson and ask a similar question at other          Sebastopol Shopping Centre - Corner Albert
    shops. In this way you can discover the best              Street & Hertford Street, Sebastopol
    price on a particular item.
    In the case of very expensive items like a house      Electrical adaptors are available from Harvey
    or new car it is normal for an extended process       World Travel, 2 Doveton Street South, Ballarat
    of offers and counter offers, until both seller and   and Dick Smith Electronics, corner of Sturt and
    buyer agree.                                          Grenville Streets, Ballarat.

    Bargaining does occur at weekend markets, but         Markets
    it is not aggressive bargaining. If a pair of shoes   Ballarat Market for fresh vegetables, foodstuffs,
    is priced at $14.00AUD you might say, “I’ll give      clothing and second-hand goods:
    you $10.00 for that pair of shoes”. If the            Ballarat Showgrounds, corner of Creswick Road
    stallholder says no you should respect his            and Howitt Streets.
    decision and not haggle further.                      Sunday morning 7.00am – 1.00 pm

    Furniture and Household Goods                         Queen Victoria Market (Melbourne) is the
    For new furniture and household goods, look up        biggest market in Australia. There are hundreds
    the Yellow Pages for retail shops. For second         of stalls of food, clothing, food, craft, plants and
    hand furniture, appliances and goods:                 souvenirs:
                                                          Corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Streets
    Kittelty's Auction Room                               Melbourne
    830 Humffray St (South)                               Phone: 9320 5822
    Ballarat                                              Web:

    Auctions: One Wednesday a month starting at           Student Discounts
    10:30am                                               There are numerous businesses in Ballarat that
    Can preview the day before.                           give discounts to students. See the ISIC Card
    Call Tel: 5332 2899 for auction date and details      for a complete list and the back of your Student
                                                          Diary for a list of businesses that offer discounts.

    Shopping and Buying Food
▀       Second-Hand                                       Halal Meat
    Opportunity shops known as ‘op shops’ are             Midvale Quality Meats.
    shops where second hand goods of all kinds are        Shop 10, Midvale Shopping Centre
    sold cheaply.                                         Mt Clear Ph: 5330 1174
     St. Vincent de Paul
    216 Mair St, Ballarat      Phone: 5331 1416           Harbour Quality Butcher
    178 Albert St, Sebastopol  Phone: 5335 7466           615 Lydiard Street (Nth)
    Ring Road, Ballarat West   Phone: 5334 2234           Ballarat Ph: 5332 4402

     Uniting Church Outreach Centre                      Alternatively Halal meat can be purchased in
    6 Main Rd, Ballarat     Phone: 5331 2908              Melbourne from the following Supermarkets /
    102 Albert St, Ballarat Phone: 5332 1286              Butchers:
    8 Sheppard St, Ballarat Phone: 5331 2908
                                                          Istanbul – Halal Meat Butchers
     Salvation Army Mission Shops:                       609 Sydney Road
    72 Victoria St, Ballarat    Phone: 5332 2320          Brunswick Phone: 9380 4895
    Corner of Eureka St and Main Rd, Ballarat
                                Phone: 5333 4677          Brunswick Halal Poultry
    1225 Howitt St, Wendouree Phone: 5338 1629            667 Sydney Road
    50 Beverin St, Sebastopol   Phone: 5336 1698          Brunswick Phone: 9386 1591

▀        Eating Out                                       Kosher
    Ballarat has many cafés, restaurants and take         Melbourne Kosher Butchers
    away food outlets, providing a variety of foods,      251 Inkerman Street
    including foods inspired by the cultures of China,    St Kilda Phone: 9525 5077
    Thailand, India, Italy and Greece. Ask more
    senior students about the best places to go.

    Tipping is not the usual custom in Australia,
    except in the more expensive restaurants. While
    not obligatory, customers may tip the waiter or
    waitress up to 10% of the bill. Only tip if you are
    pleased with the service. Tips are generally not
    given in cafeterias or in fast food shops.

