Exam Papers NOT FOR PUBLICATION 1st Semester 2008 CHEM3305 Bi og by bnmbgtrtr52


									Exam Papers                            NOT FOR PUBLICATION                           1st Semester 2008

School of Anatomy & Human Biology
          ANHB2215         Biological Anthropology: Human Adaptation and Variation
          ANHB3311         Biological Anthropology
          IMED2282         Biological Anthropology

School of Animal Biology
          ANIM2205         Invertebrate Studies

School of Biomedical, Biomolecular & Chemical Sciences
          BIOC2201         Biochemistry of the Cell
          BIOC3351         Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
          BIOC3371         Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
          CHEM1103         Biological Organic Chemistry
          CHEM1105         Introductory Chemistry
          CHEM2210         Structure Determination and Physical Chemistry
          CHEM2211         Synthetic & Materials Chemistry
          CHEM2230         Nanochemistry
          CHEM3301         Organometallic and Polymer Chemistry
          CHEM3302         Structure Determination in Chemistry
          CHEM3305         Biological Chemistry
                           Biological Chemistry
          CHEM3310         Environmental Chemistry
          CHEM8613         Medicinal Chemistry II
          GENE3330         Molecular Genetics and Genomics
          IDNT1126         Basic Science for Dentistry
          IDNT1131         Molecules, Genes and Cells Part 1
          IMED1107         Foundations of Medical Chemistry
          IMED1113         Molecules, Genes and Cells Part 1
          IMED2201         Normal Systems
          MICR2204         Introductory Microbiology
          PHCY8609         Current Developments in Nutrition, Health and Biotechnology
          PHYL2255         Physiology of Human Body Systems
          PHYL3340         Advanced Cellular Physiology
          PODI1107         Foundations of Medical Chemistry
          PODI1131         Molecules, Genes and Cells Part 1
          SCIE2225         Molecular Biology

School of Civil & Resource Engineering
          CIVL2110         Statics & Solid Mechanics
          CIVL2150         Surveying & Site Practice
          CIVL3110         Structural Analysis
          CIVL3130         Hydraulics II
          CIVL4130         Offshore and Coastal Engineering
          CIVL4180         Transportation Engineering
                                p           g       g
          MINE3161         Surface Mining
          MINE3162         Underground Mining 1
          MINE4151         Reliability Engineering
Exam Papers                             NOT FOR PUBLICATION                             1st Semester 2008

School of Computer Science & Software Engineering
          CITS1200         Java Programming
          CITS1211         Foundations Of Computer Science
          CITS1231         Web Technologies
          CITS2200         Data Structure & Algorithms
          CITS2210         Object-oriented Programming
          CITS2220         Software Engineering: Design
          CITS3213         Concurrent Systems
          CITS3240         Databases
          CITS4211         Artificial Intelligence
          CITS4220         Software Quality and Measurement
          CITS4240         Computer Vision

School of Dentistry
          IDNT1127         Foundations of Oral Biology Part 1
          IDNT1133         Introduction to Dental Technology
          IDNT2201         Dental Microbiology and Immunology
          IDNT2233         Operative Dentistry Theory Part 1
          IDNT3341         Restorative Dentistry Part 1
          IDNT4401         Dental Public Health Part 1
          IDNT4411         Orthodontics Part 1
          IDNT4431         Paediatric Dentistry Part 1

School of Earth & Geographical Sciences
          EART3351         Mineral Resources

Graduate School of Education
          EDUC8643         Context & Identity in Language Teaching

School of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering
          ELEC2300         Circuits and Electronic Systems 2
          ELEC2301         Digital System Design
          ELEC2304         Physical Electronics 2
          ELEC3320         Process Instrumentation and Control
          ELEC4300         Control Engineering
          ELEC4301         Digital Communications and Networking
          ELEC4302         Digital Microelectronics Systems Design
          GENG1002         Engineering: Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering

School of Environmental Systems Engineering
          ENVE4615         Physical Oceanography
Exam Papers                             NOT FOR PUBLICATION                1st Semester 2008

School of Humanities
          HIST1101         Old Worlds, New Empires 1250–1750
          LING2203         Language Variation and Change
          PHIL1105         Introduction to Critical Thinking
          PHIL2203         Social Ethics: An Introduction

