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									         The Internet Cafe

                             Welcome to The Writing Section
                             Writing Activity 1—“About Me”
                                           Acrobat Reader

Welcome to the             Internet Café where you’ll have a chance
to pull up a chair and join our Writer’s Circle. First, we all want to
know who you are, so here’s a short writing activity. Open up a
word document, save it as “About Me” and answer these questions
in a one-page paper. When you are finished, click on YackPack, a
program that records, stores, and allows you to share your spoken
word with others. You can record your essay and listen to how it
sounds. Your instructor can hear it, too, and respond. Don’t forget
to include your first name only. Contact your instructor if you need
help with YackPack.

        Where do you go to school? What courses are you taking?
        What is your favorite class and why?
        Does school stress you? How?
        How do you learn best?
        What can you tell us about your family and pets?
        What do you plan to do after high school? As a career?
                     What do you like to read outside of class? If
                       you don’t read much, tell why.
                     List the magazines, journals, newspapers and
                       magazines you read.
                     List the books (fiction and non-fiction) you
                       have read in the last year.
                                             What are your hobbies
                       and interests?
                                             Is it easy for you to
                       relax? What do you do to relax?
                                             What do you hope to
                       get out of this course?
                                             What questions do
                                         you have?

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