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					Silhouette Desire

Length: 50,000–55,000 words
Senior Editor: Stacy Boyd
Associate Editor: Charles Griemsman
Assistant Editor: Shana Smith
Editorial Office: New York, U.S.A.

A powerful, passionate and provocative read…guaranteed!

At 50–55,000 words, Desire books are filled to the brim with strong, intense storylines. These
sensual love stories immediately involve the reader in a romantic, emotional conflict and the
quest for a happily-ever-after resolution. The novels should be fresh, fast-paced, modern and
present the hero and heroine's conflicts by the end of chapter one. Readers need to understand
immediately what obstacles will impact the characters throughout the novel.

The Desire hero should be powerful and wealthy — an alpha male with a sense of entitlement,
and sometimes arrogance. While he may be harsh or direct, he is never physically cruel.
Beneath his alpha exterior, he displays some vulnerability, and he is capable of being saved. It's
up to the heroine to get him there. The Texan hero should own the ranch, not work on it, and
the urban hero should be someone in charge, not a handyman. The Desire hero often has fewer
scenes from his point of view, but in many ways, he owns the story. Readers should want to fall
in love with and rescue the Desire hero themselves!

The Desire heroine is complex and flawed. She is strong-willed and smart, though capable of
making mistakes when it comes to matters of the heart. The heroine is equally as important as
the hero, if not more so. There is room for both protagonists' perspective, but Desire novels are
usually 60% heroine and 40% hero.

The conflict should be dramatic and original. Unexpected and new takes on classic plot lines,
such as secret pregnancies, marriages of convenience and reunion romances, are welcome.
Plots that focus on suspense or paranormal are best directed elsewhere. The story can be set
anywhere in the world, but the tone should be true to the author's voice.

Desire novels are sensual reads and a love scene or scenes are needed, but there is no set
number. Rather, the level of sensuality must be appropriate to the storyline. Above all, every
Desire novel must fulfill the promise of a powerful, passionate and provocative read.

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