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					                                                 HARVARD CLUB OF AUSTRALIA

                                               news                                          G.P.O. BOX 3132, SYDNEY, NSW, 2001

         Page 1
                                             HCA Foundation
         HCA Foundation
                                             Harvard - Australia "Learned Exchange": Club initiates AU$40K magnet for top
         Page 2
         Letter from Harvard                 The Club wants to give money to               The pilot involves a two year trial, with
                           ...Rowena Potts
                                             innovators – innovators who meet              HCA Foundation providing funds to
         New Members                         three criteria: they must be based at         eligible Australian institutions for two
                                             Harvard, be very good at what they do         awards of up to AU40,000. The
         Editor retiring                     and – here’s the clincher – they must         project’s limited scope means that it
                                             be keen to come and work with                 will operate in one direction: from
                                             Australia’s top science researchers. If       Harvard to Australia, and in one field:
         Page 3                              they’re chosen, they will be awarded a        scientific research. Each award will
         Recording Bardi History             AU$40,000 Fellowship to help them             fund the successful applicant for one
                                             on their way.                                 visit of up to three months to an
         WA Update
                                                                                           Australian institution.

                                             To be known as the Australia-Harvard
         Page 4                              Fellowship, it’s a first small step for the   HCA Foundation’s funds until now
         Inaugural Rob Riley                 Harvard Club of Australia Foundation.         have derived mainly from the Club’s
         Memorial Lecture
                                             Announcing the Fellowship recently,           executive education initiative, the
         Letter from Harvard                 President Melinda Muth described it as        HCA Leadership Program, held
                     ...Rebecca Hamilton     an exciting new endeavour for the             annually since 1998. From now on,
                                             Club. "We set up HCA Foundation in            Club members and the general public
                                             2002," she explained, "and we’ve been         are also invited – indeed urged – to
         Page 5                              working towards a good start-up               contribute. Donations are of course tax
         Functions                           project.The Foundation’s purpose is to        deductible.
                                             support learned exchange between
                                             Harvard University and Australia. Now
         PAGE 6                              it’s time to test the water."                 You can find details about the
         Leadership Program 2004                                                           Australia-Harvard Fellowship on the
                                                                                           Club’s website at:
                                             "The Club’s Council has decided to
                                             start with a pilot program," Melinda
         Page 7                                                                  
         National contacts                   said. "It’s limited in scope, but
                                                                                           st-HarvFellowship_Notice.pdf  or
                                             significant enough to attract quality
                                                                                           contact Fellowship Secretary,
         The Harvard Din and                 applicants whose work, we believe, will
         Tonics Return to Sydney                                                           John Turner (AMP ’86),
                                             bring clear benefit to Australia. Starting
                                                                                           tel: 02 9328 2366,
                                             small and focused will test the
                                             practicality of our Fellowship concept
         Page 8                              and allow us more confidently to
                                                                                           Applications for this year’s award close
         How to Humanise your                expand it later."
         Corporation                                                                       on 31 May 2004.

VOLUME 16 • NO 1                                                                                                APRIL 2004 • PAGE 1
New                                          Letter from Harvard
Members                                      Rowena Potts grew up in Germany, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates and
                                             finally Sydney, Australia. Her family now lives in a blue house covered in
                                             wisteria in Queens Park. She graduated from Sydney Girls High School in 2001,
We would like to welcome the following       and spent the next 8 months travelling in the United States and backpacking in
new members:                                 Europe, before settling into Harvard. She is now a sophomore studying
                                             comparative religion, with a focus on Christianity and Islam.
                                             It is mid April in Cambridge, and the        House). It is a
Leanne Zilka MAR'04                          ground is wet with rain. I am sitting in     wonderful environment
                                             my very untidy room in Eliot House,          to talk and be
Francois de Meneval AMP'01
                                             which I share with three other lovely        inspired. One of the
Warrick Paddon NSF'03                        girls, aware of all the sounds of house      best things about this
                                             life around me. I am almost at the end of    past year for me has
                                                                                                                   Rowena Potts
Gautam Srivastava AMP'95                     my second year as an undergraduate at        been getting to know AB (expected)
                                             Harvard, and I cannot believe how            amazing professors,                 ‘06
Andrew Tuch LLM'99                           quickly the time has flown. Eliot House      and having the opportunity to sit down
                                             has been wonderful, and I have grown         and converse with them in a completely
Adrian Warner MBA'98                         fond of looking out my window at the         open manner.
                                             courtyard below as it changes from
Tim Andrews PMD'89                                                                        This semester I decided to become
                                             season to season. The House Master,
                                                                                          involved in the Eliot House production
Paul Tranter MBA'02                          Lino Pertile, knew me by name before I
                                                                                          of Tennessee William’s ‘A Streetcar
                                             had even moved into the house, and is as
                                                                                          Named Desire’, a play I have always
                                             excited as I am that my younger brother
                                                                                          loved. I took on the role of costume
                                             will be coming to Eliot House in the fall.
                                                                                          designer, something completely new for
                                             This year has been interesting and           me, but which has been fun and
                                             challenging, as I have settled into my       interesting. Harvard has an incredible
                                             new concentration, the study of              collection of costumes, so being able to
                                             Comparative Religion. Last semester I        sift through dozens of dresses from the
Editor                                       had the wonderful opportunity of
                                             having my Sophomore Tutorial taught
                                                                                          1930’s was just fantastic. I have been
                                                                                          mending clothes and fitting costumes