▀       Buying Food

    Buying Food to Prepare Yourself
    The Eastwood Shopping Centre is where most
    students shop because in the one area you can
    buy almost anything. There are two
    supermarkets, Coles & Safeway, open 24 hours
    a day, 7 days a week, plus special shops for
    chicken, fish, fruit, bread and meat.

    Midvale Shopping Centre is closest to the
    University. It has an IGA supermarket as well as
    a chemist, post office, video hire, newsagent,
    second-hand clothing shop and a bakery. The           Mayor of Ballarat’s International Student Welcome,
    supermarket is open 7 days a week.                    Ballarat Town Hall, 2009

    Organic Produce
    Boah Organic Supermarket & Café
    100 Bridge Mall, Ballarat. Ph: 533 33720
Social Clubs and Cultural Associations
▀ Student Social Club.                                  ▀        Central Highlands Asian-Australian
The Facebook “Ballarat Vista Social Group” is a                  Association
newly formed social group for International             The Association's main aim is the promotion of
students in Ballarat. Access this online social club    cultural awareness in the community. This is
through your Facebook account by visiting Ballarat      achieved primarily by the group meeting
Vista Social Group to see what events, and social       together to participate in social activities.
activities are on so you can get involved with other    Contact: Vivian Bradbury Phone: 5330 1556
students and the local Ballarat community.
                                                        ▀         Ballarat Indian Australian
▀        Multicultural Clubs and Societies              The Ballarat Indian Australian Association
                                                        (BIAA) supports and responds to the needs to
National Liaison Committee for International            Indian people living in Ballarat, particularly
Students in Australia (NLC)                             new arrivals. The BIIA actively promotes
This organisation is the national representative        Indian culture within the Indian community, as
body for all international students in Australia. The   well as promoting and developing cross-
Victorian Branch of the National Liaison Committee      cultural awareness, education and community
is at:                                                  harmony. This is achieved through social
Suite 64, Trades Hall                                   activities and events.
54 Victoria Street                                      Contact: Khushi Maharaj
Carlton South, Victoria 3053                            Phone: 5335 8271
Phone: 03 9650 8908                                     Email:
                                                        ▀         Muslim Students' League of
▀        Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council                  Australia (MSLA)
         Inc. (BRMC)                                    The Muslim Students' League of Australia
This organisation includes members from 20              (MSLA) is an organisation that represents the
different cultural Associations in Ballarat and the     interests of Muslim Students throughout
region and provides assistance to groups and            tertiary institutions in Australia.
individuals from different cultural backgrounds.        Phone: 02 9662 2826
If you would like to know more about BRMC or be         Web:
in contact with a particular cultural group, please
contact BRMC’s main office at Golden Point
Learning and Cultural Centre (GPLACE), 102              ▀ Overseas Christian Fellowship
English Street, Golden Point, Ballarat, 3350.           A national organisation for Christian students
Phone: 5332 5941 or 5332 5942.                          from overseas, there are centres in
Email:                            universities around Australia. For more
Web:                                    information: Web:

                                                        ▀ Recreational and Sporting Clubs
                                                        Ballarat has a wide range of sports clubs and
                                                        venues where you can participate in your
                                                        favourite sporting activity. For more
                                                        information: Web:

                                                        Copies of ‘The REC Guide: Recreation and
                                                        Sporting Facilities in Ballarat and District’ are
                                                        held in the International Student Programs

Visit to Apollo Bay, Mariners Lookout, 2009.

Social Customs in Australia
▀       Use of Names                                   impolite to ask someone how much money they
Most Australians have three names. The first           earn or the cost of their house, car, etc. It's fine
two names are referred to as ‘given’ or ‘Christian’    to ask these things indirectly, e.g. "How much is
names, and most people are known by the first          a first year out Commerce graduate likely to
of these. The last name is called the ‘family          earn?" or "What would the average price of a 3-
name’, or ‘surname’.                                   bedroom house in Ballarat be?"

