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					Graduate/Teaching Assistant
    Benefit Orientation

 2010-2011 Academic Year
Office of Human Resources

         UAB 300
Orientation Summary

 Paychecks
 Union Dues
 Attendance Reporting/Sick Leave
 Employee Assistance Program
 Flex Spending Account
 Retirement
 Tax Deferred Savings Plans
 Health Benefits

 Paid biweekly on Wednesday
 Checks and/or Direct Deposit Advice
  delivered to department
 Review check stub for home address,
  deductions, taxes, year-to-date totals,
Lag Payroll

 Payroll period starts on Thursday, ends
  two weeks later on Wednesday
 Paychecks arrive two weeks after the end
  of a payroll period
 Lag payroll means you have a check
  coming after you leave payroll
 It is critical that you notify HR of address
When Do I Get Paid?

 All GA/TA appointments begin on
  August 19th, 2010
 End of payroll period is January 5th ,
 First check arrives two weeks later on
  September 15th, 2010
When Does My
Appointment End?
 Fall semester appointments end on
  January 5, 2011
   Last check issued on January 19
 Academic year appointments end on
  May 26, 2011
   Last check issued June 8
Union information for
   Graduate Student Employee Union (GSEU)
   2% of base salary
   Membership is not required
   Will pay the same amount in agency fee if you do not join
   Membership provides ability to vote on elections and
    contracts; other benefits
   GSEU will send information
   For contact information, see below
   1-607-762-1104 (Education Division Headquarters for
   Albany contact
   Arindam Mandal
 (518) 364-6479
Attendance Reporting

 Attendance Report sent to department
  each semester
 Must certify presence and record any
  absences each semester
 Paid Sick Leave

 After the first semester of service, teaching and
  graduate assistants covered by the GSEU
 bargaining unit are eligible for a maximum of
  five leave days for personal illness with pay per
  academic year.
 Leave may be granted in increments of one-
  quarter (.25) day or greater and is subject to
 the approval of the supervisor. You do not have
  any sick leave accruals during the
 first semester of the appointment. If you need
  to use this benefit contact Human Resource’s
 Time Records Unit at 437-4700.
Employee Assistance

 On-Campus confidential assessment and
  referral services on personal and work-
  related issues
 Self-enhancement/wellness programs
 Book, video, tape, DVD library
 Watch for newsletters announcing
  upcoming programs
Flex Spending Account

 Dependent Care Advantage Account
 Contribute up to $5,000 in pre-tax
 Day care expenses
  children under 13
  disabled children of any age
  dependent adults living in your home
 Carefully estimate expenses -- use it
  or lose it
Flex Spending Account

 Information and enrollment kit is on the
  Flex Spending Account web site
 Enroll within 60 days of appointment for
  2010 tax year (by October 18th, 2010)
 2011 tax year open enrollment period is
  September 20 to November 15, 2010

 To enroll: or
Retirement Plan

NYS Employees Retirement System
Retirement Plan

 Enrollment is voluntary
 May enroll at any time
 Date of membership is the date
  application is received by ERS. (Please
  allow 5 days for processing after the
  application is submitted to HR)
 Membership is permanent while employed
  by a NYS public employer
 Tier 5- those enrolled on or after January
  1, 2010
Employees’ Retirement

 Defined Benefit Plan that provides a
  guaranteed benefit at retirement, based on
 Final Average Salary (FAS): average of the
  highest salary paid over 36 consecutive
 Retiring with at least 10 years of service but
  fewer than 20: FAS x years of service x 1.66%
 Retiring with at least 20 years of service: FAS
  x years of service x 2%
Employees’ Retirement

 May retire with full benefits at age 62.
 Retirement is possible as early as age 55
  with a reduction in benefits for each year
  under age 62.
 Member contributes 3% of salary during
  active membership; NYS contributes the
 Vested after 10 years of full-time service;
  Part-Time service is pro-rated (50% PT
  takes 20 years to vest)
Employees’ Retirement

 Can withdraw membership if leaving public
  service with less than ten years of ERS
  service and request refund of contributions
  plus interest

 A loan feature on up to 75% of member
  contributions is available
Retirement Plan

 Other features:
   Portable only within NYS public employment
   Disability retirement: ordinary disability and
    accidental disability retirement benefits
   Death benefit: up to 3 x salary (1x salary for
    each year of service up to three years max)
   Accidental death benefit: 50% of last year’s
    salary paid annually to surviving dependents
    as defined by law
 Contact Information
   Diane Reed, 437- 4729 or
Tax-Deferred Savings

 Participation is optional
 Stop/start any time
 You direct investments
 Available Options:
   NYS Deferred Compensation (NYSDCP)
Tax-Deferred Savings

   403(b) plan
   Tax-Deferred Annuity or Group Supplemental
    Retirement Annuity
   May contribute up to $16,500 in 2010
   Contact Diane Reed, 437-4729 or, for additional
    information and enrollment material
Tax-Deferred Savings

