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Vol. 5, No. 49             SALESIANS OF DON BOSCO - NEW ROCHELLE, NY                                          June 26, 2008

         Message from                       I call to your attention that two            Then began his service as director at
                                          confreres mark important milestones in       Don Bosco Prep High School in Ramsey,
         Fr. Provincial                   their vocational journey in the coming       after which he went to the Provincial
                                          days.                                        Residence to assist with province
Dear Confreres,
                                                                                       development work. In 2000, Fr. Tony
                                            Fr. Vincent Duffy celebrates 60 years      returned to the Prep, where in these
  The Salesian Congregation in recent
                                          of priestly ordination on Sunday, June       years he has given such good help with
years has called for the ongoing
                                          29. Having done his theology studies in      the alumni office, and is so much
formation of directors, recognizing the
                                          Don Bosco Seminary in Newton, it was in      beloved by the students, faculty and
importance of this role of service for
                                          the chapel there that he was ordained in     staff. On this special occasion, let us
the renewal of the life and mission of    1948 by Salesian Archbishop Louis            pause to thank Fr. Tony once again and
local communities.                        Mathias of Madras, India. Over these         promise him our good wishes and
                                          many years, Fr. Vince has served             prayers.
  In light of this, you may recall that
two months ago Fr. Steve Leake, Fr.       actively and generously in both pastoral
Joseph Santa-Bibiana and Fr. Tim          and administrative roles in quite a            Finally, we bid farewell next week to
Zak participated in the Jornadas para     number of our works.                         Fr. Mirek Niechwiej, who returns to his
Directores offered by the Salesian                                                     home province of Kraków, Poland. By
                                            But currently Fr. Vince is living the      arrangement between his provincial and
Regional Center for Ongoing
                                          mystery of the priesthood as suffering.      me, Mirek came to our province for three
Formation (CSRFP) in Quito, Ecuador.
                                          Left physically incapacitated by a stroke    years in order to learn English, while at
                                          some four months ago, he is cared for at     the same time to give a hand with our
  Next week, several more of our
directors will participate in Shepherd-   a nursing center in Wayne, New Jersey.       pastoral work. For two years, he was at
ing the Shepherds, a workshop for         When I visited with him last Sunday, he      St. John Bosco Parish in Chicago. This
                                          reflected honestly on the anguish he         past year, he has been at Don Bosco
directors from the three Salesian
                                          feels in his present condition, and then     Prep in Ramsey, while also serving as
provinces of North America: Canada,
                                          concluded by saying, “But God’s will be      chaplain to the Salesian Sisters of the
Eastern U.S. and Western U.S. The
                                          done.” Let us be near our brother            Provincial Center in Haledon.
workshop will be held from July 2-10 at
                                          through prayer and visits as he
Don Bosco Hall in Berkeley.
                                          accomplishes this important self-offering.
                                                                                         Mirek has shared in our life and
  Among the themes to be reflected on                                                  mission in these years with simplicity,
                                            The patriarch of our province, Fr.
are “The Director as Spiritual Father”                                                 making himself a brother among brothers
                                          Anthony Spano, celebrates 65 years of
(Fr. Michael Cunningham, SDB);                                                         in both Chicago and Ramsey, and
                                          priestly ordination next Friday, July 4.
“The Director and the Daily Rhythm of                                                  evidencing a true goodness and spiritual
Prayer” (Fr. Tim Ploch, SDB);             He too was ordained in the chapel of
                                                                                       depth. To him go our thanks, and our
                                          Don Bosco Seminary in Newton, but by
“Creating Communion Today:                                                             good wishes and prayers as he departs
                                          Maryknoll Bishop William O’Shea,
Relationships as Challenge and                                                         for the southernmost province of Poland.
