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              CORPORATE DIRECTORY                                         Chace Agencies                   Chanda Rice           8363 7881
     Advertiser Newspapers Malcolm Balcerak                8206 2000      Empire Liquor                    Brenton Quirini       8351 7666
     Channel 9                         Cameron Scott       8267 0134      Festival City Wines & Spirits Don Totino               8268 8066
     Entertainment Publications Katie Falkenberg           8364 6115      Fine Wine Partners               Susie Bishop          8333 9407
     Foodservice News                  Anthony Huckstep   02 9281 2333    Fosters Australia               Tom Parkin             0418 849 173
     Ontime Publications               Steve Moxey         0400 473 200   Harbottle on-Premise             Stewart Ferguson      8152 8757
     AUDIO VISUAL                                                         Hardy Wine Company               Kane Stoddard         0417 865 466
     Novatech                          Leko Novakovic      0411 718 252   Icon Brands                      Glenn Beale           0437 775 350
     BANKING SERVICES                                                     Lion Nathan                                            8236 9444
     American Express                  Call Centre        1300 363 614    Negociants Australia             Margot Muir           8112 4210
     ANZ Bank                          Call Centre         1300 366 988   Nepenthe Wines                   Paul Limpus           8389 5270
     Bank SA                           Andrew Dallison     8424 4738      Pernod Ricard Australia          Allan O'Neil          8208 2460
     Commonwealth Bank                 Louisa Crowley      8206 4500      Peter Rumball Wines              Peter Rumball         8332 2761
     Diners Club                       Linda Lawson        0417 826 968   SA Brewing                       Melanie Towler        0439 810 674
     NAB                               Call Centre         13 10 12       Samuel Smith & Son               Susanna Brown         8231 3963
     Westpac Bank                      Phil Couchman       8230 2291      Woodstock Winery                 Geoff Barker          8383 0156
     BUSINESS ADVISORS                                                    MARKETING
     Clayton Hentschke Accountants Mark Clayton            8522 3964      Aust.Mushroom Growers Assoc. Pam Tobin                 8234 8601
     Defining Details                  Di Whicker          0408 812 203   Blue Nectar                 Brett Helgerson brett@
     George Pantahos & Co              George Pantahos     8223 7649      SA Tourism Commission John Evans                       8463 4500
     Michael Corigliano Chartered Acc. Michael Corigliano 8400 6090                   David Stocker         1800 609 255
     Moore Stephens                    Brendan Connolly    8291 2500      MEDIA
     Profitable Hospitality            Ken Burgin         02 93694558     Advertiser                       Malcolm Balcerak      8206 2000
     CAR HIRE                                                             Channel 9                        Cameron Scott         8267 0134
     Budget Rent-a-Car                                    1300 362 848    POINT OF SALE
     CLEANING PRODUCTS                                                    H&L Australia                    Jason Nikolas         0439 889 130
     Alsco Linen                       Gary Sywak         8346 1391       Possum IT                        Pat Hollis            8347 1151
     Campbell’s Cleantec               Dejan Balaban      8447 6600       PRINTING
     FOOD SERVICES                                                        Bowden Printing                  Ivan Bartholomew      8340 3588
     Adelaide Produce Markets Rachel Fletcher              8349 4493      RISK MANAGEMENT
     AMJ Produce                       Margy Abbot         0418 833 351   Safework SA                      Indra Jury            0417 871 078
     Angelakis Brothers                Mitch Sperou        8400 1300      SHOP-FIT
     Bonland Dairies                                      8241 2277       Build Perspective                Scott Langford        0438 795 343
     Coca Cola Amatil                  Pat Carpenter      0419 873 387    SOLICITORS
     Cosmo Foods/King Is.Group Sean Kay/Matt Cooper 8359 1466             Norman Waterhouse                Sathish Dasan         8210 1253
     Goodman Fielder                                       8348 2711      SOUND & LIGHTING
     Holco Fine Meat Suppliers David Culbert               0407 604 853   Novatech                         Leko Novakovic        0411 718 252
     International Oyster & Seafood Angie Del Medico      8231 6441       STAFFING
     Meat & Livestock Australia Stephen Edwards           0411 680 519    Complete Personnel               Lynn Gill             8269 7400
     Rio Coffee                        Michael Marin       8362 3376      SUPERANNUATION
     Tassal Group                      Richard Longden     0438 119 660   Host-Plus                       Scott Measday          0418 327 607
     Vittoria Coffee                   Don Tucker          8346 2399      THEMING
     FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES                                     Chaircovers Over All             Heather McQuade       8362 0772
     Curtin Pty Ltd                    Steve Uppington     8340 1677      TRAINING
     Macmont                           Greg Cordingley     8245 6200      TAFE SA - Adelaide Sth           Mark Slatter          0418 693 335
     FURNITURE SUPPLIERS                                                  Business SA New Appren Centre Phil Methofer            8300 0015
     Casual Living Commercial Con Koutsikas                8293 5966      Hospitality Group Training Peter Nolan                 8223 6766
     James Richardson Corporation Graham Bald              8211 8966      Int College of Hotel Management Michael Brearley       8348 4654
      INSURANCE                                                           Le Cordon Bleu                   Sophie Davies         8348 3055
     Aon Risk Services                 Kylie Storrie       8301 1130      TAFE SA - Adelaide Nth Kylie Gabell                    8348 4447
     LEISURE & LIFESTYLE                                                  Food,Tourism & Hospitality
     Skycity Casino                    Emily Ormsby        8218 4204      Skills Advisory Council SA Inc John Cassebohm          8232 0311
     LICENSES                                                             SITE Academy                     Nevada Jones          8346 2788
     APRA                              Gary Burrows        0418 857 039   William Angliss College of TAFE Sandra Lunn            0421 344 965
     PPCA                              Christie Hayes      02 8569 1100   UTILITIES
     LIQUOR                                                               Envestra                         Peter Keogh           8217 5211
     Coopers Brewery                    Penny Johnson      8440 1800      Power Direct                     David Eriksen         8357 7511
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                    RECIPE FOR                                            SUCCESS                                                Brought to you by

