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									                                               GWENT POLICE AUTHORITY

                                                                        Item No: 8b
Date:                              30 March 2007

Report To:                         Full Police Authority

Heading:                           Operational Updates - Open Session

Report Author:                     Chief Constable


A briefing paper to members on operational police incidents of note and police/community
initiatives carried out within Gwent Police during the months of January and February
2007. The report is divided into the three territorial divisions and one functional division of
the Force.


That this report is read and noted by the Members.

1. Background

1.1        A Division - Operational Matters

           1.1.1 Operation Bustard - Bettws
                 This initiative ran for approximately four months targeting those responsible for
                 causing criminal damage to Rogerstone Police Station. As a result 11 arrests were
                 made, 11 outstanding crimes were detected and 56 stop/searches were carried out.
                 Since the Operation there have been no further problems reported.

           1.1.2 Operation Bunting 2 - Bettws
                 This Operation targeted vehicle crime, specifically travelling vehicle criminals, in the
                 Bettws and Malpas area. This proved highly successful with 18 arrests made.

           1.1.3       Operation Batman - Bettws
                       This Operation targeted a main drug supplier on the Bettws Estate and all those
                       connected to him. A number of premises search warrants were executed with an
                       amount of controlled substances located and seized.

           1.1.4       Drugs Warrants - Bettws
                       Several drugs warrants have been executed within the Bettws Section, with a
                       number of those being in the Rogerstone area. These warrants were obtained by
                       the good intelligence coming from the good work of Officer, PCSO‟s and members
                       of the local Community.


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           1.1.5 Operation Buttercup - Pill
                 The Pill Neighbourhood Team continued to work with the Local Ward Councillors,
                 Newport County Council, Probation Service and Pill Partnership Board to improve
                 the local environment to reduce crime and fear of crime in the Pill area. High
                 visibility patrols for enforcement were linked with the improvement of the
                 environment by the removal of litter, graffiti, fly posters and abandoned and untaxed

           1.1.6 Operation Catapult - Pill
                 The Pill Neighbourhood Team tackled local issues through high visibility patrols and

           1.1.7 Parking At Commercial Road - Pill
                 This location was identified by members of the public as an area with constant
                 parking problems and obstructions. Motorists were found to be parking vehicles in
                 the Bus Stop causing unnecessary obstruction. To date 25 Fixed Penalty tickets
                 have been issued with a positive response from local residents.

           1.1.8 Prostitution - Pill
                 High visibility patrols have led to a number of women being formally warned for
                 street prostitution. During February four females had their first warning and two had
                 their second warning. Two males were also warned in relation to kerb crawling and
                 advice letters sent. All females who were issued with a warning were offered advice
                 and given details of organisations that can assist them. Numerous stop searches for
                 drug offences were carried out.

           1.1.9 Drugs Warrants - Pill
                 The Pill Neighbourhood Team has executed a number of warrants under the Misuse
                 of Drugs Act within the Pill Section. 7 persons have been cautioned for possession
                 of Cannabis, 2 persons have been charged or possession with intent to supply
                 controlled drugs. Persons have also been arrested for possession of stolen property
                 and no bail warrants.

           1.1.10 Warrants – Maindee
                  The Neighbourhood Policing team is continuing to work well within the section, and
                  has achieved positive results with drugs warrants that have been executed. One of
                  the Sections Prolific Offenders has been arrested for Breach of ASBO and is
                  currently serving a custodial sentence.

           1.1.11 Crime & Disorder Reduction – Maindee
                  In conjunction with the Council and other partner agencies, funding has been
                  obtained for the construction of a Multi-Use Games Area, which is to be placed in
                  the Lliswerry Ward. The problem of Youth Disorder in the Cromwell Road area has
                  reduced through the patrols made by Neighbourhood Officers, PCSO‟s, and the
                  Council Wardens. This problem is also being addressed through Multi-Agency
                  Problem Solving meetings. Following a spate of burglaries in the section, target
                  hardening of identified vulnerable premises was provided by the Bobby Scheme, in
                  order to provide reassurance and security for local residents. This was arranged via
                  an open surgery conducted by PCSO‟s within the section.


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           1.1.12 Gwent Bobby Van Trust - Division Wide
                  The Bobby Van scheme continues to assist victims of crime or other vulnerable
                  members of the community. Below the performance figures for the months of
                  January and February 2007.

                         Total number of Homes Secured                588
                         Security Devices Fitted                      1748
                         Homes requiring Smoke Alarms                 99
                         Smoke Alarms fitted                          165
                         Items of Property Security Marked            872

                         Category of Home Secured
                         Home Owners                                  353
                         Private Tenants                              21
                         Housing association                          37
                         Council Tenants                              177

                         Category of Person
                         Living Alone                                 312
                         Disabled                                     202
                         Crime Victim                                 230

                         Victim Category
                         Victim of Burglary                           74
                         Victim of Domestic Abuse or Assault          98
                         Victim of Criminal Damage                    27
                         Victim of Theft                              31

                         Re-Victimisation Rate                        0.26%

                         Homes Secured since start of Trust           26,298

           1.1.13 AMEC - Central
                  The conclusion of the AMEC operation saw detected crimes increase compared to
                  the same period of 2005-2006. The most significant increase occurred in public
                  order arrests which almost doubled. This was complimented by a decrease year on
                  year by a similar proportion of violent assaults. The evidence shows that officers
                  deployed on AMEC operations were successfully intervening in potential assaults
                  before they could escalate beyond a public order situation into something more

           1.1.14 Operation Atomic - Central
                  This is a dedicated team looking at car crime throughout „A‟ division, running from
                  the 5th of February to the 30th of March 2007. It is supported by sectional
                  Neighbourhood Policing Teams, the ANPR Unit from Roads Policing and the
                  Support Group. By the end of February there had been over 50 arrests and 160
                  detected crimes attributable to the operation.

           1.1.15 Daytime Burglaries - Alway
                  Following a series of daytime burglaries in homes occupied by elderly people, a
                  number of PCSOs were deployed to distribute warning letters to the area affected.
                  Whilst doing so, two suspects were identified and followed by the PCSOs who
                  directed Police Officers to their location. Both suspects were arrested and later
                  admitted the offences.

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           1.1.16 School Burglaries - Alway
                  Alway Primary School suffered three burglaries within a two week period. Vital
                  school equipment, such as projectors and visual aids, were taken. Alway officers
                  investigated the offences and quickly identified a number of local youths who were
                  subsequently arrested. Their homes were searched and the majority of the
                  equipment was located and returned to the school. These youths were later charged
                  with the burglaries and one also admitted to committing a large number of vehicle
                  crimes in the locality.

           1.1.17 Disruption of Drugs Market - Newport Central
                  A property within the Central Section was identified by local residents as being
                  occupied and frequented by drug dealers and users. There were numerous
                  incidents reported to the police ranging from overdoses and suspected prostitution
                  to disorder at the address. The landlord was spoken to regarding the potential for a
                  'Crack House Closure' Order on this property. As a result the landlord chose to work
                  with the police and instigated the eviction of the problem tenants and the closure of
                  the property. It is now awaiting renovation. This move was applauded by local
                  residents and business community who had been experiencing problems for a
                  considerable period of time.

1.2        A Division - Community Involvement and Initiatives

           1.2.1 Community Environment Scan Surveys - Bettws
                 The above surveys have been compiled at Ward level. These surveys are asking
                 the Community what issues are affecting their quality of life. The surveys are given
                 out at Community Meetings and fed back to the Neighbourhood Policing Team in
                 order for them to work on the issues highlighted.

           1.2.2 Crime Prevention - Bettws
                 Recently there has been a spate of vehicle crime over the Bettws Section. Crime
                 prevention leaflets have been compiled by the CADRO which have been distributed
                 by the PCSO‟s to all the hotspot and surrounding areas, advising people regarding
                 leaving items on display in their vehicles.