Your naming system may differ from this,               ▀        Going out for a meal
however for the sake of clarity it is important that   If you are invited for a meal with an Australian
on official documents you always use the same          family, ask what time you are supposed to arrive.
names in the same order. It is a good idea to          Words like dinner, supper, tea and lunch often
underline your family name. e.g. Wong Fei Wan.         mean different things to different people, so it’s
                                                       best to clarify the time to arrive. It is also
Here are some guidelines for using names:              important to be punctual.

Australians commonly refer to each other by first      If an Australian is invited to a meal, he or she
names. Generally you may use a person's first          may take something along for the hosts (e.g.
name if they are of the same age as you or             some fruit or chocolates or a bottle of juice or
younger. However, if they are older than you           wine). However you should not feel expected to
are, or you meet them in their official role, you      do this.
should use their surname. e.g. "Good afternoon
Mr Smith". Mr Smith may say to you, "Please            If you are unable to eat certain foods, tell your
call me John" and you may do so from then              hosts beforehand. While it is important to
onwards.                                               respect other people's beliefs, you do not have
                                                       to surrender your own values. Your hosts will
Many Australian women, whether single or               want to serve food that you enjoy.
married, prefer to be called Ms (pronounced
Mizz) which can be used in place of both Miss or       In Western culture knives, forks and spoons are
Mrs. When addressing a letter to a woman               used to eat with. If the meal is formal there may
whose preferred title you don’t know, it is best to    be several courses and there will be a number of
use Ms.                                                knives, forks and spoons laid out. If you are
                                                       unsure about which piece of cutlery to use, ask
If you are wondering what to call someone              the person next to you, or watch what everyone
simply ask: "What would you like me to call            else does and copy them. None of this is very
you?" When you first meet someone it is also           important these days, so just make sure you
appropriate to tell them the name that you prefer      enjoy yourself! At barbeques or picnics
to be called.                                          Australians often don't bother with cutlery but just
                                                       use their fingers and paper serviettes.
Australians often use shortened versions of
names e.g. Ronald may be shortened to Ron or           Most students are short of money, so an
Ronnie, Elizabeth to Liz, Lizzy, Beth, or Betty.       invitation to join friends for a meal in a restaurant
                                                       may mean that they would like you to join them
Nicknames are also common and may derive               but you will be expected to pay for your own
from a physical characteristic, or a word play on      meal. If in doubt, ask. Similarly, if you are
the person’s name. Being given a nickname is           invited to a barbecue you may be asked to bring
often a sign of group acceptance or friendship.        your own meat and drinks. This may be
                                                       expressed on an invitation as BYO (bring your
▀        Conversation                                  own) meat and drinks. Again, if in doubt, say
You are studying in an English-speaking country        "What would you like me to bring?"
so take the opportunity to improve your English.
Don't be embarrassed or worried if you are not         ▀         Clothing Culture
fluent, you will soon improve. Generally people        The types of clothing that Australians wear
won't mind if you ask them to speak more slowly.       reflect the diversity in our society, as well as the
Socialising with Australian people is the best way     variation in climate. There are no laws regarding
to practice your English.                              clothing, but you must dress in a certain way for
When you are talking to Australians there are          work situations, as most workplaces have
some questions it is best not to ask unless you        expectations of what employees should wear.
know someone very well. It is considered               These expectations must be adhered to.   31
Many Australians live close to the beach and          • “Are people understanding me?”
sea. On hot days, many people may wear little         • “Will I be a successful student?”
clothing. This does not suggest that Australians      • “Will I find friends?”
have low moral standards, but rather that this is     • “Should I discuss my personal beliefs, religious
acceptable on and around beaches.                     beliefs or political opinions?”
                                                      • “What does it mean when someone looks
People from other countries are welcome to            directly into my eyes?”
wear their national dress, such as religious or       • “Should I trust this friendly stranger?”
customary items. As a society with people from
many different cultures, clothing that is a part of   All of these uncertainties and more can be
religious beliefs or customs is encouraged.           confusing. You may also feel that you don’t know
                                                      what to do in certain situations. Probably you did
Culture Shock                                         not think about these things at home because
                                                      you knew what to do and what to expect. You
                                                      also knew how other people acted and thought.
Culture shock is a type of homesickness. The          In other words, you understood “the rules” and
term refers to the stresses and strains that          “the signs.” Life was easier at home.
accumulate from being forced to meet one’s
everyday needs (e.g. language, climate, food,
cleanliness, companionship) in unfamiliar ways.       Your body and your mind may react in unusual
Some symptoms of culture shock are:                   ways to the stress and confusion of living in a
                                                      new culture. Some of the reactions you
                                                      experience may be:
• frustration/boredom
• feeling inadequate/frightened/unable to
cope/lost and alone                                   • feeling isolated or alone
• disorientation/feeling out of place                 • sleeping too much or not enough
• longing for home, family and friends                • finding it difficult to eat or eating too much
• lack of motivation                                  • wanting to return home
• being physically unwell: headaches, stomach         • feeling angry towards local people
problems, sleep problems
                                                      These reactions are normal. You are not ill. It is
When you leave home and all the things that are       a temporary state experienced by people who
familiar, you encounter many new and confusing        are adjusting to life in a new environment, and
situations. These situations can create stress;       can occur at any time during the life of a student.
the reaction to this stress is called “culture        How can you adjust to your new environment?
shock.”                                               How can you make a successful transition to a
                                                      new culture?
Some of the differences between life at home
and life in a new place are obvious:                  • Speak to other international students about
                                                      their experiences.
                                                      • Make an appointment to speak with the
• language                                            International Student Adviser or a university
• climate                                             counsellor
• religion                                            • Read widely on the culture and customs of the
• food                                                country in which you are staying.
• educational system                                  • Use helpful websites such as
• absence of family and close ties          
Other differences are not as obvious:
                                                      • Understand that initially, there are likely to be
• how students relate to teachers                     uncertainties and confusion. Imagine how an
• how people make decisions                           Australian might react to living in your country.
• how people spend their leisure time
• how people resolve conflicts                        • Observe how people in your new environment
• how people express feelings and emotions,           act in situations that are confusing to you. Try to
meanings of hand, face and body movements             understand what they believe and why they
                                                      behave as they do. Avoid judging things as
These differences can cause feelings of               either right or wrong; regard them as being
uncertainty and anxiety:                              merely different.