      CHEF                                                                      RESTAURATEUR
      Name: Brian Smith.                                                        Name: Rob Kermeen.

      Restaurant: Adelaide Entertainment Centre.                                Current Restaurant:
                                                                                Arnou Bistro @ The Earl.
      Claim to Fame: Survived 27 Years as a chef.
                                                                                Past operations you have owned:
      Proudest Achievements:
                                                                                Formerly Tantino in Hutt Street
      Having Trained some very fine chefs.
                                                                                Proudest Achievements:
      What made you want to become a chef?
                                                                                I HAVE 2 – (1)Conning a beautiful and intelligent woman (Sophie) into
      I simply loved cooking so I made my hobby my job.
                                                                                marrying me (2) Then becoming the father of a baby daughter on New
      Person you most admire and why?                                           Years Day of 2006.
      Ferdinand Point, a true culinary visionary.
                                                                                What inspired you to become a restaurateur?
      Who was your best mentor and what did they teach you?                     I wish I knew? I’d go back to that bloke and slap him in the head!
      I never really had a mentor as such I just wandered around picking up
                                                                                Someone you admire? Why?
      knowledge where I found it.
                                                                                I admire business people who take a risk. Why? The people who take a
      What is your philosophy for success?                                      risk and manage risk successfully are to be admired.To name an
      Don’t forget to enjoy yourself I Don’t see how any one could succeed at   identity? The late Kerry Packer’s life was a very full life.
      some thing they didn’t like or why they would bother trying.
                                                                                Who was your best mentor and what did they teach you?
      Ingredient you most enjoy using?                                          My father Bob. Work hard, play a straight bat and never compromise
      Today its dried limes.                                                    your self esteem.

      What is your favourite original recipe and why?                           What is your philosophy for success?
      Too hard, I generally cook em and forget em.                              Employ good people and empower them. Listen.

      Most rewarding part of being a chef?                                      Favourite part of being a restaurateur?
      Making people happy just from cooking a meal.                             Simply anytime a guest compliments us on our work.They noticed our efforts.

      Worst part of being a chef?                                               Worst part of being a restaurateur?
      Getting friends etc to understand the hours I keep are not really such    Time away from my wife Sophie and daughter Lucy.
      an imposition and that while I’m at work I’m having fun without them.
                                                                                What was your biggest lesson?
      What, in your opinion, distinguishes an average chef from a               The importance of developing the right culture in a business. Its hard to
      great chef?                                                               change a culture that stinks!
      Hard work and focus on the food not the image.
                                                                                What words of advice would you give prospective restaurateur?
      What advice would you give to your staff?                                 Be passionate, progressive, perfect and manage your percentages.
      Focus on the food and quit when you don’t like cooking anymore.
                                                                                What is one of your most memorable dining experiences?
      What is one of your most memorable meals?                                 With best friends in Ristorante ‘13 GOBBI’ in Firenze on 9/11/2001.
      Chicken Saag Waller in Madras (Chennai).                                  They were on their honeymoon and we were courting…it could have
                                                                                been a bad omen but we are all still together!
      What’s hot at the moment?
      I really don’t care much for following food fashion. What’s hot is well   If you could change one thing about our industry what would it be?
      cooked flavourful food.                                                   There’s nothing wrong with us! Canberra could change by eliminating
                                                                                FBT on entertainment expenses…oh well…it’s nice to have a
      What’s not?
                                                                                dream. A bit of a trade off for GST?? Maybe?…
      Bad food, there’s no reason for it.

      What is your vision for the future of our industry?
      An industry where training is given it’s given its rightful place and
      importance and where excellence is properly rewarded.

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