retiring                                     by Professor Diana Eck, a wonderful
                                             teacher and specialist in Indian studies
                                             and the director of the Pluralism Project
                                                                                          for all the actors, and it has been very
                                                                                          rewarding to watch the rehearsals as
                                                                                          everything comes together.
                                             ( who inspired me
                                                                                          This year I applied for a Radcliff-
                                             to go abroad and study in India next
After two years as the Editor of Club                                                     Isenberg Travel Grant, which will
                                             semester. I am currently finalizing my
News, I will be handing over the reins to                                                 hopefully fund some travel this summer
                                             plans to spend next semester in Jaipur,
Sally McDonald (MBA ‘96). More about                                                      in South East Asia. My proposal
                                             where I will learn Hindi, spend a month
Sally will be published in the next issue.                                                involved spending time in primarily
                                             living with a host family, and learn
                                                                                          Buddhist countries, with the intent of
                                             techniques for conducting ethnographic
I would like to thank the HCA Council                                                     observing the practice of Islam as a
                                             fieldwork. I will eventually do my own
members, as well as Igor Lavrin, HCA-V                                                    minority religion within the Buddhist
                                             research in an independent study
president, and Ian Braslin, WA Chapter                                                    context. I have yet to find out the results
                                             project, most probably on the practice
Convenor, for their support in my effort                                                  of my application, but the experience of
                                             of Sufi Islam in the region.
to nationalise the Club News. I would                                                     writing a grant proposal and slowly
                                             I have also taken some wonderful classes     learning to navigate the complicated
like to thank all of you who have
                                             ranging from religion in Latin America,      map of resources at Harvard was
contributed articles and otherwise
                                             to the practice of Ethnography, to Islam     invaluable.
supported this publication as it would       in contemporary societies. I have loved
not have been possible without you.                                                       This year at Harvard has been a very
                                             getting to know the faculty in this
                                                                                          challenging one, but I think that is the
                                             department, who are incredibly
Lauen McLaughlin AB’01                                                                    way it is meant to be. Next year will be
                                             engaged, helpful and encouraging. I am
                                                                                          very different, with a semester abroad, a
                                             taking an incredible seminar called,
                                                                                          new roommate (a rower!), and new
                                             "The Making of Human Sacredness"
                                                                                          academic discoveries to be made. I really
                                             taught by a wonderful faculty member,
                                                                                          can’t wait.
                                             Brian Palmer. He has dinner with the
                                             class every week, and I often have spicy                                 Rowena Potts
                                             Indian chai tea with Diana Eck at her                                AB (expected) ‘06
                                             residence (she is the Master of Lowell