                                                      • Remember the ways you have been able to

reduce stress in difficult situations in the past       Bribery
and consider applying those methods in your             Bribery is NOT tolerated in Australia and you
present circumstances. For example, you might           should never attempt to gain preferential
take a long walk, go to a cinema, or write a letter     treatment by bribery. There are laws against
or chat to a close friend or relative. Try to see the   bribery and they are enforced both against the
humour in confusing situations that you                 person offering AND the person receiving the
encounter; ‘laughter is often the best medicine’.       bribe.

Social Customs in Australia
                                                        ▀        Relationships
At a typical Australian student barbecue people         Young people in Australia are sometimes
will bring chops, sausages or hamburger patties.        portrayed as being sexually promiscuous. Do
If you don’t like/can’t eat these foods it’s quite      not assume that this is the case. It is quite
OK to bring fish wrapped in foil or vegetable           normal in Western cultures for relationships to
patties or kebabs, all of which cook successfully       develop slowly and for any intimate body contact
on a barbecue.                                          to take place only when it is desired by both of
                                                        the people involved. Any person has the right to
You may also be invited to a function and asked         say "No" at any stage.
to "bring a plate". This is an Australian
expression which means you are being asked to           Sometimes people misunderstand each other in
bring a contribution of food for the meal. Many a       social relationships. Someone that you go out
newcomer to Australia has been caught out by            with may think that you are willing to have sex
bringing an empty plate, assuming that it was           because you let them kiss you or are willing to
needed to eat from. If you are good at making a         have them visit you alone in your room. In
favorite dish from your own country, ask your           Australia, if you do not want to have sexual
hosts if it would be appropriate for you to bring       intercourse with someone, you always have the
this. Usually such a dish will be greatly               right to say “no”. Although this can sometimes
appreciated.                                            be difficult and people can sometimes persist
                                                        when they should not, your rights remain
Saying “Thank You”                                      constant. To protect people from rape or sexual
In Australia it is common practice to thank             activity without consent, there are severe legal
people for the smallest deeds. When you buy             penalties for those who commit such crimes.
something and receive some change, thank the
shop assistant. Thank someone who holds the             If you find yourself in a situation you do not
door open for you or who answers a question.            understand or feel comfortable about, talk to the
Australians say thank you more often than is the        friendly staff in the ISP office or a counsellor at
case in many other countries.                           student services.

