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									• Name some of the factors/ concepts that
  are misrepresented on the TV Crime
  programs. (What is wrong with the show)

•   The DO-IT-ALL Sleuth

    MI – Crime Scene Shark
1. Name as many different careers that are
   involved in possibly solving a crime.

a. Detectives, prosecutors, medical examiners,
    pathologists, forensic chemists, serologists,
    toxicologists, psychiatrist, botanists, entomologists,
    odontologist, document examiner, firearms
    examiner, latent print examiner, toolmark examiner,
    and trace evidence examiner.

         MI – CSI – SHARK BAIT
  R   Y   W G   B   T   C   M B W pa     D Bl bl pr do bi    ca ho
  E   E   h R   L   E   O   I ee a ll    un en ue in gs rd   ts rs
  d   l   i e   u   a   f   l r  t m     hil d m ce     s       es
                                   all   l     as

N x                 X                                X

B * x x x x X                                        X

G x                 X                                X

S x                 X                                    X X x
D x                 * X X X X                        x
•   The 5 houses A,B,C,D,E are in a row since clue 8 says that the man living in the middle
    drinks milk. So in house C is milk.
•   The Norwegian lives in the 1st house so he lives in A and the house next to it is blue. So
    the blue house is B.
•   The green house is on the left of the white house so it is not A or C and the person in the
    green house drinks coffee so not in C; thus the green house is D with coffee and the white
    house is E.
•   The Brits live in the red house so not A, B, D, or E thus the Brits live in C and drinks
    milk. By Elimination house A where the Norwegian lives is yellow, he smokes Dunhill,
    and the man who has the horse lives in the blue house at C.
•   The Dane drinks tea so it is not in house A, C, or D; the Dane lives in B or E.
•   One who smokes Blue Master drinks beer so is not in house A, C, or D, so also lives in B
    or E; thus the Norwegian in A drinks water, which leaves the one house B – blue and
    horses as one who smokes blends.
•   The Swede keeps dogs so not in B and the German smokes Prince so not in B. Thus the
    Dane lives in house B and he deinks tea so by elimination, man in white house at D drinks
    beer, and smokes Blue Master.
•   The German smokes Prince, so not the man in house E; he lives in D and the Swede must
    live in E and keeps dogs, the Brit in red house C whod drinks milk; smokes Pall Mall and
    rears birds.
•   German has FISH
Norwegian                               Swede
            Dane     Brit    German
1st house                               White
             Blue    Red      Green
Yellow                                Blue master
Dunhill     Blend    Pall    Prince      Beer
Water        Tea     mall    Coffee      dogs
cats        horses   birds    FISH
    What are the goals of a criminal investigation?

   To determine if a crime has been committed
   To obtain, legally, evidence and information to identify the person
    or persons responsible for the crime
   To find and arrest the suspect or suspects
   To recover property, if any has been stolen
   To present the prosecuting attorney with the best possible case
1. What steps must the 1st officer at a
   crime scene take to preserve life and

     MI – CSI – Shark Bait
           Possibly answers for job for 1st officer

Assure personal safety and that of any fellow officers,
 victims, suspects, and witnesses
Offer first aid to injured persons and call for medical
Call for backup and ancillary personnel, detectives,
 crime-scene investigators, coroner’s personnel, and
Cordoning off the scene to protect the integrity of any
Detaining and separating any suspects or witnesses
 whenever possible.
Establishing a security log for any and all persons who
 enter or leave the crime scene.
1. There were over 12, 000,000 criminal
   acts reported in 2004. Name the 2 major categories
   of crimes and as many different types of criminal
   acts for each category.

 Violent crimes including murder/ manslaughter, rape,
     aggravated assault, robbery
 Property crime including burglary, larceny-theft, auto
     theft, and arson
--- Over 26% of Americans answered yes when asked “Have
     you or any member of you immediate family been a victim
     of nonviolent crime over the last 5 years?” 9 % said they
     had been victims of violent crimes.

        MI – CSI – Shark Bait
1. What do you do if you witness a

   MI – CSI – Shark Bait
     What do you do if you witness a crime

   Protect yourself
   Help others
   Call for help - 911
   Do not touch or move anything
   Pay attention
   Wait for the police
1.Ballistics                 a. Identification and examination of
                             human skeleton
2. Toxicology                b. Involves medical examiners of
3. Latent fingerprint Unit   c. Presence or absence of drugs and
4. Anthropology              d. Identify body when very little
                             remains left but teeth
5. Entomology                e. Firearms, bullets, ammunition
6. Odontology                f. Study of insect to estimate time of
7. Pathology                 g. Processing and examining
                             fingerprint left at a scene

                       SHARK BAIT
• What is the most important function of the
  medical examiner/coroner in any death
• To determine the cause, manner, and mechanism
  of death.
• CAUSE OF DEATH – What disease or trauma directly
  caused the victim’s death. Examples may be heart attack, a
  gunshot wound to the head, or a drug overdose.
• MECHANISM OF DEATH – What specific physiological
  effect of the cause of death actually led to the cessation
  of life. For example, a heart attack victim would die from a
  deadly change in heart rhythm of damage to the heart
  muscle leading to shock.
• MANNER OF DEATH – How the cause of death came about.

               MI - CSI -- SHARK BAIT
                           Forensic History – Shark Bait –
1. Orfila        a. Application of different areas of science
                 to forensics, criminalistics
2. Bertillon     b. Method of classifying fingerprints.
3. Goddard       c. Exchange principle – pick evidence up
                 and leave evidence
4. Gross         d. Father of Forensic Toxicology
5. Locard        e. Principles of document examination
6. Galton        f. Developed anthropometry
7. Osborn        g. Comparison of bullets

d, f, g, a, c, b, e
    Shark Bait-       a.   Father of forensic toxicology. Published
                           on the detection of poisons and their
1. Alec Jeffreys      b. Developed using the comparison
                           microscope to determine if a bullet was
2. Hans Gross              the one shot from the suspect‟s weapon.
                      c. Wrote describing the application of
3. Sir Arthur Conan        scientific disciplines to the field of
                           criminal investigation.
   Doyle              d. 1749 presented a classic discussion of
                           the differential signs of murder and
4. Calvin Goddard          suicide in cases of hanging.
                      e. how to distinguish drowning from
5. His Duan Yu             strangulation.
                      f. first applied the principles of serology,
6. Mathieu Orfilia         fingerprinting, firearm identification,
                           and questioned-document examination
                      g. Responsible for the process for isolating
7. Antione Louis           and reading DNA markers
     Shark Bait – Review for quiz
• Study of insects is _____________________
• Study of bullets and firearms is ___________
• Identifying remains based on teeth is _______________.
• Identification based on skull and bones is __________.
• ____________________ stated there is always an
  exchange of materials between people an objects at a
  crime scene.
• _____________________ presented differences between
  murder and suicide in cases of hanging.
• __________________ developed a method of
  classifying fingerprints.
            Shark Bait Review
• Name 3 steps you do if you observe a crime:

• Identify 3 steps you do if you are the 1st
  officers at a crime

• Identify 1 violent crime and 1 property crime

• Name and explain 3 different careers
  involved with forensics
   Review for QUEST
• The Father of Toxicology was ________________
• _____________ distinguished the difference in
  determined death by accidental drowning and
  murder by drowning.
• ___________ developed the system of measuring
  the human body to create a record of criminals.
• The study of bones to determine the identification
  of a person is called __________________
• Using a comparison microscope to analyze bullets
  or weapons left at a crime scene is ____________
• _______________ is studying tissues and having a
  medical examiner to determine the cause of death
    Shark Bait – What should you do??
• What should an investigator do to process a
  crime scene? Make a list of about 4-5 steps
  you did yesterday.
• What did we not do yesterday?
• Name the 5 manners of death:
  (How the cause of death came

• Natural, suicidal, homicidal,
  accidental, and undetermined.

         MI – CSI – Shark Bait
   need to know medical terminology?

2. In OLD WEST movies, the killer many times
   killed a person in the _______________ region
   of the body.
3. DO YOU know the scientific name for:
a. Collar bone
b. Shoulder blade
c. Thigh bone
d. Skull                          Shark Bait
        Shark Bait – Human Body
• Another name for the back area is ___________
• Another name for the top part of your body is
• The plane that divides the body into a right and
  left side is __________________
• The plane that divides the body into a top and
  bottom is ______________________
• Name 2 organs in the abdominal cavity
• Name 2 organs in the thoracic cavity
• Means – HOW the crime was committed--the
  ability of the defendant to commit the crime
• Motive – WHY the crime was committed-- reason
  the defendant had to commit the crime
• Opportunity – WHAT situation was there that
  allowed the crime to occur –WHEN

• Ironically, motive is not an element of many
  crimes, but proving motive can often make it
  easier to convince a jury of the elements that must
  be proved for a conviction.