School of Indigenous Studies
          ANHB0034         Human Biology 1
          AUST0071         Elective Study 1
          CHEM0036         Chemistry 1
          MATH0012         Introduction To Mathematics Concepts
          MATH0038         Mathematical Analysis
          PHYS0030         Physics 1

Law School
          AUST2201         Crime and Justice in Australia
          LAWS2201         Legal Framework Of Business
          LAWS3306         Finance Law
          LAWS3309         Workplace Law
          LAWS3322         Corporations Law
          LAWS3328         International Commercial Law

School of Mathematics & Statistics
          MATH1025         Calculus and Matrix Methods
          MATH1040         Calculus B
          MATH1050         Calculus C
          MATH2030         Calculus and Matrix Methods
          MATH2040         Engineering Mathematics
          MATH3300         3P0: Introd to Geometric Topology
          MATH3324         3A4:Control Theory
          MATH7425         4A5: Mathematical Methods
          STAT3361         3S1: Random Processes and Their Applications

School of Mechanical Engineering
          CHPR3432         Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design
          MATE3412         Extractive Metallurgy - Principles
          MECH2402         Manufacturing
          MECH2403         Thermofluids 2
          MECH4400         Engineering for Sustainable Development
          MECH4406         Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics
          OENA4551         Marine Systems Dynamics
          PETR3511         Reservoir Engineering
          PETR4512         Reservoir & Well Performance
Exam Papers                           NOT FOR PUBLICATION                        1st Semester 2008

School of Medicine & Pharmacology
          IDNT3371        General Medicine Part 1
          IDNT3381        Pharmacology Part 1
          IMED3344        Medical Pharmacology Part 1
          IMED4451        Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Part 1
          NEUR3310        Neuroscience
          PHAR2210        Principles Of Pharmacology
          PHAR3301        Molecular Pharmacology
          PHAR8501        Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (Year 1) Part 1
          PHCY8606        Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics
          PODI3371        General Medicine Part 1
          PODI3381        Pharmacology Part 1

School of Microbiology & Immunology
          IMED3340        Infectious Diseases Part 1
          IMED4431        Infectious Diseases
          MICR8829        Foundation of Infectious Diseases
          PHCY8605        Clinical Science for Pharmacy I

School of Music
          MUSC2101        Western Music History 3
          MUSC2201        Techniques of Music 3
          MUSC2221        Techniques of Music 3
          MUSC3110        Classical and Romantic Opera

School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
          IMED3342        Foundations and Systemic Pathology Part 1
          IMED4441        Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Part 1
          PATH3301        Pathobiology of Human Disease
          PATH3351        Pathobiology of Human Disease
          PATH8811        General Pathology

School of Physics
          PHYS1101        Advanced Physics A

School of Plant Biology
          BIOL1130        Core Concepts in Biology
          ENVT2250        Introduction to Ecology
Exam Papers                              NOT FOR PUBLICATION                        1st Semester 2008

School of Population Health
          IMED1111            Foundations Of Clinical Practice Part 1
          IMED2211            Foundations Of Clinical Practice Part 1
          IMED3311            Foundations Of Clinical Practice Part 1
          PUBH2206            Foundations Of Epidemiology
          PUBH3302            Health Promotion
          PUBH3303            Health Economics
          PUBH3304            Disease Control

School of Psychology
          PSYC1101            Psychology: Mind and Brain
          PSYC2203            Psychological Research Methods
          PSYC2205            Psychology: Behavioural Neuroscience
          PSYC3301            Psychological Research Methods: Design and Analysis
          PSYC3315            Psychology: Cognitive
          PSYC3318            Psychology: Perception and Sensory Neuropsychology
          PSYC7418            Psychological Methods 1: Analysis of Complex Data

School of Surgery Podiatric Medicine
             g y
          PODI1151            Podiatric Medicine Part 1
          PODI2202            Podiatric Medicine Part 1
          PODI3302            Podiatric Medicine Part 1