           1.2.3       Off Road Bikes - Bettws
                       Leaflets have been distributed in areas identified by the community as 'hotspots' for
                       this form of nuisance behaviour throughout February. The PCSO‟s, whilst giving out
                       these leaflets, are tasked with speaking to the residents suffering from the nuisance
                       to try and obtain descriptions/identities of the offenders so that the CADRO can
                       send out Anti-Social Behaviour warning letters and Section 59 warnings can be

           1.2.4       Environmental Improvement - Bettws
                       The Community and local Police got together on a wet and windy day in February to
                       help clean up the Brook that runs through Bettws. Although there wasn‟t a great turn
                       out those who did attend worked hard and black bags after black bags of rubbish
                       were collected. The footpath alongside the Brook through the centre of the Bettws
                       Estate is avoided by local residents who do not feel safe using it. This is one of a
                       number of initiatives to provided support to members of the local community and
                       reduce fear of crime in the area.

           1.2.5 Ward Surgeries - Pill
                 Neighbourhood Officers and volunteers now make themselves available to meet
                 with local residents at the new police office located within the car park at Asda,
                 Duffryn. Neighbourhood Officers are also available at Pill and Marshfield Police
                 Station. The details of surgery times are published in the Argus newspaper.

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           1.2.6 Maindee Surgeries - Maindee
                 PCSO‟ s and Neighbourhood Officers have continued to run their ward clinics with a
                 very good response from local residents, who have provided information with
                 regarding youth crime and disorder. Attempts to engage with hard to reach
                 communities, such as Bangladeshi and Pakistani females, are progressing well.
                 PSCO‟s have been invited to their community meetings and trust is growing within
                 the communities.

           1.2.7        All Wales Neighbourhood Policing Practitioner Event, Swansea
                       'A' Division was selected by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) to
                       prepare and provide a presentation on 'Intervention', which is one of 4 areas
                       covered in the national strategy for neighbourhood policing. This event was part of a
                       national series of seminars arranged by ACPO to spread good practice in
                       Neighbourhood Policing The aim was to show examples of best practise for
                       partnership working and find long term, sustainable solutions for problems in the
                       community. The presentation was prepared and delivered by the Newport City
                       Council Housing Manager for Bettws, the NCC Head of Anti-Social Behaviour and
                       the Newport Police Crime and Disorder Unit Sergeant. The presentation was based
                       upon the „Crackhouse Closures‟ carried out in Bettws, and how the approach was so
                       different from the past. Delegates were particularly impressed with the quality of all
                       round problem solving and the fact that two of our partners made themselves
                       available for the event. The Gwent presentation had an overall satisfaction rating of
                       84.2%. This is one of the highest ratings to date, and would have been the highest
                       at four of the previous seven events.

           1.2.8       Minor Assaults on School Premises - Division Wide
                       Two schools reported minor incidents of what is referred to by the youths involved
                       as 'Happy Slapping' attacks on fellow pupils, incidents which can be very disturbing
                       to the victims and have escalated quickly in other parts of the country. The School
                       Liaison Officers reacted swiftly and worked with the schools, students and parents to
                       provide advice and inputs which prevented further incidents.

           1.2.9 Pubwatch - Newport Central
                 An initiative is being progressed with Newport Pubwatch to ensure that all City
                 Centre premises use only polycarbonate drinking vessels. These are to replace
                 conventional glass vessels and thereby reduce the number of attacks and
                 subsequent injuries involving glass drinking vessels. A bid for assistance with the
                 cost of this initiative has been made to the Welsh Assembly Government.

           1.2.10 Newport Graffiti Initiative - Division Wide
                  A successful bid was made to the Welsh Assembly Government for the purchase of
                  a purpose built vehicle for use by The Probation Service. Probation will carry out all
                  procurement on behalf of the Newport Community Safety Partnership. They will
                  provide an agreed level of service to referrals for graffiti and litter etc throughout
                  Newport. An interim service will commence on 1st April while procurement of the
                  vehicle continues.

           1.2.11 Crime Prevention - Alway
                  Due to excellent liaison over the past few years between the architectural liaison
                  officer and local architects and developers, the Alway regeneration project is to have
                  all buildings built to the secured by design criteria. This is a first in Gwent, as the
                  'Secured By Design' initiative has never been used previously for commercial
                  premises. The result will be buildings better suited to reducing crime and disorder.

           1.2.12 Gwent Bobby Van Trust - Division Wide
                  The Gwent Bobby Van Trust has recognised that it is not reaching people who have
                  extreme hearing impairment, mainly due to communication problems. The Bobby

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                       Van Trust is now working with Gwent Police to visit and establish communication
                       links with organisations in the Gwent Area who are involved with hearing impaired
                       people. The Trust is hoping that by setting up fax and e-mail links with these people
                       a clearly defined referral system can be established.

           1.2.13 Community Involvement - Newport Central
                  The Central NPT have begun assisting with a local indoor football team and have
                  obtained sponsorship from a local recruitment agency. The team is predominantly
                  constituted of Asian and Afro-Caribbean male youths from the local area. Members
                  of the teams have since expressed an interest in becoming Special Constables in
                  the area and are currently going through the recruitment process.

           1.2.14 Operation Cubit - Alway
                  Operation Cubit is a standing arrangement with the Driver Vehicle Licensing
                  Authority (DVLA) and the police whereby local officers identify vehicles being used
                  on a road without the necessary excise duty. In this operation Alway Officers
                  assisted the DVLA staff in seizing 19 untaxed vehicles in Ringland and Alway on the
                  23rd of February, with PCSO's identifying vehicles prior to DVLA attendance and
                  accompanying DVLA on the enforcement day.

           1.2.15 Off Road Motorcycles - Alway
                  This is an ongoing Neighbourhood Team off road motorcycle nuisance Operation.
                  Six vehicles have been seized / recovered to date, four official Police Reform Act
                  warnings have been issued and one arrest made.

           1.2.16 Off Licences - Alway
                  A Neighbourhood Team joint activity with Trading Standards took place in February
                  in relation the underage purchase of alcohol from Off-Licenses in the Ringland area.
                  Trading Standards carried out test purchasing at selected premises. Further work
                  will continue on this focusing on the purchase of alcohol by older youths for
                  underage drinkers.

1.3        B Division - Operational Matters

           1.3.1 Drugs Warrant - Chepstow
                 In February a drugs warrant was executed in Devauden where 243 cannabis plants
                 were recovered from a barn, which had sophisticated growing equipment. An
                 electric meter had also been by-passed to avoid excessive usage. Enquiries are
                 continuing into this matter.

           1.3.2 Weapons/Drugs - Chepstow
                 A secure internet site displaying weapons and drugs was set up by youths from
                 Sedbury and Chepstow. A joint operation was formed with colleagues from
                 Gloucestershire Police. Two persons in Chepstow were identified and visited. The
                 weapons were found to be Ball Bearing (BB) guns which had previously been seized
                 and destroyed. Evidence of drug use was also found at one of the addresses.
                 Gloucestershire Police conducted their own related enquiries which were linked to
                 incidents of violence between two rival gangs from Sedbury and Chepstow and this
                 positive action will hopefully deter similar offences in the future.

           1.3.3 Threats to Kill - Chepstow
                 A male entered Chepstow Police Station on the 22nd of February and made threats
                 towards the officers present. The individual has been charged with making threats to
                 kill a Police Officer and has been bailed to appear at court.


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           1.3.4 Vehicle Crimes - Chepstow
                 On 19th February a male was arrested for car crime offences after a DNA
                 identification. He subsequently admitted to a total of 30 similar offences.

           1.3.5 Anti-Social Behaviour - Pontypool
                 Targeting alcohol fuelled anti social behaviour remains one of the priorities for the
                 Pontypool Section. On the 17th of February a large number of officers conducted a
                 full licence check on a local public house frequented by young people which has
                 caused the local community problems over the last 6 months. During the visit 75
                 customers were checked, 32 were confirmed to be under age and many of these
                 found to be drunk and had been drinking on the premises. As a result of this an
                 Action Plan has been imposed on the licensee and should problems continue, the
                 next stage will be prosecution and a licence review panel. At this time the Licensee
                 is working with the police to attempt to resolve these problems.

