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WebCT Term               Moodle Term                 Definition
Tool                     Activity                    A Teaching and Learning Activity ranging from an
                                                     Assignment to a workshop. See below:
                                                               SCORM Package
Assignments              Assignments                 An assignment dropbox where the lecturer can
                                                     add instructions and set timelines and into which
                                                     a student can submit or resubmit a file.
                         Blocks                      A block provides information or settings that you
                                                     can use to add more activities for your students
Blog                     Blog Menu                   Blog is a contraction of Web Log. Blogs are a form
                                                     of online journal and are usually organised
                                                     chronologically as a series of posting by the
Breadcrumbs              Breadcrumbs                 A navigational structure

Build Tab                Turn Editing On             Allows you to edit your LMS subject
Chat/Whiteboard          Chat/No Whiteboard          Synchronous text based conversation
                         Choice                      A polling type question
Subject                  The standard Moodle term
                         is Course but La Trobe’s
                         Moodle will be customised
                         to Subject.
Course Tools
Content Browser          File Picker                 Allows you to browse for files to your own
                                                     computer or to external repositories
My progress              Activity Completion         Allows the system or the student to indicate that
                                                     an activity has been completed
                         Database Activity           The Database activity module enables the lecturer
                                                     and/or students to build, display and search a
                                                     bank of entries about any conceivable topic. The
                                                     Teacher and/or Students can start entering data
                                                     and (optionally) commenting on and grading
                                                     other submissions. These entries can be viewed
                                                     alone, viewed as a list or searched and sorted.
File                     File                        Any file type could be uploaded from your
                                                     computer. NOTE that large media files should be
                                                     stored in the Lectopia system
Folder                   Folder                      Folder (in Topic); a placeholder for files, activities
                                                     and resources
Discussion               Forum                       A place for asynchronous text based discussion
Calendar Entry           Calendar                    Calendar
Glossary/Media Library   Glossary                    An activity in which students can add names and
                                                     definitions. You can link to the Glossary from
                                                     anywhere in your Moodle subject

1                                                                                        Moodle Glossary
Groups             Groups                     A group of students
Gradebook          Grades                     The student list (as imported from the Student
                                              Information System) and any additional columns
                                              related to Teaching and Learning Activities
Show/Hide          Show/Hide                  Allows you to hide Topics, Activities and
                                              Resources from student view
Learning Modules   Labels, Resources and
                   Activities within Topics
                   Lesson                     This activity allows you to create an adaptive
                                              learning experience comprising a series of pages
                                              containing questions.
LMS                LMS                        Learning Management System (LMS). La Trobe
                                              University has used WebCT as its enterprise LMS
                                              since 2000. Moodle will become the University's
                                              centrally supported LMS in 2011.

                                              In other institutions an LMS may be known as a
                                              CMS (Course Management System), or a VLE
                                              (Virtual Learning Environment), or even as a part
                                              of a PLE (Personal Learning Environment)
Mail               Messages                   In Moodle mail is replaced by an Instant
                                              Messaging Service (IMS). You can choose the mail
                                              account to which you want your messages to be
                   Moodle                     Moodle was originally an acronym for Modular
                                              Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.
                   Moodle Mentors             Moodle Mentors are La Trobe University staff
                                              members who have volunteered as early adopters
                                              of Moodle, who can provide helpful advice about
                                              ways in which Moodle can support the teaching
                                              practices in their communities. Mentors will work
                                              closely with both the Curriculum Teaching
                                              Learning Centre (CTLC) and Moodle
                                              Implementation project team to keep their
                                              Faculties or other areas up to date with Moodle
                                              matters and bring suggestions back to help guide
                                              the development of Moodle at La Trobe.
                 is the main Moodle website, which
                                              includes forums for discussing anything and
                                              everything about Moodle:
                   My Moodle                  MyMoodle: the home page when logged in to
                   NetSpot                    NetSpot Pty. Ltd. is the company, that La Trobe
                                              University has contracted to host and support our
                                              Moodle environments. The relationship between
                                              NetSpot and The University is governed by a
                                              Service Level Agreement.
Announcements      News Forum                 A resource that allows you to make
                                              announcements to your students.
Create file        Page                       A page that will display in the student’s browser.
                                              The page can contain links to other website,
                                              images and other media.
                   Personal Profile           Each Moodle user has a Personal Profile page that
                                              you can change at any time. You could use your
                                              Profile to provide additional information about
                                              yourself for your students or your colleagues. If
                                              you have a digital image you may insert it in your
                                              profile. It will be displayed during all of your
                                              forum contributions or other activities. A standard
                                              symbol will be displayed if you do not provide a

2                                                                               Moodle Glossary
                    Topics                       A placeholder to which you can add content,
                                                 resources and activities.
Assessments         Quiz                         An activity in which your students’ learning will be
Syllabus            Course Syllabus              A placeholder for information about your subject
                    Sections                     The areas within a subject that hold activities are
                                                 known as sections. This is a generic term that
                                                 covers weeks and topics.
Selective Release   Groups and Groupings as      A function by which you can release specific
                    alternative                  resources or activities to different groups of
                    Student View – Switch Role   Allows you to have a true student view of your
                    to                           subject including the ability to take quizzes and
                                                 submit assignments
Survey              Feedback                     Allows anonymous feedback.
Teach Tab           –Turn Editing Off            Allows colleagues to view your LMS subject and to
                                                 access the Gradebook and participant list
Web Links           URL                          A link to an external webpage. NOTE that rather
                                                 than copy a file that already exists on the web,
                                                 you are encouraged to link to it.
                    Wiki                         Can be a powerful tool for collaborative work. A
                                                 wiki page is a web page that every student can be
                                                 involved in creating.

3                                                                                  Moodle Glossary

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