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         The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC

Name of the Institution              : HOLY CROSS HOME SCIENCE COLLEGE,


Name of the Head of the Institution :       Sr. Rubha.M.S
Ph. No. Office                       :      0461 – 2328295
Residence                            :       0461 - 2321557
Mobile                               :      9894757079
e-mail                               :

Name of the IQAC Co-ordinator        :      Mrs. R. Waheetha
Ph. No. Office                       :      0461 – 2328295
Mobile                               :      9994545160
e-mail                               :

Year of Report 2009-2010:

Part A: the plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year towards quality
enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of the year.

            Orientation programme for staff
            Bridge course for freshers (10 Days)
            Inauguration of College Union
            Meditation
            Parent-Teacher Association meeting (twice a year)
            „COMPRO‟ – Interschool competition (Dept. of Commerce)
            Blood donation camp
            Fine Arts Competition
            District level seminar (Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition)
            „LOGIN 09‟ – Interschool competition (Dept. of Computer Science)
            Khadi Day celebration (Dept. of Fashion Designing and apparel making)
            Dietetic Internship training (1 month)

          Inplant training on Baking (10 days)
          „INNOVA 2009‟ – Innovative teaching practices for school teachers
          Sports Day
          Career guidance programme
          Personality development programme for students
          College Day
          Student‟s Day
          Women‟s Day
          Graduation Day
          Job MelCampus Interview
          Remedial course ( twice a year)
          Outreach programme (adoption of village by the departments for a period of 5 years
          Lighting Ceremony
          Introducing of B.A., English Literature as a Satellite course for the academic year
          Any other programme if necessary.

The following were chalked out successfully:

     Our staff are ever engaged in learning through seminars and workshops in this fast
     expanding knowledge age.
     Our institution provides education for the most brilliant and at the same time, it does not
      deny education to those who deserve to be educated. This is a very difficult mixture which
      our college is achieving. We have always learnt to dream and have faith in our capabilities.
     Our staff strives hard to bring harmony and to provide quality education among the
      assorted student community.
     To enable the graduate students to be socially conscious and to imbibe a spirit of concern
      for others, every department have adopted a village to serve the down trodden. The main
      objective of the outreach programme is to create awareness and socio concern among the
      students for the fellowmen and women, to create a model for service in the neighbouring
      communities and to conscientise the community through education, health programmes and
      women employment.
     Success in a field is possible only with the combination of entertainment and celebrations.
      This helped our students to be independent, team leaders and good organizers.
     Independence Day and Republic Day bring the feelings of loyalty and pride.
     The outstanding achievement of the union is the ability of the students to integrate and
      work together as a team.
     “Earn while you learn” – It caters the students who like to learn a trade that would make
      them self employed rather than self seekers.

Part B:
    1.    Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the institution:

             Orientation programme for staff
             Bridge course for freshers (10 Days)
             Remedial course ( twice a year)
             Meditation
             Career guidance programme
             Personality development programme for students
             Student‟s Day
             Campus Interview
             Graduation Day
             Blood donation camp
             Khadi Day celebration
             „INNOVA 2009‟ – Innovative teaching practices for school teachers
             Outreach programme (adoption of village by the departments for a period of 5

    2.    New academic programmes initiated (UG and PG):

    3.    Innovations in curricular design and transaction:
                 New curriculum has been introduced by the university.
                 Consequently Non-major and skill-based courses have been newly
                    introduced at the undergraduate level.

    4.    Inter-disciplinary programmes started:
                  Add-on-course - DTP
                  Course content - Photoshop and Pagemaker
                  Offered by      - Dept. of Computer Science
                  Beneficiaries - Commerce students

    5.    Examination reforms implemented:
             Continuous Internal Assessment for theory and practical (under CBCS)

    6.    Candidates qualified: NET/SLET/GATE etc.

     7.   Initiative towards faculty development programme:

             Guest lectures were arranged with the following resource persons:
            S.No Date            Name                      Designation      Topic
            1.     15.06.2009 Dr. K.                       Creative         „To go
                                 Balasubramanian,          Consultancy, Beyond and
                                 B.E, M.B.A, PGDFM,        Trichy           look Beyond‟
            2.     16.06.2009 Fr. John Selvam Ph.D         Headmaster       „Teacher
                                                           St. Thomas       student
                                                           Matriculation relationship‟
            3.     05.12.2009 Prof. Sebastin, M.A,         St. Xavier‟s     „Rejuvenate
                                 M.Phil                    Engineering      your youth
                                                           College,         with
                                                           Nagercoil.       communicate
            4.     05.12.2009 Dr. Lethi, Ph.D              Lecturer         „How to
                                                           Holy Cross       handle slow
                                                           College,         learners?‟

