Guide to Completing the PD proposal

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					                             Mohawk Trail Regional School System
                            Professional Development Advisory Board

                          Guide to Completing the PD proposal:
1. If you want professional development in a specific area but do not know who would present it,
   please fill in ONLY PART A. Submit your request to the Professional Development Advisory
   Board representative from your building or department.

2. If you wish to present a professional development activity please fill out both PART A & B.
   Submit your request to the Professional Development Advisory Board (PDAB) representative
   from your building or department.

3. Answer each section as specifically as possible. It would be most beneficial if you, your principal
   and the PDAB rep talked about your proposal so that they could specifically answer questions the
   PDAB might have in reviewing your proposal.

4. Specific proposal information: Check all that may apply to this activity.

5. PD Objectives/Outcomes: Describe what you want to accomplish. State expected outcomes.

6. Rationale: Explain why this activity is needed or important and provide any supporting data if

7. PD Description: Describe the activity so that participants will know exactly what the activity
   entails. Address how this activity will meet the needs of all learners. Describe the types of final
   products required by this activity. This information will be used in the flyer that will be designed
   to advertise your activity.

8. PD evaluation: Explain how you will evaluate the activity and/or attach the instrument you will
   use for participants to evaluate the activity.

9. Dates/location/hours: Be as specific as possible. If dates conflict with other activities already
   scheduled, the PDAB will make recommendations for other dates.

10. Materials/Equipment: Specify needed materials/equipment. Specify whether materials need to
    be ordered, are available in the School/District, or brought by participants.

11. Budget: List expenses by category. If there is no cost, please indicate.

12. The PDAB meets monthly on _____ to review proposals. Please plan the dates of your activity at
    least one month after the PDAB meeting following your submission. This will allow time for
    advertising and registration.

13. If you have further questions, contact your PDAB representative.

14. You will be notified of the status of your proposal after the monthly PDAB meeting.

    Your PDAB reps for 2004-2005 are:

                                                                                              Rev. 6/30/04

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