Volume 7, Issue 4                                                                                                    April 2009

Most of the diseases that threaten goldfish             Fungus                                                 up of fluid. Scales become raised giving a
can be cured. But better still these diseases           This is yet another bacterial infection that infects   pinecone-like appearance. One or both of the
can be prevented. While you should be alert             the already injured and weak goldfish that are         eyes may be protruded. Dropsy is fatal and hard
to symptoms of a sick goldfish, you should              stressed out from poor quality water. Fungus is        to cure. Your best bet is a broad-spectrum anti-
try and prevent them from happening.                    caused by the Saprolegnia and Achlya bacteria
                                                                                                               bacteria treatment. You could add salt to
Some of the common diseases that can                    that flourish in badly maintained tanks and attack
                                                                                                               prevent salt loss. You must make sure that the
affect goldfish include:                                the wounds of the goldfish.
                                                                                                               water in your tank is of good quality. Test the
IchtyopthIrIus                                          If you see fluffy growths on the damaged               water from time to time.
Better known as Ick, this is the most common            wounds either on the skin or the fins of your
                                                                                                               clouDy eye
disease that strikes down goldfish. Ick is a            goldfish, it’s fungus. Fungus generally manifest
                                                                                                               This is when the eyes of your goldfish seem as
parasite that attaches to the goldfish body.            in injuries and wounds left by ulcers and
                                                                                                               an opaque lining covered them. It is caused by
                                                        parasites and can be very damaging to the fish.
Look for small white spots that look like salt                                                                 poor water quality, lack of vitamins, an unhealthy
                                                        You would need to use standard anti-fungal
grain on the goldfish’s skin, fins and gills.                                                                  diet, and eye flukes like Diplostomum, corneal
                                                        medications, which might however damage the
The parasite attaches to the goldfish when                                                                     damage, and bacterial infection. Your goldfish
                                                        water quality. You can also use aquarium salt at
it is stressed out due to bad conditions and                                                                   will seem to have an eye that looks cloudy and
                                                        a dose of 1-3g/litre.
feeds off the body of the fish. The conditions                                                                 opaque rather than bright and clear.
                                                        Improve water conditions because fungus never
worsen when the Ick begins to lay its eggs and                                                                 The goldfish’s eyes might have mucus on the outer
                                                        grows in a well-maintained tank with good
reproduces at a very fast pace.                                                                                surface and the goldfish probably cannot see as
                                                        quality water.
If your goldfish is a victim of Ick, treat him or her                                                          well as he or she should, leading to a slowdown
with an anti-parasite medication. Also you might                                                               in the activities. Try and ensure high quality water
have to raise the water temperature to make this                                                               conditions, stick to a healthy, balanced good
medication more effective. Ask an expert and                                                                   quality food that contains added vitamins.
follow instructions.                                                                                           swIm BlaDDer DIsorDer
You can prevent Ick from growing by making                                                                     More than a disease, swim bladder disorder
sure that you maintain the tank well with the           constIpatIon                                           is a problem affecting some goldfish varieties
weekly changes and keep the water fresh and             This is bound to happen to your glutton goldfish       genetically. Egg-shaped fancy goldfish seem to
pollution-free.                                         at some point or the other. Their body structure       have this disorder more than the others. It has
                                                        is such that they can’t take in too much food but      to do with floating and the goldfish are either
FIn rot                                                 their nature is such that they can’t stop eating!      sinkers or floaters.
Another common problem that goldfish                                                                           Apart from genetic issues like physical
suffer from is fin rot when it looks as if              Overeating and foods high in fat can cause a
                                                        goldfish to get compacted Your goldfish might          deformities, high levels of nitrates in the water
parts of the fins and tails are wasting away.
                                                        look a little bloated and isn’t as active. Due         as well as not soaking the food before feeds that
This is also a bacterial infection arising out
                                                        to their structure and overeating goldfish are         causes gas bring on swim bladder disorder. Bad
of poor water conditions. Fin rot usually
                                                        compacted and this causes a problem with their         water quality adds to the problem. Your goldfish
happens to a fish that is already suffering from
                                                        ability to eat as well as digest the food they eat.    seems to be unable to either swim to the top or
something else. They are already weak and fall
                                                                                                               swim down to the bottom of the tank.
prey to this infection.                                 Try giving them boiled and softened peas, which
                                                        act as a mild laxative. Make sure that your            Your goldfish have difficulty swimming to
Watch out for frayed, rotting, often pale
                                                        goldfish get green foods and do not give them          the surface, or to the lower levels of the tank.
pinky-white edged fins and blood streaks on
                                                        too much protein or too much fat.                      They also do not eat well due to gas and the
the fin tissue. The already stressed goldfish is
                                                                                                               bad quality water reduces their oxygen supply.
infected by this bacterial infection and the fins       Dropsy
                                                                                                               Improve the water conditions and give them
begin to rot away. Sometimes fungus attacks             Dropsy is another bacterial infection that infects
                                                                                                               Daphnia, which acts as a laxative.
cause the condition to worsen.                          the fish within its body causing the scales to stick
                                                        out. It is dangerous and often the fish die. Dropsy    Ensure high quality water conditions and do
You will need to treat your goldfish with fin rot or
                                                        is brought on by water that has a very high            take care to soak the food, whether pellets or
anti-bacteria treatment to stop the disease from
                                                        ammonia and nitrite content. Be alert for signs of     flakes, before you give it to the goldfish. Reduce
spreading. Try adding salt to the tank to make
                                                        body swelling and scales that seem to poke out.        the dried food that you might give.
up for the salt that the fish has lost. Make sure
                                                        Sometimes even the eyes seem to bulge out.             If you would like to learn more about keeping
that the water is pollution-free. You can prevent
fin rot by making sure that the water quality is of     Dropsy causes the fish to retain fluid and swell       your goldfish healthy, please come and speak
high quality and see that you maintain it.              up. Swelling of the body cavity due to a build-        with one of our friendly trained staff at Petwise.