           1.3.6 Dwelling Burglaries - Pontypool
                 Over the last 6 months the areas of Sebastopol and Griffithstown have been
                 affected by a large number of dwelling burglaries. There have been a number of
                 significant police operations run in the area to try and catch or deter those
                 responsible. In the early hours of the 24th of February Pontypool officers responded
                 to reports of suspicious activity and a burglary in progress in the Wainfelin area. In a
                 concerted and targeted effort officers patrolled and searched the vicinity for over 3
                 hours. At approx 0500 hrs a male person was located and caught after a foot-chase.
                 The male turned out to be one of the main suspects for the burglaries and had
                 stolen property on him. Since this arrest there have been no further dwelling
                 burglaries within the Section.

           1.3.7 Racial Incident - Cwmbran
                 On the 13th of January a complaint was received from a female that black paint had
                 been used to spray an offensive racist word on the door of her address in Cwmbran.
                 The family living there have experienced problems of a similar nature in the past.
                 Officers have been allocated to investigate the crime and are working with the victim
                 to seek problem-solving options in the longer term.

           1.3.8 Racial Incident - Cwmbran
                 On 14th January a female was arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence
                 on a taxi driver in the Cwmbran area. He was attacked and faced racist verbal

           1.3.9 Arson - Cwmbran
                 On 16th January a fire was reported at a shed at Cwmbran Boating Lake. It
                 appeared to have been caused deliberately causing thousands of pounds worth of
                 damage. The sheds contained motor boats, rowing boats and ground keeping
                 equipment. Local officers are currently continuing their enquiries.

           1.3.10 Gas Leak - Cwmbran
                  On the 16th of January premises surrounding a pallet company had to be evacuated
                  by police due to a leak of high-pressure propane gas. The Fire Brigade attended
                  and all relevant agencies assisted. Despite the disruption to local residents the
                  incident was resolved with no casualties.

           1.3.11 Severe Weather Incident - Cwmbran
                  On the 18th of January several homes in the Stour Court area had to be evacuated
                  due to extensive storm damage to the building. Police worked in conjunction with the
                  Fire Brigade and council to assist the displaced residents.


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           1.3.12 Drugs Arrest - Monmouth
                  On the 14th of February a search was carried out of premises, as a result 3 people
                  were detained. One male was charged with possession of a controlled drug with
                  intent to supply and a second male with possession of a controlled drug. A quantity
                  of electrical drug related items were also seized.

           1.3.13 Stolen Vehicle - Monmouth
                  On the 20th of January an articulated Heavy Goods Vehicle was stolen from
                  Coleford at about 10pm. Gloucestershire Police followed the vehicle but lost it and
                  informed Gwent Police that they believed that it was heading towards Monmouth.
                  Before officers could locate it the stolen vehicle travelled into a residential cul-de-sac
                  in the town and collided with the side of a house. The driver was pursued on foot
                  and arrested nearby by Gwent officers and the stolen vehicle recovered. The
                  detained person was also wanted on a Crown Court warrant for another historical
                  matter. This incident was a good example of inter-force co-operation that led to a
                  successful and positive conclusion.

           1.3.14 Drugs Warrant - Monmouth
                  On the 21st of January officers attended a house in the town for the purpose of
                  executing a drugs warrant. The officers entered the address and following an
                  extensive search recovered a substantial quantity of Cannabis. The occupant fully
                  admitted the offence and was cautioned.

           1.3.15 Operation Halifax - Cwmbran
                  This crime and disorder reduction operation combined combating anti-social
                  behaviour, signal crime, criminal damage and burglaries. An authority was granted
                  place for officers to carry out plain-clothes patrols along the canal path from
                  Pontypool to Cwmbran in order to target the night time burglary suspects. One of the
                  suspects was arrested and 28 Burglaries were detected for the Pontypool section
                  and 4 for the Cwmbran section, with enquiries ongoing into the Cwmbran offences.
                  Within the operation a Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) authority was
                  also put in place with the assistance of Torfaen County Borough Council in order
                  that cameras could be located in areas of high incidence of anti-social behaviour.
                  Dispersal orders are also in place at Maendy Way Shops, officers have been
                  actively patrolling this area and several youths are being dispersed from the area,
                  details of which are being taken and should they return within a 24 hour period they
                  can be arrested. So far no persons have been arrested for breaching this order and
                  reports of anti-social behaviour have been greatly reduced.

           1.3.16 Operation Arrowhead - Cwmbran
                  This is an operation that targeted identified offenders within the Cwmbran Section.
                  During January and February the officers allocated to this operation arrested a total
                  of 69 offenders leading to the detection of a large number of outstanding crimes
                  across the sectional area.

           1.3.17 Robbery - Cwmbran
                  On the evening of the 26th of February an armed robbery occurred at Pontnewydd
                  General Stores (no persons received any physical injuries). As a result of the
                  investigation five people have been arrested and charged with the offence.

           1.3.18 Criminal Damage to Vehicles - Cwmbran
                  Overnight from the 3rd to the 4th of January 14 complaints of criminal damage to
                  vehicles were received from the Croesyceiliog area whereby a number of vehicles
                  had their tyres slashed. As a result of this two officers were dedicated to investigate
                  this problem under the Arrowhead Operation. As a result of their enquiries 3 persons
                  were arrested and a file submitted to the CPS.


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           1.3.19 House Fire - Caldicot
                  At 12.35 am on the 27th of February a report was received of smoke alarms
                  sounding in a flat in the town. The occupier was believed to be in the flat but no
                  answer could be gained. Two officers attended, saw that the flat was filled with thick
                  smoke, but could not get a response from the occupier. An officer effected entry and
                  found the male occupant lying on the settee in the living room but was unable to
                  rouse him. The officers then opened a door leading to a balcony to enable the
                  smoke to clear, but on returning to the living room found the occupier standing at the
                  door with a large carving knife. He lunged at the officers and a violent struggle
                  ensued. The male was brought under control with the assistance of a Fire Officer
                  and taken from the premises. Both police officers were treated for smoke inhalation
                  and one of the officers sustained a fractured hand. The occupant was arrested for
                  affray, assault on police and GBH.

           1.3.20 Large Scale Disorder Incident - Caldicot
                  At 11.05pm on the 3rd of March, a report of a large fight was received. A number of
                  youths had tried to 'gatecrash' a private house party and an altercation had ensued.
                  Two officers attended and saw approximately 15 people fighting in the street, with
                  others acting in an extremely aggressive manner. The officers had difficulty in
                  gaining control of this violent situation, and so a number of those involved were
                  sprayed with incapacitant. This appeared to have little effect and the officers were
                  surrounded by the group who turned their aggression on them, assaulting both
                  officers. When other officers assisted the assailants were arrested for assault and
                  violent disorder.

           1.2.21 'Crackhouse Closure' - Abergavenny
                  The section has obtained its second 'Crackhouse Closure'. An order was obtained to
                  close a flat in the town that has been associated with the supply of drugs and
                  significant disorder and nuisance.

           1.2.22 Drugs Arrest - Abergavenny
                  An arrest took place at Neville Hall Hospital following intelligence that a hospital
                  porter was supplying drugs to staff. At the premises he was found in possession of
                  a quantity of individual 'wraps' of drugs and a large sum of money. Following a
                  search of his house a large quantity of drugs were found and seized.

1.4        B Division - Community Involvement and Initiatives

           1.4.1 Community Safety Event - Cwmbran
                 Over the 15th, 16th and 17th of February the Crime and Disorder Reduction Officer
                 and PCSOs from the Cwmbran Section sited a Community Safety caravan in the
                 Town Centre, giving out crime prevention and reduction advice. Over 250 shed and
                 personal attack alarms were distributed to members of the public.

           1.4.2 Special Constabulary Recruitment Day
                 On Saturday the 17th of February, PCSO‟S, the CADRO and officers from the
                 Neighbourhood Policing Team (from Cwmbran Section) carried out a Special
                 Constabulary recruitment day for 'B' Division in Cwmbran Town Centre. Officers
                 handed out leaflets advertising the recruitment campaign. The response was
                 overwhelming, with 32 applications given out. Seven have progressed through the
                 process after successfully passing the police entrance exam.

