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					                            Pledge to Do My Best!

When you work on being a good citizen and the best person you can
be, it is helpful to write out goals and pledges to help you remember
what you are working for, and what you need to do to reach your
goals. Since you will be taking some tests which are important for
you, your parents, and the school, it is important that you try your
very best on these tests. To help you remember to do your best, you
can read this pledge and look at it everyday during testing and then
decide if you were able to keep your pledge each day.

I, ___________________, pledge to do my best when working on the third grade
test. I will do my best by:
     Getting a good night sleep every night
     Eating breakfast before coming to school
     Listening and following directions carefully
     Reading all directions, questions, and answers carefully
     Answer all questions
     Not rushing through the test
     Going back and checking answers after finishing the test
     Working quietly and not disturbing others

   Student____________________________ Parent ________________________

                                  Self Evaluation

   I kept my pledge by doing my very best

   Tuesday, November 8                     Y N ___________________________

   Wednesday, November 9                   Y N ___________________________

   Tuesday, November 15                    Y N ___________________________

   Wednesday, November 16                  Y N ___________________________

   Each day after testing you should circle Y if you kept your pledge and N if you
   think you could have done better. When you get home, talk with your parents
   about how you did and have them sign on the line.

   All students who turn in this sheet with parent signatures after each date will
   earn a special recess.