CLUB NEWS harvard      club of australia                                                                        APRIL 2004 • PAGE 2
Recording Bardi History                                                                     WA Update
                                                                                            As an appropriate follow-on from our behind-
Claire Bowern was an undergraduate at the Australian National University and                the-scenes evening at the WA Ballet on 6
will graduate from Harvard in June. Next academic year she will take up a                   November, around 20 alumni and guests
                                                                                            attended a charming presentation of the
position as Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Rice University. Her research
                                                                                            items previewed on 6 November at the
was conducted with funding from the Australian Institute of Torres Strait                   Quarry, an open air venue north of Perth on
Islander Studies and the Endangered Languages Fund, whose support is                        26 February. A lovely evening thanks to the
gratefully acknowledged.                                                                    weather, venue and the talent and
                                                                                            professionalism of the people at WA Ballet.
                                                                                            We are also expecting good support for WA
For the last five years I’ve been lucky to    of the Bardi Aboriginal group, the            Ballet's interpretation of Puccini's opera La
have been involved in research which          traditional owners of the area. We have       Boheme on June 4.
means spending time in two rather             been working on oral history, the
different parts of the world. One the         recording of place names and sites, and       Due to the short notice, a few only of us
one hand, I’ve been a graduate student        describing the complex grammar of the         attended WA Opera's presentation of
in Harvard’s linguistics department,          language. I work mostly with the senior       Rossini's La Cenerentola (Cinderella) on April
teaching America’s best and brightest         ladies (all in their 70s or older), many of
                                                                                            4. Based loosely on the well known fairy tale,
and wandering around Tozzer, Widener          whom are born linguists with
                                                                                            we were treated to an amusing and charming
and Lamont. On the other hand, I’ve           wonderful stories to tell, about growing
                                              up on the Mission but with frequent           evening. We are now looking forward to WA
                                              trips up country, avoiding the                Opera's presentation of Gounod's Faust
                                              Government, and about traditional ways        featuring Keith Lewis in late August, and to
                                              of life (including avoiding those             Bellini's Norma with Elizabeth Connell
                                              crocodiles). Bardi is a language under        featuring in late October. We will be
                                              pressure. It is now only actively used by     attempting to include an early dinner and
                                              the oldest members of the community,          pre-performance briefing for either or both.
                                              although younger people also have
                                              some knowledge of the language and            We are in the final stages of negotiating a
                                              many support efforts to record and            visit to Perth by the Radcliffe Pitches, an
                                              revitalise it.                                acapella singing group, in early September.
                                              Bardi has a very complicated grammar.         The program for their three day visit is yet to
                                              Those of you who’ve studied Latin or          be finalised and we will keep you posted.
  Claire, Maudie Lennard (last speaker of     German will know how verbs in those           Thanks to the initiatives of some of our
 Warrwa), Lucy Marshall's granddaughter,      languages conjugate for person, as in         alumni here in Perth, we are looking into
   Bessie Ejai, and Lucy Marshall (one of
            the last speakers of Nyikina).
                                              amo, amas, amat, amamus, etc. In Bardi,       whether there are ways that the WA Chapter
                                              verbs do this too, but they also change       can give practical support to our Aboriginal
                                              depending on the direct object of the         community. As an appropriate starting point,
                                              verb, the indirect object and any             our WA Alumni have been invited to The Rob
                                              possessives. In German, you have to           Riley Memorial Lecture at Curtin University
                                              learn that you say der Vater if it’s the      on May 7. (Further details in this Club News)
                                              subject of the sentence, but den Vater if
                                              it’s the object. Bardi has well over 10
                                              such cases – German has four. My
                                              dissertation involves looking at some of                                         Ian Braslin
                                              these complex features of Bardi                                                     PMD ‘73
                                              grammar and tracing their history from
   Bessie Ejai, one of the last speakers of
    Bardi, Jessica Ejai, her granddaughter    earlier stages of the language. I have also
      (and librarian at the Kimberley Land    compared Bardi to the related
                      Council), and Claire.   surrounding        languages. Australia
                                              traditionally contained 27 language
also been working in a small
                                              families (compare Europe, which has
community perched on the edge of
                                              four – Indo-European (to which
Australia’s Kimberley region, at the
                                              English belongs), Finnic, Turkic and
enticingly named "One Arm Point"
                                              Basque), and my work on the history of
(North, incidentally, of the edifying
                                              Bardi is one of the first detailed studies
Skeleton Point and Disaster Bay).
                                              of a North Australian language from this
My work at One Arm Point has                  point of view.
involved working with the old people                                      Claire Bowern
                                                                     PhD (expected) ‘04

CLUB NEWS harvard    club of australia                                                                         APRIL 2004 • PAGE 3
Inaugural                                     Letter from Harvard
Rob Riley                                     Rebecca Hamilton graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of