School of Social & Cultural Studies
          ANTH1101            Being Human: Culture, Identity and Society
          ANTH2224            Australian Aboriginal Art and Society
          ARCY1101            Digging Up The Past
          ARCY2202            European Prehistory: Bronze Age and Iron Age
          ARCY2218            Historical Archaeology in Australasia
          ASIA2208            Gender Relations In Asia
          ASIA2221            Indonesian Politics and Society
          CHIN2199            Chinese Language Special Transition Unit
          CHIN2201            Chinese Intermediate Bridging
          CHIN2203            Chinese Intermediate I
          CHIN3305            Chinese Advanced I
          CHIN3307            Chinese Specialist I
          INDO2203            Indonesian Intermediate I
          INDO3305            Indonesian Advanced I
          INDO3307            Indonesian Specialist I
          JAPN1101            Japanese Beginners I
          JAPN2201            Japanese Intermediate Bridging
          JAPN3305            Japanese Advanced I
          JAPN3307            Japanese Specialist I
          POLS1101            The Liberal Democratic State
          POLS2215            Game Theory and Politics
Exam Papers                            NOT FOR PUBLICATION                               1st Semester 2008

School of Social & Cultural Studies, cont'd
          POLS2231          Politics of the Mass Media
          POLS3315          Game Theory and Politics
          POLS3331          Politics of the Mass Media
     8730 SOCS2216          Popular Culture in Asia

School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health
          HMES1101          Human Movement
          HMES1103          Health And Fitness
          HMES1108          Functional Anatomy Foundations for Podiatry
          HMES2250          Biomechanics
          HMES2260          Exercise Physiology
          HMES2280          Biomechanics
          HMES2290          Physical Activity & Health
          HMES3301          Exercise Prescription for Health and Fitness
          HMES3303          Sport/Recreation and Health Management
          HMES3345          Motor Skill Development
          HMES3355          Biomechanical Methods
          HMES3365          Sport Physiology
                             p      y     gy
          HMES3387          Human Performance in Industry
          HMES7633          Advanced Biomechanical Methods
          HMES7645          Workplace Injury Prevention and Management
          HMES7646          Exercise Rehabilitation for Chronic and Complex Conditions
          HMES7651          Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

UWA Business School
          ACCT1101          Financial Accounting
          ACCT1112          Management Accounting
          ACCT2201          Introduction to Corporate Accounting
          ACCT2203          Management Accounting
          ACCT3321          Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice
          ACCT3323          Strategic Management Accounting
          ACCT3331          Taxation
          EBUS2205          Foundations of Electronic Commerce
          ECON1101          Microeconomics: Prices and Markets
          ECON1111          Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics
          ECON1141          Australian Economic Foundations
          ECON2203          Asia in the World Economy
          ECON2210          Monetary Economics
          ECON2233          Microeconomics: Policy and Applications
          ECON2236          International Finance
          ECON2270          Middle East Economies
          ECON2271          Business Econometrics
          ECON3398          Mathematics for Economists
          ECON7402          Microeconomic Theory
Exam Papers                         NOT FOR PUBLICATION            1st Semester 2008

UWA Business School, cont'd
         ECON7413        Topics in Applied Econometrics
         ECON7450        Topics in International Economics
         ECON7470        Middle East Economies
         ECON8513        Topics in Applied Econometrics
         FINA2204        Derivatives: Markets and Products (DS1)
         FINA2205        Quantitative Methods for Finance

         FINA2207        Business Analysis and Valuation
         FINA2221        Introduction To Finance
         FINA2222        Corporate Financial Policy
         FINA3324        Investment Analysis
         INMT3309        Applied Data Analysis
         INMT3315        Marketing Information Systems
         IREL1101        Foundatopms in Industrial Relations
         IREL2270        Negotiation: Theory and Practice
         MGMT1135        Organisational Behaviour
         MGMT1136        Management & Organisations
         MGMT2235        Organisational Behaviour
         MGMT2236        Management & Organisations
         MGMT3341        International Management
         MGMT8401        Organisational Behaviour
         MGMT8402        Accounting For Managers
         MGMT8404        Data Analysis & Decision Making
         MKTG2203        Marketing Management
         MKTG2238        Advertising & Promotion
         MKTG3305        Marketing Research
         MKTG3310        International Marketing
         MKTG8404        Specials In Marketing

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