Opportunity” (Fr. Gael Sullivan, SDB);    Vicar Apostolic of Heijo, Korea. A few
“Ethics and Pastoral Ministry” (Fr.       years after his ordination, Fr. Tony was
                                          assigned back to Newton, where he            Fraternally in Don Bosco,
Richard Gula, SS); and “From the
                                          spent nearly 30 years teaching science
Mission of the Salesians to Salesian
Mission” (Fr. Joe Boenzi, SDB).           and drama, while also engaged in
                                          administrative work and fundraising.
  Our province will send six current
directors – Fr. Pat Diver, Fr. Dennis
Donovan, Fr. Steve Dumais, Fr. Jim
McKenna, Fr. Lou Molinelli and Fr.                                                      Schedule of Father Provincial
John Nazzaro – and three directors
just beginning terms of service – Fr.                                                                   June
Mike Conway, Fr. George Hanna and                                                      26       Tampa: Legal Meeting
Fr. Tom Ruekert.                                                                       27       Office Day
                                                                                       28-30    Vacation
   Let us pray that this experience may
strengthen our brothers who carry out
with generosity the mission of              Fr. Vincent Duffy   Fr. Anthony Spano                        July
animation and governance of                 October 1, 2006         April 8, 2008      1-5      Vacation
communities. ►                                                  ►                      6-10     Office Days
 Vol. 5, No. 49 – 2 of 4                                E-SERVICE                                           June 26, 2008

          Coming Birthdays                    MARK YOUR CALENDARS                           Help for Studying the
                                                                                              GC26 Document
                   June                             Saturday, August 9
  26       Fr. Paul Grauls                    Mass of Perpetual Profession           (ANS – Rome) – A CD-rom on the final
d 27       Fr. Richard Alejunas                             of                       document of the 26th General Chapter
  28       Fr. James Marra                        Br. Manuel Gallo, SDB              has been produced by the Communica-
  29       Fr. Peter Sella                    Br. Michael Leschinsky, SDB            tions Department in collaboration with
  30       Fr. Chester Szemborski
                                                            at                       Missioni Don Bosco – Media Center in
                                                                                     Turin and other communication centers
                   July                        Salesian High School Chapel           of the Congregation. It will help the
 2         Fr. Thomas Brennan                       New Rochelle, NY                 confreres to know, study, and assimilate
 3         Br. Robert Malusa                            10:30 A.M.                   the work of GC26, and in particular the
 8         Cl. Fidelmar Perez                                                        final document. It is intended to be a
 8         Fr. Zbigniew Majcher                                                      contribution offered to the communities
                                                                                     and the provinces to plot their course, as
                                                                                     the Rector Major said in his closing
          Pray for Our Sick                                                          address at the chapter, for the six-year
                                                                                     period 2008-2014 en route for the great
        Fr. Paul Avallone, SDB                                                       Jubilee of 2015, the bicentennial of the
         St. Vincent Nursing Home                                                    birth of Don Bosco
              Cedar Grove, NJ
                                                                                     The multimedia material it contains –
        Br. Peter Bersezio, SDB                                                      video, photographs, PDF, PowerPoint,
         Bon Secours Maria Manor                                                     texts – have been put together in three
            St. Petersburg, FL                                                       sections:

         Fr. Jim Chiosso, SDB                                                        The “Event” section, from February 23 -
               Villa Beltrami                                                        April 12, 2008, includes the experiences
                Turin, Italy                                                         of the 232 chapter members while in
                                                   Saturday, August 16               Turin and Rome. The video-information
         Fr. Vincent Duffy, SDB                 Mass of First Profession             produced by ANS and a selection of
       Preakness Healthcare Center                          of                       photographs provide an essential
               Wayne, NJ                          Br. Sean Hogan, SDB                chronicle of the unfolding of the events of
                                                                                     the general chapter.
