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					                                        MEETING EVERY SUNDAY AT 11.00 AM AT
                                        GRAND SOLE HOTEL, PATTAYA 2ND ROAD
                                   Khun Ronnakit Aegasing
                                   Khun Poonpol Kamuttira
                                                                       PATTAYA EXPATS CLUB
                                                                             Established 2001
                                                                                                              MEETING PROGRAMME FOR SUNDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2007
Pattaya Expats Club are                                                          Website:                  Thailand’s first Magic Theatre,     Paramedic, Paul Craven              member and to come into the
honoured and happy to have         BOARD OF TRUSTEES:                   Tuxedo Magical Castle brings        among our regular ‘maroon           Pattaya Expats Club this
the support and advice from a      Niels Colov, President &            his show and staff to the PEC.      jacket’ Production Team             Sunday 11:30 am at The Grand
number of Thai dignitaries. In     CEO                                 Pattaya Expats Club Co. Ltd.        Khun Pirote has travelled to        members if you happen to feel       Sole Hotel, 2nd Rd.
the following find a list of the   Pete Mills, Vice-President,              Tel. 0-8960-43646              Hong Kong, China, Korea,            unwell in the club during a                  We have our late-
people who constitute the          Webmaster & Founder                 E-Newsletter FREE to all -          Singapore, Taiwan, Macao &          meeting. We have a medical kit.     morning start time of speaker
Honorary Board Advisors to         Richard Ravensdale, Vice-          submit your first name &             Bangladesh with his act.            Paul can train members in CPR       from 11:30 am, with the
Pattaya Expats Club.               President, Meeting Manager         email address on the home                     There will also be a       life saving techniques on           optional brunch from about
Lt. General Chatchai               Michael Mayne, Treasurer                                                promotion of the upcoming           request.                            10:30 am till after 12 noon. The
                                                                      page of PECs website and it
Tammaraksah,                       Colin de Jong, Charity Chair                                            International Magic Festival to             Tune into the new           meeting entry cost is 80 Baht
                                                                      will be emailed to you each
Khunying               Tidarat     Bruno Keller, German                                                    be seen at Alangkarn theatre.       Pattaya People radio station,       and for non-members 100 Baht.
                                   Language Wing.                     week. Or to view it on-line,
Tammaraksah                                                           go to Current Newsletter page.                Our Regular Feature        Yes2Day. Broadcasting on 96.0       For that, we enjoy the excellent
Khun Niran Wattanasart-            Paul Sinclair
                                                                                                           this week will be our in-house      FM, the station features            technical presentation facilities
satorn,                            Brian Maxey
                                                                      both volunteering in the PEC         interpreter of the Thai &           community news sponsored by         of the Grand Sole Hotel function
Mayor of Pattaya City              William Hurndell, Discount
                                                                      meeting team for a last time on      Western cultural divide, where      the PEC, and classic 70s & 80s      room.
Khun Chanyut Hengtrakool,          Section
                                   Khun Laddawan Yingyong             7th October for some weeks and       east meets west in Pattaya, our     music. This is available ‘live’              Our ‘expat expo’ table
Former Member of Parliament                                           both will present some digital       streetwise motorbike taxi           worldwide from your PC – go         displays, throughout the
                                   Stephen Wilson
Pol. Col. Sutin Suppaung,                                             photos from their travel             philosopher, Khun Sombat He         to       www.pattayapeople          meeting period from 10:30, are
                                   enRico Nestler, Meeting
Superintendent of Pattaya Po-                                         destinations - Isaan and Nepal.      illustrates those ‘do’s and                          worth a visit in the foyer for
lice                                                                  Also a club board meeting            don’ts’ to help you ease into and           Every Sunday at 3 PM,       practical advice from experts. In
                                   Steen Joergensen, Helpine
Pol. Col. Ittipol Ittisanron-                                         report and a few highlights from     adapt to life here and maybe        PEC members are invited to          the club’s greeting, programme
nachai, Superintendent of          Jahir Khan                         the      autumn         speakers     ‘see’ a different way.              play Floorball at the               and memberships area you can
Pattaya Immigration Police,        Arvid Tviberg, Memberships         programme now filled till New                 The Open Microphone        Chaimongkol School indoor           get Club Life Memberships for
Pol. Lt. Col. Suwan Ouanan,        Co-ordinator                       Year.                                Forum will be moderated this        gym, which is on Pattaya Tai        600 Baht. (Bring two very small
Pattaya Tourist Police Chief,      Co-Founder of Pattaya                       Computer          Basic     week by our experienced and         corner of 2nd Rd opposite the       ‘visa’ photos and your card is
Khun Sansak Ngampiches,            Expats Club: Preben Hansen         Training at PEC. Each week           knowledgeable presenter, PEC        Wat. This game is similar to        laminated and ready at the same
Owner of Grand Sole Hotel          Pattaya Expats Club Co. Ltd.       Gerhard from the German              board member Brian Maxey,           hockey, and we thank PEC            meeting.)