        Means, motive, opportunity
• It was midnight on Christmas Eve when the maintenance staff of
  Kimble‟s came to work in the deserted department store. When they
  arrived at the North Pole display, they discovered every child‟s worst
  nightmare, the lifeless body of Santa Claus. He was in a storage
  room, his head bashed in by the butt end of a .44 revolver. Santa‟s
  off-duty name was Rudolph Pringle. “That‟s Rudolph‟s revolver,” the
  manager informed the police. “He started carrying it after a six-year-
  old pulled a knife on him.” “Do you know anyone who would want to
  see Rudolph dead beside the six-year-old?” The manager cleared his
  throat. “Santa‟s been having a lot of fights with his elves. I know
  three elves who‟d threatened to kill him.” The detective had the
  murder weapon bagged. Then he placed it on the center of the
  interview table, right where the suspects would be forced to look at it.
  “Rudolph Pringle has been murdered,” he informed each elf. “What
  do you know about it?” Joe Winters shivered and couldn‟t stop staring
  at the gun. “I know nothing. Some of the guys had trouble with
  Rudolph. But he was always nice to me.
               Who killed Santa Claus? Read there is a 2nd page
I left the store at nine, right when it closed. I was too tired to change,
so I wore my costume home. No one said a word on the subway.”
“Rudolph was a pig, snarled Sam Petrie, the second elf. “If he pushed
me to far, I wouldn‟t smash his head in. I‟d sue. What‟s the use of a
dead Santa when a live one can be made to pay?” Robert Goldstein
was the smallest elf. On hearing the news, he burst into tears. “Last
week, Rudolph started a fight. He said I was too slow bringing in the
kids. He slapped me on the head and called me all sorts of Names.
But I didn‟t kill him.”The detective called in his assistant. “Well, we
have our killer,” he said. “All I had to do was use a little psychology.”

     • Sam Petrie, he knew that Rudolph had been
       hit. Rudolph had a gun but Sam grabbed the
       gun and hit Rudolph over the head.
• Is a person born a murderer or do
  they become one as they grow up.
  Explain your answer?

• Planted a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics
• _________________ was accused of killing his
  wife and her boyfriend and was found not guilty.
• Planted a bomb in a rental van that killed adults
  and children; worst act of terrorism until
• Redneck Charlie Manson, did not want victims to
  die quickly____________________

• Tried to kill Ronald Regan ____________
• Killed President Kennedy _____________
• Drowned her 2 young sons ____________
• Accused of shooting their mother and father to
  death, spent a large portion of inheritance before
  being caught - ________________________
• Charged with kidnapping child from her house,
  burglary, robbery and lewd act on a child and
  murder __________________________

               Shark Bait - Killers
• _____________ was recently found guilty of having
  KKK members commit crimes years ago.
• _________________ was accused of killing his wife
  and her boyfriend and was found not guilty.
• Accused of shooting their mother and father to
  death - _________________________________
• Charged with kidnapping, burglary, robbery and
  lewd act on a child (Polly Klass) and murder
• Assasinated RFK ________________________

                  Killers in the NEWS
• Explain what the following people did to be in
  * Kenneth Register - ________________
  * Susan Smith: ____________________
  * Menendez brothers: _______________
  * Pee Wee Gaskins: ________________
  * John Hinckley: __________________
  * Eric Rudolph: ___________________

                  Shark Bait
• Serial killers are rarely:
• Serial killers believe:
• Serial killers tend to be:   at least 4 physical traits

• Serial killers are motivated
  by____________ urges
• Most serial killers suffer from _______
  _____ disorder

• Serial killers want:

• Serial killers usually murdered:

• There is often a correlation for
  serial killers:

• Charles Manson convinced his followers
  that he was _________________.
• _____________assassinated RFK who
  was running for president, his motive was
  RFK’s support for ______________.
• _______________ kidnapped Alice
  Donovan from Wal-mart.
• ___________ was addicted to hard porn,
  tortured women, had a unique bitemark.

        Shark Bait - Killers
• _______________ assassinated Martin Luther
  King and escaped to London. Died of hepatitas.
• __________________ involved with a
  controversial murder in Dallas, Killed by jack
  Ruby – never made it to court.
• _________________ wanted to start a race war
  called _____________ ___________ convinced
  his family to kill others, involved in prostitution.
• _______________________ shared the
  confession with a therapist, spent large quantities
  of money, accused family of sexual abuse.

          DO YOU KNOW THESE??
• A black Cadillac tore around the busy street corner, slowing as it
  approached the steps of the courthouse. The tinted, passenger-side
  window rolled down and a semi-automatic handgun poked its barrel
  out. Pauly Gillespie, mob informant and protected witness, stood
  frozen in this tracks. Pauly‟s FBI bodyguards threw themselves on
  top of him, but not before 2 shots erupted and Pauly had taken a
  bullet in the shoulder. The Cadillac screeched across 2 lanes of
  traffic. But it made the mistake of turning left down an alley and
  getting stuck behind a double-parked delivery van. The 2 hit men
  scrambled out and raced away – right into the arms of 4 off-duty
  officers. Having heard the shots and the sirens, the officers grabbed
  the running men and held them for the FBI. Agent Brown was new
  and was asked to clear the Cadillac out of the alley so that traffic
  could continue. Brown adjusted the rearview mirror, backed the car
  out and drove it around to where his colleagues were Mirandizing
  their suspects.

   MI – CSI – Agent Brown‟s Shining Moment #2
Brown stood and watched. One of the suspects was tall, lean and
  sullen. The other was a good 5 inches shorter, Agent Brown‟s
  height. He was big through the chest but short. He spoke
  animatedly, gesturing freely with his hands. The director was
  upset since the suspects had ditched the gun and their gloves in
  the alley. The director asked which criminal had been the
  shooter. “Not me,” said the large, short man. “Not me,” said
  the lean, sullen one. Agent Brown smiled. “I know who the
  shooter was,” he said softly. WHO WAS THE SHOOTER?

 The shooter was the smaller man, Agent Brown had to move
 the mirror when he got into drive. The larger man was the
 driver and the shorted person was the shooter.
Vince McCormick was a big, angry man just a month shy of
  retirement. On Super Bowl Sunday, his 2 sons Vince
  Junior and Sonny came over as usual. Before the game,
  the boys were in the kitchen, helping their mother fix
  snacks. Junior heated nachos in the microwave and Sonny
  poured pretzels and potato chips into bowl. Mari
  McCormick was mixing ice, ginger ale and rye together into
  glasses. “Make mine strong,” yelled her husband. Junior
  saw bruises on his mother’s arm. “Did he do that?” he
  asked. Marie did not answer. “What’ll you do when he
  retires and is here all day long?” Sonny asked. “ No one in
  our family gets divorced,” Marie said. “Oh dear. I forgot
  which is your father’s. Taste the drinks, Sonny.” Sonny
  tasted the drinks, nearly choking on the 3rd drink. “ It’s
  about 2x as strong as the others.” “Give it to me.” Vince
  was standing behind them, grabbing for his drink. “Making
  me come in here,” he muttered. Sonny carried in the
  snack bowls while Junior took in the nachos, just in time
  for kick-off.

                          Super Bowl Madness – 2 pages
• All 4 sat around the T.V., munching on the snacks and sipping
  their drinks. It was near the end of the 1st quarter when
  Vince Senior bellowed, “Get me another.” Marie was in the
  kitchen working on the refill when she heard a gasp, then a
  moan. She returned to find her husband in his easy chair
  dying. “A strong fast-acting poison,” the homicide detective
  said. “two to five minutes. And yet they all claimed to be
  eating the same things. They’re lying, covering up for each
  other. “Not necessarily,” a sergeant ventured. “It could’ve
  happened just the way they said?” How was Vince

   The poison was not in the food – all of them ate the same
   food. The poison could not have been in his drink
   because Sonny drank to see which drink it was. The
   poison was in the ice that melted during the 1 quarter.
The Valentine’s Day party was a tradition. Each year Henry
  and Bitsy V. invited their friends into their Park Avenue
  home. After a wonderful dinner, the couples went to the
  drawing room. The men drank port, the women drank
  champagne, and each couple exchanged gifts. George E.
  outdid himself, presenting his wife with a ruby necklace.
  The women sighed enviously while the men added up the
  cost and wondered how their wives would react to their
  own less extravagant gifts. When Henry’s turn came, he
  told Bitsy to close here eyes and led her over to the
  windows. When Bitsy opened her eyes, she saw the
  billboard and gasped. “To Bitsy, the most beautiful woman
  in my world. Love, Henry.” “You don’t know how much
  trouble it was getting a billboard put up on Park Avenue,”
  Henry said. George E. was the first to notice the missing
  necklace. “Stolen,” he gasped, holding up the empty jewel
  box. “Nobody leave the room.”

