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									fact sheet
redi-access modular ramping systems

Our unique relocatable design, is composed of modular components which
can be assembled in various configurations to meet all access requirements
which involve Landings and Ramps.

We supply standardised platforms, struts, handrail
and Kerbing components, to suit almost any building
design. These components can be installed in an
unobtrusive manner, making it perfect for buildings,
and structures where minimal disruption to the
cladding, facade and landscape, is essential.

      Complies with Australian Standards
      AS1428.1-2001, AS1428.2, AS1170.1,AS3600, AS4100, AS4600

      Engineer Certified
      Galvanised Steel Frame Construction
      50 mm Aluminium Handrails
      Galvanised Metal or Powder Coated Handrail Brackets
      Adaptable to suit existing building Designs
      Fast assembly and disassembly
      All components Re-useable
      Self Standing and unobtrusive to existing buildings
      Can be installed to any length
      Standard platform width = 1200 mm
      Width can be increased *
      Choice of Decking materials
      Domestic and Commercial Applications
      Custom size panels Available
      Handrails, Balustrade and Kerb rails (as required)
      Adjustable Pitch
      Multi purpose applications
      *Increases of 600 mm at increments can be achieved utilising Redi Access Standard Panels, other sizes can be achieved,
                                   consult us for more information.

                                                                                                             18/37 Nicholson St Balmain NSW 2041
                                                                                                               PO Box 3387 Bateau Bay NSW 2261
                                                                                                             Phone 02 9818 7311 Fax 02 8078 6095
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   redi-access modular ramping systems

                     Don't compromise on Safety
     Ramps can be constructed of many materials, and built in numerous configurations

                               Redi Access meets and exceeds Australian Standards
                        AS1428.1, AS1428.2, AS 1428.3, AS1170.1,AS3600, AS4100, AS4600, AS4586

               Many of us are familiar with the more commonly known sections of the standards
                            such as Gradient, Handrail and Landing requirements

“All continuous accessible paths of travel shall have a slip-resistant surface. A continuous accessible path of
travel shall have a texture that is traversable by a wheelchair” (AS1428.1 Section 12)

; Reditreatmentutilises conformstimber decking or checker plate Tredgripthis
                        Compressed Sheet decking coated with

  Many other surfaces such as
                                  to the relevant standards in all conditions.
                                                                   can fail
     crucial requirement, especially in icy and wet weather conditions.
     (The compressed sheet decking also gives the benefit of reduced noise
     when traversing the ramp, or when heavy rain is falling on it)

“In outdoor conditions, walkways, ramps and landings shall be designed so
that water does not accumulate on surface” (AS 1428.2 section 8.2)
                        Sheet decking we minimise                  of depressions             forming depressions
; By using compressed(within the AS1428instandards)the possibilityasfrom pooling inoccurring,andtodo notRedi Access
  where water can pool, which can occur other materials, such
  Kerb rails are raised                              to stop water
                                                                      Checker plate. In addition this,
                                                                                    corners,            create a
     gutter system where rain falling on the ramp can only escape by travelling it’s entire length.

                        “The gradient of ramps between landings shall remain constant” (AS 1428.1 section 5.3.d)
                        Redi Access Ramps are designed so they can be set at a constant gradient over the length of
                        the entire Ramp including the crucial starting point of the ramp where many ramps fail.

                        “Handrails shall be constructed and fixed so that there is no
                        obstruction to the passage of a hand along the rail”
                        (AS 1428.1 section 6.1.i)
      Redi Access Handrails are constructed with a continuous 100mm diameter bends to
; eliminate sharp corners and obstruction.
                   “The fastenings and the materials and construction of handrails shall be able to withstand
                  forces, in accordance with AS 1170.1” (AS 1428.1 section 6.3.j)
                   Redi Access Ramps Are fitted with a 50mm Aluminum Handrail which has a wall thickness of 3mm.
                   The handrail and fittings have been independently tested and certified, and exceed Australian
                   Standards for required strength

                                                                                  18/37 Nicholson St Balmain NSW 2041
                                                                                   PO Box 3387 Bateau Bay NSW 2261
                                                                                 Phone 02 9818 7311 Fax 02 8078 6095

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