and senior politician in           Directors:                         Language Wing will collect           making a last appearance for        member Ossi Viljanen, for                    Display tables have in-
Pattaya                            Michael Withers, Herman van        members details at a foyer table     three weeks before his annual       organising this for our             depth information from regular
Khun Revat Pholookin,              Gucht and Frans Moret              prior to starting a group class of   travels to Isaan. Unmissable -      members. If you are reading this    expert contributors in their field.
Senior politician in Pattaya       Members of the Volunteer           12 computer lessons (in              covering all practical questions    in a newspaper edition and          Our Microphone announcement
Dr. Sanya Viravaidya               “Production Team”:                 English).                            on life in Pattaya, Brian helps     would like our weekly e-            at 11:10am confirms who is
Owner of Pattaya Interna-          Captain Dechasa Tonsung-                    Camillian crafts. Some      expats find the answers.            newsletter       programme          available to consult free of
tional Hospital                    nern, Alexander Valentine,
                                                                      lovely gifts for adults and                   The PEC’s DVD and          delivered to your email box,        charge. For example, The
Khun Sanga Kitsamrej,              Sriprai Mayne, Darren
                                                                      children, to coincide with the       Book Swap is at the BACK of         then to subscribe please go to      Pattaya          International
Owner of the SK Group of           McGarry, Erwin Schlottmann,
                                                                      Magic Show, will be displayed        the meeting room. All are           our website, www.pattayaexpats      Hospital table usually includes
companies and President of         Ossi Viljanen (Head Pro of
                                   Golf Section, Finnish              by PEC volunteer Bob & Thai          invited to bring in those books, , on the home              regular FREE testing of blood
Khun Surat Mekavarakul,            Language Section), Paul            friends in our foyer – all made      magazines and DVD’s which           page, half way down are entry       groups, blood sugar, blood
Owner of Mike Business             Craven, Bob Goldberg.              by residents at the Camillian        you’ve already perused, and         boxes for your name and e-mail      pressure and lung function to
Group                                                                 project’s Garden of Eden self-       swap them out for some new          address. You will receive a         help you stay healthy.
Khun Paisan Bundityanon,                                              sufficiency farm. Their craft        ones!                               confirming e-mail. Then click on             Ratanakorn Asset Co.
Owner of Rabbit Resort                                                sales help with children’s HIV                The PEC has an             the confirmation link in this e-    Ltd. representatives display 30
                                           Our Meeting Manager        medicines.                           Emergency Helpline, PEC,            mail to start receiving the         plus condo and villa projects in
Khun Somchai Manothavorn,          this week will be Pattaya Expats            The Main Feature at         EH! 086 029 5325, and is            newsletters.                        the Pattaya area. Ratanakorn
Advisor to the Mayor of            Club VP Richard Ravensdale,        PEC this week will be                staffed by PEC Production                   As our Sunday meeting       provides CD’s of their
Pattaya                            who along with Brian Maxey         something spectacular for all the    Team members. PEC members           progresses, Lucky Draw prizes       projects, giving the viewer a
Khun Sopin Theppajug,              will present Club News and         family. The International            can go to the top of the PEC        for members are drawn               360 degree observation of
Owner of Diana Group of            Notices. Brian & Richard are       magician and illusionist from        website homepage for a boxed        for dinners for two at fine         properties in progress, and more
companies                                                                                                  advert of this service co-          restaurants around the city, such   developments can be viewed at:
Dr. Prasan Stianrapapongs,
Specialist in Preventative
                                    PEC Visa Advice Desk                                                   ordinated by PEC Board
                                                                                                           Member Steen Joergensen.