EASTER TRADING AT PETWISE                                              WHICH PARROT IS RIGHT FOR ME?
Good Friday                       Closed                               Which parrot is right for me?
                                                                       This is a question that you must
Easter Saturday                   Normal Trading                       ask yourself before you think of
                                  (8.30am to 5.00pm)                   keeping these lovely birds as
Easter Sunday                     Closed                               pets. Every parrot has its
                                                                       distinctive temperament and
Easter Monday                     9.30am to 4.30pm
                                                                       nature. Parrots need a lot of

                                                                       attention and love to become
                                                                       adorable pets. Once they bond with
                                                                       you, you will realise how precious they are as pets.
                                                                       You should choose your parrot according to your lifestyle.
                                                                       The following tips, which apply to choosing any pet,
                                                                       should be considered before buying a parrot:
                                                                       •	 	 ry	 not	 to	 adopt	 or	 purchase	 a	 pet	 on	 a	 whim	 or	
                                                                          inspiration. Make it a deliberate, thought-out action.
                                                                       •	 	 hop	around	-	take	the	time	to	learn	all	about	the	kinds	
                                                                          of pet you are considering buying.
                                                                       •	 	 atch	the	pet	to	your	lifestyle.	Do	you	work	long	hours?	
                                                                          Do you have children? Are they mature enough not to
                                                                          be a threat to the pet you choose? If you travel a lot
                                                                          who will care for the pet while you are away?
                                                                       •	 	 atch	your	pet	to	your	home	environment.	How	much	
                             Don’t ask!                                   free space is there? Is there a back yard? Is it fenced?
                                                                          How will your neighbors feel about this new pet? If you
WHAT’S ON AT PETWISE UNDERWOOD                                            rent, what will your landlord think about this pet?
                                                                       •	 	 ecide	 if	 this	 is	 the	 right	 time	 in	 your	 life	 to	 get	 a	 pet.	
Little Paws Kitten Rescue will be in store on Saturday,
                                                                          Frankly consider if this is really the right time in your life
11th of April. They will be offering kittens for adoption
                                                                          to own a (another) pet. If you already have other pets
on the day. There will be limited kittens available, so if
                                                                          how will they get along with the new one? How stable are
you are thinking of adding a kitten to your family, please
                                                                          your human relationships? How good is your health?
consider adopting through Little Paws Kitten Rescue.
                                                                       •	 	 onsider	how	long	your	pet	is	likely	to	live.	Small	parrots	
If you adopt a kitten on the day, you will be eligible
                                                                          live 8-14 years, larger ones 35-60 years.
for discounts on everything you need to care for your
new pet. Litter boxes, food, collars, vet lines and                       D
                                                                       •	 	 ecide	if	you	are	able	to	meet	the	pet’s	specific	needs.	
much, much more. If you would like to know more                           Do you have enough time to properly feed and clean
about Little Paws Kitten Rescue, please contact one                       for it? Many pets get bored if they do not have enough
of our friendly trained staff at Petwise Underwood                        one-on-one contact. This boredom can lead to a host
– Homemaker HQ, 21 Kingston Road, Underwood                               of undesirable behaviors.
(Between Bunnings and Big W) Phone: 3219 9211.                            C
                                                                       •	 	 ost	-	besides	the	initial	cost	of	the	pet	you	may	incur	
                                                                          considerable expense in purchasing the pet a suitable

                                                                          cage. Over time, the cost of a good diet will far exceed
                                                                          whatever you paid for the parrot. It may need veterinary
                                                                          care and grooming from time to time.

                                                                       The main species of parrots-type birds are - parrots,
                                                                       macaws, cockatoos, cockatiels, parakeets and budgies.