Memorial                                      Economics and the University Medal in Psychology. After graduation she worked
                                              as a neuroscience researcher for the Brain Resource Company on the
Lecture                                       International Brain Mapping Project. Her focus at Harvard is Human Rights and
                                              she is taking the joint MPP/JD degree.
Mr Pat Dodson, Chair, Lingiari
Foundation, and former Chair of the
Reconciliation will present the
                                               It’s 10pm on Sunday night, and I’m
inaugural Rob Riley Annual Memorial           both exhausted and happy after arriving
Lecture on Friday 7 May at Curtin             back to Harvard Square from the New
University of Technology. The event will      Hampshire ski fields, where I spent the
be held at the Elizabeth Jolley lecture       weekend with five of my classmates.We
hall at 6pm.                                  bid on a ski package during the auction
                                              that funds our summer internship work,            Rebecca Hamilton
The lecture will be preceded by a dance       and figured it would be a good way of          MPP JD (expected) ‘07
performance by Yirri Yaakin at 5.30pm         appreciating the positive aspects of an
and also at the conclusion of the lecture     East Coast winter – a novel idea
at 7.30pm. Supper and drinks will be          amongst our constant moaning about
served at the conclusion of the lecture       why there has to be a world class             motivated when everyone around me
                                              university situated in a place that spends    was bored, the person who wanted to
and proceedings, which include the
                                              6 months of the year in such                  do more instead of less – and was always
unveiling of Rob Riley’s portrait by artist
                                              inhospitable conditions!                      ‘a-typical’ because of it. Here however,
Julie Dowling.                                                                              I’m suddenly immersed in a group of
                                              Given my family background and                people as enthusiastic about getting
Rob Riley was an Indigenous statesman         what’s now (in PC terminology) called         things done as I am – it’s exciting and
and leader of his people whose untimely       ‘low SES status,’ if anyone had ever told     incredibly energizing. I love walking
death was mourned throughout                  me I would end up at Harvard I would          into the Kennedy School Forum at any
Australia. Inspired by his conviction         have been incredulous. Yet with the           time of the day or night and seeing
                                              support of the Knox Fellowship, I’ve
that Australia had to confront its history                                                  groups of students of wonderfully
                                              been studying at the Kennedy School of        diverse nationalities; some embroiled in
of dispossession of Aboriginal people
                                              Government since September last year,         a passionate political debate, others
from their lands and all that has flowed      and this autumn (‘fall’ if you like) I will
from it, Rob worked tirelessly to advance                                                   brainstorming a new idea – it’s an
                                              be starting at the Law School, and in         invigorating community to be a part of.
social justice and reconciliation with        2007 will graduate with the joint
non-Indigenous Australia. Rob had a           Masters in Public Policy/Juris Doctor         In addition to learning so much from
close relationship with the Centre for        degree.                                       my peers, I’m like a kid in a candy store
Aboriginal Studies. Responding to the                                                       with all the different speakers that I get
                                              To say that this has been a ‘life-changing    the chance to hear. Last week I saw
wishes of the Indigenous community,           experience’ doesn’t even scratch the
the inaugural Rob Riley memorial                                                            Eroll      Morris’s       Oscar-winning
                                              surface of the feelings I have about          documentary ‘Fog of War’ about Robert
commemorates the man and continues            being here.To begin with, I was training      McNamara. Then, just 2 days later,
his vision for reconciliation.                full-time in classical ballet by the age of   Robert McNamara suddenly appears at
                                              15 years, so the thought of finishing         my school in his 87 year old glory,
The lecture will recognise Rob Riley’s        school, let alone attending university,       talking to us about conversations he had
dedication and contribution to the            was not in my life plan! However, when        with Kennedy during the Cuban
advancement of social justice rights for      I did finally start my degree at the          Missile crisis – it was somewhat surreal,
Indigenous people in Australia                University of Sydney, it was                  but nothing extraordinary in a week at
generally, and in Western Australia in        immediately clear that knowledge was          the KSG.
particular.                                   something I thrived on. Even so, I never
                                              imagined being in an environment              Speaking of surreal situations I find
                                              where I am intellectually and                 myself in, I am heavily involved in the
CONTINUED ON PAGE 5                           emotionally stimulated every hour of          Carr Center for Human Rights at KSG.
                                              the day – sleep is an extremely scarce        The synthesis between the area of work
                                              commodity in my life at present; there’s      I am most interested in and the amazing
                                              simply too much happening that I don’t        faculty that are there to encourage me
                                              want to miss out on!                          in this regard, is leading to awesome
                                                                                            opportunities. Within 6 weeks of
                                              I was used to being the person who was                              CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