▀       Body Language and Personal Space
People of every culture have particular ways of
                                                        Personal Safety
using their hands, eyes, arms and even
standing, that have meaning within that culture.        Although Ballarat is a relatively safe city, crime is
A gesture may mean one thing within one culture         around. Being prepared and taking precautions
but something entirely different in another.            will reduce your chances of become a victim. In
                                                        offering this information it is not our intention to
For example, when an Australian is talking to           make you paranoid or worried, rather we want to
someone, he/she will usually look that person in        give you some helpful advice to protect yourself
the eye. We think this shows that we are sincere        and your possessions. The main idea is to use
and are giving the other person our full attention.     common sense - Take extra care at night,
In some other cultures this would be considered         don’t walk around alone in dark or isolated
impolite. Likewise, handing someone something           places, keep your house and vehicle secure and
with the left hand is an insult in some countries.      be alert and aware of what or who is around you.
In Australia, we use either hand to pass things.
When talking, Australians don't stand very close        ON THE STREET
to each other. Nor do they touch each other as              Maintain a confident appearance.
much as people from some other cultures do.                   Stay alert and walk with your eyes
If you are staying with an Australian family, do            Be aware of your surroundings, both
not enter the bedrooms of family members                      human and environmental. Take note of
unless invited to do so. These are regarded as                street names and who is around. Most
personal space.                                               attacks occur early in the morning or late   33
         at night when there are not many people               with doors locked and windows shut.
         around.                                               Sound your horn and flash your lights.
        At night, if possible, keep to major well-
         lit streets and avoid dark areas or           ▀       Parking Your Vehicle
         short cuts. It is not safe to walk alone
         to your local telephone box at night,                Consider the area you are parking in
         especially on weekends when people                    if not returning to your car until after
         who may have been drinking are also                   dark. Does the area have adequate
         walking around.                                       lighting, is it isolated or dark? Don’t
        If you think you are being followed, walk             park in an isolated or dark position.
         close to the road, or cross to the other              Avoid parking too close to walls, high
         side. If you are sure you are being                   fences or vegetation, which might
         followed, use your mobile and contact                 provide cover for an attacker.
         the police or a taxi, or go to the nearest           Remove purses, packages or other
         house and ask the occupants to call for               easily stolen items from easy view
         you.                                                  within the car.
        When using a Public Phone or ATM                     When returning to your car, have the
         look around first to make sure that                   keys in your hand for quick access.
         nobody is watching you. Put y`our                    Before you open your car door, visually
         money away immediately; never count it                conduct a proper check to make sure
         at the ATM.                                           no one is hiding inside, particularly
                                                               behind the from seats.
▀        Public Transport
                                                       ▀       Keeping Your House Safe/Secure
        Check timetables in advance – avoid
         long waits at platforms, particularly in             Always lock up. Doors and windows
         the evening. Stay in well-lit areas or wait           should be locked, not only when you are
         near local shops. Stand where you can                 out of the house, but when you are
         be seen.                                              elsewhere (eg backyard).
        Where possible sit with others or                    Secure all windows.
         travel with a friend. Face other                     Plan ahead for absences or holidays.
         travellers.                                           Never leave your house obviously
        If you are being harassed or                          unoccupied, even briefly. Arrange for a
         assaulted, complain loudly to draw                    friend to clear your letter box. Try to
         attention to yourself.                                leave a car parked in your driveway.
        Remain alert: take note of suspicious                 Install a timer device that turns radios
         people.                                               and lights on and off at night.