                                                                                                                                               as Jameson’s carvery, The
                                                                                                                                               Globetrotter, & Little India -
                                                                                                                                                                                            Advice on insurance
                                     Steve Wilson from Key Visa Company attends Pattaya                             We have a qualified UK     another great reason to be a        policies is available in the
Medicine at Bangkok Pattaya
Hospital                             Expats Club on the “Visa & Immigration Information                                                                                            clubhouse from AA Insurance
Kru Yodthong Senanan,
most respected teacher of Thai
                                               Desk” with all the latest updated
                                        information to answer all Club members queries.
                                                                                                                Association of                                                     - including the club member’s
                                                                                                                                                                                   own low cost ‘group’ health
Khun Suttikorn Jearpaitoon,
                                                                                                            Thailand Expats Clubs                                                  policy, now in its third year, with
                                                                                                                                                                                   a premium of 12,683 B - please
Owner of Alangkarn Pattaya           PEC CORPORATE SPONSORS                                                        Pattaya Expats Club: 0-8960-43646.
                                                                                                                                                                                   show your member’s card to
Khun Kamla Benjawanich                Pattaya International Hospital                                             Chiang Mai Expats Club: 0-8532-10273                              apply. They also have a range of
President of Esarn Associa-                                                                                                                                                        Insurances such as property,
tion Pattaya
                                        Ratanakorn Asset Co Ltd                                            
                                                                                                                                                                                   house contents and motor cover
                                                                                                                 Koh Samui Expats Club: 0-8189-45323.
Lt.Gen         Padoongsaak                  Key Visa Co Ltd                                                                                           available.
Padoongnoradaid                       AA Insurance Brokers Co Ltd                                           Scandinavian Expats Club of Pattaya: 0-8152-36080.                              Club sponsor Key Visa
                                                                                                                                                                                   Co Ltd, represented by Darren

24                                                                                           ISSUE 102 • SATURDAY 6 - 13 OCTOBER, 2007
McGarry and Stephen Wilson,           please show your members             from hundreds of ‘member to         Tickets are sold from 10:30 AM      friendly format tables for eight
offer our members free advice,        card. Plus, our take-away            member services’ available in       when the meeting hall doors         or ten - so please allow the
in the club house on expats           Information Centre leaflets,         Pattaya, is open until the end of   open for seating and catering.      ‘gaps’ to be filled by new
Thailand immigration queries -        publications and business cards      the meeting. Meeting Entry          The table plan is usually in        arrivals at your table.
                                                                                                               can view PEC guest speakers         Meeting - during the Open
REPORT FROM 30 SEPTEMBER EXPATS MEETING                                                                        TV interviews from their PC by
                                                                                                               visiting our website homepage
                                                                                                                                                   Forum. This feature occurs each
                                                                                                                                                   week for 20 - 30 minutes. Come
          Meeting Manager today       President of the Navy League of
                                                                for pre-view information.                      ( and         and ask the expat experts in our
was       PEC-VP         Richard      the United States (0867222704)
                                                                Contact Alexander by email:                    scrolling down to the heading       audience!
Ravensdale doing his best to          (
                                                                (                   ‘Pattaya Expats Club – TV                    Please             dress
ensure a smooth running               ( TheyAlexander then got down to                     Reports. Would you like to          appropriately for a hotel setting.
meeting.                              are a civilian organisation
                                                                sharing some of the funny stuff                attend some training classes for    A tuxedo is not required, but a
          He opened the meeting       dedicated to informing all that
                                                                that he has gathered from                      CPR & associated skills, to be      sleeveless vest is unacceptable.
by thanking those members who         USA is a maritime nation and
                                                                around the world. We laughed a                 taught by our own two medically     Our meeting is frequently            many other helpful services.
had brought items for Alex            that their national defence and
                                                                lot, and Alexander promised                    trained Volunteer Group             attended by Thais, and Thai                  US Embassy local
today, the Canadian expat whom        economic well being are   more next time.                                members (Paul & Simon). Any         culture is governed by respect.      Pattaya representative for
we are helping to relocate to         dependant upon strong sea          Richard then told a joke,             members, and their Thai             The way you dress tells people       emergencies is Gary Hacker.
Pattaya, initially for 6 months.      services – US Navy, US Marine
                                                                sent in by Eddie Wheeler who                   partners, who feel they would       how you respect yourself. You        Contact 089 803 0388.