           1.4.3 Alcohol Test Purchases - Cwmbran
                 On the 23rd of February the CADRO, PCSOs and Trading Standards Officers
                 together with two underage volunteers conducted a test purchasing operation in
                 relation to the sale of alcohol.

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           1.4.4 Neighbourhood Watch Schemes - Abergavenny
                 Two new Neighbourhood Watches have been set up in Abergavenny section, one at
                 Croesonnen Park and the second at North Street.

           1.4.5 Volunteers/Special Constables - Abergavenny
                 Two new community volunteers have been recruited to assist at Abergavenny Police
                 Station bringing their total to five. A new Special Constable has also started at the

           1.4.6 County Car Park Watch - Abergavenny
                 The County Car Park Watch has obtained funding for another year to run the
                 scheme where volunteers patrol the rural area car parks to distribute crime
                 prevention information and to also act as a deterrent.

1.5        C Division – Operational Matters

           1.5.1 Car Park Initiatives - Ystrad Mynach
                 A spate of vehicle crimes occurred at the car parks connected to the Ystrad
                 Mynach College and the Ystrad Mynach „park and ride‟ railway station. Following a
                 survey by the Divisional Crime Prevention Officer, PCSOs and the local
                 Neighbourhood Policing Team carried out high visibility patrols during peak times.
                 In order to raise public awareness at these car parks, officers engaged in an
                 „Items on View‟ initiative. 73 vehicles were identified with property on display and
                 letters sent to the respective registered owners giving appropriate Crime
                 Prevention advice. On the 15th January, at the railway station car park, PCSOs
                 spotted a suspicious Mitsubishi 4x4 vehicle with what later transpired to be stolen
                 registration plates. Intelligence later revealed that this vehicle had also been
                 sighted at the car parks of both Crosskeys College and Ystrad Mynach College
                 earlier that day and was wanted in connection with incidents in the Cardiff area.
                 This vehicle fled from the area that day before any action could be taken but
                 intelligence reports were submitted and officer‟s awareness raised. Consequently
                 on the 17th of January at the Ystrad Mynach College car park, 2 males from Cardiff
                 were arrested and later processed for numerous thefts from unattended motor
                 vehicles both in our area and the South Wales Police area. At the time of arrest
                 they were again in the Mitsubishi vehicle which turned out to be stolen. It is
                 anticipated that forensic evidence from these males will also lead to numerous
                 other vehicle crimes being detected.

           1.5.2 Armed Robbery - Abertillery
                 On the 22nd February 2007, an armed robbery occurred at a shop in the
                 Roseheyworth area of Abertillery. An unknown male entered the store and
                 threatened the lone shop assistant with a large „butcher‟s knife‟. The assistant
                 handed over nearly £300 before the attacker fled. CCTV shows the incident but the
                 offender was wearing a hooded top and scarf wrapped around his face which
                 completely covered his features. Because of the time of day that the incident
                 occurred there were no other witnesses to the events and forensic evidence has not
                 been forthcoming. Enquiries are continuing.

           1.5.3 Youth Disorder - Tredegar
                 There has been a recent upsurge in reports of anti-social behaviour occurring in the
                 Sirhowy area. Large numbers of youths on pedal cycles have been riding in a
                 reckless manner, with no lights, during the hours of darkness. Some of the youths
                 have also been throwing mud at passing vehicles. In order to try and tackle the
                 issues concerned, Officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Team have increased
                 foot patrols in the area and have recorded on video some of the activity the youths

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                       are engaged in. Those identified have had warning ASBO (Anti-social behaviour
                       order) letters sent to their parents and some are under consideration for ABC‟s
                       (Acceptable Behaviour Contracts). By the end of February reported incidents
                       decreased by 75% and follow-up residents meetings have been very positive, with
                       many residents saying how quiet it has been since the Operation commenced. Four
                       persons have been recommended for consultation with regards to Acceptable
                       Behaviour Contracts and a number of parents have been spoken with and advised
                       accordingly concerning their children‟s behaviour in the community. Further
                       residents meetings have been scheduled in order to receive feedback from the
                       residents and for the Authorities to provide an update.

           1.5.4 Drugs Warrant - Ebbw Vale
                 On the 24th of January 2007 a warrant was executed at an address in Ebbw Vale.
                 Over £5,000 cash, a quantity of cigarettes and a small amount of cannabis were
                 seized. The occupants were both arrested and are presently on bail.

           1.5.5 Drugs Warrant - Ebbw Vale
                 On the 27th of January 2007 another warrant was executed at an address in Ebbw
                 Vale. One male was arrested for possession of property stolen in a burglary and
                 another male was arrested for cultivating / possessing cannabis. A large amount of
                 property was recovered from the address and a photograph of it has appeared in the
                 Gwent Gazette in an effort to identify the owners.

           1.5.6 Funeral Duties - Ebbw Vale
                 On 31st January 2007 the funerals were held for three members of the same family
                 who died in a Road Traffic Collision at Crumlin. The funerals were held at
                 Christchurch, Ebbw Vale and then at Gwent Crematorium. There was a full Police
                 presence to assist with the traffic and crowds.

           1.5.7 Threats - Rhymney
                 On the 3rd of February, a male attended a flat in Rhymney, where he threatened
                 people inside. He poured a bottle of petrol onto another male and threatened to set
                 him alight. A scuffle ensued and the offender returned to his nearby upstairs flat.
                 Whilst doing this he poured petrol down the steps towards the entrance area. Police
                 attended but the culprit fled through a rear 1st floor window. He was later located in
                 hospital where he was being treated for a cut to his arm. He was arrested and
                 interviewed. He was subsequently charged with arson recklessly endangering life
                 and throwing or casting an explosive substance with intent to cause harm. He was
                 remanded in custody

           1.5.8 Joint Operation with ANPR and DVLA - Bargoed
                 On the 6th of January 2007, the Bargoed Neighbourhood Policing Team carried out
                 a joint operation with the Road Policing Unit, ANPR team and the DVLA. The
                 operation targeted the area of Gilfach and achieved the following results. Five
                 arrests, eight persons reported for traffic offences, seven fixed penalties issued, four
                 vehicles recovered under sec 165 Road Traffic Act, five vehicles recovered by the
                 DVLA and five crimes were detected.

           1.5.9 Parking Enforcement - Bargoed
                 Between the 29th January 2007 and 12th February 2007 a „zero tolerance‟ parking
                 policy was introduced in the Bargoed section. This was in response to months of
                 complaints from residents and elected members regarding the inappropriate and
                 dangerous parking in 'Permit Only' areas and at junctions. In total forty-nine fixed
                 penalties tickets were issued and as a result there has been a noticeable
                 improvement in parking within the section.


                                                                                                 11 of 24
           1.5.10 Firearms Offences - Bargoed
                  On the 30th of January 2007 several calls were received regarding a male who was
                  in possession of a crossbow, who was firing the weapon in allotments adjacent to
                  nearby houses. There was obvious concerns regarding the safety of local residents.
                  Patrols were made in the area and a local man was apprehended for being in
                  possession of a gas powered air pistol. This person was detained and is awaiting a
                  court appearance.

           1.5.11 Dwelling Burglary - Bargoed
                  At 4am on the 15th of February 2007, officers attended an address in Bargoed where
                  it was reported that a Burglary was in progress. The offender made off prior to police
                  arrival, however after an extensive search of the locality the offender was located in
                  a nearby garden. This offender was charged with three offences of dwelling burglary
                  in that street.

           1.5.12 Licensing Enforcement - Bargoed
                  On the 18th of February 2006 officers from Bargoed, with the assistance of Trading
                  Standards Officers, carried out a 'test purchase' operation at a local restaurant
                  which was believed to be operating outside of its trading conditions. The premises
                  were not permitted to sell alcohol, however alcohol was seized and the premises is
                  being taken to a review hearing with a view to revoking the licence.

           1.5.13 Dwelling Burglary - Blackwood
                  On the 16th of January 2007 a premises in Markham was unlawfully entered and
                  £3,000 cash and two shotguns were stolen. This is of a major concern to the police
                  due to the potential use of these firearms in far more serious crimes. Enquiries are
                  still ongoing.