  MI – CSI – The Vanishing Love Token
Everyone assured everyone else that there couldn’t be a
  thief among the. Systematically, they searched the
  room. There was nothing in the empty champagne bottle.
  Nothing on the thick Persian carpet. The crystal
  decanter set was in place and all the containers filled to
  the top with whiskey, port, and bourbon. The glasses
  were examined, as were the folds of the red tied-back
  curtains flanking the locked windows. They even
  inspected the red crystal chandelier. The butler quickly
  rounded up the dog and cat, stuck his fingers down their
  throats and then checked out their favorite hiding
  places. All guests were searched and nothing was found.
  Where is the necklace????? Who was the thief???

The butler took the necklace while the guests were looking at the
billboard and put it in the decanter of port. The color of the port
matched the color of the necklace.
• Describe a typical serial killer:

• What drives a serial killer?

• Name 3 different serial killers:

• What are several differences between serial
  killers and mass killers?

• Name 2 serial killers not including your:

• What souvenirs did your serial killer collect?

• What was the outcome of your killers trial?

• What was the general description of the victims?

      Shark Bait – Deadly killers:
1. Kenneth Register    a. Killed up and down Highway 17
2. Edgar Ray Killen    b. Kidnapped woman from
3. Fulks and Basham    c. Accused of killing Crystal
                       Faye Todd
4. Eric Rudolph        d. Arranged multiple deaths
                       through KKK
5. Susan Smith         e. Atlanta Olympic bomber
6. OJ Simpson          f. Accused of drowning her sons
7. Menendez Brothers   g. Criminally innocent of killing
8. Pee Wee Gaskins     h. Killed parents, spent
                       inheritance, married in jail

1. Steven Stanko         a. Guilty of kidnapping, raping,
                         and killing Polly Klass from her
2. James Earl Ray        b. Accused of killing senator
                         Kennedy for support Israel
3. Sirhan Sirhan         c. Stalked President Carter, shot
                         at President Regean
4. Richard Allen Davis   d. DIE PIGS and HELTER
5. Charles Manson        e. Accused of assassinating
                         Martin Luther King, Jr.
6. Ted Bundy             f. Odontology used to convict him

7. John Hinkley          g. Murdered Laura Ling in MI, SC

                         Shark Bait
• 3 traits of serial killers:

• Most serial killers had a _________________
• Name 2 differences between serial killers and
   mass murderers:
• Serial killers believe that:

     REVIEW for TEST
              MI – CSI --- Friends at the Office
• Detective Gibson was visiting his accountant in a small,
  seedy office building when he heard noises coming from
  above. First there were angry voices. Then came a
  scream, followed by a heavy thud. Gibson raced
  upstairs and found an open door. Wiley Kline, a
  lawyer, lay on the floor of his office, a switchblade
  sticking out of his chests. Gibson called in the murder
  and waited on his partner to examine the office. Not
  far from the victim’s hand was a half-smoked cigarette.
  On the floor beside the cigarette were a turned-over
  wastebasket, a cheap lighter, and a blank notepad. On
  the desk they noticed a telephone, a pen, a shot glass
  smelling of bourbon, and an ashtray filled with
  cigarette butts and burned matches. “ It’s funny how
  none of his neighbors poked their heads out,” Gibson
  observed. The floor contained 3 other offices. The first
  office had Helen Hurly a massage therapist. She told
  them she was relaxing between appointments.
“I didn’t hear a thing,” she claimed, pointing to the stereo
   headphones she’d just removed. The second office had
   Jackson Cod, an artist. In one hand he held a
   paintbrush, in the other an unlit cigar. “Sure I heard
   the scream. But I was right in a moment of inspiration.
   Besides you hear all sorts of things in the building.”
   Jackson held out his cigar. “Either of you fellows got a
   light. The 3rd office had Lionel Wafer, a chiropractor,
   also between appointments. “I heard a scream. What
   happened?” Gibson asked Lionel why he was holding
   an ice pick. “Oh, I’m defrosting,” Lionel said and
   returned to the old, ice-ladened refrigerator in the

  The prime suspect was Jackson Cod who was a smoker and was
  missing his lighter.
            MI CIS – Death of a Deceiver
• Mona Fisher turned and gazed at Jerry, sleeping next to her on the
  plane. Her eyes wandered down to his wedding band. She still
  couldn‟t believe she was married to such a catch. Their flight from
  Acapulco landed late that night. The next morning, February 19,
  Jerry Fisher shoveled the snow from the driveway, kissed Mona
  good-bye, and headed off to work. At seven that evening, a
  cleaning woman entered the law offices of Fisher & Dyce and
  discovered the body of Jerry Fisher. He had been stabbed to death,
  a sharp letter opener still sticking out of his chest. Lieutenant
  Miller interviewed the young lawyer‟s widow. Mona was
  distraught. “We were only married four months. I never met a
  man more romantic and honest. Why would anyone want to kill
  him?” Jerry‟s law partner Kyle Dyce stated, “Jerry was a man I
  trusted completely, and a darn good lawyer. He was still working
  when I left. About 6 pm I walked across to the health club.
I didn‟t work out, just used the tanning bed. I suppose I was jealous
   of Jerry‟s great tan. The lieutenant spent the next hour going
   through papers and discovered that Jerry Fisher had been
   skimming from the law firm. He also found a telephone number
   for Gail Lowenski. The attractive redhead was devastated by
   Jerry‟s death and even more devastated to hear that he‟d been
   married. “We were together just this afternoon, at my apartment.
   The louse told me he was single. For 2 months he was stringing
   me on. I was so sure he was going to propose. Who did
   Lieutenant Miller know had done the crime.

Jerry Fisher had a tan from his vacation and his wedding ring had
been on when he was on vacation. When he went to Gail‟s house he
would take off his ring and it was obvious that he was married. Ms.
Lowenski was the murderer.
                   2 places at Once
• All evidence pointed to Frank Fortini. “he has
  motive,” the homicide chief told his men. “Frank’s
  Uncle Gregor, the victim, just won the state lottery.
  Frank and his brothers are Gregor’s only relatives
  and would inherit the $14 million prize. “also, Frank
  had opportunity. Gregor was a paranoid guy living in
  an isolated cabin. He always kept his doors locked
  and hated strangers. Since there was no forced entry
  and no sign of a struggle, we know Gregor was
  attacked by someone he knew and trusted. “To top it
  off, we found direct evidence at the cabin. There were
  fresh tire tracks, perfectly matching the tires from
  Frank’s mountain bike. And…” The chief was getting
  angry. “And we found a ticket from today’s lottery
  near the scene – with Fran’s prints on it.
• :The only trouble is…”The chief pounded the table. “He
  has an alibi. On the night Gregor was killed, Frank was
  breaking into Avalon Hardware. Normally there‟s be
  nothing to steal. But the store manager neglected to take the
  money to the bank. An alert patrolman looked through the
  window and saw Frank prying open the register. The
  coroner says Gregor was killed at the same time Frank was
  being read his rights” “frank‟s a petty robber. He‟s steal
  the pennies from your loafers, would could count on it. But
  he‟d never kill. Frank‟s other brother was a teller at
  Avalon‟s only bank. “I saw frank right after I got off work
  said Emil. We had a couple of drinks. Frank seemed a little
  hare up for money but that is normal. Frank stated “I keep
  my bike in an unlocked garage. Anyone could have used it.
  As for my uncle I have not seen him in a week. Who did
  the chief believe was the thief.
   Frank‟s brother.
                        Myra’s 3 sons