CLUB NEWS harvard       club of australia                                                                        APRIL 2004 • PAGE 4
LETTER FROM HARVARD con’t from page 4        not to be deterred, I e-mailed all the             CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4
arriving in Cambridge I had an offer to      French Students at KSG! To cut a long
                                             story short, I am now all set to spend             Inaugural Rob Riley Memorial Lecture
work in Mozambique this summer. I
                                             spring break with a family in
thought with French and English under                                                           This event is unique, commemorating a
my belt, I had a fairly reasonable           Normandy. No one in their village
                                                                                                great Aboriginal leader. The invitation for
coverage for working in Africa, so it was    speaks English, and the primary tasks of
                                             life include making and drinking                   this event is special with a photo of the
pretty typical for me to get                                                                    late Rob Riley on the front. Given the
Mozambique in my sights – as if I            champagne!
                                                                                                special occasion and invitation, The
needed an excuse to study Portuguese!        So here I am heading into a new week,              Centre for Aboriginal Studies will not be
Getting up to speed on African issues        with on campus events including a
                                                                                                sending them out indiscriminately, so
has been a wonderful experience, and         debate on abortion with Kate
has led me into the most energetic                                                              would prefer if those who wish to receive
                                             Michelman (the outgoing head of
discussions about AIDS orphans with          NARAL), and a discussion on Iraq with              an invitation indicate thus by contacting
top-notch people, like Peter Bell            Kenneth Roth (Human Rights Watch                   the Curtin Events Office.
(President of Care USA) and Ann              executive director). I leave you with my
Pettifor (international director of the      favourite quote; "She who dreams of
Jubilee 2000 campaign)                       the absurd can achieve the impossible" –
We have spring break coming up, and I        these days, it does indeed feel as though
got it into my head that it would be         anything is possible.
great to be immersed in French for the
                                                                      Rebecca Hamilton
week. The French Department told me                                MPP JD (expected) ‘07
they had no program for that on offer –

MAY                                                                    JULY
Sydney: Thursday, 6 May 2004, 12:15 p.m. for 12:30 p.m.                Melbourne: 6 & 7 July. An Evening with the Krokodiloes at
Lunch with the US Consul General "The Future of the                    the Australian Club The Harvard Club of Melbourne is very
Australian/American Relationship" Ambassador Eileen A                  pleased to welcome back the Harvard Krokodiloes - Harvard’s
Malloy, US Consul General Sydney at American Club, 131                 oldest and most prestigious a cappella singing group. Dinner,
Macquarie Street, Sydney. Cost: $55.00. Any enquiries to               concert and silent auction.
Brenda Wright 02 8901 0516.
                                                                       Enquiries: Kerrie Burzacott,
                                                                       telephone 0414 353330 or e-mail
Perth: Friday, 7 May at 5:30 pm. Inaugural Rob Riley Annual            Silent Auction: Members interested in donating items for the
Memorial Lecture at the Elizabeth Jolley lecture hall at Curtin        silent auction should contact Robert Utter, e-mail
University of Technology. Please see this issue of the Club News
for further information.

Melbourne: Sunday, 30 May 6-8pm. An Evening with Charles
Castleman, Chair of the Strings Department, The Eastman
School, violinist and Harvard graduate will give a recital. The        AUGUST
program will include, Bach Chaconne, Ysaye Ballade, and
"Ferdinand the Bull" for Violin and Narrator (the much loved           Sydney: Sunday, 1 to Friday, 6 August 2004 Leadership
pacifist children's story). At Trinity College cost is yet to be       Program. Please see this issue of the Club News for further
determined. Enquiries - Kerrie Burzacott - tel 0414 353330 or          information.

                                                                       Sydney: Tuesday, 24 August. HCA Annual General Meeting.
JUNE                                                                   Andrew Peacock, Chairman Boeing will be speaking on
                                                                       Australian American relationship and the impact of an election
Sydney: Wednesday, 9 June. 12 noon. Nonprofit Fellowship               year on the ties between the two countries. Venue to be
Announcement. David Gonski is to deliver the Nonprofit                 determined.
Leadership Address. Venue to be determined. Please see this
issue of the Club News for further information.

