Your Guide to Making a Complaint by terrypete


									                                              Your Guide to Making a Complaint

    Why do we have a                                             Who can Complain?
    Complaints Procedure?                                        Our complaints procedure is open to everyone who
    We at CCHA aim to provide a responsive, high                 receives or is requesting a service from us or anyone
    quality service to all our residents, applicants,            acting on their behalf.
    service users and agencies with whom we work.                This may include:-
    Whilst we make every effort to do this, we
                                                             •   Tenants, applicants for housing, or others who
    recognise that there may be times when you feel
                                                                 receive a service from CCHA
    dissatisfied with the service you have received.
    If this happens, we would like to know so that we        •   Families or advocates of tenants or applicants
    can try to put the matter right.                         •   Social workers, advice agencies or any other
    This guide tells you under what circumstances                person acting on behalf of a tenant or applicant
    you can make a complaint to CCHA and how you             •   Agencies who manage schemes on our behalf
    should go about doing so.                                •   Residents of agency managed schemes
                                                             •   Local Authority Councillors or Member
    What is a Complaint?                                         of Parliament
    CCHA defines a complaint as "An expression               •   Individuals or agencies affected by the
    of dissatisfaction about CCHA's action, lack                 work or services of CCHA
    of action or standards of service, where an
                                                                 Information received that is anonymous will be
    initial response has not proven satisfactory".
                                                                 considered, but for practical reasons will not be
    This could include for example:-
                                                                 treated as a complaint or bound by the complaint
•   Failure to provide a service or to achieve the               procedure.
    standards of service we have promised
•   Failure to fulfill our legal or contractual
                                                                 Resolving Complaints Early
                                                                 CCHA aims to make sure that all matters are addressed
•   Unfair treatment by staff to an enquiry or request
                                                                 at the earliest possible stage. Our staff are available
•   Dissatisfaction with the attitudes or behaviour              to talk over any concern you might have to try to resolve
    of contractors, agents or staff                              any problem. Before making a formal complaint, you
•   Dissatisfaction with a decision or the way                   may therefore want to resolve your concerns with the
    that it was made.                                            member of staff who has been dealing with you.
                                                                 Alternatively, you may wish to talk the matter over
    Where to Complain?                                           informally with a relevant Manager. Our Customer
    Sometimes there will be complaints that CCHA                 Service Officers can help to put you in touch with the
    cannot deal with. For example, you may have a                right person on 020 8680 7532 or by visiting our
    complaint about the Housing Benefit system at                Reception at Norfolk House.
    the Local Authority or other outside agency that             It is hoped that most matters of concern can be resolved
    you have come into contact with. Where this is               at this stage. However, if you are not satisfied with the
    the case we will wherever possible, try to direct            response you receive you may wish to make a more
    you to the appropriate place or person. Our                  formal complaint.
    Customer Services Officers can help you with
    this and are contactable on 020 8680 7532 or
    you can speak with them directly by visiting our
    Reception in Norfolk House at the address below.

    6th Floor, Norfolk House, Wellesley Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 1LH
    switchboard: 020 8680 7532 fax: 020 8688 5316
                                                         STAGE 2
                                                        • The Managing Director will decide on an
                                                          appropriate Senior Manager to hear your
                                                          complaint. This may be a Head of Department,
continued                                                 the Operations Director, or another Director.
                                                        • You will receive an acknowledgement within 5
                                                          working days, and a written response setting
Who do I Contact and How?                                 out any action or investigation within 10 working
There are a number of ways that you can contact           days.
our Complaints Officer to tell them about your          • If you remain dissatisfied you must inform the
complaint. Formal complaints do not have to be in         Complaints Officer within 10 days from the date
writing. Where needed we can offer a translation          of the written outcome. Clearly state the reasons
service and in special circumstances the Complaints       why you are dissatisfied and that you wish to
Officer can make a home visit to take the details of      proceed to Stage 3.
your complaint.
020 8633 8730
                                                         STAGE 3
Write to:
                                                        • Your complaint will be considered by a panel,
The Complaints Officer,
                                                          which will include the Chief Executive and a
6th Floor, Norfolk House, Wellesley Road,
                                                          CCHA Board member.
Croydon, CR0 1LH
                                                        • A final decision on your complaint will be made
                                                          and passed to you within 20 working days.

The Complaint Stages Explained
                                                       What if I am still dissatisfied?
  STAGE 1                                              If you are still not satisfied after exhausting our
                                                       complaints procedure, you can ask the Housing
• Contact the Complaints Officer stating that you      Association Independent Ombudsman to investigate
  wish to make a complaint. If you are writing to      your complaint.
  us, you can use the form attached to the back
                                                       The Ombudsman will not normally investigate your
  of this guide. Please address the envelope to
                                                       complaint unless you have first gone through all three
  the “Complaints Officer”. If you are telephoning,
                                                       stages of CCHA’s own complaints procedure.
  the Complaints Officer will take details of your
  complaint. If you are e-mailing you can either       The address is:-
  send details of your complaint; and ask the          The Housing Ombudsman Service
  Complaints Officer to telephone you; or request a    81 Aldwych, London WC2B 4HN
  form to be e-mailed to you to complete and return.   Tel: 020 7421 3800
• Your complaint will be recorded on our Register      The Independent Housing Ombudsman complaint
  of Complaints, and the matter passed to an           form can also be completed on line at
  appropriate manager for investigation.     
  You will receive an acknowledgement within
  5 working days, and a full response setting out      The Outcome of Your Complaint
  any action or investigation within 10 working        If your complaint is upheld at any stage, and it is
  days. You will be informed of the outcome in         found that CCHA has failed to provide you with a
  writing.                                             good quality service we will take action to ensure that
• If you remain dissatisfied you must inform the       the matter is put right straightaway. If you have paid
  Complaints Officer within 10 days from the date      money for a service which you have not received you
  of the written outcome. Clearly state the reasons    may be entitled to financial compensation under our
  why you are dissatisfied and that you wish to        Compensation policy. Copies of these are available
  proceed to Stage 2.                                  from the Complaints Officer.
Your Complaint
If you wish you may use this form to tell us about your complaint. Fill in as much of the form as possible so
that we can quickly assess your complaint. If there is not enough space on this form please continue on a
separate sheet of paper.

 Your Details (Please use BLOCK CAPITALS)

 Title: (Mr, Mrs, Ms)




 Telephone: Day:                                         Evening:


  1    Please state the nature of your complaint
2   Have you complained to a staff member?                      YES             NO

3   Who did you contact and when?

4   What do you think Croydon Churches Housing Association
    should do to put things right?

5   If there is anything that makes it difficult for you to use our service,
    for example English is not your first language or you have a disability,
    please use the space below to tell us how we might help you.

6   Details of other agencies, family or advocates involved

Signature                                                                Date
Complaints Monitoring
It would help us to monitor the complaints we receive if you would complete the boxes below.
This form is kept separately from your complaint papers and is not seen by the person
investigating your complaint.
How would you describe your ethnic origin? Please tick one part in each box

 A                                                                  B
 Asian                                                              Black

 Caribbean                                                          White

 African                                                            Other

 South-East Asian                                                   Mixed



 Other                                                              Are you:
 Combination of above groups                                        Male

 Question refused                                                   Female

Please use the attached freepost envelope (overleaf) to return your form to us.

Please contact us on 020 8680 7532 if you require this
form in large print or an alternative format.

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