• Inspector Matthews glanced around the kitchen of the
  weekend cottage. There was cold coffee in the pot, an ice
  cube tray half filled with melted cubes, and a small amount
  of ash in an ashtray. “All right Mrs. Thurl. Tell me again.”
  The neighbor looked uncomfortable. “I had just come
  home. It was about 8 PM. I heard a car pull into the
  driveway next door. I mean here, at this house. When I
  looked out, 2 people had arrived and were walking toward
  the kitchen door. I recognized the woman as Myra Lovesy
  a rather fat…The man I couldn‟t see. They were fighting.
  The man grabbed Myra‟s throat. She collapsed. Then the
  man unlocked the door and walked in. It took you 15
  minutes to get here from when I called.” Myra‟s 3 sons
  were in the house when police arrived.
• “The place has been closed for the last month,” Sherman
  Lovesy stated. “I arrived early this afternoon. No one else
  was here. I parked in the garage. I went to the basement
  and turned on the electricity. In the kitchen, I smoked a
  cigarette and then I went to my room and took a nap. “I
  was the 1st to arrive,” his brother Donald protested. “I
  parked behind the garage. The electricity had never been
  turned off. We often forget to do that. I made coffee, then
  took a cup to the library and I fell asleep.” The 3rd brother
  declared his early arrival. “I parked in the garage.
  Sherman‟s car was not there! I went into the basement,
  turned on the electricity and then went up to make a drink
  Mother said she would arrive with 1 of my brothers.” 1 of
  the sons was lying. 1 son had driven his mother, fought
  with her and strangled her. WHODUNIT???
• Sherman and Donald could both be telling
  the truth since their cars were parked in
  different areas. Luther is lying. He could
  not have gone into the basement, turned on
  the electricity, and then gone to make a
  drink. There would have been no ICE!!!!
                   Maria’s last Clue
• Sergeant Vacca had been on the homicide squad for 8
  years and had never run into a deathbed clue. Not once
  had he heard a dying man blurt out the name of his killer
  or seen him grab at his St. Christopher medal in order to
  incriminate a suspect named Chris. Even though he was a
  devout mystery fan, Vacca had begun to doubt that such
  things ever happened. Until NOW! His captain was still
  skeptical. “Who says this is a deathbed clue? Looks like
  a bunch of gibberish.” The gibberish was 2 words typed
  on a computer screen. The police found Maria Consuela
  alone in her downtown office. The attractive legal
  secretary had stayed late to finish typing up a brief and
  had been rewarded with a blunt object to the head and
• There was no sign of forced entry and little signs of struggle,
  an indication that she had known her attacker. A pool of
  blood trailed away from the cubicle‟s doorway and ended in
  Maria‟s collapsed body, right under the edge of her desk. “It
  must have taken her last ounce of strength to crawl over here.
  She must have had some reason.” The Sergeant gazed at the
  computer screen. The last thing typed was a line of legal
  jargon transcribed from her boss‟s legal pad. The line ended
  in mid-sentence and was followed by 2 nonsensical words:
  “48dy 28oo8qjw.” “Forget the gibberish. Let‟s concentrate on
  her male co-workers. Office gossip says Maria was having an
  affair with 1 of them. We have Richard Williams, Gary
  Hallardi, and Paul Cattalgo. Check on „em.” “Wait a
  minute,” Vacca said. “I know who it was. Good old Maria
  did leave us a message.”
• When the victim had gone to the computer
  she had put her hands on the wrong row of
  keys. She had put her hands 1 row to high.
  When you move your hands 1 row up a48dy
  28oo8qjw equals……
• Rich Williams
                Which Dewdit Did IT?
• The lawyer looked from his client to the 3 greedy faces
  across the room. “You‟re sure you want to do this?” “Of
  Course,” Derwood Dewdit stated. :I have no children,
  It‟s only right that my niece and nephews inherit my
  estate. “That won‟t be for many, many years. Asa
  Dewdit said. His sister Bebe agreed as did brother Cecil.
  They watched, fascinated as Uncle Derwood signed his
  new will. Nothing happened until late afternoon. The
  lawyer was looking through the books in the 3-floor
  library when he heard Derwood‟s voice raised in a blood-
  curdling scream. For a few seconds, he sat in shock.
  Then he bounded down the stairs. He found Asa on the 2
  floor, standing at the top of the back staircase. “it came
  from the 1st floor,” stammered the young heir.
• The lawyer took the lead down the stairs. “Derwood!” he
  shouted and a moment later caught a spider web across
  his face. The kitchen was at the bottom. The white floor
  was spotless and still damp from a recent mopping. The
  pantry right next door was messy. Using a handkerchief,
  he tried the kitchen door. Unlocked. Looking out into the
  garden, he could see a path of footprints in the mud,
  leading up to the kitchen door and then away again. “Call
  the police.” The Dewdits and the lawyer all retired to the
  parlor to await the authorities. “An intruder must have
  come in the back way,” Cecil said. “I was sitting in the
  front hall by the main stairs. I didn‟t see anyone. “Me
  neither,” Bebe said absently fingering the mud on her
  shoes. “I was strolling around the garden, right by the
  kitchen. I didn‟t see a thing. Do you think it might be
  one of us? “Of course it was,” the lawyer said. “And I
  can guess which one.”
• Whodunit
• The lawyer knew that Asa had not used the
  backstair case because of the unbroken
  spiderweb. He could not have used the front
  stairwell without being seen by cecil who
  claimed to be in the front hall. Bebe couldn‟t
  have entered and left by the kitchen door, not
  without leaving prints on the mopped floor.
  Therefore, it had to be
• Cecil
         MI – CSI --- Looking for a Lookout
• On a January night, one of the coldest of the new year, a foot
  patrolman was making his rounds of the storefronts when a hissing cat
  ran past him into a nearby alley. Officer Greeley glanced after it, and
  the beam of a roaming flashlight caught his eye. It was coming from
  inside the alley window of Collin‟s Jewelry. Greeley called for
  backup and a patrol car quickly and a patrol car arrived. With their
  guns drawn, the 3 officers covered the front and back exists. The
  burglars were gone. “They must have had a lookout,” Greeley said. A
  walkie-talkie was found on the jewelry store floor, right where the
  burglars had dropped it. “Quickly,” said Greeley “I saw 3 guys
  loitering around. One of then has to be the lookout. If we hurry…”
  The 3 people were found. “ I was waiting for a bus,” said the man
  with the white cane and dark glasses. “I‟m blind. I work as an
  accountant next door to Collin‟s Jewelry. Tonight I stayed late
  working on taxes. I heard the usual street noises, but I obviously
  didn‟t see a thing.
The second person was a female. “My car broke down,” she
  said, shivering in the frigid night air. “I got out to see where
  exactly I was. Then I called a garage on my cell phone. You
  can check out my car. It still won‟t start. The 3rd person was
  a homeless alcoholic. He clutched a half-empty bottle of
  bourbon, the contents beginning to crystallize from the sub-
  freezing temperature. “I was just minding my own business,”
  he slurred. “trying to find someplace warm to sleep.” Which
  of the 3 people participated in the burglary.

     The homeless alcoholic was obviously faking his drunken
     state. Since alcohol doesn‟t freeze, his bourbon bottle must
     have been filled with colored water. Why would a sober
     person be out on such a cold night pretending to be drunk.
     He must have been the lookout.
          MI – CSI – The Coach‟s Last Play
Juliet Bricker watched as her husband dawdled over his Saturday
   morning breakfast. “What‟s wrong, dear?” Coach Bricker could
   never hide anything from Juliet. “It‟s one of my star players. I
   found out the boy‟s involved with gamblers. Maybe he‟s not trying
   to throw games, but it‟s still enough to get him suspended and ruin
   his chances with the pros.” Juliet was sympathetic. College football
   was his whole life, and for the first time in years, Halberton State had
   a great team. “What are you going to do?” “We‟re meeting at the
   field before practice. I have to hear his side of it.” Bricker kissed his
   wife, picked up his latest paperback novel, and headed for the door.
   Bricker was always reading – a holdover from being an English
   professor. The team coordinator showed up ½ an hour later and
   found the coach lying in the middle of the field, his head bashed in.
   “he didn‟t die instantly,” the police chief said as he examined the
   scene. A ten-foot-long blood trail showed the Bricker had been
Crawling toward the fieldhouse. “What‟s this in his hand?‟ The chief
  peered in the clenched fist and saw the last page of Coach Bricker‟s
  paperback. The rest of the book lay back at the scene of the attack.
  The 3 star players became the suspects. “I was in my dorm room all
  morning,” said quarterback Matt McGruffin. “Coach said I had to
  spend some time reviewing the playbook.” On hearing the news,
  Alfie Goodall, defensive lineback, broke down and could hardly
  blubber out his alibi. “Coach told me I had to lose some weight. I
  was out on the road this morning, running. Donny Emory, tight end,
  claimed to be sleeping. “me and my roommate had a late night.
  He‟s still fast asleep. I barely got here in time for practice. The
  chief thought over the case until it downed on him. “Holy cow!
  Before he died, Coach Bricker identified his killer. How clever.”
Whom does the chief suspect?
 The killer was identified on the piece of paper the coach held in his
 hands. The last words on the page were THE END!
                 Shark Bait - Killers
• Tried to kill Ronald Regan ____________
• Killed President Kennedy _____________
• Drowned her 2 young sons ____________
• Planted a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics ________________
• _____________ was recently found guilty of having KKK
  members commit crimes years ago.
• _________________ was accused of killing his wife and
  her boyfriend and was found not guilty.
• Accused of shooting their mother and father to death -
• Charged with kidnapping, burglary, robbery and lewd act on
  a child and murder __________________________
• Assasinated RFK ________________________
**** Extra – What happened to Lee Harvey Oswald?
                 Killers in the NEWS