     8.   Total number of seminars/workshops conducted:
                  Faculty       : Four
                  Students      : Two

     9.   Research projects              a) Newly implemented:
                                         b) Completed:

    10.   Patents generated, if any:

    11.   New Collaborative research programmes:

    12.   Research grants received from various agencies:

    13.   Details of research scholars:
                  Sr. Mary Hilda – Dept. of Fashion Designing – Ph.D
                  Mrs. Kopperundevi – Librarian – Ph.D

    14.   Citation index of faculty members and impact factor:

    15.   Honors / Awards to the faculty:
            „Tamil Valar Thendral Virudhu‟ by Tiruvalluvar Maanavar Tamil Sangam to
             Mrs. Saroja Jone, Dept. of Tamil for producing good results and also for
             motivating the learning of Tamil.

    16.   Internal resources generated:
             Training for self-help groups and Add-on-course. (Refer Annexure I)

    17.   Details of departments getting SAP, COSIST (ASSIST) / DST. FIST, etc.
          assistance / recognition:

    18.   Community services:
            Through extension activities and NSS
                    (i)    Camp for 10 days
                    (ii)   26 students donated blood through NSS
                    (iii) Each department has adopted a village

    19.   Teachers and officers newly recruited:
             Miss. R. Shunmuga Priya M.A, M.Phil         -   Dept. of English
             Miss. A. Geo Vijila M.Sc, M.Phil            -   Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition
             Miss. A. Karolin M.Sc                       -   Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition
             Miss. V. Sheeba Malathi M.Sc                -   Dept. of Fashion Designing
             Miss. S. Juliet M.Sc, M.Phil                -   Dept. of computer Science
             Miss. J. Maria Merceline Vijila M.C.A       -   Dept. of computer Science

    20.   Teaching – Non-teaching staff ratio:

    21.   Improvements in the library services:

             Number of additional books :

                            Food Science and Nutrition   -   10
                            Commerce                     -    7
                            Fashion Designing            -   15
                            Computer Science             -   33
                            General                      -    1

    22.   New books / journals subscribed and their cost:
            Refer Annexure II

    23.   Courses in which student assessment of teachers is introduced and the action
          taken on student feedback:
             Feedback of the students on teachers was obtained. As there were no negative
             remarks, no action was deemed necessary.

    24.   Unit cost of education: Rs.12000/-

    25.   Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and
          examination results, issue of certificates:
                           Computerization of admission was completed.
                           Examination results are under process.

    26.   Increase in the infrastructural facilities:
             Establishment of Internet centre with the following facilities:
                       (i)    6 systems
                       (ii)   Broad band
                       (iii) printer

    27.   Technology upgradation:
             Establishment of Internet centre.

    28.   Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students:
            Access to internet on all Working days and two hours on holidays

    29.   Financial aid to students:
                              Fee concession to students    - Rs. 15600
                              Hostel concession to students - Rs. 7000

    30.   Support from the Alumni Association and its Activities:
             Financial support is obtained from the alumnae during the yearly meeting.

    31.   Support from the Parent-Teacher Association and its Activities:
             They give suggestions for the upliftment of the college.

    32.   Health services:
                                Freshers are given a general health check-up
                                Immunization is given for Rubella and Hepatitis

    33.   Performance in sports activities:
             Sports day is celebrated every year and they have actively participated in inter-
             college competitions. (Refer annexure III)

    34.   Incentives to outstanding sportspersons:
             The college is grateful to the volunteers and the best performer for their hard work.
             They were also awarded.

    35.   Student achievements and awards:
             1.     Mrs. Pappu of B.Sc, Computer Science - Third prize in Essay Writing
                    Competition at Kamaraj college, Thoothukudi.

              2.     Miss. Rani Malathi of B.Sc, Fashion Designing - Third prize for Best
                     Model by Heights Fashion Institute, Courtrallam.