CLUB NEWS harvard        club of australia                                                                          APRIL 2004 • PAGE 5
                                            Compelling Message about Our                  the requisite scale through massive
Leadership                                  Biotech Future
                                                                                          cooperation      and      a
                                                                                          concentration of its resources.

Program                                     You would be hard pressed to find a
                                                                                          As a foreground to his talk, Jonathan
                                                                                          circulated a case written by himself and

2004                                        contemporary issue that is not, or will
                                            not be, profoundly affected by the life
                                            sciences revolution: identity and privacy,
                                                                                          Mona Ashiya on Proteome Systems
                                                                                          Limited, Australia’s largest bio-
                                                                                          technology company. The detailed case
Leading High Performing Organisations       sovereignty and globalisation, food           looks at the company’s achievements
influence the way managers think            production and its manufacture and            and poses questions regarding its future
presented by Harvard Business School        distribution, the environment and             paths of opportunity. Keith Williams,
Professors Nitin Nohria Richard P.          control of resources, warfare, energy         CEO of Proteome Systems, was in
Chapman Professor of Business               generation, health care, etc. Jonathan        attendance and participated in the
Administration and Thomas J. DeLong         West’s presentation to around 100             spirited question time that followed the
MBA Class of 1957 Professor of              members and guests in the Melbourne           presentation. The audience responded
Management Practice.                        Telstra Theatrette on the impacts of          with great appreciation to Jonathan
                                            advances in life sciences made it clear       West for a challenging presentation.
Sunday 1 to Friday 6 August 2004            that these changes would be disruptive        Later, a group of sponsored participants
Crowne Plaza Resort Hotel, Terrigal,        to, rather than supportive of, existing       dined with Jonathan to continue the
NSW                                         industries and social and economic            discussion.
                                                                                          The Club is grateful to member Bill
This program is not restricted to           These are challenges that we face as          Scales (AMP ’02) for arranging through
Harvard Alumni but is open to senior        individuals, as citizens, in management       Telstra the use of its theatrette and the
executives from any company. However        and in government. In particular, asked       provision of excellent hors d’oeuvres
with advance reservations by sponsors       Jonathan West, Associate Professor at         and drinks, and to member Ben Gray
and previous participants, less than 10     Harvard Business School and Faculty           (MBA ’99) for superbly organising the
places are still available so if you wish   Director of the Harvard Life Sciences         event. All proceeds from the evening,
to attend, you will need to book            Project (and a Tasmanian), how well           including the dinner, go to the HCA-V
immediately with an AU$1,500 deposit        placed is Australia to meet these             Nonprofit Fellowship Fund.
and pay in full by 7 May 2004.              challenges? Will it have a significant
                                            role in the development of the                                             Robert Utter
The cost per person will be AU$8,950        intellectual property that will be the                                         AB ‘72
which includes GST, tuition, case           21st century source of wealth and
materials,       standard          room     power? Or will its stock of intellect,
accommodation and meals and which           creativity and entrepreneurship leak          Professor Geoffrey Blainey Address at
                                            away to other centres of investment,          the HCA-V AGM
is good value compared with the cost of
                                            leaving Australia to be a peripheral
an equivalent program in Boston after                                                     Members and guests of the Harvard
                                            player at best, and a consumer of others’
adding international airfares and           developments? Jonathan’s contention is        Club of Australia – Victoria were
considering the saving in travel time.      that Australia’s previous approach of         entertained by a wide-ranging address
                                            rapidly adopting (rather than creating)       by Professor Geoffrey Blainey AC on
As before, all profits from this course                                                   the topic "What does the 20th Century
                                            new technologies will not capture
will be donated in full to the HCA          sufficient value from the new industries.     tell us?" at the Club’s annual general
Foundation which supports learned                                                         meeting held at the Melbourne Club on
exchange between Australia and              A comparative overview of the biotech         24 March 2004. Professor Blainey drew
Harvard University including support of     industry structure in Australia, France       on his extensive historical knowledge
                                            and the USA, namely the coalitions of         and scholarship to offer his perspective
Menzies Scholarship and the Nonprofit
                                            industry, academia and government in          on recent issues in world affairs,
                                            the labs, research institutes, and            globalisation and the role of technology.
For more information on the program         corporate R&D centres, showed that            Among other things, he reflected on the
and a registration form, go to the          there are systemic problems faced by          long history of the phenomenon now
                                            Australia compared to these other             known as terrorism (referring to the
                                            countries. Competition between levels         19th century experience of political
                                            of Australian government and between          assassination and other acts carried out
or phone, fax or email Clive Gard.          geographically dispersed academic and         by anarchist extremists), the changes in
                                            corporate centres are leading to              society since the second half of the 20th
                                            ineffective levels of investment that         century including the aftermath of the
                                            cannot compete on the scale required.         cold war, and world political, social and
                                            Jonathan presented biotech discovery as       economic issues generally. Professor
                                            a war of attrition requiring thousands of     Blainey fielded a large number of
                                            trials to bring a single successful product   questions from an appreciative audience,
                                            to market. Australia can only achieve         in the course of which he spoke