           1.5.14 Distraction Burglary - Blackwood
                  On the 30th of January 2007, a distraction burglary occurred at Chestnut Grove,
                  Pontllanfraith the home of an elderly resident. The 80-year-old female occupant had
                  a visit from a male who offered to install paving at her home. This male offender
                  purported to be from a reputable company, which later enquiries proved to be false.
                  The offender managed to get the victim to hand over a cheque for £400 informing
                  her that the job would normally be £1,500. The victim also discovered the offender
                  had entered her house uninvited. After the male had left the area, the victim
                  contacted Trading Standards who in turn raised the alarm and contacted the police.
                  Enquiries are still ongoing.

           1.5.15 Kidnapping - Blackwood
                  Late on the18th February 2008 in Blackwood, two males engaged three female
                  youths in conversation before dragging one of them into their vehicle. The other two
                  females entered the vehicle of their own free will and all three were driven to Cefn
                  Fforest, where they were detained against their will within a house. They later
                  managed to escape via a rear door of the property. The two males were
                  subsequently arrested and bailed pending court.

           1.5.16 Burglaries - Risca
                  On the10th of January 2007, following lengthy enquiries into recent commercial
                  burglaries in Risca town centre, two persons were arrested. A search was
                  conducted of their homes and property recovered. The offenders are currently on
                  bail, pending Court.

           1.5.17 Drugs Warrant - Risca
                  On the 11th of January 2007, following information being received, officers searched
                  a premises in Risca and recovered half a kilogram of pure cocaine with a street
                  value of approximately £80,000. The enquiry is now widening and has been passed

                                                                                                12 of 24
                       over to the Force Drugs Team. One person has been arrested for possession and is
                       awaiting Court.

           1.5.18 Burglary Arrest - Risca
                  On the 4th of February 2007, officers were on patrol in Risca Town when an alarm
                  was heard to activate. One officer remained mobile whilst the other carried out foot
                  patrols in order to locate the alarm. A vehicle was seen to speed off from a local
                  builder‟s yard without lights. The officer witnessing the incident followed the vehicle
                  at a safe distance without attempting to cause the vehicle to stop. His colleague
                  attended at the builder‟s yard where a burglary was found to have occurred. The
                  offenders vehicle was then stopped and the two male occupants arrested. Tools
                  used to carry out the crime were recovered from the vehicle. The suspects are
                  awaiting appearance at court.

           1.5.19 JCB Theft - Risca
                  On the 27th of February 2007, officers attended a report from a member of the
                  public, that a mini JCB was being driven down a disused railway line at Cwmcarn by
                  three youths. Upon seeing police officers approach, the group split up and ran in
                  different directions. All of the offenders were chased and arrested some distance
                  away from where the JCB had been abandoned. The mini JCB was recovered.
                  When their homes were searched following arrest a significant amount of other
                  property was also recovered.

           1.5.20 Operation Cassowary – Bedwas
                  Operation Cassowary was held in the Bedwas Section over a January weekend, to
                  combat the anti social use of off road vehicles in forestry owned land and common
                  land within the Section. As a result of the operation two vehicles were confiscated
                  and a further 35 Section 59 warnings given.

           1.5.21 Operation Venom – Bedwas
                  On the 25th and 26th of January Operation Venom was held in the sector targeting
                  vehicle crime. The operation utilised local staff plus the Road Policing Unit and the
                  ANPR Unit. As a result of the operation the following results were collated: 2
                  persons arrested, 9 vehicles recovered under section 165 RTA, 17 fixed penalty
                  notices issued and 13 persons reported for summons.

           1.5.22 „Rave‟ - Bedwas
                  In the early hours of Sunday the 4th of February 2007 several calls were made by
                  members of the public relating to loud music coming from a disused factory on the
                  Pantglas Industrial Estate in Bedwas. Officers attended at the factory and found
                  over 200 people inside attending an unofficial event. Due to the numbers involved
                  officers maintained observations on the premises for the purpose of intelligence
                  gathering. The 'rave' eventually finished at 1700hrs. There were two persons
                  arrested for public order offences. The premises has now changed hands and on
                  police advice the new owners have improved site security. The Force is currently
                  reviewing the way in which it responds to such events with a view to identifying a
                  new procedures to assist in the early closure of such illegal 'raves'.

           1.5.23 Licensing Offences - Bedwas
                  During the weekend commencing the 9th of February, visits were planned to be
                  made to a public house in Trethomas after information was received of „after hours‟
                  drinking. In the early hours of the morning loud music was heard and groups of
                  people were seen leaving the premises. Units were called from other sectors in „C‟
                  Division and the premises entered. Over 40 people were present in the public house
                  at 0300hrs still purchasing and consuming alcohol. Enquiries are ongoing to gather
                  evidence and prepare a case for Court proceedings. Since the incident the Brewery


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                       who own the premises have obtained a „Possession Order‟ for the Public House and
                       have taken possession of the premises.

           1.5.24 Drugs & Firearms Offences - Bedwas
                  On the 19th of February 2007, officers stopped and checked two persons in a vehicle
                  in Trethomas. One male attempted to run from the officers but was detained and
                  when searched was found in possession of heroine, cocaine, amphetamine and
                  cannabis. A search of the vehicle revealed a „Taser‟ electronic stun gun, which is
                  categorised as a Section 1 firearm. Both men were arrested and await Court

           1.5.25 Drugs Warrants - Caerphilly
                  Throughout January 2007 the Neighbourhood Policing Constables and PCSO‟s
                  conducted four Drug Warrants in the Caerphilly Sector in response to local
                  intelligence. As a result of these warrants a large quantity of Cannabis Plants, white
                  powder believed to be Heroin, drug paraphernalia and Power Tools were seized. A
                  well-known car crime offender who was wanted by Police was also arrested at one
                  of the premises.

           1.5.26 Fraudulent Credit Card Usage - Caerphilly
                  February 2007 saw in the region of 150 fraudulent transactions on the bank
                  accounts of people who all had the same connection, the use of a particular garage
                  in Caerphilly. To date there has been over £250,000 taken from bank accounts with
                  reports still coming into the Police. The transactions are occurring throughout the
                  world. Persons have been arrested although enquiries are on going.

           1.5.27 Operation Cubit – Caerphilly/Bedwas
                  Operation „Cubit‟ ran on the 14th & 15th of February. Neighbourhood Policing
                  Constables in conjunction with the ANPR team ran this vehicle operation in the
                  Caerphilly and Bedwas sections as a result of this operation the following was
                  achieved: 42 Sec 59 notices issued, 11 vehicles seized under Sec 165 of the RTA, 7
                  arrests for various offences, 15 fixed Penalty Tickets issued.

           1.5.28 Drugs Operation - Caerphilly
                  A Drug Operation was conducted in the Caerphilly Town Centre on Saturday 17th of
                  February using the „Ion Track Trace Detector‟. At the start of the evening officers
                  from within the Neighbourhood Policing Team attended all licensed premises
                  swabbing the surfaces within the toilets. As a result the Designated Premises
                  Supervisor was later informed of the findings. All the premises swabbed had traces
                  of drug activity. Later in the evening as a condition of entry into one nightclub, all
                  persons seeking admission had their hands swabbed. Consequently 40 people
                  tested positive and were searched. One was arrested for being in possession of

           1.5.29 Anti-Social Behaviour - Caerphilly
                  During February 2007, Operation „Dandy‟ ran for a one-week period, targeting
                  youths that were behaving in an anti social manner in the Penyrheol area of
                  Caerphilly. The Neighbourhood Policing Team, working in partnership with
                  departments within the Caerphilly County Borough Council, was committed to a
                  consistent patrolling presence in the area together with the Community Safety
                  Wardens. Members of the public gave many positive comments, the number of
                  complaint calls received from the public was greatly reduced and as a result of this
                  operation the following was achieved: 2 arrests, 2 Cautions, 19 ASBO referrals, 2
                  persons had alcohol confiscated, 1 Sec 59 noticed issued & 1 vehicle seized.