• _____________ was recently found guilty of having
  KKK members commit crimes years ago.
• _________________ was accused of killing his wife
  and her boyfriend and was found not guilty.
• Accused of shooting their mother and father to
  death - _________________________________
• Charged with kidnapping, burglary, robbery and
  lewd act on a child (Polly Klass) and murder
• Assasinated RFK ________________________
                  Shark Bait
• Explain what the following people did to be in
  * Kenneth Register - ________________
  * Susan Smith: ____________________
  * Menendez brothers: _______________
  * Pee Wee Gaskins: ________________
  * John Hinckley: __________________
  * Eric Rudolph: ___________________
   to know medical terminology?

2. In OLD WEST movies, the killer never killed a person
    in the _______________ region of the body.
3. DO YOU know the scientific name for:
a. Collar bone
b. Shoulder blade
c. Thigh bone
d. Skull

• The ________________ position is when the
  victim is on their back.
• The ________________ position is when the
  victim is on their ventral side down.
• The area around the collar bones is the
• The toes of a person are ____________ to
  the shoulder blade.
• Describe the anatomical position:
  Medical Terminology – Shark Bait
• The plane that divides the body into superior and
  inferior is _______________________.
• Your thigh can be called __________________.
• The plane that divides the body into a left and right
  region is the _______________________.
• The plane that divides your body into a front and
  back side.
• Another name for the front of the body is

            Shark bait - Anatomy
                  Shark Bait
• What do you know about fingerprints?

• Who can have an identical fingerprint?

• What type of substance is the best to collect
  latent fingerprints at a crime scene?
                Shark Bait
• Write in today‟s shark bait location
  “Vengeance: The Story of Tony Cimo”

Much of this was filmed in Horry County Court
 House, around Murrells Inlet, Highway 707,
 and Tomlison‟s in Surfside Beach
• _____________________ was used to
  identify people involved in crimes using
  body measurements.
• Name the 3 categories of fingerprints:
• Name an object that would be hard to life
  prints from:
• Name an object that would be easy to lift
  prints from

          Fingerprints sharkbait
• ____________ has one or more ridges
  entering from one side of the print,
  recurving, and exiting from the same side.
• If loops opens up towards the little finger it
  is an _____________________________.
• Concentric circles make a
• 2 loops combined into 1 fingerprint makes a
• Least common of the 3 types of fingerprints:

        Shark Bait –
      Fingerprints lab
• Name 2 organs or structures in your thoracic
• Your head is ______________ to your
  pelvic girdle.
• Your sternum is ____________ to your
  gluteus region.
• Another name for frontal plane is
  _____________ plane.
• Most times in the morgue a body is in the
  ______________ position.
• Your fingers are _____________ to your
  shoulder blade.

           DO YOU KNOW???
• ________________ first person convicted in the
  USA using fingerprints as evidence.
• _______________ establishes 9 basic patterns and
  rules for classifying them, forming the basis for
  modern classification systems.
• __________________ used terms arch, loop, and
  whorl in book called Fingerprints.
• _____________ stated that fingerprints do not
  change over your lifetime.

            Shark Bait - Fingerprint
• A loop pattern that opens toward the thumb is known
   as                         ____________.
• The ridge point nearest the type-line divergence is
   known as ________.
• ________ prints are made when fingers touch a
surface after the ridges have been in contact with a
   colored material such as blood.
• ____________ prints are left in soft material such
 as wax or dust.
• ___________ prints are deposited on hard,
   nonabsorbent material such as glass, mirror, or tile.

           Shark Bait – Fingerprints
• A point-by point comparison of a fingerprint’s
  ______________ must be demonstrated in order
  to prove identity.
• Identify the difference between plastic and
  patent prints:
• The most common fingerprint pattern is the
• Name 2 different ways to develop latent prints
• Approximately 5% of the
population has the ____________
Fingerprint pattern.

   Shark Bait – Fingerprints
• Define minutiae:
• The splitting of a ridge line into 2 ridge lines is a
• The ridge point closest to divergence is the
• Describe arch fingerprints:
• DRAW 2 different minutia:

• State 2 general facts about fingerprints:

Shark Bait – Write/draw as many terms …
as you know concerning fingerprints.
             Review for test on Fingerprints

• Distinguish ten-prints and latent prints:

• Distinguish plastic, patent, and latent prints:

• Distinguish between dermis, epidermis, and dermal

• Name and draw 3 different minutiae:

• ________________ stated that fingerprints never change,
  __________________ was the first US citizen to be
  convicted due to fingerprints, and _____________
  developed the fingerprinting system used today.
• 1st US citizen place in jail due to fingerprints was
• Another name for ridge characteristics:
• 1st person to use the terms loop and whorl:
• Developed 9 basic patterns for fingerprints:
• Name 3 basic types of fingerprints.
• Most common type of fingerprint: _____________

        Shark Bait – Review for Fingerprint Test
• Fingerprint that produces a S- shape is ___________.
• A fingerprint that has a loop with a whorl at the end
  is called a __________________.
• Individuality of a fingerprint is determined by the
• Inner layer of the skin is _______________.
• The region between the dermis/ epidermis that
  produces ridge characteristics
• Print not usually visible with the eye __________
• Prints produced in blood or paint _____________
• Prints produced in clay or wax _______________

       Shark Bait – Review for Fingerprint Test
    Shark Bait – Test REVIEW
• Name/draw 3 different types of minutiae

• What does alcohol poisoning do to the

• Explain how people in the past used
  fingerprints for identification.
                Shark Bait -
• Why would investigators study paper like you
  have done in the document analysis lab?

• Why would forensic investigators do ink
  chromatography like you have done?

• Why were several different liquids used to
  carry out ink chromatography
         Shark Bait -
• When analyzing handwriting what
should and could an investigator
observe? Name at least 4 traits:

• When would handwriting be involved with a

• Can you name a case where handwriting has
  been involved in the evidence?
• Name 3 different pieces of evidence in the Lois
  McArthur case:
• Why did the police go to Lois‟s house the night
  before she was found dead?
• Why is fiber found at the crime scene not
  conclusive proof that the suspect was there at the
  time of a crime?:

      Shark Bait – Lois McArthur
? Where did the blood at the scene come from?
? Where was hair found at the crime scene?
? How many different races of people are
  involved in this case? DO NOT GUESS.
  Determine the ANSWER!!!
? Why are you investigating this death as a
  crime rather that a suicide as the 1st detectives

  Lois McArthur – SHARK BAIT
• What does the analysis of the handwriting
  from the suicide note and the hand writing of
  Lois McArthur tell you as the detective. Be
  specific using data that was collected from
  size, characteristics…
• A large portion of the blood found at the
  scene is type _________.
• That type of robe was the victim wearing
  when found? ______________________
 • I will check off your work when you
   complete a section. You MUST
   show me your completed work
   before leaving the class today. You
   should be completed with at least 3
   items today in the investigation
 • Pre-lab questions – returned.
   ANSWERS need to be detailed
   answers not short, brief answers.
   Make sure you answer the entire
• Name 2 major types of trace evidence:
• Predict what cross transfer is?
• What do you believe can be determined
  from hair particles collected at a crime
• Predict what could be determined from
collecting threads at a crime scene.

            Shark Bait -
• What is trace evidence?
• Name the 2 major types of trace evidence:
• Hair is a physical feature unique to
• Name the 3 layers of hair:
• What are the different ways a medulla may be
  present in a hair found at a scene?