              3.     Miss. Marieswari of M.Sc, DFM - First prize in Cooking Competition
                     (Weight reducing diet for obese person) at Meenakshi Mission Hospital,

              4.     Miss. Ashifa and Steffy of B.Com(CA) - Second prize in Quiz,
                     Miss. Steffy – first prize in Essay Writing
                     Miss Seenu Sukanya - first prize in Best Manager Competition
                     (competitions conducted by Pope‟s College, Sawyerpuram)
              5.     Miss. Akila of M.Sc DFM – First prize in District Level Essay
                     Writing Competition for Ulaga Chemmozhi Manaadu

    36.   Placement services provided to students:
              Campus interview was arranged.

    37.   Development programmes for non-teaching staff:

    38.   Best practices of the institution:
               Orientation programme for staff
               Bridge course for freshers (10 Days)
               Remedial course ( twice a year)
               Career guidance
               Personality development programme for students
               Campus Interview
               Parent-Teacher Association meeting (twice a year)
               Seminars and workshops (organized by the departments)
               Financial support to the economically backward students
               Blood donation camp
               Outreach programme (adoption of village by the departments for a period of
                                         5 years)

    39.   Linkages developed with National / International, academic / research

    40.   Any other relevant information:
                     Seminars attended by faculty – Refer Annexure IV

                       College timings has been changed from 9.30a.m – 4.30p.m to
                        8.30a.m – 2.00p.m. As a result –
                        (i)    Students are able to go for part time job
                        (ii)   Students who come from far off places reach home early.

                       The first batch of the Department of Computer Science obtained
                        good marks in the semester exams and has opted for higher studies.

                       A seminar “Innova „10” on teaching techniques was conducted for
                        the school teachers of Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli.

    Part C:
    Detail the plans of the institution for the next year.

                                 ACTION PLAN - 2010-2011

                     S.No                         EVENTS
                       1.       Bridge course
                       2.       Inter school competition(Nutri conamore)
                       3.       Industrial visit
                       4.       Workshop – Ribbon work, Tie&dye, Arhi
                       5.       Expo – Exploring computers
                       6.       NSS camp
                       7.       Workshop – Coral Draw & Dream Weaver
                       8.       Awareness programme for school students
                       9.       Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship
                                “WRSL -2010” - a Training Programme for school
                       11.      Carrier Guidance
                       12.      Seminar - Cryptography
                       13.      May I Help You – Government Hospital
                       14.      Eye camp
                       15.      Seminar – Onco care

    Name & Signature of the Coordinator, IQAC        Name & Signature of the Chairperson, IQAC

                         ANNEXURE I

           Income Generated Through Internal Resources

     Self Help Group       -     Rs.75,000

     Add On Course         -     Rs. 1,20,000

                                   ANNEXURE II

     S.No            BOOK NAME                       COST(Rs.)
     1      Nutrition and dietetics                  265
     2      Nutrition Science                        225
     3      Dietetics                                190
     4      Food Processing and Preservation         250
     5      Fundamentals and Biochemistry for        350
            medical students
     6      Food Microbiology                        295
     7      Food Science                             250
     8      Embroidery designs                       120
     9      Artistics Embroidery designs             90
     10     Moda Murfy                               750
     11     Apparel Merchandising                    795
     12     Practical Cotton Finishing               250
     13     Textile Finishing                        895
     14     Elements of Fibre Science                695
     15     Preparation of Textile Fibres            550
     16     Fabric care                              175
     17     Cloth washing and Ironing                800
     18     A Complete guide to Fashion Designing    495
     19     Textile and Laundry
     20     Elements of Fashion And Apparel design   225
     21     Knitting                                 295
     22     Fashion Apparel Accessories and Home     550
     23     Enterprise Resource Planning             150
     24     Data base System Concepts                511
     25     Electronic Commerce                      310
     26     E-Commerce                               369
     27     ERP                                      450
     28     Enterprise Resource Planning             325
     29     Database System using ORACLE             250