Alex is disabled and this will        Corps, Coast Guard , US –Flag
                                                                is on Duty at Soi 9 lock-up.                   benefit from these classes          will be offered the loan of a Club           Deutschsprachige
help lift his outlook on life since   Merchant Marine. There is a
                                                                Eddie didn’t want you to get                   should contact management           shirt if inappropriately dressed     Treffen. Jeden 1.und 3. Samstag
his accident in Thailand. We          branch here in Pattaya to assist
                                                                withdrawal symptoms while he                   soon. Comforting to know your       (deposit 200 B). Notices             im Monat,10:00 Uhr morgens,
have been assisting him to find       & organise the many active-duty
                                                                was absent. Space does not                     home includes a CPR trained         banning beachwear and athletic       im Konferenzsaal des Wat
accommodation, organise his           seaman who R&R in our fairallow me to retell it here but it              person in the event of a medical    vests are on display outside the     Chaimongkon an der South
local hospital needs, apply for       city from time to time. This local
                                                                received good applause!                        emergency.                          meeting hall. Low cost polo-         Pattaya Road . Jeder ist
the correct visa, and make            aid & assistance is available to   Richard introduced club                        Richard announced 3        shirts with our club logo are also   eingeladen. Info: Erwin 086 009
arrangements for his move. All        Navies of all Nations. Bobby,
                                                                member Brian Maxey to lead                     Lucky Draw free prizes for          on sale in the foyer.                8497.
is proceeding slowly, but surely.                                           the            Open                participating          Members               The British Embassy’s               The Finnish Language
We again appeal for your help                                               Microphone Forum                   including Little India Restaurant   Pattaya        Office        local   Section is a recently added
with used, but serviceable,                                                 with questions from                500b – Jameson’s Irish Pub -        representative for emergencies,      special interest group of PEC.
kitchen items and utensils. So                                              the audience. We                   Globetrotter’s meal for two         Barry Kenyon (Brit Hon Con           They meet every 2nd Monday at
please bring to the club any                                                covered – computer                 1200b. The meeting ended with       Pattaya) or his assistant, Khun      11:00am at the Inner Circle
items you would like to donate                                              rental              –              enthusiastic applause for the       Sasamon Khempookeau (cell-           Restaurant in the Jomtien
to Alex and his new life.                                                   international Thai                 day’s participants.                 phone 08 1782 7363) can be           Complex, co-ordinator Ossi
          Richard then introduced                                           driving licence use                Some useful info-bites:             found at the Meesen Restaurant,      Viljanen, call 0818519620.
PEC-President Niels Colov with                                              abroad – UK driving                         You may only join as a     1st on the left as you enter the             Why not come along
the week’s Club News &                                                      licence expiry dates               Member of PEC by personal           Pattaya Immigration car-park         next Sunday morning (10:30am
Notices. (CNN).                                                             – fireworks at Bali                application at a Meeting of the     (Jomtien Beach, soi 5), between      buffet, 11:30 programme start)
          Niels advised of                                                  Hi       Pier       –              Club at the Grand Sole Hotel,       0900 and 0930 Monday to              to the Grand Sole Hotel (in the
upcoming events: 6 Oct 10:00,                                               recommendations                    2nd Road, Pattaya. A one-time       Friday, except Immigration           Theppraya Room, up on the
PILC Holiday Bazaar at Royal    Special guests was Mr. Bobby Brooks,        for        property                joining fee of 600 baht provides    holidays. They can authenticate      Mezzanine level), 370 Pattaya
Cliff 100 baht. — Magic         President of the Navy League.               ownership – Thai                   a Photo-ID Card and Life            your UK pension or UK bank           2nd Road (north), near the Hard
Festival 17, 18, 19 Oct free                                                company         asset              Membership - no renewals            statements for Immigration           Rock Hotel, between TOPS
shows at Big C Festival 2nd   together with Peter Thorn (property) ownership – condo                           needed. This PEC Membership         purposes, if you can show            supermarket        &     BIG-C
Road & 20,21 Oct at Alangkarn (community          relations), amenity management contracts                     ID-card will secure a reduced       original proof, and provide          supermarket - bring a friend.