    This is ‘NACHO’. He is full of character and although he is only
                                                                       Parrots - Parrots are a very popular group of birds. Parrots
                                                                       are intelligent animals who depend on some degree of
                                                                       socialisation and training. Different parrots have different
    8 months old, he is already a firm part of his family. He always
                                                                       needs. See that you cater to all these needs to have a
    has a smile for them when they get home from a busy day at
    work and loves getting out to meet up with mates at the local      healthy and happy parrot in your house.
    dog park. ‘NACHO’ has won a special prize, worth up to $20,        Macaws - Macaws have been rightly called winged
    compliments of our valued supplier, Iams.

rainbows. Macaws are flamboyant, colorful, intelligent
and captivating birds. Their personalities are legendary.            DESIGNER DOGS
Because of their great beauty and engaging personalities,            Q. what do you get when you cross a chook with a cow?
macaws have been kept in captivity for centuries.                    a. roost beef!
Cockatoos	 -	 Most	 are	 colored	 mainly	 in	 white,	 but	           That was pretty bad. Let’s try another one.
others come in grays and pinks, blacks, and in the
Palm’s case, deep blue. Well-raised cockatoos are                    Q. what do you get when you cross a labrador with a poodle?
adorable; a hog for attention, a socialite, and just a               a. a labradoodle!
pleasure to have around.
                                                                     Okay, that’s only a marginal
Cockatiels	 -	 Cockatiels	 are	 ideal	 for	 the	 first	 time	 pet	
                                                                     improvement on the first
owner. They are characteristically happy and cheerful
                                                                     joke; but believe it or not,
birds, never moody or demanding. They like to be let on
                                                                     the Labradoodle is a genuine
your shoulder for a ride, and make cute noises.
                                                                     crossbreed - and it’s the
Parakeets - ‘Parakeets’ means “small parrots”. Their small
                                                                     crossbreed spearheading the
size, bright colors, and cheerful disposition make them
                                                                     ‘designer dog’ craze which is
perfect pets. It is calming to listen to their quiet chattering
                                                                     currently sweeping the world.
and chirping. Some parakeets even learn to talk.
                                                                     Yes, the Labradoodle has a funny name but this particular
Budgies - Each has its distinctive personality. Some
                                                                     hybrid is not a joke, nor is it likely to be a just passing fad.
budgies may be sensitive while others might get into
mischief at every opportunity. Their can display amazing             These couture canines weren’t created to satisfy the likes
powers of mimicry, and their antics can be very amusing.             of Paris Hilton and other socialites with stronger feelings
                                                                     for their Louis Vuitton dog-carrier than their actual dog.
Ask yourself again - which parrot is right for me? All parrots
need time and patience to make wonderful pets. Some                  Labradoodles originated in Australia in the 1970s when
parrots are cheerful all the time, some are often moody.             Guide Dogs Victoria received a request for a low allergy
Some play on their own, while some always demand your                guide dog. The Poodle was the natural choice to cross
company. These birds can make your life beautiful and                with the Labrador, as the breed is known for having low-
chirpy, think hard before you make your choice!                      shedding, hypoallergenic traits. After the pups started
                                                                     appearing in public, Labradoodle fever spread like
PET OF THE MONTH COMPETITION                                         wildfire as people discovered these irresistibly boisterous,
                                                                     charismatic, and shaggy-coated canines.
Have you sent your pet’s photo for inclusion in our Pet
Gallery yet? Well, come on, get that photo taken, you could          The Labradoodle is joined in the exclusive ‘designer dog’
be lucky enough to win our Pet of                                    category (not to be confused with the ‘mongrel/mutt’
the Month competition and receive                                    category) by the Yorkipoo (Yorkshire Terrier meets Poodle),
a prize, compliments of our valued                                   Cockapoo	 (Cockerspaniel	 meets	 Poodle)	 and	 Schnoodle	
supplier, Iams.                                                      (Schnauzer meets yet another lucky Poodle).
All you have to do is take your                                      So, how much is that Schnoodle in the window? The one
pet’s photo, plus a few details                                      with the non-shedding coat? Schnoodles start at about $350,
(don’t forget your name, address                                     and can cost as much as $4000. And Labradoodles are even
and membership number) and                                           more expensive, with prices starting at around $895.
upload all the details on our website
                                                                     Desperate for a designer dog, but can’t afford to buy one? au/?action=petgallery
                                                                     Don’t panic. You’ve got a long time to save up. Designer dog
                                                                     breeders around the world report long waiting lists of anywhere

WINNER!                      THIS MONTH, OUR LUCKY
                             PETWISE CLUB MEMBER IS:
                                                                     from a few months to a more than a year depending on your
                                                                     specific criteria, and of course, Mother Nature.
                                                                     So, where will the designer dog craze go from here?
     MS MELITA WATKINS FROM COORPAROO                                Perhaps as people become aware that they can create
MELITA has won a $20 gift voucher, proudly                           a dog to suit their lifestyle, new hybrids will emerge.
sponsored by our valued supplier, Pet Pacific,                       If you would like to learn more about designer dogs or
to spend on any of their various brands of                           find out which breeders are have dogs suited to your
products. Pet Pacific – Distributors of Hagen,                       lifestyle, please come in and speak to one of our friendly
Cat-it,	Dog-it,	Penn-Plax	and	Habitrail.                             trained staff.

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