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           1.5.30 Operation Cassowary - Caerphilly
                  Operation „Cassowary‟ was conducted on Saturday 3rd of February on Eglwysilan
                  Common, Caerphilly targeting off-road motorcyclists. Officers from within the
                  Neighbourhood Policing Team, Traffic Off-Road Motorcycle Section and CCBC
                  Countryside Wardens were utilised throughout the day. As a result of the operation
                  the following was achieved: 15 Sec 59 notices served, 7 ASBO referrals & 2 Fixed
                  Penalty Tickets issued. Due to on going similar operations on the common there is
                  far less off road vehicles causing annoyance.

           1.5.31 Distraction Burglaries - Ystrad Mynach
                  On the 5th of January 2007 a distraction Burglary occurred at Church Lane, Nelson.
                  A white male, dark hair, early 30‟s, local accent, dressed in black, entered a house
                  making mention of a burst water pipe. Upon distracting the elderly female occupant,
                  he stole money from a purse in a kitchen drawer and then left. On the 18th of
                  January 2007 two further Distraction burglaries occurred, one at Richmond Close,
                  Llanbradach and the other at Hengoed Avenue, Hengoed. A young male attended
                  an elderly residents complex and distracted occupants whilst an accomplice entered
                  and stole property. Enquiries are on going.

           1.5.32 Drugs Operation - Ystrad Mynach
                  On the 3rd of February 2007, an „Ion Track‟ drug testing operation was carried out in
                  three Public houses in the Ystrad Mynach area. Initial indications show high usage
                  of Cocaine at these premises. Further tests are to be undertaken at local premises
                  prior to the commencement of a further policing operation where 'Ion Track' testing
                  will be a condition of entry into selected licensed premises.

           1.5.33 Robbery - Ystrad Mynach
                  On the 6th of February 2007, a father and son were arrested by Neighbourhood
                  Policing Team officers at an address in Ystrad Mynach following identification of
                  them committing a robbery on the Rhymney Valley train line. Both were already on
                  bail for dwelling burglaries where violence was used towards an occupant. Both are
                  currently remanded to prison.

           1.5.34 Indecent Exposure - Ystrad Mynach
                  Between the 12-23rd of February, three separate incidents of a male exposing
                  himself occurred at various locations throughout Llanbradach. On 26th February,
                  police enquiries led to arrest of male teenager who is presently bailed pending
                  further investigation.

           1.5.35 Disorder Operation - Rhymney
                  During February, a „Six Nations‟ disorder operation was implemented on match
                  days, with an officer in the CCTV control, and 2 dedicated officers to patrol the town
                  centre. The initiative was to reduce violent crime, with early intervention. This has
                  proved to be highly effective over the period of the championship with incidents of
                  disorder reduced.

           1.5.36 Operation Cubit - Risca
                  On the 27th February 2007, a Cubit operation was conducted in the Risca Section
                  with support from local officers. Prior to the operation taking place officers from the
                  section gathered details of 32 untaxed vehicles. During the operation the owners of
                  these vehicles were visited. 6 vehicles were clamped with many more owners being
                  visited and the owners spoken to with monies owing being paid on the spot.

           1.5.37 Knife Incident - Bedwas
                  On the 16th of January 2007, Bedwas units were called to a report of a female
                  walking in the Graig Y Rhacca area armed with a knife. The female was located in
                  bushes holding the knife. Despite repeated requests the female refused to put down

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                       the knife and threatened officers. Faced with little choice PAVA spray was used
                       successfully and the female was arrested.

           1.5.38 Injured Rider - Bedwas
                  On the 21st January 2007 Bedwas officers received information that a horse was
                  seen running from the woods without its rider. Concerned for the rider, officers made
                  a search of a large wooded area and eventually located the rider who had suffered
                  what appeared to be serious injuries. Due to the remote location it was all but
                  impossible to get a land vehicle to the scene, hence the officers summoned the
                  assistance of an air ambulance that were able to land and convey the rider to

           1.5.39 Multi Agency Enforcement Day - Bedwas
                  On the 27th of February, a multi agencey task force consisting of police and Local
                  Authority agencies, took action in the Bedwas Sector. As a result the following
                  results were achieved: 5 warrants were executed under the Misuse of Drugs Act
                  resulting in four arrests for possession of Heroin, amphetamine, cannabis, unlawful
                  possession of prescribed drugs and assault on police. 25 non payment of fines
                  warrants were executed for revenue of £4,650, resulting in four arrests. 3 arrests for
                  offences of failing to appear at court, breach of court community service order and
                  wanted for offence of assault. Reassurance patrols were conducted on the Graig-y-
                  Rhacca Estate and Lansbury Park Estate by PCSOs and Caerphilly Council
                  Community Safety Wardens. This incorporated a leaflet drop promoting the days
                  activity and appealing for drugs related information. This Operation was supported
                  by representatives from Gas and Electric utility companies and two represenatives
                  from the Caerphilly Tenancy Enforcement Department. Heroin was recovered from
                  an address in Grays Gardens, Graig Yr Rhacca. This resulted in the CADRO
                  holding a problem solving group for consideration of a Crack House Closure

1.6        C Division - Community Involvement & Initiatives

           1.6.1 Joint Youth Intervention Initiative - Tredegar
                 Neighbourhood Policing Team Officers at Tredegar, in partnership with NCH staff,
                 based at Cefn Golau, are continuing with their Youth Intervention Initiative, by
                 organising trips to the cinema and discos on alternate Friday evenings. Friday
                 evenings are a particular problem with regards to incidents of low level anti-social
                 behaviour and reports of under-age drinking. The intention behind the initiative is to
                 provide much needed recreational facilities for the children and youths to participate
                 in, as opposed to them „hanging around the streets‟. Boredom and inactivity can
                 have a detrimental effect on individual‟s behaviour and it is hoped that by providing
                 discos and cinema trips, this will reduce the amount of incidents of anti-social
                 behaviour reported.

           1.6.2 Community Communication Network - Tredegar
                 On Wednesday 24th January 2007, a CCN film crew came to Tredegar in order to
                 film two short crime prevention films covering the topics of shed burglary and proxy
                 sales of alcohol.

           1.6.3 'Pubwatch' Initiative - Tredegar
                 Tredegar‟s previous „Pubwatch‟ committee unfortunately lapsed around four years
                 ago. Attempts up until now to resurrect the initiative have failed. However, on
                 Thursday 25th of January 2007, local licensees were invited to attend a meeting and
                 were given a presentation on the „National Pubwatch‟. The licensees present at the
                 meeting agreed that „Pubwatch‟ was beneficial to them and names were put forward


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                       to perform the roles of co-ordinator, secretary, and treasurer. Further meetings are
                       planned in the near future.

           1.6.4        „Crack House‟ Closure - Ebbw Vale
                       On the 13th of February 2007 a „Crack house‟ Closure Application was made at
                       Blackwood Magistrates Court in relation to an address at Garnlydan. The
                       Superintendent's „Closure Notice‟ had been served on the occupiers by officers on
                       the 12th of February. The application was adjourned until the 28th of February when
                       the Magistrates granted the closure order.

           1.6.5 Community & Neighbourhood Directed Operation - Blackwood
                 The Blackwood Neighbourhood Policing Team in a multi agency approach
                 continued their previous good work with a follow up Community and Neighbourhood
                 Direct Operation (CANDO) in the Pontllanfraith area. Community Safety Wardens,
                 Police Community Support Officers, Police Officers and Volunteers from the Crime
                 Prevention Panel have previously completed a survey of issues and concerns raised
                 by the residents. Amongst the major concerns listed were Anti Social Behaviour by
                 Youths, Speeding Traffic, Underage Drinking, Off Road Bikes, Drugs and
                 Community Issues such as Dog Fowling / Litter. Police personnel, partnership
                 personnel and volunteers are now in the process of tackling these issues in order to
                 improve the quality of life of those affected.

           1.6.6 Crime Prevention Packs for Retailers Initiative - Risca
                 On the 8th of January, following an increase in the number of commercial burglaries
                 being reported on Risca town centre, a crime prevention initiative was ran. All the
                 premises were visited and a crime prevention packs issued to the retailers offering
                 crime prevention advice and a crime survey of the premises.