Centre near Ambassador City   explained that anyone may join – ToT ADSL promotion, new                         Meeting Entrance Fee (100 baht

                                                                                                                                                            CLUB INFO
on Highway 3 at Jomtien. –    the group, with a common aim low prices – and it was all over.                   reduced to just 80 baht), as well
Vegetarian festival 10-22 Oct at
                              to assist with the many projects           A member asked if                     as personal discounts for many
Naklua Chinese Temple . –     that the visiting forces anyone has items for sale: He is                        products & services around the
Minister of Tourism & Sport   participate in during their stay. a collector of UK model                        local area.
will be guest of honour on 22 There have been many media railways (individual items or                                  Please help out at the     MEMBERSHIP: New mem-                 actively promotes and en-
Oct at the SKAL Club meeting  reports of the exceptional sets), specifically Hornby Dublo                      Pattaya Expats Club Meetings,       bership cards are available at       dorses a company product, as
at Sheraton Hotel, all PEC    enthusiasm with which these made from tinplate or diecast                        or in the background during the     the meeting. Bring 1 passport        the Club group discount policy
members are welcome. The      sailors volunteer to assist these (not plastic). I hope that a few               week. Much preparation goes         photograph for a renewal and         from Thai Insurance Co. Ltd.,
topic is how to improve       projects. Their speech was at least in the expat community                       into a Meeting, and we are          2 to become a new Member. A          is now the Club’s official
Pattaya’s image. – Erotic Art accompanied by a Powerpoint might have the above gathering                       looking for Volunteer help. You     life time membership costs 600       health insurance policy. It
exhibition, Liam Gallery 11-28presentation.                     dust (or rusting away in the case              would be welcome to join the        Baht.                                saves up to 60 % on individual
Oct. – Villa Market in Bangkok         Richard then introduced of tinplate)! And, do you know                  group, and you can determine        DISCOUNTS: Over 200 out-             purchase. You must be
is a group of supermarkets    Alexander Valentine who of any model railway shops in                            your own level of input. We         lets offer discounts to members      younger than 60 though to join
aimed at foreigners. An       commented on his first showing Pattaya? Best regards, Terence                    added a new volunteer to the        of the Pattaya Expats Club.          and up to 65 to renew.
excellent range of foreign style
                              of a new Sophon Cable TV Burley [email to Brian (kop1bj-                         group this week – George Page.      This can be on a check up            WEBSITE: The Pattaya
foods. Now in Pattaya on 2nd  programme – Tropical Lifestyle]                                          Ask those questions on     package from a hospital (which       Expats Club has a great
Road at the new Avenue        Television. This is transmitted            Expats outside Pattaya                living in Thailand - here at the    can sometimes save you up to         website with lots of informa-
Complex.                      each night at 6:00pm, movie                                                                                          3,000 Baht) to a visa run            tion. The website has an
                                                                                                                                                   (saving around 200 Baht), res-       average of 20,000 visits a day.
          Richard then introduced
our main Speaker – Commander
                              channel 9. A new edition airs
                              each Saturday. Go to                           THE GOLF SECTION OF PATTAYA EXPATS CLUB                               taurants (up to 25%),      
Bobby Brooks, Thailand        (                                                                                         attractions, shops, sporting         Webmaster is Pete Mills, the
                                                                 - Substantial discounts on al-                Range on Sukhumvit Road op-         activities and much more, even       Founder of the Club. Register

                 PEC, EH !
                                                                 most all golf courses in the                  posite Pattaya Central Road.        beer bars. There is a list on the    for our FREE weekly E News-
                                                                 wide Pattaya area.                            - A big Charity Tournament on       website and outlets show a           letter online on the home page
                                                                 - Every Sunday from 8.30am                    various great golf courses from
  Pattaya Expats Club, Emergency Helpline.                                                                                                         window sticker to let you know       by submitting your first name
                                                                 to 9.30am, free beginners les-                October.                            they are on the discount list.       and email address. You can
   A phone service when you are in a crisis, depressed,          sons (but more experienced                       For more info call Ossi          Bring your membership card.          also read the latest Meeting
    in trouble and need sound advice from an ‘expat.’            golfers can also improve their                Viljanen, Head Pro of the Golf        HEALTH INSURANCE:                  Report on-line..
                     086 - 029 5325.                             swing) at the Pride Driving                   Section Tel.: 0-8185-19620          For the first time the Club

 ISSUE 102 • SATURDAY 6 - 13 OCTOBER, 2007                                                                                                       THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE OF PATTAYA                              25

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