                                              Br. Jean Dieunel Victor, SDB
         Fr. Del Labonte, SDB
           St. Mary’s Life Center
                                                            at                       The second part, “Document,” is
                Orange, NJ                         Holy Rosary Church                introduced by a new video. It helps to
                                                     Port Chester, NY                clarify the final document of GC26,
        Fr. Robert Savage, SDB                          10:30 A.M.                   highlighting in particular the three keys
         Jeanne Jugan Residence                                                      for its interpretation indicated by the
               Bronx, NY                            Plan now to attend               Rector Major in his closing address on
                                                and to bring some vocation           April 12. To this is added a PowerPoint
         Br. Frank Tilton, SDB                          prospects.                   presentation of the working method
           Oakland Care Center                                                       adopted by GC26 and used in drafting
               Oakland, NJ                                                           the final document, in HTLM format that
                                                    YOU’RE INVITED                   can be navigated as a hypertext, the
                                                                                     same text as that of the document.
                E-Service                    WORLD YOUTH DAY SEND OFF
             148 Main Street                                                         The third section, “Spirit,” offers material
       New Rochelle, NY 10802-0639            The commissioning Mass for WYD         that will be of use to individual Salesians
          Phone: (914) 636-4225                    35 province participants          and to communities to bring alive the
       E-Mail: servicesue@aol.com                                                    task proposed by the chapter. It includes
                                              FRIDAY, JULY 11, AT 5:00 P.M.          programming of the general council for
                                                                                     the next six years, plans for community
        E-SERVICE Newsletter                        at the Salesian house            celebrations and for adoration before the
    Published Weekly by the Salesians of     315 Self Place in South Orange, N.J.    Blessed Sacrament inspired by the five
   St. John Bosco for the confreres of the                                           key issues in the document, and a series
      Province of St. Philip the Apostle,             5:00 P.M.: Mass                of 8 “Da mihi animas” posters from ANS.
             New Rochelle, NY.               Presider and homilist: Fr. Provincial
  Very Rev. James Heuser, SDB, Provincial                                            The CD-rom will be published in Italian,
                                                6:30 P.M.: Barbecue Supper           English, Spanish, French, Portuguese,
                                                      All are welcome!               Polish, and German and should be
                                                                                     available at the beginning of September.
                                                RSVP: LINA at 973-761-0201                                †
Vol. 5, No. 49 – 3 of 4                                   E-SERVICE                                     June 26, 2008

          Gospel Roads                       Gospel Roads - Philadelphia                Gospel Roads II in Philadelphia
     Tampa and Philadelphia                              John Barron
              John Barron
                                             Gospel Roads II, the second part of the
 During the week of June 13-22             Gospel Roads program, is a service
Gospel Roads programs were                 initiative designed to help young men
conducted in Tampa and Philadelphia.       and women become more aware of the
The program in Tampa consisted             needs of the most vulnerable people in
mainly of students from St. Petersburg     society. Fifteen young Salesians from
Catholic High School. Fr. John             throughout the province gathered in New
DiFiore, SDB, accompanied the group        Jersey and Philadelphia during the week
of Salesian young people in doing          of June 14-22 and did many great things
mission work throughout the Tampa          in the community.
Bay area. It seems that the favorite
activity of the week was working at          After touring the city and examining the
Mary Help of Christians summer             culture of Philadelphia on Sunday, we
camp. The week ended on June 21            worked with the outreach center of St.
with a potluck dinner in which the         Agnes Parish in West Chester, Penn.,
entire Salesian family of Tampa            during the week. In the mornings we
participated. Congratulations to           split up in several groups. Some of us
Tommy Wilson, the on-site director,        worked on and painted a house, some
who did an outstanding job in              cleaned an office, and some served
organizing the program.                    meals to the local homeless in St. Agnes
                                           Day Room. In the afternoons we all
                                           helped the parish run Camp Celebration,
                                           where we worked with children from pre-
                                           school through fifth grade. Every day we
                                           celebrated Mass and had many group
                                           sharings and discussions within our
                                           community. We came together greatly
                                           as a group and bonded in prayer, in our
                                           meals, and in free time. In our group of
                                           fifteen, we all got to know each other
                                           well, and that made the each pilgrim
                                           The retreat will end with experience that
                                           taking better. On Friday evening we
                                           much a prayer candle home with them.