▀        In Your Vehicle

        Plan your trip: always carry a road
        Inform someone of your trip                   For any emergency
         destination, estimated arrival time and
         proposed route.                               requiring the attendance
        Do not pick up hitchhikers.                   of the police, ambulance
        If you think you are being followed,
         confirm your suspicions by making turns       or fire brigade call 000.
         and staying on busy and brightly-lit
         streets if at night. If you are still being
         followed, do not drive home revealing
         where you live. Drive to a police station,
         open service station, or similar places
         where you can call the police.
        If a driver ahead of you deliberately
         forces you to stop by braking or blocking
         the road, do not turn off the engine as
         you may stall when trying to restart.
        If the driver gets out of the car and
         comes towards you, remain in your car

                                                     concession cards in the past, but they are illegal
Frequently Asked Questions                           and the card holder can incur a fine of up to
                                                     $200.00 if caught. International Student
Q) I need help finding                               Programs here at Ballarat and people at other
accommodation.                                       universities in Victoria are lobbying to get this

A) For all your accommodation questions you          law changed so that all international students
will need to                                         can benefit from travel concessions.
contact Accommodation Services.
Accommodation Services provides all on-              Q)   I need help with my studies.
Campus as well as many off-Campus
residences. They will also help you to find          A) For all your questions regarding
private accommodation through a Real Estate          assignments, exam preparation and English
Agent.                                               expression you should speak to Talia Barrett, our
To contact Accommodation Services phone:             International Academic Adviser. Talia can help
5327 9480 or visit their office which is located     you improve your reading, writing, listening and
across the walkway bridge. Office hours are          speaking skills and help you to better understand
8.40am - 5pm Monday to Friday.                       the academic basics. If you wish to speak to
                                                     Talia, you will need to make an appointment. To
Q)    I would like to find a job.                    make an appointment you can phone Talia
                                                     directly on 5327 9868 or e-mail
A) Paid Employment                          Alternatively, you can
Finding part-time work is not always easy.           book an appointment by emailing
International students should not depend    or phone
upon finding work to support their studies.          Tel: 5327 9470. Talia is available Monday to
At best, casual employment can supplement a          Friday, between 9am and 5pm.
student’s income. Ideally, a student will have
                                                     For further information to help you with your
enough money to cover expenses without
                                                     studies go to
needing to work. Research has shown that
students should work no more than 15 hours per
week in addition to full-time study, as the extra
work commitment can have an adverse impact           Q) Do I have to tell the International
on their studies.                                    Student Programs Office if I change
You may also try looking in the Saturday edition     my address?
of the local newspaper, The Courier. This
newspaper lists most of the jobs that are            A) Yes. It is a requirement of your Visa
currently available in Ballarat and surrounding      conditions that you tell International Student
areas. You can purchase this newspaper at            Programs if you change your home or e-mail
newsagents and supermarkets. You can also            address or your phone number within 7 days of
read it at the University Library. Job listings in   changing your address. You will need to speak
The Courier are also listed on a website. Go to      to the Receptionist at the front desk of the                                 International Office. It is most important that we
PLEASE NOTE: it is illegal to work in                have your up-to-date contact details so that we
Australia unless you have a Work Visa and a          can contact you in an emergency.
Tax File Number. To obtain your Work Visa
and to enquire about a Tax File Number, you can      Q)   I want to buy a car.
make an appointment with the International
office.                                              A) Buying a car is a major commitment. Not
                                                     only will you have to pay for the car, but you will
Q)  I want to get a travel concession                also have to pay registration and insurance fees,
card.                                                put petrol in it, get it serviced, put new tyres on it
                                                     and get it fixed by a mechanic when it breaks
                                                     down. All of this can cost a lot of money and
A) Unfortunately, only under-graduate
                                                     time. You will need to work out carefully whether
domestic and exchange students are able to get
                                                     or not you can afford to run a car.
a travel concession card. No full-fee paying
international students or any post-graduate
                                                     You will also need to make sure that you can
students are allowed a concession card in
                                                     drive it properly. Do you know the Australian
the State of Victoria. This is a State
                                                     road rules? Do you have an International licence
Government matter, not a University of Ballarat
                                                     or an English translation of your licence? To find
one. Some international students have obtained
                                                     out more, you will need to speak to Vicroads, the   35
State Government department. Visit their                       Feeling physically unwell (not eating,
website at This                        stomach pains, headaches, not being
website can tell you what you need to know                      able to sleep, tired all the time).
about road rules and licences.                         All of these feelings are quite normal and will
                                                       usually pass once you have settled into your
PLEASE NOTE:                                           accommodation and classes, make friends and
It is vital that when you buy a car you GET            get used to the very different way Australians do
THIRD PARTY (FIRE AND THEFT)                           things.If these feelings don’t pass, you may need
INSURANCE.                                             to speak to someone who can help you deal with
                                                       these feelings.
 Third Party Insurance covers for any damage
your car may cause to other cars or property. If       At the University of Ballarat there are qualified
you don't have this insurance, you have to pay         Counsellors who can help you to feel better, and
for the repairs of the other driver's car. For         enjoy your time here. To speak to a Counsellor,
example, if you run into a brand new Mercedes          you can make an appointment yourself at The
Benz and the repair bill is $25,000, YOU WILL          Health Centre, or you can speak to the
HAVE TO PAY IT. You will also have to pay for          Coordinator, International Student Support,
the towing and legal fees if there is a court case.    Kelsey McDonald. Please phone 5327 9340 or
And of course you will have to pay for the             e-mail
damage and towing of your own car as well.             To make an appointment yourself, you can call
And don’t think it won’t happen to you. In the         at the Health Centre, which is located in the
first two weeks of 2005 there were three               Student Centre, ground floor T building.
separate accidents involving Ballarat University       Appointments can be made by telephoning
international students. In each case the               53279477.
international student was the driver and caused
the accident. None of these students had               Normal hours of operation:
insurance and all had to pay for the damage they       9.00am - 3.00pm Monday to Thursday
caused. To find out about car insurance, look in       9.00am - 2.00pm Friday
the Yellow Pages of the local telephone book
under Insurance – Motor Vehicle.                       After Hours Emergency Contacts:
                                                       Lifeline - Telephone 131114
Generally, the cheaper the car, the less reliable it   Ballarat Health Services/Base Hospital -
will be. Some car dealers and people selling           Telephone 03 53204000 or 03 53203718
their cars may try to sell you a car that doesn’t      St John of God Hospital – Tel:03 53202126
run properly and may need to have a lot of
money spent on it to keep it going. It is best to
find out as much as you can about cars before          Q)  I would like somewhere private to
you buy one, or even better, take someone with         pray
you who knows about cars. The Royal Victorian
Automobile Club (RACV) can help you to buy a           A) Prayer Rooms
good car. You can visit their website at               An inter-denomination Prayer Room is located          next to the International Student Programs office
et/Primary/home                                        and can be accessed during business hours.