     30   Programming in ANSI C                    240
     31   Programming with ANSI and Turbo C        245
     32   Management Information System            375
     33   Mastering The Visual Basic 6             597
     34   Let us C solutions                       225
     35   Working with C                           195
     36   System Programming                       225
     37   Operation Research                       475
     38   Operation Research                       475
     39   Introduction to Computers and            80
          Information Technology
     40   Operating System Concepts                449
     41   Object Oriented software Engineering     399
     42   Computer Networks Fundamentals and       260
     43   Computer System Architecture             240
     44   Data Structures A Psedocode Approach     433
          with C++
     45   Digital Design                           375
     46   Database System using ORACLE             250
     47   Computer Graphics, Multimedia and        295
     48   Web Technology                           275
     49   Management Information System            450
     50   Management Information System            250
     51   Visual Programming 6.0 Programming       425
     52   Oracle 8i                                240
     53   Neural Networks                          375
     54   Operation Research                       375
     55   Cryptography and network securities      325
     56   Cryptography and network securities      299
     57   Principle and practices of information
     58   Multimedia making IT work                450
     59   Basic Programming Design                 60
     60   Basic Programming Design                 60
     61   The winners manual Package               599

                         ANNEXURE III

            Participants of Inter College Sports Events

     S.No     Sports Event          Name of the Student

     1                              Sherin Farharna
     2             SHUTTLE          Padma Adhithya
     3                              Guru Vaishnavi
     4                              Muthu Selvi

     1                              Salomi
     2                              Sabina
     3                              Amitrha
     4                              Swapna
     5                              Manjula
     6                              Evangellin
     7                              Angela Jayanthi
     8                              Geetha
     9                              Hema
     10                             Merlin
     11                             Ambika
     12                             Babitha
     13                             Jegathambal

     1                              Anantha Lakshmi
     2                              Anu Shanthini
     3                              Magdelin
     4                              Sujitha
     5                              Sabina
     6                              Adhithya
                 VOLLEY BALL
     7                              Uma Maheswari
     8                              Dharshni
     9                              Manjula
     10                             Princy
     11                             Sasi Rekha
     12                             Kalaiselvi

     S.No   Sports Event      Name of the Student

     1                        Anandha Lakshmi
     2                        Sherin Farharna
     3                        Marieswari
     4                        Sibi
             BALL BADMINTON
     5                        Padma Adhithya
     6                        Aruna
     7                        Gomathi
     8                        Swapna
     9                        Santhanamari

                                        ANNEXURE IV

                                  Seminars attended by the faculty

     S.No Name                       Seminar                             Venue
     1.   Mrs. Joymary &             Workshop on English Language        V.O.C College,
          Mrs.Geraldine P. Rayen     by „ELTAI chapter‟                  Thoothukudi
     2.   Mrs. Joymary               Workshop on Multiple Resources      V.O.C College,
                                     for multiple intelligencies and     Thoothukudi
                                     Demo on digital language lab
     3.    Mrs. Joymary              Textile/Fabric printing – screen    Archanah academy
                                                                         institute of printing
                                                                         technology, Chennai
     4.    Mrs. Joymary              State level workshop on Career      Parks College,
           Miss Sheeba               Opportunities for Fashion           Tirupur
     5.    Mrs. Gayathri &           National level seminar on           APC Mahalakahmi
           Miss. Maria Mercelin      „Enhancing Continuous Quality       College,
                 Vijila              Management through IQAC in          Thoothukudi
                                     Higher Education‟
     6.    Mrs. Mathuravalli &       Seminar on Patent Awareness         M.S University,
           Mrs. Geraldine P. Rayen                                       Tirunelveli
     7.    Sr. Rubha               Seminar on „Personality and           ICFAI, Tirunelveli
                                   Intellectual Development‟
     8.    Sr. Mary Hilda          Fifth state level consultation on     Aditanar College of
                                   Community Radio Awareness             Arts and Science,
     9.    Mrs. Sathyalakshmi        „Women Entrepreneurship training    SPIC Agricultural
                                     programme‟                          services,
                                                                         Thoothukudi .
     10.   Mrs. Sathyalakshmi &      Semianr on „Emerging Trends and     Vaishnava College,
           Sr. Rubha                 Opportunities in Food Processing‟   Chennai
     11.   Mrs. Gayathri &           Workshop on Personality             V.O.C College,
                                     Development                         Thoothukudi
     12.   Miss. Shunmugapriya       Workshop on Effective               V.O.C College,
                                     Communication                       Thoothukudi
     13.   Mrs. Sathyalakshmi &      Best Practices Bench Marking for    APC Mahalakahmi
           Mrs. Waheetha             Quality Enhancement                 College,

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