        Assisting at MHC camp              returned to New Jersey from
                                           These prayer candles will be left at home
                                           Philadelphia. Saturday, we prayed in
                                           with their family and friends while the
  Gospel Roads II in Philadelphia was      pilgrimsan abortion clinic in the South
                                           front of are in Sydney. Throughout the
organized by Ryan Phelan. Fr.
                                           Bronx. July 11th a very difficult, candles
                                           week ofThis was -July 22 the litvery
Dominic Tran, SDB, and our pre-            challenging, yet loved ones to be
                                           will remind their very rewarding praying
novices Trong Chu and Minh Dang            for them. for all of us.
                                           experience                                      Gospel Roads I in Tampa
participated with college students in a
social justice immersion experience in       This week was a Salesian family who
                                           All members of thefun, hard-working, and
the City of Brotherly Love. The            very any of these pilgrims for all get in
                                           knowworthwhile experienceshould of us.
favorite work site for this group was at   Having done Gospel Roads I, I found
                                           touch with them and let them know that
St. Agnes Parish, where our young          you too,Roads II to be afor them. more
                                           Gospel will be praying deeper,
people participated in a variety of        focused experience which really helped
                                           Communities are also encouraged to
charitable endeavors for the young,        invite their young grow in my faith and in
                                           me personally to adult pilgrims over for
poor immigrants of the community.          my understanding of the needs of
                                           prayer & dinner prior to their departure
The Philadelphia group ended their         society. I th.
                                           on July 11know that just about everyone
GR II experience by praying in front of    with whom I was blessed to share this
an abortion clinic in the Bronx on         week feels the same way. Our week of
Saturday morning.                          serving some of the most poor, most
                                           innocent, and most vulnerable people in
 An important aspect of our service        society also taught us many things about
program is reflection and faith-sharing    how God works in our everyday lives.
on the experience of Gospel Roads.         We witnessed God working in many
                                           ways – through the children, through
  This week Fr. Abraham Feliciano,         each other, and through all those around
SDB, and Michael Walsh are in              us. We are all very blessed to have had
Cincinnati with 35 young people            this service experience and look to
participating in another Gospel Roads      continue serving all people in our daily
I. Keep them in your prayers. †            lives. †
Vol. 5, No. 49 – 4 of 4                                 E-SERVICE                                              June 26, 2008

    Mongolian Students                          Vietnamese American                          World Youth Day Update
 Graduate to a Better Future                    Salesians in Australia                          Sr. Maryann Schaefer, FMA
                                                    Fr. Steve Ryan, SDB
ULAN BATOR: June 25 -- Thirty-three                                                       Both the FMA and the SDB groups are
students from Don Bosco Technical           Fr. Dominic Tran and Fr. Paul                gearing up to a long but rewarding
Skills Center graduated this week after   Chuong Nguyen have begun their                 experience in Sydney, Australia.
a three-year course. Their graduation     pilgrimage with a large group of young
is a ticket to a better life.             people to the World Youth Day in                 Sr. Maryann Schafer and Fr. Steve
                                          Sydney, Australia. However, first they         Ryan have been collaborating to prepare
  Mongolian students have to face         will be accompanying the group in              the young adults for WYD, that they may
hardships unknown in many other           service by doing various missions in           deepen their Catholic and Salesian
parts of the world. It may be a           Vietnam from June 25 to July 7, working        identities. Although the two groups are
question of whether they can find the     for the poor in hospitals, clinics, schools    traveling separately, they are one group
money to buy books or catch a bus. It     and churches. Frs. Dominic and Paul            when it comes to World Youth Day – a
may be a matter of freezing               will also visit with relatives and the         group totaling 66.
