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									              News Release


                   Premier Announces Changes to
                    Deputy Minister Appointments

YELLOWKNIFE (July 02, 2002) - Premier Stephen Kakfwi has today announced that
three senior public servants will be assigned new responsibilities.
In a move designed to broaden senior management experience and coordinate actions
initiated to advance the goals set out in Towards a Better Tomorrow, two Deputy
Ministers have been reassigned new responsibilities and an Associate Deputy Minister
has been promoted to Deputy Minister.
Mark Cleveland, currently Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, has been
asked to serve as Deputy Minister Responsible for Corporate Review and Transition
Planning. Mr. Cleveland will oversee a review of, and help coordinate various
government-wide initiatives and actions undertaken to address the vision and objectives
of the 14th Assembly.
Dave Murray, who has served as Deputy Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs
since February 2000, will take over at Health and Social Services and assume the lead
on the implementation of the Minister’s action plan to reform the NWT’s health and social
services system.
Debbie DeLancey, a long-term northerner with extensive experience working with
Aboriginal and community groups, first joined the GNWT in 1987. Currently, Associate
Deputy Minister assigned to Health and Social Services, Ms. DeLancey will take over as
Deputy Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs.
“We are now planning for the final year of this government’s term, Premier Kakfwi said.
“It is our responsibility to ensure that initiatives approved by the 14th Assembly are
properly implemented and coordinated to allow the 15th Assembly to build upon this
good work. Mr. Cleveland, Mr. Murray and Ms. DeLancey each have a wealth of
experience with the GNWT and I am pleased that each of them will continue to bring
their skills and perspectives to the important challenges that lie ahead.
The Minister of Health and Social Services, the Honourable J. Michael Miltenberger, and
the Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs, the Honourable Vince Steen join the
Premier in welcoming the Deputy Ministers to their new jobs.
Today’s assignments will take effect 5 p.m. July 5th, 2002.
For more information, contact:
Elizabeth Snider
Secretary to Cabinet
Tel: (867) 669-7100

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