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					    Minutes of the Yorkshire Region Huddersfield-Halifax Area Committee
    Date:     29th March 2010
    Location: David Brown Gear Systems, Huddersfield.

    Present Daniel Iddon - Chairman, Nick Yeomans, Tom Ward, Matt Nicolls, Ken Ball,
            Xun Chen, Qamar Shoukat, Andy Roberts, Swee Luan Lim, Mike Dolton,
            Ashley Kingston

       1    Apologies
            Received from Charlie Baxter, Greg Mackie, David Scott, Toby Jeffries,
            Jonathon Mills

       2    Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd March 2010
            The minutes were agreed and signed.

            Agenda Items
            Budget allocation
            Area name
            Sponsorship opportunities
            Mentoring scheme
            News section/Newsletter – downloadable from the website
            Company visits
            Guest speakers
            Best practice seminars (Lean manufacturing/Six Sigma) – advertise scheme
            and run one
            Young Members panel

            The meeting was opened by the chairman, new attendees welcomed,
            agenda agreed etc.

       3    Regional News/Update

            Daniel reported that there will soon be a story in the Institution electronic
            news sheet ‘Agenda’ about the group being set up. This is a good vehicle for
            Also that there is a link being set up for any local companies involved in
            Chile Earthquake relief work. (more info from Daniel)

            Area Name
            The Region have asked IMechE HQ if the current name can be replaced by
            one more in keeping with existing areas. ‘Western Area’ was suggested,
            which is in line with others (ie. Northern, Southern, Eastern!). Agreed that
            this should be adopted but keeping reference to Hudds and Halifax for a
            limited period so that members understand the coverage. (which also
            extends to the western edge of Wakefield)

Improving the world through engineering
       4   Finance

           Budget Allocation
           This has now been increased by £854.20 with an additional grant from HQ,
           total is £1254.20. There is also a possibility of a £300 donation from David
           Agreed to seek further donations from participating companies eg Cummins.
           (Action KB, MD)

       5   Possible Events

           Hudds University- should be able to set up a presentation on current
           research work and facilities with aim of linking with local business. The
           University already has open days in March and November but these are
           weekdays rather than evenings. Could get Examiner involved?
           Set Point and ‘STEM’- could be useful contacts for taking Engineering into
           schools. Eg ‘Goblin’ car project. Maybe organise an info session for group on
           how to do this.
           Formula Student- Another topic of interest to members.
           University prizes- Idea that we could use some of our funds, or one of the
           Company donations, to fund a prize for best energy related project at the
           University. Could still do this for 2010. Univ would select. Need to check this
           does not duplicate an existing award. (Action NY and XC)

           6 Sigma/Lean Manufacturing- 2 subjects that we have potential speakers
           for. Can be run as short intro sessions. May/may not charge for these.
           Depends on whether we plan to run further training- if so, maybe only
           charge for later sessions.

           Call for Mentors- should send out a call for any members who wish to be
           mentors for developing engineers aiming for CEng. Could lead into a
           Mentoring event.
           Get Registered. Seek out members who are interested in becoming
           chartered and link with mentors and other regional expertise. This could be
           done electronically or through a specific event. Depends on interest. Actions
           for Committee.

           Social/Family visits/Other
           Museums- Other area groups have run these at the weekend for members
           and families eg Kelham Island museum in Sheffield, NCMM Wakefield
           Socials- should organise a group meeting at local pub, eg Head of Steam.
           Other groups- Need to review what other groups have done- what has been
           successful, well attended etc. and rerun in our area. Should be possible
           through Regional/national links- committee to organise?

Improving the world through engineering
        6   Merchandising and Marketing

            Agreed that we should allocate some funds to this. Ideas were giveaways for
            events and purchase a banner, maybe with sponsoring company
            names/logos on it. This is probably the first thing to do.

            Agreed that we could set up a Facebook page to allow members to comment
            on and add suggestions for events and activities. Ashley agreed to set this

        7   Young Members

            Most areas have young members panels which are part of but run separately
            to the main group. Need to establish interest within the local membership,
            making use of the ‘Near You’ website or Facebook.
            Do we reach young members through University or is there more chance in
            finding those with a real interest in the employed membership?
            Can we draft an official letter to members introducing the group and its
            aims? How much would this cost?

    8       Priorities

            Agreed the following activities in this order:
               1. Award sponsorship for University Students. Need feedback from Xun
                  Chen on options.
               2. Mentoring/Get Chartered. Mike and Daniel to prepare material for
                  website/e-mails etc. to start this off.
               3. University Seminar on Research work in the Engineering Department-
                  Xun Chen again to start organising.
               4. 6 Sigma and Lean manufacturing sessions. Daniel and Nick to begin
               5. Social event- can start with next meeting but more ideas required.

    9       Programme 2010-2011

            The task for the group is to devise an event programme for the period Oct
            2010- June 2011 by June 11th 2010, this being the deadline for content for
            regional publications.

            It was suggested that we should bear in mind the 4 IMechE themes which
            Education (focus for 2010)

            Ideas with any possible actions were as follows:

            Site visits/presentations
            Syngenta- good example of process manufacture, arrange tours, speakers

Improving the world through engineering
            etc..Andrew has contacts.
            Dalkia- Another energy/process con that Andrew can contact.
            Coca Cola- In Wakefield. Do regular tours for small groups.
            SITA- The incinerator in Huddersfield will run tours on a Wednesday
            afternoon for anyone in HD post code area.
            Yorkshire Water- Run tours of the sewerage works in Halifax and the Water
            Treatment works in Bradford.
            Kirklees MC- anything on energy reduction for small businesses etc?
            Cummins Turbo Technologies- Can run evening visits to the test cells etc.
            Can also hold a meeting in the Tech Centre.
            12 Oct 2010 - David Browns 150 year anniversary.

      10    Any Other Business

            Questions for Regional office - Mike to ask :
            Can we get a list of local engineering employers?
            Does the membership database have either members’ place of work and/or
            interests that we can access?
            What IMechE logos can we use? (Daniel already obtained this)
            What is the Young Member age limit? Is there one?

      11    Date of Next Meeting

            Agreed that Head of Steam pub, Huddersfield station. Date confirmed as
            Thursday 29th April (28th not free).

    Huddersfield-Halifax Area Committee Minutes 29.03.2010       MD&CAB/09.04.2010

Improving the world through engineering