temperatures, which in winter can drop    Salesians they know. This is the first
to -50 C, making school attendance an                                                      The FMA group departs on Friday, July
                                          time that Fr. Dominic returns to Vietnam
act of heroism! And again it may be                                                      11. Their commissioning Mass will be on
                                          since leaving as an adolescent.
the home situation in the yurt,                                                          Wednesday, July 9, at 6 p.m. at St.
overcrowded with a large family and         The group will arrive in Australia on July   Joseph Chapel in North Haledon. Fr.
lots of brothers and sisters to disturb   8. From July 9 -14, they will stay at the      Steve Ryan is the presider and Sr.
study efforts. Or worse, a situation of   Salesian parish of St. Margaret Mary in        Phyllis Neves will present the crosses to
domestic violence, often alcohol-         North Brunswick (outside Melbourne)            these pilgrims. The celebration will
fueled, which students around the         and take part in the Days in the Diocese,      continue in the cafeteria of Mary Help
world have to contend with, but which     including Salesian Youth Day with Fr.          Academy, where the FMA Cooperators
statistics show is endemic to             Chavez, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez,              host a send-off dinner for the families
Mongolian society too.                    Bishop Luc Van Looy, and Bishop Tim            and pilgrims.
                                          Costelloe of Melbourne. From July 15-
                                                                                           On Monday, July 14, the FMA group will
                                          20, they will be in Sydney for WYD.
                                                                                         be going to the parish in Engadine for a
                                            The young people that Paul and               day-long service project among the
                                          Dominic are accompanying include many          elderly, followed by a visit of the Salesian
                                          youths from the West Coast. The total          Sisters' works. This has been a two-year
                                          number in the group is 81, with different      plan, thanks to the past provincial of the
                                          levels of participation.                       FMAs, Sr. Edna Mary McDonald. In the
                                                                                         evening, the two groups will unite as one
                                            Frs. Paul and Dominic ask for your           and begin our Salesian experience within
                                          prayers for the success of the mission         the World Youth Day experience.
                                          and pilgrimage. They promise that all
                                          the SDBs in our province and our                 Currently, the Salesian group has been
  The Salesians of Don Bosco              ministry will be in their prayers. †           approached to be an animating group at
understand the need for good                                                             the three days of catechesis with a U.S.
example, passing on the right values                                                     bishop (TBA). This is a first, and we are
and helping young people acquire a                                                       invoking the Spirit in carrying out this
                                                  Congratulations                        mission.
profession which will give them good
standing. It is all a way of preventing       Don Bosco Prep, Ramsey
many of the social ills that afflict                     The Record                       We ask for your prayers as we journey
families especially in and around Ulan                                                   "down under,” that we may be filled with
Bator, Mongolia's capital. Seven years    The Ironmen set a standard for baseball        the Holy Spirit and truly be his witnesses
after its opening, DBTSC has              excellence this season, completing a           to the ends of the earth. †
increased its quota of students to        perfect 33-0 season. Bosco won the
around 230. Students may take one of      Bergen County tournament for the third
five professional directions: auto        straight season, the Non-Public A State             Visit Our Other Web sites
mechanics, carpentry, plumbing,           title and the NNJIL Division C crown,
sewing, secretarial. This education       earning The Record Baseball Team of            www.sdb.org - International
plus the moral education they receive     the Year honor. In addition, Bosco
gives these young people a chance         finished the season ranked No. 1 in three
                                                                                         www.salesians.org - New Rochelle
and indeed is a key to success for        national polls – uncharted territory for a
coming generations. It is also the best   North Jersey baseball team. The
                                                                                         www.salesianym.com - Youth Ministry
and most fundamental way to fight         Ironmen placed six players on the All-
poverty. This year's graduation was       Bergen County team. They had five
                                                                                         www.salesianvocation.com - Vocations
another step along that road. †           players with Division I college scholar-
                                          ships and three were chosen in the Major
                                          League Baseball draft. †                       www.salesianmissions.org - Missions

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