           1.6.7 Crime Prevention Advice for Chinese Takeaways - Risca
                 On the 9th of January following three break-ins at Chinese takeaways in a week, all
                 Chinese takeaways in the Risca section were visited and crime prevention advice

           1.6.8 Cycle & Mobile Phone Post Coding - Risca
                 On the 20th of January the Risca Crime Prevention Panel held a pedal cycle post
                 coding day at St John‟s ambulance hall in Risca. This was followed on the 27th of
                 January 2007 by a cycle post coding day held at Newbridge Leisure Centre. A large
                 number of pedal cycles as well as mobile phones were post coded with
                 arrangements made for others to be carried out on future dates.

           1.6.9 „Items on View‟ Initiative - Risca
                 During January Police Officers from the Risca Section continue to report any items
                 left on view in vehicles. Letters are sent out to the registered keepers together with
                 crime prevention advice. To date the feedback form the public towards this initiative
                 has been very positive.

           1.6.10 Neighbourhood Watch - Risca
                  On the 16th of February following several weeks of liasing with residents and
                  community representatives, a meeting was held in Ty Sign, Newbridge to form a
                  neighbourhood watch scheme. A total of 9 Neighbourhood watch schemes were set
                  up blanketing the estate with an area co-ordinator appointed to act as a single point
                  of contact with the police. There is also the possibility of several more to follow. This
                  will have a significant impact on reducing crime in the area and improving the
                  public‟s confidence in the police.


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           1.6.11 Crime Prevention - Risca
                  On the 22nd of February, as part of the High visibility patrol day, all shops in the
                  Risca Town area were visited and the occupiers spoken to regarding any concerns
                  they may have regarding policing in the area. They were canvassed on how if
                  possible we could enhance the service that we provide.

           1.6.12 Consultations - Caerphilly
                  Officers from within the Neighbourhood Policing Teams continue to hold surgeries
                  within their respective wards, which are well attended by members of the public.
                  Shop Watch, Pub Watch and local Council Meetings also continue to provide an
                  excellent link between the Community and Police.

           1.6.13 Operation Tagg - Caerphilly
                  Operation Tagg a multi-agency initiative between the Police, CCBC, Probation and
                  the Youth Offending Team saw several persons arrested for graffiti in the sector.
                  The graffiti is being cleaned by our partnership agencies.

           1.6.14 Anti-Social Behaviour - Ystrad Mynach
                  Neighbourhood Policing Team Officers and the CADRO assisted Caerphilly County
                  Borough Council with a two-day eviction hearing at Blackwood County court. A
                  family from the Nelson area had been causing long term anti-social behaviour in
                  their area. Following the hearing, the court imposed a two-year suspended eviction
                  notice on the family concerned and since then recorded incidents in the area have
                  dramatically reduced. Local councillors have expressed their thanks over the efforts
                  of all agencies involved in the proceedings.

           1.6.15 Community Reassurance - Ystrad Mynach
                  On the 4th & 5th of January 2007, following 'bogus caller' incidents, Crime Prevention
                  measures were implemented in two separate areas in the Ystrad Mynach section.
                  „Bobby Scheme‟ referrals, „dusk till dawn‟ lighting, „Nominated Neighbour‟ schemes
                  and leaflet drops to 160 homes were carried out in the areas. A press release was
                  arranged and „MemoCam‟ cameras were installed at victim‟s addresses to aid crime
                  investigation. (MemoCam – small electronic camera installed in distraction burglary
                  victim‟s homes to take pictures of callers at points of entry).

           1.6.16 Identity Fraud - Ystrad Mynach
                  There have been several reports of identity fraud this year. This is being linked to
                  such locations as the Bryn Quarry, Gelligaer, which is a Local Authority Amenity /
                  Refuse site for the public. On the 26th February, intruders were disturbed sifting
                  through refuse at this site gathering personal documents i.e. utility bills, credit
                  transactions etc thrown away by residents. The CADRO has approached the
                  Caerphilly Borough Council Authority and with a partnership approach, are looking
                  at the feasibility / funding for an industrial type shredder to be on site which would be
                  free to the public.

           1.6.17 CANDO Initiative - Ystrad Mynach
                  „Safer Caerphilly‟ partnership in conjunction with the local Neighbourhood Policing
                  Team / CADRO / PCSOs organised a „CANDO‟ initiative (Community And
                  Neighbourhood Directed Operation) for the St Cattwgs Ward area of Gelligaer. The
                  first part, throughout February, consisted of surveys to elderly resident‟s homes. On
                  the 28th of February a „CANDO‟ workshop was set up where schemes, initiatives,
                  crime prevention advice etc was available to the residents. Following an assessment
                  phase, the second part of the initiative will take place throughout March.

           1.6.18 Property Security Marking Scheme - Ystrad Mynach
                  Between the 9th & 23rd of February, crime prevention exercises took place during the
                  school holidays whereby new pedal cycles, mobile phones etc were security coded.

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1.7        U Division – Operational Matters

           1.7.1 Roads Policing Unit

                      Road Traffic Collision - Caerphilly
                                       On the 17th of February in Caerphilly a male passenger in a taxi “jumped”
                                       from the vehicle whilst it was still moving sustaining life threatening head
                                       injuries, his condition has now improved although still serious.

                      Road Traffic Collision - Caldicot
                                       On the 19th of February on M4, Magor, a motorcyclist collided with a car,
                                       sustaining serious head injury, his injuries are no longer life threatening,
                                       investigation into the crash is ongoing

                      Throughout the two-month period Collision Investigation Unit officers
                                       responded to 24 incidents.

                      Presentations - Force Wide
                                       Collision Investigators gave three presentations to Sixth Form
                                       school/colleges on Driver Awareness in January and February. All have
                                       resulted in positive feedback.

                      Pursuit from South Wales into Gwent - Newport
                                       At 0200hrs on Tuesday 9th of January South Wales Police entered the
                                       Gwent area pursuing a vehicle along the M4. The vehicle had been stolen
                                       during a Burglary and was pursued with speeds reaching 130mph. Gwent
                                       RPU officers took over the pursuit, and also deployed Hostyds (Stinger) at
                                       Brynglas Tunnels deflating the tyres of the vehicle. It rammed a SWP
                                       RPU vehicle, but came to rest and the three occupants were arrested.
                                       One SWP officer received a minor injury as a result of the collision. SWP
                                       dealt with the offenders.

                      Pursuit from South Wales into Gwent - Newport
                                       At 2319hrs on Tuesday 16th of January 2007 South Wales Police entered
                                       Gwent pursuing a vehicle towing a stolen caravan. Gwent RPU officers
                                       took over the pursuit, and deployed Hostyds (Stinger) at Brynglas Tunnels
                                       deflating the tyres of the vehicle, which came to rest. The driver was
                                       arrested and dealt with by SWP.

                      Pursuit from West Mercia into Gwent - Abergavenny
                                       At 2301hrs on Tuesday 20th of February 2007 West Mercia officers
                                       pursued a vehicle into Gwent. The vehicle was sighted near Abergavenny
                                       and Gwent RPU officers took over the pursuit, which lasted over 45
                                       minutes. Hostyds (Stinger) was eventually deployed, deflating the
                                       vehicles‟ tyres and the driver was arrested for motoring offences. West
                                       Mercia dealt with the individual.

                      Mountain Rescue
                                       At 1338hrs on Sunday 28th of January, having received a call concerning
                                       an injured male on the mountainside above Abercarn, The South East
                                       Wales Air Support Unit (WO99) and Roads Policing Officers were
                                       dispatched. The helicopter crew located the male, who had fallen from a
                                       motorcycle, in a small valley. The aircraft was skilfully landed on the
                                       mountainside, and the air observers, ambulance staff and Roads Policing
                                       officers carried the casualty on a spine board some three-quarters of a
                                       mile across difficult and demanding terrain. The male was treated in

                                                                                                           19 of 24
                                       hospital for fractures. All staff involved carried out an excellent joint police
                                       and ambulance mountain rescue, showing commitment above and
                                       beyond their normal duties.