                  Shark Bait
• Why is hair found at a scene a better piece of
  evidence than blood or fibers?
• Name the 3 regions of a hair fiber beginning at
  the scalp
• Name the 3 layers of a hair:
• Name 3 types of medulla on hair:
• Pigments are found in the ________________
• Scales are found on the _________________

       Shark Bait – Hair and fibers
• Name the 3 parts of hair:
• Humans normally had ________ scales on their hair.
• When observing fibers microscopically the 2 factors
  that should be observed are ____________ and
• The part of hair that contains the pigment is the
• The type of medulla that is not continuous but does
  have a pattern is called _________________
     Shark Bait – Hair and fibers
• The part of hair that is the core or middle of the
  hair is called the ______________.
• Most cats have the __________ scale pattern on
• An organism that does not have a medulla on their
  hair fibers is a(n) _________________.
• Describe hair that is coming from an adult that is
  African American
• Hair evidence can be used to ________________
  a suspect from a crime.
• Name a synthetic fiber
• The 1st steps in fiber analysis is to compare:
• Dyes of fibers can be analyzed by conducting
  ____________________________ (separating of
• Name 2 pieces of equipment used to observe fiber

   Shark Bait- fibers
              Shark Bait – Hair Analysis
• Name the 3 major types of scales found on hair:
• Name 2 of the 5 types of medulla:
• Name 3 patterns of medulla:
   b                       c.
• Identify the type/pattern of medulla:

           Shark Bait – Hair Review
           CRIME IN A BOX
•   VICTIM (S)
               Shark Bait – Hair Review
    1. Identify Scale pattern on hair
                            2. Name an animal with
                               imbricate scales:

                            3. Name an animal with
b                              spinous scales:

               4. Type of
  Shark Bait – Hair Review
• Identify patterns of hair medulla:
        Shark Bait – Hair review
• Name 3 regions of a shaft of hair:

• Name 3 types of medulla that can be found in hair
  that has a medulla:

• Name 3 types of scales on the cuticle of a hair:

• Name 3 different appearances of root:

• Name 3 different patterns of medulla
Shark Bait review – can you answer
     What type of scale????
         Can you answer: ???
          What type of medulla –
continuous, fragmented, intermittent, absent
Hair Review – Patterns of medulla
What type of root
                   Shark Bait –
• Name 2 major categories of fibers and give 1
  example of each category:

• Predict several traits that investigators could
  observe of fibers:

• Name 2 types of medulla for hair
  and scale patterns
• Name one fiber from an animal:
• Name one fiber from a plant:
• Name one synthetic fiber:
• What could fibers at a crime scene
tell an investigator? Could they be the major
  piece of evidence – explain!

• Name 2 ways that nylon thread from different
  manufacturers could be different from each
• Name 2 characteristics that investigators would
  observe from fiber evidence collected at a crime
• Name 2 examples of trace evidence
• What is the problem with fiber analysis?
• How are fibers collected at a scene?

      Shark Bait –Fibers
• What is the value/purpose of Odontology?

• What can investigators collect from teeth or a body
  with the head intact?

• The application of dental knowledge to civil
and criminal matters is called ___________

• Why are teeth good pieces of evidence
at a crime?

          Shark Bait –
• These chewing surfaces of posterior teeth are
  called ____________surfaces.
• That surface or side of a tooth which
touches the tooth in front of it is called the
  ______________ surface.
• The cutting, or biting edges of anterior teeth are
  too thin to be considered surfaces. Therefore,
  they are called __________edges.
• That surface or side of a tooth which touches
  the tooth in back of it is called the __________

  Odontology - Forensic dentistry
 Name the 5
 surfaces of a tooth:

The facial surfaces
includes what 2 other
• The ___________ surface applies to the
  anterior and posterior teeth. It is towards the
  lips and cheeks
• The surface of a tooth which faces the tongue
  is called the ______________surface.
• The surface of an anterior tooth which faces
  the lips is called the _____________surface.
• What is the method called of numbering teeth
  and how is it done?
• What is the dental formula for an adult that
  would have all of their teeth?
• What would be the dental formula for an adult
  that would have lost 1 of their top incisors?

 Shark Bait – Odontology
•   Number the teeth
•   Identify the canine tooth on the left mandible
•   Identify the premolars on the right maxillary jaw
•   Identify the lingual surface on the right mandibular
•   Identify the labial surface on the maxillary region
•   Illustrate the buccal surface on the left maxillary
•   Illustrate the mesial surface on 1 incisor and 1
•   Illustrate the occlusal surface on the posterior teeth
    of the left mandibular region.
   Maxillary and Mandibular casts
• CAREFULLY remove the Model Magic from
  the plaster of Paris.
• Identify the cast as UPPER or LOWER with
  permanent pen
• Try to match up your cast with your bite mark
• Put casts in plastic bag with overlay and bite
               Shark Bait-
• What do you want the jury to hear in the
  opening statement if you are a prosecuting

• What do you want the jury to hear in the
  opening arguments if you are a defense
             Shark Bait -
• Name 3 pieces of evidence in the book that
  you read.

• Name 3 pieces of equipment that has been
  used in the book you read.

• Name 1 event that you do not believe
  followed the correct protocol (steps)
                 Shark Bait -
• If you were a lawyer what would be the type of
  case that you would not defend?

• How would you defend a person that you thought
  personally was guilty?

• If you were accused of committing a crime what
  would you look for in a lawyer
     Shark Bait – Book review
• Would you recommend this book to a
  student that would be taking MI – CSI 2nd
  semester. Explain
     Shark Bait – Class Review
• What techniques have we been involved with
  so far this year?

• What techniques do you want to try and do
  the last 9 weeks of this class?
        SHARK BAIT
• What do we already know about Jason

• Why is Joey “Two Thumbs” Russo as

• Why is Bill Blascome a suspect?

  – Why is Jose Hortense Cavera Sanchex-Diaz
    a suspect?

     Shark Bait – Jason Worth
• What is the ink comparison process called?

• Where did the fingerprint come from of the
  kidnapper that we are using to compare the
• Where did the blood from the kidnapper
  come from?

         – Jason Worth
Shark Bait – Jason Worth

• Do we know if Jason Worth is dead?
• Do we know if the kidnapper has Jason
  If so HOW???
• Where did the paper that the kidnapper send
  come from that we are running test on?

                        We have the kid!!
                  Shark Bait – Jason Worth
• What scientific technique are we using to
  identify what ink pen was used to write the
  envelope for the ransom note?
• Who do you think did the abduction and what
  evidence is there that supports your
• What can you deduct from the blood
• Why should you as an investigator not go to
  the district attorney with just the paper
  analysis and say that you want to arrest a
  certain suspect?
           Shark Bait – Jason Worth
• Give a physical description of Jason Worth:

• Which suspect was not very cooperative
  when asked by reporters about their

• Why was the FBI alerted to the crime?
  When is the FBI usually alerted in a
  kidnapping case?
   Shark Bait – Jason Worth
• What could plausible motive(s) for the
• Based on just the reading not the evidence who
  has the most to gain from the kidnapping?
• What does the chromatography evidence tell you
  as the investigator?
• What would have been better to do when
  analyzing the ink? Explain.
     Cause and manner of death review

• CAUSE OF DEATH – What disease or trauma
  directly caused the victim’s death. Examples
  may be heart attack, a gunshot wound to the
  head, or a drug overdose.
• MANNER OF DEATH – How the cause of
  death came about. Natural, suicidal, homicidal,
  accidental, and undetermined.
   Shark Bait – Physical Description
• You are an investigator in a crime where
  there were 3 eye witnesses.
   – What should you do with the 3 eye
     witnesses and why?
   – What would you ask the eyewitnesses
     about the possible suspect?
   – What could a suspect change before a
     trial date and what could not be
    Description of class visitor
• Write down as much of a description of the
  visitor to our class as possible. You should have
  a minimum of 5 different characteristics:
• Height?               * Race?
• Color of hair?        * Freckles
• Length of hair        * Sex
• Clothing ?            * Rings? – ear rings?
• Type of shoes         * Color of Clothes
• Necklace?             * Watch?
• Unique traits?
• Log on to FACES which is on the desktop
• Click on AutoRun Demo
• Observe in this order– Eyes, nose, chin and lips,
  head shape, jaw shape, hair, eyebrows…
• Then do Start Observation Exercise. Have
  observation time set at 15 sec.
• Do this activity at least 5 times. You can change
  the level from 1 to 5 with 1 being the easiest and 5
  being the hardest.
• When you get good you are to design your partner
  and print it out.
               Shark Bait - CSI

• Name 5 different facial features that could be
  observed of a criminal suspect:

• From a shoe print what can be observed?

