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Facebook : Your social structure


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 It is no surprise that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Inc. has evidently become a multi-billion dollars
 company with over 600 million users willingly spending a minimum of 10 minutes every day just to
find out what their friends are up to. This analysis amounts to the importance laid on the socializing
 element of a person. The popularity of this domain is so overwhelming that even the movie - “The
 Social Network” made a major contribution at the Hollywood box-office and secluded some of the
                                         most desired awards.

 To be straight-forward, Mark Zuckerberg owns a company which has 600 million customers and so
     there is no harm in branding him the ‘Youngest billionaire on earth’. According to the book
   “Accidental Billionaires”, by Ben Mezrich, the ‘facebook’ domain was a naive approach by Mark
 Zuckerberg(believed to be a social outcast) to socialize inside the Harvard campus. Yeah, it started
  off as just a Harvard-thing! I suppose it did not take much time for gripping everyone’s attention.

 Facebook is not just a networking medium for people, but also an advertising platform for various
consumer products and services. In fact, you can also advertise your flamboyancy, if you do have it
   (for free). Certainly, ‘facebook’ has taken the world-wide-web a step ahead in pursuit of social
networking. In a world where social experience is everything, this is ‘The Thing’. And nowadays, you
   would find people opting to chat on facebook more often than them meeting in person. It has
                    revolutionized the interaction process between two individuals.

From blogging with the world to chatting with individuals, playing poker with friends to downloading
  songs of your favourite artist, facebook has redefined the word “multimedia”. A person can use
 more applications than he can actually handle at a time. Most of the electronic and digital gadgets
 come along with a pre-installed facebook application. That explains why some people refer to it as
                                        “freakishly addictive”.

So much is the impact of “facebook”, which was just an ‘idea’, before the year 2004. An idea through
 which, millions of people surf every day. People ask for their friend’s facebook names before saving
 their cell phone numbers. Having an account on it shows that you are aware of the social activities
around you. There is no horizon to the prospering popularity of it. And even so more when it is soon
having an Initial Public Offering. The day when facebook profiles will replace our identity documents,
like, resume’s for official use or even “janam-kundali”s for matrimonial purpose, is not very far from
now. And that day I would be laughing out loud ! “Facebook” is certainly one of the best inventions
                                       of the 21st century.

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