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									                                                                                         Knights of Columbus
                                                                                         Council #10863
                                                                                         St. Brigid of Kildare Catholic Church
                                                                                         Dublin, OH 43017



                                                           Meeting Minutes
                                                          September 13, 2010
      I. Call to Order 7:51PM – 43 members present – Greg Arndt, Grand Knight

     II. Admission’s Committee, Shawn Parker - Absent
              a. No report

     III. Warden’s Report – Todd Pepe, Inside Guard, affirms all members present possess current
          membership card.

    IV. Prayer, Greg Arndt, Grand Knight

     V. Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America, Greg Arndt, Grand Knight

    VI. Roll Call of Officers, Chris Carr, Recorder

                      Chaplain                            Deacon Don Poirier   A
                      Grand Knight                        Greg Arndt           P
                      Deputy Grand Knight                 Dan O’Connor         P
                      Chancellor                          Ray Bosche           A
                      Warden                              Graham Guthrie       A
                      Recorder                            Chris Carr           P
                      Financial Secretary                 Dennis Delaney       P
                      Treasurer                           Mike Overmyer        P
                      Lecturer                            Wayne Booker         P
                      Advocate                            Matt Daiker          P
                      Inside Guard                        Todd Pepe            P
                      Outside Guard                       Pat Conroy           A
                      Trustee 3 Year                      Jim Promenschenkel   A
                      Trustee 2 Year                      Jeff Zimmerman       P
                      Trustee 1 Year                      Don Beckman          P

   VII. Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting – Chris Carr, Recorder
             a. Motion to waive reading Mike Sliclen, Second and carried by voice vote
             b. Reminder, Council minutes posted monthly to our council website,

  VIII. Grand Knights Report, Greg Arndt
             a. Tapestry Weekend this coming weekend, stop by and help out, Need someone to assist
                 man our booth at the 5pm Saturday Mass…volunteers? Mike Sliclen volunteered to
                 assist with the 5pm – thanks!
             b. October Council meeting being moved to offsite and will be a joint business and social
                 meeting. Details on driving directions to Andy DeJaco’s house to follow. Corn Hole, Hot
                 Dogs, etc….bring a bag chair for seating.

    IX. Chaplain’s Report – Deacon Don Poirer – No report

     X. Lecturer’s Report – Wayne Booker
              a. Bible trivia quiz for council meeting participants

    XI. Treasurer’s Report - Dennis Delaney
             a. Checking $xx,xxx.xx

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                                 Knights of Columbus ♦ Council #10863 ♦ St. Brigid of Kildare Catholic Church ♦ Dublin, OH
                                                                                      St. Brigid of Kildare (cont’d)

          b. Savings $xx,xxx.xx
XII. Financial Secretary’s Report – Mike Overmyer
          a. Receipts
                    i. ~$x,xxx for golf outing
                   ii. ~$xxx Ohio Charities campaign
          b. Expenses ~$xx,xxx, significant portion for donation to St. Brigid Parish for remodel of
               Baptismal Font.

XIII. Service Program Reports – Dan O’Connor, Deputy Grand Knight.
            a. Church Programs, Sam Fata, Chair (Absent)
                     i. Pennies for Heaven – pass the hat
                    ii. Roses for Mothers overview by Mike Davis
                   iii. CPR Training October 2 – Greg Arndt
                           1. Hendrick’s Hall
                           2. $20 / person
                           3. 8:30am – 12:30pm
                           4. 2 year certification
                           5. Need 1 or 2 Knights to help that morning

                 b. Community – Joe Romano, Chairman
                       i. Overview for new Knights
                              1. Adopt-a-highway
                              2. Flags for Dave Soehner
                              3. People-in-Need
                              4. Walk in Columbus Day Parade
                              5. Brunch for St. Brigid of Kildare parish veterans

                 c.   Council Programs, Bill Sabatino, Chairman
                           i. Pancake Breakfast – October 17
                          ii. Flag raising at Marysville High School with 4 Degree
                         iii. Chair Set-up – thanks to all who have been helping!
                         iv. Knight of the Month
                                  1. Jason Straka – Annual Golf outing
                                  2. Charles Booker for Clippers outing
                                  3. Dave Sohner for Patriots Day flags on September 11

                 d. Family Program – Charles Booker, Chairman
                         i. Knights of Columbus recognition Mass - October 3 12:15pm
                        ii. Family picnic – October 3 @ St. Brigid
                             th                                      th
                       iii. 4 degree regalia – get yours if you are 4 degree…it’s important
                       iv. Father-Daughter Dance October 22 cost $15 / ticket
                        v. Family of the Month - no nominations

                 e. Youth Program – Mark Demian, Chairman
                        i. Fruit of the Vine – October 6, November 10, December 15, meet at Hendricks
                           Hall at 5:30pm, back by 9pm

                 f.   Membership: Shawn Parker, Chair, absent
                          i. New knights introduced that went through their 1 degree this evening.
                         ii. Recruiting activity at Tapestry weekend – please help
                        iii. OSU game watch on October 30 – recruiting event

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                                  Knights of Columbus ♦ Council #10863 ♦ St. Brigid of Kildare Catholic Church ♦ Dublin, OH
                                                                                       St. Brigid of Kildare (cont’d)

                  g. Vocations – Nick Heyob
                          i. Welcome new Associate Pastor Fr. Mark Sommers and he is a 1 degree knight
                         ii. Consider joining trip to an abortion clinic to pray Rosary
                        iii. Life Decision International produces a list of companies to boycott at a cost of
                             $21.95, propose that we purchase this list. Second by Terry Miller, carried by
                             voice vote.
                        iv. Dan O’Connor October 7 Bishop Campbell is to Bless a new sonogram machine
                             at the Life Decision Center.

            a. Athletic / Social Chair: Greg Arndt
                    i. Monsignor’s softball – finished season 6&8, a great year
                   ii. Basketball, may field 2 teams and start a league at St. Brigid, may also open up to
                        other Parishes.

 XIV. Chancellors Report – Ray Bosche, absent
           a. Nationwide training September 16, join other Knights from our Council and then a social
               event afterwards

 XV. Old Business – Greg Arndt, Grand Knight
          a. Must approve the budget, otherwise we are required to vote on every penny that is spent.
          b. Motion to approve by Dick O’Connor, second by Terry Miller, Carried by voice vote.

 XVI. New Business, Greg Arndt, Grand Knight
           a. Dave Benney’s wife needs assistance on October 2 at 1pm. Misc household items,
               bushes, painting, etc. Please sign up to lend a hand.
XVII. 4 Degree Update – Wayne Booker, Previous Grand Knight, Previous Faithful Navigator
          a. More people to become 4 degree members
          b. Challenge all 4 degree to purchase regalia, and become more visible, we are the public
              face of the Knights
          c. November 6 is the next opportunity to join the 4 degree, it is a one day ceremony

XVIII. Field Agent Report – Mark Mandel
             a. Insurance quiz to members regarding needs and key insurance stats

 XIX. District Deputy Report – Tom Bulcher
             a. Congratulations to new members
                                     nd    rd
             b. October 31 – next 2 and 3 degree, will be hosted at St. Andrews
             c. October 26, next 1 degree at St. Joan of Arc

 XX. Good of the Order, Greg Arndt, Grand Knight
          a. Steve Cianca
          b. Larry Kramer
          c. Joe Malagasi
          d. Unemployed Brother Knights

 XXI. Closing Prayer, - Greg Arndt, Grand Knight

XXII. Adjournment:
           a. Motion to adjourn by Mike Sliclen & second by Don Beckman
           b. Meeting adjourned 8:55 pm

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