There is also a guide to buying a car available        The University of Ballarat also has a Muslim
from the International Student Advisor’s               Prayer Room that can be accessed with a
(Kelsey’s) office. This guide is available in          special after-hours card. To obtain this card and
English and Mandarin Chinese.                          more information about the Muslim Prayer
                                                       Room, please go to the Reception Desk at the
Q)        I am feeling very homesick.                  International Student Programs Office.

A) Some new international students may feel            There is also a University Chaplain on campus.
homesick or ‘culture shock’ in their first few         Fr. Rupert Bowd .
weeks in Australia. Symptoms include:                  Phone: 5327 9285
    Feeling sad (crying, missing home and
    Feeling confused and frustrated (not
       being able to study)
    Feeling alone or afraid

Map of Mount Helen Campus

ASO Accommodation Services Office             J    Sporting Fields            S   Science
B     Business                                K    Child Minding Centre       T   North Wing
C     Geoffrey Blainey Auditorium,            L    E J Barker Library         T   South Wing –
      Video Conferencing                                                          Ian Gordon
D     Vice-Chancellor's Office                M    1870 Founders Theatre      U   Union Building
      Administration                               Complex
E     Engineering                             P    Human Movement             V   Central Store
F     Research & VIOSH                        PL   Multi-Purpose Building     Z   Plant Room
G     M B John Building                       Q    Sports Facilities
H     Nursing                                 RN   Peter Lalor Hall (North)
                                              RS   Peter Lalor Hall (South)
IBMRSSC                                       RW   Bella Guerin Hall
IBM Regional Software Solutions Centre    37
Map of Camp Street Campus