• How would you preserve a print that you want to
  utilize as evidence?
           Shark Bait – Crime evidence
• There was a crime of vandalism at SJHS at the football
  stadium. There was paint sprayed all over the concession
  stand last night. There are overturned trash cans, bottles
  of drinks thrown everywhere, and smeared dirt on the
  walls. The football field was damaged by several vehicles
  driving on the field. The ground was moist from rain
  earlier in the afternoon but it has not rained since 1:00pm
• Identify the types of evidence that could possibly be
  collected from the scene. Explain the process of
  collecting the evidence.
        Shark Bait
A murder of a 35 year old female happened in MI and
  the husband found the body in the living room when
  he arrived home from work at 5:30 pm. There was
  opened and unopened mail on the kitchen floor, an
  unopened box from UPS on the counter, a drink cup
  from Waffle House with ice still in it, and a note
  from one of her neighbors saying “I dropped by but
  you were not here!” on the front door. There was
  blood found in several rooms. When walking around
  the house detectives found a gun under one of the
  bushes in the back. Who would you interview to
  assist in determining means, motive, and
  opportunity, cause and manner of death?
   Shark Bait – Mayfair Lady
• THE CASE --- On the day before Christmas,
  cosmetics heiress Countess Mayfair is found stabbed
  to death in her bedroom. The priceless Mayfair tiara
  is missing, so is the murder weapon.

• THE MYSTERY --- Who killed the Countess, how,
  and why? And where was the murder weapon?

• REMEMBER – only – YES, NO, YES and NO, I
          Shark Bait --Learning the Hard Way

• THE CASE – “I didn‟t mean to kill him,” Dennis
  T moaned. “It was an accident. I just wanted to
  teach him a lesson.” The young man was on trial
  for murdering his friend Arnie. Although the
  jury believed him and was sympathetic, they still
  felt obligated to return a verdict of involuntary

• THE MYSTERY- how did Dennis kill his friend.
  And what lesson had he been trying to teach.
                    Shark Bait
• An envelope with writing is found on a kitchen counter
  of a crime scene. Who and how would you want to
  study the envelope and why?
• Blood is found in the sink of a kitchen where there was
  a party going on. The next morning when the blood
  was found there was a body of one of the guests found
  in the storage room. What would you want to do with
  the blood?
• There was a certain type of fiber found under the
  fingernails of a victim. The police is detaining 4
  possible suspects at this point in time. What should
  CSI do?
    The Murder of Lois McArthur

• Describe the wound of the victim Lois McArthur:

• When did the coroner suggest that the crime
  happened based on the condition of the body
  when being found?

• Give a description of Lois McArthur:

• Why is Mike H a suspect in the murder of Lois
        Death of Lois McArthur
• Why should Catherine be a suspect in this

• Why was Lois alone during the night?

• Describe the crime scene:

• Who is Ted and why should he be a suspect
  in killing Lois?
           Death of Lois McArthur

• What different types of blood were found at the
  crime scene?

• What type of fiber was the victim wearing at the time
  of her death and what type of fiber was found on the
  victims hand when her body was found? What does
  that fiber tell CSI?

• Was the suicide note written by the victim? Name 3
  ways that the hand writing is similar to one of the
  suspects hand writing.
                    The Clumsy Thief
• Charlene Tyner was half-awake when she heard it,
  coming from downstairs, the sound of spilling coins. She
  checked the time – 2 AM – then rolled over and wnet
  back to sleep In the morning, when Charlene walked into
  her kitchen, she noticed the theft. The jar where she kept
  her silver dollars was empty. That‟s when she
  remembered the late night sound. And that‟s when she
  saw the refrigerator. It was strange, the only thing out of
  center in the perfect kitchen. Charlene knelt down and
  reached into the space between the fridge and the cabinet.
  “At least they did not get them all,” she thought and she
  pulled out 2 of her prized coins. Myrna, her daughter, was
  the 1st one down. A would-be model,
• Myra had already worked in a few shows, Most of the
  time she was hanging out with her no-good boyfriend.
  Her room was at the top of the stairs and sometimes she
  slept with her door open. “Someone walked by in the
  dark I heard the coins spilling. I thought it was just an
  accident, she stated” Forest Tyner emerged from the
  downstairs bedroom. A gangling, gaunt man he had
  never been the dream husband but he was a good father.
  It was after their wedding that Charlene determined he
  spent ½ of his paycheck at the local tavern. I came in late
  and I did not want to disturb you so I slept on the couch
  and I woke up just a few minutes ago. Jess the son who
  is lazy and obese came down Jess loved food and video
  games. “I came down for a snack at midnight, I heard
  Myrna snoring, and Dad was not on the couch. I went
  back to bed. Charlene looked into the kitchen and her
  heart sank. She had figured out who had taken her coins.
• ** Whodunit and how did Charlene know?
           Shark Bait – THE BAD SAMARITAN
• Stan Rogers winced at the flesh wound in his left shoulder,
  feeling lucky to be alive. “My partner and I were delivering
  a payroll to the logging camp,” he told the officers at his
  hospital bedside. “It was late at night when the car broke
  down. I pulled over. Benny got out but I stayed inside.
  Those are the rules.” “A minute later, a passing motorist
  stopped to help. Benny and this guy checked the engine,
  fiddling with the connections. A couple times it almost
  started. I couldn‟t see their faces because they were
  standing right in front and the headlights were on low. But I
  saw when the guy pulled the gun from his jacket. “He shot
  Benny in the chest, just like that. Benny stumbled off to the
  side and collapsed. The guy came around to the driver‟s
Me, I kept trying to start the engine. He must have known
 about the payroll „cause he opened the rear door and
 grabbed it off the backseat. He slammed the door and was
 coming up to me when the engine started. I slipped it in
 gear as he got a shot off. “Gee if I had not run into you I
 might have fainted or died.” The highway patrol brought in
 2 lone motorist whose cars fit the description. Neither
 suspect had the payroll and the murder weapon was found
 back at the scene, wiped clean of prints. The 1st suspect was
 tall, with a blond crew cut and a small spider web tattoo on
 his right wrist. The 2nd suspect was short and left-handed.
 His hair was short, but dark. Stan examined photos of both
 clean shaven men, but could not make an ID. The senior
 officer led the way out of Stan‟s hospital room. “From what
 he told us about the attacker, I think it‟s clear who it was.”
    Crime Scene in a Box
• Remember to use your rubric
• The crime must be able to be solved.
• There must be evidence at the scene of the crime.
  The evidence should not be just sitting out ready
  to be collected. The evidence can be hidden in the
  scene. Guns can be in trashcans, knives can be in
  closets, baseball bats could be found under beds.
  windows can be broken with glass on the floor,
  blood spatter can be found on the furniture, floor,
  or going outside. Be creative but make sure that
  the crime and the scene are plausible and realistic.

• Phil Moretti hated it when tourists got murdered. It
  reflected badly on NYC, on Kennedy Airport, and him the
  Chief of Security. Somehow it did not seem as bad when
  the victim was local. In the case it was a businessman
  from Chicago. He had barely gotten off the plane. At
  3:42 PM, a passerby found him stabbed to death in the
  men‟s restroom just a few feet from the arrival gate. The
  body had been robbed. No jewelry. And although the
  wallet and credit cards had been left behind, there was no
  cash. 3 suspicious characters had been seen by the gates.
  About 15 minutes passed from finding the body before all
  3 were brought in. The 1st suspect was Abe Grishamn, a
  petty criminal with a long rap sheet. “I was just seeing
  my friend off, “ he said as he nervously twisted the silver
  and onyx ring on his finger.
“After her flight took off, I just hung around. I like
  airports.” The 2nd was Johnny Ambrose, who had 1
  prior arrest for grand theft auto. “I was here to pick up a
  friend, but his flight was canceled. I was just wasting
  time here till my next appointment.” Johnny checked
  his watch. “Is this gonna take much longer? I got a 4
  o‟clock meeting way up in Bronx, and I can‟t be late.”
  The last man interviewed was Doogie Weber, a
  suspected member of the Cordoba crime family. “One
  of the employees here owes me some money. I can
  never find the guy at home, so I tracked him down at
  work. That‟s why I got so much cash on me. I took the
  guy to the ATM and he gave me a payment on his debt.
  Security Chief Moretti listened to all 3 suspect, then
  pointed to 1 of the suspects. “This 1 we need to
  question further. The others can go.”
              Whom did Moretti suspect and why?
• Name the major types of blood:

• Which blood type is the universal donor:

• Which blood type is the universal

• Drops of blood at a crime scene are called

       Shark Bait - Serology
• A ____________ is evidence that liquid blood
  has come in contact with a surface.
• A ________ - ____ pattern is a bloodstain
  pattern created when blood is released or thrown
  from a blood-bearing object in motion.
• ________ pattern is change in the shape and
  direction of a bloodstain due to the influence of
  gravity or movement of the object.
• __________ site is that point where force
  encounters a source of blood.
• _____________ of ________ is the trajectory
  of a blood drop which can be established by its
  angle of impact and directionality angle.