 NYS Deferred Compensation
   457(b) plan
   Available in all NYS agencies/local
   May contribute up to $16,500 in 2010
   Contact: Diane Reed, 437-4729 or for additional
    information and enrollment material or
     • Visit
NYS Health Insurance
Program (NYSHIP)

 Administered state-wide by NYS
  Department of Civil Service
 Campus Administrator: Office of Human
  Resources Management
 UAB 300
 437-4727
NYSHIP Student Employee
Health Plan (SEHP)

 Eligibility
    half assistantship
    $4,122 annual stipend ($2,061/semester)
 Benefit information is mailed in c/o
  department as soon as we receive
  appointment forms
 Must enroll within 45 days after date of
  appointment (by October 1st , 2010)

 F-1and J-1 International Students:
   You are required to enroll in SEHP (not the
    International Students & Scholars
    Insurance Plan)
   We will notify Student Accounts and
    International Education of your eligibility
    as soon as we receive your appointment
    form from your department; the
    International Insurance fee will be removed
    from your bill

 F-1and J-1 International Students:
   You are still required to pay the medical
    evacuation/repatriation fee
   Request a refund of the International
    Insurance fee if you have already paid it
   You are also eligible for a contribution of up
    to 75% toward the additional cost of
    dependent coverage
   Coverage is effective on date of appointment
    regardless of date of application

 Domestic Student/Permanent Resident
   Enrollment in SEHP is optional
   Enrollment in student accident/sickness plan
    is also an option (no employer contribution
    toward this plan)
   May request cancellation and refund from
    Student Accounts if you already purchased
    optional student insurance and prefer to
    enroll in SEHP (cancellation deadline applies;
    contact University Health Center)
SEHP Coverage

 Individual or Family
 Eligible Dependents
   Spouse or Domestic Partner (separate
    paperwork required for domestic partner;
    contact HR for information)
   Children (natural, adopted, stepchildren)
   Other Children (statement of dependence
   Unmarried children covered to age 19
How to Enroll
 Review NYSHIP SEHP Benefit Summary
 Read Pre-Tax Contribution Program Fact
 Complete and sign Health Insurance
  Transaction Form (PS404G)
 Return form to HR, UAB 300, on or before
  October 1st , 2010
 How to Enroll

 Provide the following proofs:
   Copy of birth certificate or passport for self
    and all enrolled dependents
   Copy of Social Security card for self and all
    enrolled dependents
   Copy of marriage certificate if enrolling a
   Domestic partnership certification, if
    applicable (please contact Benefits Office for
How to Enroll

Proof of current joint ownership/financial
obligation for marriages over one year old:
  prior year’s tax return, current
  bank/mortgage statement, or
  homeowners’ policy
SEHP Effective Dates
for New Enrollments

 If you apply…
    Prior to or on date of appointment:
      coverage begins on date of appointment

    After date of appointment but before deadline:
     coverage begins on date application is received
     in Human Resources

    After deadline:
     coverage begins 30 days after date application is
     received in Human Resources
SEHP Summer Enrollment

 Coverage continues over the summer if you
  are expected to return to an eligible
  appointment in the fall

 Verification from department is required

 HR will contact enrollees with details

 Extra deductions are taken from the last 3
  checks in spring
SEHP Re-enrollment

 You must re-enroll if…
   You were enrolled with Research Foundation
    and funding was changed to State
   Your coverage with SUNY SEHP lapsed over
    the summer
   You currently have SEHP coverage under
    COBRA and need to change back to active
SEHP Ending Dates

 Fall semester appointments:
   Last day of coverage is February 2, 2011

 Academic year or spring semester
   Last day of coverage is June 22, 2011
Health Insurance
 Biweekly Cost
    $6.32 individual; $47.36 family- (Reflects new rates
     for 2010)
    Rates change every January
 Premiums paid “up front”
    Example: deduction from check dated February
     2nd, 2011 pays for coverage from February 1st,
     2011 through February 15th , 2011
    Arrears taken, if necessary, for coverage prior to
     first deduction
    7-day rule: if you have coverage for 7 days of a
     payroll period, you owe a premium
Health Insurance

 Pre-Tax Contribution Program
   SEHP premiums are paid before taxes are
   Cannot cancel or lower level of coverage
   Tax change period in November
     • can change between pre- and post-tax
     • can cancel or lower level of coverage
     • change is effective beginning of next year
SEHP Health Benefits

 For health benefits information,
University Health Center

 University Health Center is NOT a
  participating provider in SEHP

 Two ways to receive medical care
   as a student (through the Health Center)
   as an employee (through SEHP)
Dental and Vision Benefits

 For dental and vision benefits information,
Insurance ID Cards

 ID Card(s) mailed to home address
   one health insurance card for each family
   separate from dental ID card

 Keep HR informed of address changes

 Contact Human Resources
   UAB 300
   437-4727