CLUB NEWS harvard      club of australia                                                                       APRIL 2004 • PAGE 6
commandingly about countries and                         David Gonski AO to Deliver Second
political events in every part of the
                                                         Annual Nonprofit Leadership Address                        The Harvard
Before Professor Blainey’s address, Club
President Igor Lavrin conducted the                      Wednesday, 9 June is the date for the
                                                                                                                    Din and
business of the meeting with admirable
efficiency. Bill Cowan was presented
                                                         announcement and presentation of
                                                         HCA’s 2004 Nonprofit Fellowships and                       Tonics
with a certificate of appreciation from
Harvard University and the Harvard
Alumni Association for his work as
                                                         for our second annual Nonprofit
                                                         Leadership Address.                                        Return to
president of the club and of its non-
profit fellowship program. Igor Lavrin
                                                         The 2004 selection committee (Helen
                                                         O’Neil, Phil Stern, Michael Vitale and
                                                         myself) is presently sorting through 17
was re-elected as President, Robert                      remarkably diverse and impressive
Utter as Vice-President and Kerrie                       Fellowship applications from CEOs and
Burzacott as Secretary. Rohan Chandler                                                                              Harvard’s premier jazz a cappella group
                                                         GMs throughout the country. From
was elected Treasurer, replacing Bob                                                                                will be in Sydney from 10 to 15 August
                                                         these a short-list of five will be
Larkin who retired after three years of                                                                             2004, and are looking for volunteers to
                                                         interviewed before the awards are made
valuable service in that position. Patrick               at what has become a big event on the                      house them while they are here.
O’Brien, Stephen McLeish and Mary                        Club calendar.
Wooldridge were re-elected to the three
vacant positions on the Council. The                     This is the fourth year of the                             The Dins
Club was also delighted and honoured                     Fellowships, generously funded by club            are composed of 13
to welcome, among the one hundred                        member Bill Ferris.To date we have sent                    upstanding Harvard men. They promise
members and guests present, the Right                    7 outstanding Leaders to Harvard                           to make great guests by singing on
Honourable Sir Zelman Cowen AK,                          selected from over 80 worthy applicants.                   command, washing dishes and keeping
GCMG, GCVO, QC, DCL, former                              Following the Fellowship presentations                     clean. Without exception those who
Governor-General of Australia as well as                 and lunch, the Nonprofit Leadership                        have housed Dins have raved about
a Life Member of the Club, along with                    Address aims to stimulate ongoing                          what fine young gentlemen they are,
Lady Cowen and a number of other                         discussion on major issues that confront                   and what a pleasure it is to have them.
distinguished members and guests.                        the nonprofit community and to help                        If you are interested please contact
                                                         build increasing involvement by Harvard                    Clive Gard.
                             Stephen McLeish
                                     LLM ‘91             CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

National contacts
New South Wales                                                Tel                       Fax                        email
Melinda    MUTH                        President               0419 277 376              02 9968 1902     
Council members: Ross Love (Vice President), Sarah Strasser (Secretary), Sam Weiss (Treasurer), Ted Blamey, Clive Gard, Patricia Lindenboim,
Lauren McLaughlin, Stephen Mills, John Turner, Michael Vitale, Tony York.