           Shark Bait - Serology
• Name 2 factors that do not affect the behavior
  of blood: ____________________ and
• What causes of bubble ring in blood stains ?
• What is exporated blood?
• An absence of stains in an otherwise continuous
  bloodstain pattern is called a

        Shark Bait - Serology
1.Back spatter   a.   Created when an object moves through an existing
                 b.   stain, removing and/or altering its appearance
2. Arterial      b. Bloodstain pattern created when blood receives a
Spurting         blow or force resulting in the random dispersion
                 of smaller drips of blood
3. Drip pattern c. Deflection of blood after impact with a target
                surface that results in staining a 2nd surface
4. Impact        d. Bloodstain pattern which results from blood
pattern          dripping into blood
5.               e. Blood exiting the body under pressure from a
Directionality   breached artery
6. Ricochet      f. Blood directed back towards the source of energy
                 or force that caused the spatter
7. Wipe          g. Indicated the direction the blood was traveling
pattern          when it impacted the target surface.

                  Shark Bait - Serology
• What do you believe is the key component in
  determining spatter type?
• The harder the surface is, the ______ spatter will
• It is possible to determine the impact angle of
  blood on a flat surface by measuring the degree
  of circular distortion of the stain. The more the
  angle decrease, the more the stain is less
  __________ and longer.

     Shark Bait –
• Name 5 observations scientists
make when observing blood spatter:

• ________________ wrote the earliest
  references to bloodstain analysis.
• Spatter is produced when
• What happens to the diameter of spatter
  droplets was impact velocity increases?

                        Shark Bait - Serology
• When an investigator sees a red liquid
  at a crime scene what should they do?
  State at least 3 different steps taken:

• What is void?

• What is a drip pattern?

• What causes a wipe pattern?

     Shark Bait - Serology
• What have you seen is the impact of blood being
  dropped from different heights?

• What is the impact of blood being dropped and
  hitting surfaces at different angles?

• What are the chemicals used in a presumptive

• A detective has found a liquid at a scene and has
  determined that it is indeed human blood. What
  should be the procedures to determine the type of
  blood it is?

      Review from serology labs
• What are the most common types of blood?
  _______ and _________
• A ______________ test is used to
  determine if a solution is blood. A chemical
  that is used in this test is
• In crimes of violence such as homicide,
  assault, and sexual assault _________ is
  the evidence most often found.

     Shark Bait - Serology
• Describe what happens to blood spatter
  as velocity of impact increases

• Describe the type of surface that is the
  best to lift bloodstains from.

• The ______ end of a blood drop in a
  bloodstain indicates the direction of
  travel prior to impact on a surface.
• What type of attack could cause many
  bloodstains that have droplets greater
  than 1 mm in diameter?
            Shark Bait - Serology
• The larger the size of the blood spatter, the
  ____________ the energy required to
• _________ pattern is a bloodstain pattern
  created when an object moves through an
  existing stain, removing and/or altering its
• _________ is an absence of stains in an
  otherwise continuous bloodstain pattern.
• ___________ is a blood which has been
  reduced to a fine spray as a result of the
  energy or force applied.

         Shark Bait – Serology
a. Cast-off       1. The acute angle formed between the
pattern           direction of a blood drop and the plane of
                  the surface it strikes
b. Impact site    2. Rings in blood that result when blood
                  containing air bubbles dries.
c. Exporated      3. Bloodstain pattern which results from
blood             blood dripping into blood
d. Drip Pattern   4. Bloodstain pattern created when blood is
                  released or thrown from a blood-bearing
                  object in motion
e. Bubble ring    5. Blood blown out of the nose, mouth, or a
f. Back spatter   6. Bloodstain pattern created when blood
                  receives a blow or force resulting in the
                  random dispersion of smaller drips of blood

g. Angle of       7. Blood directed back towards the source of
impact            energy
1.Misting     a. Absence of stains
2. Ricochet   b. That blood which has been dispersed
              as a result of force applied to a source
              of blood
3. Spatter    c. Bloodstain pattern created when an
              object moves through an existing stain,
              removing or altering its appearance
4. Target     d. Transfer of blood from a moving
              source onto an unstained surface.
5. Swipe      e. Surface upon which blood has been
pattern       deposited
6. Void       f. The deflection of blood after impact
              with a target surface
7. Wipe       g. Blood which has been reduced to a
pattern       fine spray
                  Shark Bait - Serology
• What is a presumptive test and name one:

• Name 3 types of biological evidence that can be used
  by serology:
• What chemical can be used to detect invisible blood:
• ______________________________, wrote earliest
  reference to bloodstain analysis.
• What steps should an investigator do when a stain or a
  liquid is found at a scene?

                   Shark Bait - Serology
• Bloodstain pattern which results from blood
  dripping into blood ______________________.
• _______________________ are rings in blood
  that result when blood containing air bubbles
  dries and retains the bubble’s circular
• Blood impacts 2 different surfaces- _________
• Blood which has been reduced to a fine spray -
• Surface tension ______________ spattering.
• 2 characteristics of surfaces that are easy to
  remove blood from are ___________ and

                   Serology test
• Name the observations using Physics of blood spatter:
   – ____________________________
   – ____________________________
   – ____________________________

   • ______________ was the 1st to recognize the importance of
     bloodstain analysis.
   • Before a drop of blood can drop ___________ must overcome
     ____________ ____________
   • ________________ has no effect on bloodstain pattern
   • When interpreting blood stains an investigator can determine:
• 3 sources of biological evidence used in
• ______________ can be used to detect
  invisible blood.
• _______________ 1st to recognize
  importance of bloodstain analysis.
• _______________ and ___________ were
  2 cases involved with serology

       Review for test continued
• What does DNA stand for?
• What is DNA made of?
• Why is DNA an excellent piece of evidence
  at a crime scene and when would it not be?
• Why do some juries not believe in DNA?
• Name the location of your CRIME IN
  A BOX:
• NAME the evidence in your CRIME
• What do you have in your CRIME IN
  A BOX that allows the detectives to
  determine the location of the crime?

• Does your Crime scene have:
  1. evidence – different types – fingerprints, hair,
  fibers, blood spatter, notes, emails
      FINGERPRINTS CAN be larger than the victim
  – they could be yours – enlarged fingerprints
  2. weapon(s) – present or hidden
  3. doors, windows, pictures on walls, rugs….
      Does it look like a person really lives/works
  there or are the walls blank…FIX
  4. The person observing your CRIME IN A BOX –
  needs to be able to discover the evidence if they
  work hard, determine the scenario, and write up
  what happened, means, motive, and opportunity.

                 Crime in a Box
                Shark Bait – CSI -
• When first arriving at a crime scene, an
  investigator should do????????
• When investigating an outdoor crime
  scene and finding prints, what should the
  investigator do and what would this
  allow an investigator to determine?
• Explain several ways in which a crime
  scene could be contaminated and how is
  this detrimental to the case?
                  CSI - exam
• 5 students will be utilizing the Faces
  program to create the face of our principal.
• 14 students will be analyzing the            GOOD
“Crimes in a Box”                              LUCK!
• The remainder of the students will be
  answering the written questions for the
• If you finish and are waiting to go to
  another station read the incidents found
  stapled at your desk and see if you can
  solve them??????
              CSI – Shark bait
• Cheiloscopy is the study of:
• How are lip prints and fingerprints similar?
• Name 2 ways that lip prints can be altered:
• What process would be used to separate
  lipsticks into the components?

• How can lip prints be useful in a criminal
  investigation? _______________________
• Describe 2 different classifications of lip
  prints: ______________________________
• How is it possible to extract DNA from a lip
  print? ______________________________
            The Peeping Tom Murder
• Tom Youst enjoys using his binoculars to spy
  on his neighbors. One night, he sees
  something unexpected in the apartment across
  the way- the shadowy image of a man
  shooting a woman. Tom immediately goes
  into his bathroom, shaves and removes his
  false teeth. He then packs a suitcase, gets into
  his car and drives out of the city..
• What did Tome see through his binoculars?
  Where did he go and why?

• A man is brought into a hospital
  emergency room and pronounced dead
  on arrival by the attending physician,
  who also signs the death certificate. A
  week later, the doctor confesses to the
• How did the doctor devise the D.O.A.
  and what led to his confession

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