About Antique Coffee Grinders by pptfiles


									About Antique Coffee Grinders:

The list of antique coffee grinders is extensive. What I have done is to list a
few and direct you to the sites via links.

Canister Coffee Grinders or Mills
Box or Lap Coffee Grinders or Mills
Upright, Post, Side and Other Wall Mounted Coffee Grinders or Mills
European Coffee Grinders or Mills

Tin hopper wall mount coffee mill - The body is made of cast iron and the
hopper is made of a sheet metal






Antique Coffee Grinders: American, European and English by Michael L. White
and Judith A. Sivonda

How to use a coffee grinder:

There are so many different coffee grinders that to state here one
method would be incorrect. The basic method:

Beans are poured into the top hopper, not to the rim but ¼” from the
rim. The hopper is closed. The wheel grinder is operated by a turning
the handle. Turn this handle in a clockwise direction and the grounds
will fall into the bottom hopper. Much like a meat grinder.

To collect the grounds, untwist or unscrew the top hopper.

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