Igor       LAVRIN                      President               03 9650 0037              03 9846 2833     
Council Members: Robert Utter (Vice President), Kerrie Burzacott (Secretary), Robert Larkin (Treasurer), Bill Cowan, Ben Gray, Stephen McLeish,
Patrick O’Brien, Stephen Spring, Huy Truong, Peter Wettenhall, Mary Wooldridge.

State Convenors
Ian        BRASLIN                     Western Australia       08 9383 2662              08 9384 8474     
Peter      HAMBURGER                   ACT                     02 6271 5329              02 6271 5759     
Harley     HOOPER                      South Australia         04 1882 4272              08 8552 8100     
David      HENDERSON                   Queensland              07 3365 3933              07 3365 4433     

Clive      GARD                        Administrator           02 9449 5239              02 9144 6699     
Lauren     McLAUGHLIN                  Editor                  02 9322 4852              02 9322 4301     
Margaret WARD                          Functions (NSW)                                   02 9818 4868     
Kerrie     BURZACOTT                   Functions (Victoria)    03 9676 9336              03 9635 8183     

Details about the Harvard Club of Australia can be found at our website, located at

CLUB NEWS harvard       club of australia                                                                                                APRIL 2004 • PAGE 7
David Gonski continued from page 7
Club members. Last year we were
treated to a fascinating address by Frank
                                                              discussion about developing a new
                                                              culture of giving in Australia, not least
                                                              through his latest appointment as joint
                                                                                                                    How to
Lowy. We are delighted to announce
that another prominent Australian has
                                                              Chair of Arts Support Australia. This
                                                              new organization is based on a strategy
agreed to deliver this year’s Address,
David Gonski, AO.
                                                              to develop philanthropic giving in the
                                                              arts by wealthy individuals and families              your
David Gonski’s principal commercial
roles are Chairman of Investec Bank
                                                              and through new workplace giving
                                                              schemes and public trusts.                            Corporation
(Australia) Limited and of Coca-Cola                          The venue and booking details will be                 Monday Club: May 2004
Amatil. But he also holds several critical                    announced shortly. In the meantime, do
roles in the nonprofit community                              plan to join us at 12 noon on June 9.                 This current challenge for leaders has two
including Chairmanships of The                                                                                      dimensions - the way they manage the
Australia Council, NIDA, The Art                                                                                    company differently and externally, what is
gallery of NSW Trust and Sydney                                                              Ted Blamey             known as the social licence to operate. Our
Grammar School.                                                 Chair, HCA Nonprofit Fellowship Program.            guest Attracta Lagan works alongside a
In recent times David Gonski has led                                                            MBA ‘70             number of corporations in relation to these
                                                                                                                    issues, for example she is on the External
                                                                                                                    Advisory Committee of the Australian
                                                                                                                    Minerals Industry. She has a background at
                                                                                                                    St James Ethics and is with KPMG presently.

                                                                                                                    Date: Monday 3 May 2004

                                                                                                                    Time: 12:15 to 1.45 pm

                                                                                                                    Location: Thomas Jefferson room, The
                                                                                                                    American Club, 131 Macquarie Street Level
                                                                                                                    15 Sydney.

                                                                                                                    Lunch cost: $15 (for sandwich, salad and
                                                                                                                    soft drink), to be paid in cash to our
                                                                                                                    facilitator on the day (please have the exact
                                                                                                                    amount; no change given)

                                                                                                                    RSVP: To reserve your place, send an e-mail
                                                                                                                    to the current facilitator as soon as possible,
                                                                                                                    as this is sure to be popular and numbers are
          Hillary had                                                                                               Your facilitator is Michael Ahrens at
          When Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay returned from the roof of the world,
          humanity could not contain its curiosity. Who had been the first man to reach Everest’s
          summit? Their answer was resolute: “We climbed as a team.” Whatever your goals,
          having the right partner makes all the difference. At Deloitte, we believe collaboration
          is the key to greatness, a philosophy that shapes our approach to working with clients.
          Visit and ask yourself:

         Who do you have?

HCA would like to thank Deloitte for its support over the last few years. One of Australia's leading professional
services firms, Deloitte has supported the HCA Leadership program and regularly sends members of its Executive
team on Harvard's leadership training programs. The firm has generously hosted events and regularly provided
facilities for HCA Council meetings for the past 2 years.

CLUB NEWS harvard          club of australia                                                                                           APRIL 2004 • PAGE 8