Map of SMB Campus   39
Useful Websites
▀        Associations, Clubs & Societies       ▀     Car Rental Companies
                                               Budget Car Rental
National Liaison Committee for International
Students in Australia (NLC)              Europcar
Muslim Students’ League of Australia (MSLA)               Thrifty Rental
Overseas Christian Fellowship
                                               ▀     Customs & Quarantine
                                               Australian Customs Service
▀        Australia                   
Australia                              Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
Australia Day                        

                                               ▀     Embassies & Consulates
▀        Ballarat                              Australian Embassies, High Commissions,
Ballarat                                       Consulates, Multilateral Missions and                               Representative Offices              
                                               Foreign Embassies in Australia
Ballarat Begonia Festival            

Ballarat Fine Art Gallery                      ▀     Government Departments
                                               Australian Federal Government
Ballarat Wildlife Park
                                               Commonwealth Register of Institutions and
                                               Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)
Eureka Stockade
                                               Department of Education
Sovereign Hill
                                               Department of Immigration and Citizenship
▀        Currency Converter          
Currency Converter                     VicRoads

Useful Websites
▀      Health Services                              Train and Shuttle Bus timetables and routes:
                                                    Myki Card
St. Johns Ambulance                       

                                                    ▀     Support and Advice While Studying
▀      Legal Services                                     in Victoria
Victorian Legal Aid                             International Student Care Service
Law Institute of Victoria                           initiatives/international-student-care-service
                                                    Study Melbourne/Victoria
Tenants Union of Victoria:                
                                                    Study Abroad Program
▀      Magazines /                        
The Ballarat Courier           Study in Australia
Boomerang Magazine

UB Internews (a publication for                     ▀     Telecommunications
                                                    Alpha Telecom
international students at UB)

▀      Melbourne & Victoria                         Telstra
Tourism Victoria                          

Melbourne                                           ▀     Telephone Directories                                White Pages Directory

▀      Postal Services                              Yellow Pages Telephone Directory
Australia Post                            

                                                    ▀     University of Ballarat
▀      Public Transport                             University of Ballarat – International Student
Ballarat Public Transport (Davis Bus Lines)         Programs         
Bus timetable and routes:         University of Ballarat – Accommodation

V-Line Train Service   41
    Useful Telephone Numbers
          Emergency Contacts
                                                           Ballarat Railway Station

    000                                                    5337 8565

    This is the national Australian Emergency              VicRoads (For driving licences and car
    number for Fire, Police & Ambulance                    registration)
    You can also dial 112 from your mobile even if
    you have no credit or if you are out of range.         13 11 71

                                                             Community support organisations
                                                              for students and their families
    International Student Programs                         Ballarat City Council Migration Project (for
                                                           enquiries regarding Skilled Regional Visas)
    Reception:                             5327 9018
    Student Adviser (Mt Helen):            5327 9340       5320 5180
    Student Adviser (SMB):                 5327 8089
    Academic Adviser (Mt Helen):           5327 9868
                                                           Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council (BRMC)
          University Services
                                                           5332 5941 or 5332 5942
    Student Services (Counselling and Doctors)

    5327 9470                                              Central Highlands Asian-Australian Association

                                                           5330 1556
    Accommodation Services
                                                             International student support
    5327 9480                                                 organisations

                                                           Muslim Students' League of Australia (MSLA)
    Finance Office (for financial advice)
                                                           02 9662 2826
    5327 9539
                                                           National Liaison Committee for International
                                                           Students in Australia (International Student
    Mt Helen Campus Library
                                                           03 9650 8908
    5327 9594

                                                           International Student Care Service
          Transport                                       email
                                                           19-21 Argyle Place South
    Ballarat Taxis                                         Carlton Victoria 3053
                                                           1800 056 449
    13 10 08