                      Assistance to Mid-Wives - Caerphilly
                                       At 1442hrs on Friday 9th of February, during the heavy snowfall, Roads
                                       Policing officers in a 4x4 vehicle assisted with the transportation of two
                                       midwives from Caerphilly Miners Hospital to an address in Markham.
                                       There was an imminent childbirth, due to the snow, the family was unable
                                       to travel to the hospital, and the midwives were unable to get to the
                                       address. Officers assisted, and the midwives successfully delivered the
                                       baby. The officers have since received letters of appreciation.

           1.7.2 Roads Policing Unit (ANPR Unit)

                      Operation Blunderbuss
                                       This operation was a partnership operation between Gwent Police and the
                                       DVLA. During the operation DVLA recovered 76 vehicles for excise
                                       licence offences. This operation ran for two weeks.

                      Vehicle Crime Operation C Division South
                                       This operation was to target vehicle crime within the area due to a rise in
                                       the number of offences committed. The operation resulted in nine arrests
                                       for a variety of offences including two that were wanted for theft of
                                       vehicles. Other offences included drugs possession and driving with
                                       excess alcohol. This operation ran for a one-week period

                      Vehicle crime/Neighbourhood Policing Team proactive day.
                                       This operation was organised via ANPR and the neighbourhood-policing
                                       Sergeant at Pontypool. It ran for one evening shift. During the operation
                                       10 vehicles were recovered by DVLA, 6 vehicles recovered under section
                                       165 Road Traffic Act and four arrests made. Two of these arrests were for
                                       possession of a class A drug (cocaine and ecstasy) with intent to supply.
                                       At conclusion of the operation a serious road traffic collision was reported
                                       where ANPR officers assisted with scene preservation.

                      Vehicle Crime Operation C Division.
                                       This operation ran over a four day period in C Division South and North.
                                       During the operation 12 arrests were made, two for theft of motor
                                       vehicles. 10 recoveries were made under section 165 Road Traffic Act.

                      Operation Cubit.
                                       Operation Cubit is a partnership operation between the DVLA and Gwent
                                       Police and is slightly different to Operation Blunderbuss as it involves
                                       ANPR officers supported by members of divisional neighbourhood
                                       policing teams although the operation is led by ANPR. During February
                                       DVLA seized 332 unlicensed vehicles from the Gwent Police area.

           1.7.3 Air Support Unit

                      During the month of January the Air support Unit flew a total of 21hours
                                       and 55 minutes in support of operations in the Gwent Police Force area.

                      Stolen Vehicle - Pontypool.
                                       During the early hours of Saturday 6th of January officers in the
                                       Garndiffaith area requested the helicopter assist in a search for a recently
                                       abandoned stolen Mitsubishi Evolution motor vehicle. The aircraft

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                                       attended and the crew using the Thermal Image Camera located the
                                       vehicle near the old railway line at Talywain. Officers were talked into the
                                       location and the vehicle recovered.

                      Vehicle Pursuit - Newport.
                                       At 1300 Hrs on Saturday 27th of January the aircraft responded to a
                                       vehicle pursuit in Nash Road, Lliswerry. The crew attended and whilst
                                       enroute the vehicle was abandoned and persons made off in the direction
                                       of Lliswerry Pond. On arrival the area was searched and a heat source
                                       was detected deep in foliage approximately 75 yards from officers. Units
                                       were talked into the location together with a dog handler and a person
                                       subsequently arrested. Follow up enquiries revealed that the arrested
                                       person was wanted on two warrants for Class 'A' Drug offences and the
                                       vehicle was obtained during the course of a burglary.

                      During the month of February the Air support Unit flew a total of 21 hours
                                       and 15 minutes in support of operations in the Gwent Police Force area.

                      Stolen Vehicle - Newport.
                                       At 16:53 Hrs on Friday 4th of February the helicopter was requested to
                                       attend the Newport area as a stolen Vauxhall Corsa was being driven
                                       around the area at high speeds and in a dangerous manner. As the
                                       aircraft approached the location two males made off after abandoning the
                                       vehicle in Herbert Road. The crew identified the passenger who was
                                       arrested near the scene. He subsequently provided the name of the driver
                                       of the vehicle.

                      Vehicle Pursuit – Chepstow.
                                       During the afternoon of Saturday 10th of February the unit responded to a
                                       vehicle failing to stop for the RPU in Chepstow. The aircraft arrived
                                       overhead and video evidence obtained as the vehicle avoided 'stinger'
                                       and continued on the M4 until stopped at Junction 24. One male person

                      Vulnerable Missing Person – Cwmbran.
                                       During the evening of Tuesday 13th of February the helicopter was
                                       requested to search the Bettws area for a vulnerable missing male. All
                                       wooded areas were searched using the Thermal Image Camera but no
                                       relevant heat sources were identified. The Misper was then located
                                       walking along Bacon Place, Bettws and taken into Police Custody

           1.7.4 Safety Camera Enforcement Unit

                      Casualty Reduction - Force Wide
                                       Casualties and speeds continue to fall at core sites. Incidents rated as KSi
                                       (Killed/Serious Injuries) are down 87% at core (static) sites and 71% down
                                       at mobile sites of cameras.

                      Nightowl Operations - Force Wide
                                       Five 'Nightowl' (night-time operations) were carried out in Torfaen,
                                       Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent areas during this period. These focussed
                                       on areas in which divisions reported problems or complaints, to date over
                                       200 offences have been detected, several of which involved taxis or
                                       young anti-social drivers. The highest speed recorded was 57mph in a 30
                                       mph area at Chapel Street in Pontnewydd Cwmbran. More similar
                                       operations are planned for March.


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                      Advisory Signs - Force Wide
                                       125 location visits were made in February concentrating on Sirhowy,
                                       Cwmavon Valleys and Ponthir/Caerleon areas. There has been a very
                                       positive response from members of the public whenever deployed.
                                       Equipment currently is deployed in Wattsville as result of serious accident
                                       in the village and the community are very appreciative of prompt police

           1.7.5 Firearms Unit

                      Training Activities
                                       Firearm refresher training days were carried out dealing with firearm-
                                       related tactics and shooting skills practices. A firearms trainer from Gwent
                                       continued his role with the national Dynamic Intervention Working Group
                                       by attending a meeting in Birmingham to progress issues surrounding this
                                       hostage release tactic.

                      Training Activities
                                       Eight Firearms officers have completed a three-week course to enhance
                                       their skills to include building entries to ensure hostage release. A post
                                       incident shooting exercise was carried out to test the Force response to
                                       such an incident numerous lesson were learned and the Force is now
                                       able to move forward in this skill area.

                      Operational Support – Force Wide
                                       The Unit continues to support the Force‟s thrust to close the gap between
                                       date of offence and court sentence by providing expert evidence with
                                       regard to weapon finds. A total of 22 weapon examinations were carried
                                       out which provided a saving of £3,300 to the Force compared to out-
                                       sourcing the examinations to private companies.

           1.7.6 Support Group

                      Operation Penalty
                                       Support Group officers under Op Penalty provided a response to Newport
                                       Train station on Sunday 28th of February for the Carling Cup Final. When
                                       due to signal failure on the main train line between Cardiff and Newport,
                                       and an incident on the M4, Newport became swollen with, in excess of
                                       5,000 football supporters. This problem persisted from 1000 hours until
                                       2300 hours.

                      Throughout the period the Support Group have responded to the Six
                                       Nations fixtures via Op Penalty effecting a large number of Public Order
                                       arrests across the Force area.


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2. Proposals for Consideration by the Committee

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3. Staffing/ Personnel Implications

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4. Financial Implications

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5. Consultation

5.1        This report was produced in consultation with Divisional Commanders and heads of
           specialist departments.

6. Project Assessment for Equality and Diversity Matters

6.1        This report has been considered against the general duty to promote equality, as
           stipulated under the Force‟s Race Equality Scheme and Disability Equality Scheme,
           and has been assessed not to discriminate against any particular group.

7. Risk Assessment

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8. Conclusion

8.1        The months of November and December 2006 were extremely busy months for the
           Force during with extensive reactive and proactive operations were conducted
           across Gwent.

9. Contact Officer

9.1        Inspector Daniel Taylor (Staff Officer)


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10. Background Papers

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