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FHTM caught in anotyher lie


									An URGENT Message from FHTM Compliance
Dear FHTM Independent Representatives,

This message is for all FHTM Independent Representatives. It has come to our attention that there has
been a serious violation of FHTM Policy. The FHTM Code of Ethics states that each Independent

Representative is to build a business on a foundation of integrity, respect and responsibility. The

information we are about to share with you is directly related to irresponsibility with regards to protecting

the FHTM opportunity for you, your family and many others for years to come.

FHTM is no longer authorized to use the DuPont name, logo, or trademark in any way. FHTM and each

FHTM Independent Representative should immediately discontinue the use of any materials containing
the DuPont logo. Please access the updated Business Presentation PowerPoint slides by visiting FHTM

University. To access an updated Business Presentation, please visit The Reel FHTM.

Our right to use DuPont’s name, logo and trademark was revoked because FHTM Representatives
abused the FHTM Marketing Policy by creating and distributing unapproved marketing materials

that displayed the DuPont logo.

This is a violation of the IR Agreement, and is therefore cause for disciplinary action. The language in
question is found in (Part 1, Section E, Paragraph b [page 5]) of the Marketing Policy.

As a result of this situation, IRs are required to do the following:

      Immediately cease and desist the creation, production, sale, dissemination or distribution of these
      unauthorized marketing materials.

      Respond to FHTM, in writing, with any/all names of FHTM IRs responsible for the creation,
      production, sale, dissemination or distribution of ANY unauthorized marketing materials.

      Destroy or mail a copy of all unauthorized/unapproved materials of any sort of which you are in
          possession or can obtain.

          Send out mass communications (MyTelTag messages, downline emails, conference calls, etc…)
          to your entire downline requiring them to do the same.

     If you have any questions or concerns about how to carry out the actions listed above, please contact
     the FHTM Compliance Department at or by calling our FHTM headquarters at


     FHTM continues to be dedicated to achieving success with integrity. Please keep in mind that your

     actions impact an entire company. We ask that you do your best to uphold the foundation upon which

     FHTM has been built in order to protect this opportunity for generations to come. Thank you for your

     cooperation and we appreciate your immediate action in this matter.


     Chad Wooten

     Director of Compliance

    ©2011 FHTM | 880 Corporate Drive, Suite 300

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