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									The Ways And Means of Building enormous Inbound Links

Do some additional analysis on directory submissions online plus you’ll find a lot of opinions on the
topic, most of them based on old information or a misunderstanding of current developments. An
efficient directory submission procedure is reliant on two very important marketing philosophies:

Driving visitors (traffic) to your website

Building link fame to your website

Driving Traffic from end to end Directory Submissions

Directory submissions are efficient in pouring traffic to your website for one reason and one reason
only: People interested in visiting sites like yours visit those directories to discover what they are looking
for and they naturally find the directory in one of two ways:

From end to end search query at one of the search engines

By transfer from someone they know and trust

It doesn’t actually matter how a visitor who visits your website found the directory that guide them
there. The vital object is that someone found you through a directory. But if you don’t put forward your
site to the directory then no one can find you. Directories don’t lag behind websites like search engines
do so the only way your site can be listed in a directory is if someone submits it there.

by Directory Submissions to construct Link Popularity

Link recognition is the measure of your website’s inbound links. Many people believe it boils down to
the number of links that point to your website, but that’s only a piece of the equation. The additional
part is the superiority of the links and that superiority is measured through numerous factors as well.
Some of the factors that influence link recognition include:
Era of the website connecting to you

Influence of the website that links to you

The significance in topic or subject matter of the website concerning to you

The above three factors as they relate to the exact page linking to you

Anchor text, or specific words and phrases, used to link to your website

How rapidly your link popularity develops

Variety of link mix

Almost everyone who understands link construction agrees on the first six factors of the link popularity
equation. Where a great deal of the perplexity comes in is when negotiations about link variety come
up. In a word, the search engines don’t like to see all of your links approaching from the similar type of
website or websites of an exacting nature. That is, if you build up 1,000 links in a single day and all of
them are from directories then that may not help you greatly by the search engines. On the other hand,
if you construct up your link recognition gradually and take account of links from sources other than
directories, 1,000 links from all-purpose website directories might very well be a helpful.

Directory Submissions Are Not the Devil’s Girlfriend

One ordinary mistaken belief about directory submissions is that they are no longer valuable. This just
simply isn’t true. Google doesn’t help one directory more than any other. It does, though, discount links
from link farms and bad neighborhoods. That’s why it is vital to select your directories cautiously.

What it boils down to is why you are looking for a link from a directory in the initial position. Search
engines don’t desire you building links just so you can raise your search engine rankings. They want you
to construct links in a natural way. That’s why directory submissions are not a awful object if you add
those submissions to a diversified collection of links rather than focusing on directory submissions

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