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CyberPatrol 7.5


									                 Fact Sheet

CyberPatrol 7.5
Internet Safety Software
Access to the Internet increasingly introduces
new dangers and content that negatively
affects you, your PC users and your PC.
CyberPatrol is specifically designed to help
combat these threats and lock-down the PC.

                Why CyberPatrol 7.5?                               Best Content                                     Layered Technology
      ?        CyberPatrol gives you the
               tools to understand and
                                                                   Understanding Web based
                                                                   content and categorizing it
                                                                                                                     Because the Internet
                                                                                                                     changes by the second and
              manage your Internet access                         accordingly is at the heart of                    no matter how
           in a flexible way that best suits                   quality filtering. To continuously                comprehensive any database of
you and your users’ needs – yet allow the         protect our clients we analyze more Web           URLs is, users will always discover new sites
freedom to explore.                               pages for threats than anyone else and deliver    as they browse. That’s why CyberPatrol uses
                                                  the industry’s premier database for client-       multiple layered dynamic filtering to defend
Only CyberPatrol delivers powerful client-        based Internet safety software. Giving you        against sites too new to be in its CyberLIST.
based, browser independent, Internet safety       the confidence to manage your Internet access     CyberPatrol’s technologies individually check
software for Windows that’s always fresh, has     appropriately:                                    for threats by interrogating:
regular weekly list updates and no extra costs
for technical support, upgrades, password               13 well organized categories                      Website address
resets, software reinstalls, or additional              60+ team of Internet researchers                  Patterns within the URL
supplementary URL lists. CyberPatrol 7.5 offers         International language content                    Page content
the most compelling upgrade in its history              Regular weekly list updates                       HTML source code
and is designed to help an online generation                                                              Web links and file names
get the most from the Internet!

     Monitor Internet Activity                       Protect Against Harmful                        Restrict Chat & Instant
     Monitoring and logging for many is the          Sites and Images                               Messaging
     first important step in taking control          Stop users accessing harmful Internet          Chat and instant messaging is great for
     of their Internet access. It clearly shows      content by blocking unsuitable                 talking to friends or even making new
     the surfing habits of users so you know         websites, newsgroups and explicit              ones. But chat is unproductive within the
     exactly where they go online, at what           search engine images. Use with time            workplace and kids need to be protected
     time and for how long.                          limits to take control, yet give the           from online predators and prevented
                                                     freedom to explore.                            from disclosing personal information.

     Limit Time Online and                           Control Program Downloads                      Privacy Protection
     Access to Programs                              Downloading programs from the                  Help stop private information, like
     Time management ends the frustration            Internet is an increasing security             names, addresses and phone numbers
     of not knowing how long someone has             nightmare, whether it’s the fear of            from being revealed or exploited, by
     been online or has been using specific          copyrighted or illegal materials, or           setting up rules so key information is
     locally held programs such as games             malicious Spyware. Stop indiscriminate         filtered out before it leaves your
     and chat. Get peace of mind knowing             downloads by locking down your PC              computer.
     you have set predetermined time rules.          to eliminate the worry.                                                                          Protecting an Online Generation
                Fact Sheet

CyberPatrol’s Multi-layered
Internet Protection
                                                        Ready-to-go filtering or customize settings

Monitor                                                 for each user.
                                                        Manage Internet access for any number
                                                        of users on a PC.
ENHANCED!                                               Create a ‘walled garden’ of sites - ideal
 Monitor Internet activity for a quick and              for very young kids.
 accurate picture of surfing habits.                    Automatic weekly list updates.
 Reports clearly show sites visited, time of
 day and duration.
 Real-time Activity Monitor for fine-tuning
 and troubleshooting settings.
                                                    Protect                                            Monitoring Report

                                                    NEW & ENHANCED!
Filter                                                  Select your environment and user type to
                                                        tailor your Ready-to-go filtering.
                                                        Limit amount of time spent online and
NEW & IMPROVED!                                         access to programs.
 Block access to harmful websites, newsgroups           Restrict access to locally held programs
 and explicit search engine images.                     and/or online games.
 Restrict access to any chat and instant                Limit time spent on any chat program.
 messaging programs.                                    Block indiscriminate downloads of games,
 Select from preset age-specific Web                    music, images and videos to secure PC.
 filtering protection levels.                           Help prevent download of illegal or
 Filter words and phrases in inbound and                copyrighted material.                          Web Filtering Categories
 outbound chat sessions.                                Stop file transfers to protect from threat
 Stop access to sites that provide or                   of Spyware and viruses in files.
 promote malicious software like Spyware.               Help stop private information being revealed
 Prevent access to Phishing sites that dupe             like names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
 users into revealing personal information.             Protect from online predators and identity
 Multiple user-friendly blocking page styles.           thieves.
 Discreet filtering with Stealth mode.                  Easy override options.

 System Requirements
 Microsoft® Operating System                        Internet Browsers
 Microsoft® Windows® XP HE* / XP Pro* / 2000 / Me   Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0 SP2 and above
 / NT 4 / 98 SE / 98                                Mozilla Firefox 1.0
 Processor                                          AOL 8.0, AOL 9.0 and AOL 9.0SE
                                                                                                       Time Management Protection
 Pentium II or higher                               Netscape 6.0 and above
 Memory                                             Internet Connection
 64 MB minimum                                      A valid Internet connection is required.
 Disk space
 30 MB                                              * Compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2

            Purchase CyberPatrol from Australian reseller:
               OzGuide Internet & Computer Solutions
                          (03) 9579 1118

          Download a FREE no-obligation 14-day trial of CyberPatrol now to
           check out your users’ surfing habits and test drive CyberPatrol’s                           Summary of Filtering Settings
              powerful Internet safety tools:                                                                               Protecting an Online Generation

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