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									     community engagement

     Visitors to the Faculty of Pharmacy                                                         $5 million from the third Guild Government Agreement.
                                                                                                 Mr Sclavos was impressed with the diversity of research
     On 2 May 2006 the President of the Pharmacy Guild of                                        and expertise in the Faculty, and said that the standing of
     Australia, Kos Sclavos, visited the Faculty. Our graduates                                  pharmacy professionals is dependent not only on training,
     constitute the greater proportion of members of the Pharmacy                                but on research, to educate future advanced specialist
     Guild, and make up around seventy-five percent of registered                                practitioners and academics expert in pharmaceutical sciences
     pharmacists in New South Wales.                                                             and pharmacy practice. He added that by initiating projects
                                                                                                 to research the practicalities of many proposed aspects of
                                                                                                 pharmacy practice, the University plays an important role in
                                                                                                 securing funding and developing services that may be offered
                                                                                                 by pharmacists in the future. Collaborative projects, both at
                                                                                                 the national and international levels, were also presented,
                                                                                                 such as the Community Pharmacy Research Centre, which is
                                                                                                 coordinated at The University of Sydney and has nodes in eight
                                                                                                 other academic pharmacy units across Australia.
                                                                                                 As part of his visit to The University of Sydney, Mr Sclavos
                                                                                                 also met with members of the Pharmacy Practice Foundation
                                                                                                 to discuss the services provided by the Foundation and new
                                                                                                 initiatives it has achieved.

      (L-R) Associate Professor Ines Krass, Professor Charlie Benrimoj, President Kos Sclavos,
                          Professor Carol Armour, Professor Iqbal Ramzan
                                                                                                 Pharmacy Practice Foundation
     During his visit Mr Sclavos took the opportunity to talk to                                                              The Pharmacy Practice
     students, addressing some of the greater myths of the PBS                                                                Foundation continues to enjoy
     and reassuring them of the bright future of pharmacy. He                                                                 considerable success in meeting
     also stressed the importance of higher qualifications and the                                                            its prime objective of fostering and
     need to recognise the efforts of pharmacy graduate students,                                                             developing innovative pharmacy
     advanced (honours) pharmacy students, and those studying                                                                 research and education. The
     for a PhD. One way this could be achieved, he suggested,                                                                 Foundation has maintained a
     was by allowing graduates with such qualifications a shorter                                                             high level of activity throughout
     supervised practice period prior to registration. Mr Sclavos                                                             2006, much of which has been
     readily engaged with students, listening to their ideas and                                                              devoted to the development and
     sharing his own experiences in retail pharmacy.                                                   Mr Warwick Plunkett    propagation of the new proactive
                                                                                                 discipline of pharmacy management. We have held the view
     Mr Sclavos then visited the various research and teaching                                   for some years that before significant uptake by the profession
     facilities at the Faculty, to hear about the various research                               of new cognitive professional services could occur, major
     projects currently underway. This included the work of more                                 improvement in the skill level of business management within
     than twenty PhD and Master students as well as fifteen                                      community pharmacy must be achieved. While our strategic
     members of staff, funded by grants totalling more than                                      workshops and industry seminars on management and

community engagement

business strategy continue to play their part, the anticipated         Wilkinson industry tours for senior politicians and bureaucrats.
arrival in 2007 of Professor Lesley White to take up the               We have also developed a business relationship with Splash
research and teaching role of the new Chair is expected to             Entertainment which will bring additional benefits to our
make significant headway in overcoming this barrier.                   industry sponsors as well as helping to embellish a number
                                                                       of our activities and promotional efforts. Negotiations continue
The support level for our practitioner teachers and specialist
                                                                       with the ACPP & M to bring about a co-operative ongoing
teachers, the Chair and Senior Lecturer Clinical Pharmacy
                                                                       relationship in the business management area.
positions has not only been maintained, but, in fact, slightly
increased in 2006 despite a difficult industry climate. We are         During the year we also redefined our strategic objectives
extremely grateful to all those pharmaceutical companies who           for the next three years. These included seeking funding for
provide this high level of support, particularly our major donors      two additional clinical pharmacy Chairs for the disciplines of
of Pfizer and Sanofi Aventis. With continuing rationalisation in       Medication Safety and Quality and of Primary Health Care;
the industry, this support is always under threat and can never        the rebuilding of the Foundation’s membership base by
be taken for granted.                                                  the development of a raft of new membership benefits; the
                                                                       development of a sophisticated interactive website for the
Our new joint clinical appointment, this time in Aged Care at
                                                                       Foundation to deliver clinical information and to provide access
the Concord Repatriation Hospital, saw Andrew McLachlan
                                                                       to our seminar program to a wider audience.
take up that position during 2006. Andrew brings a wealth
of experience and outstanding research scholarship to this             I would also like to pay tribute publicly to our Principal
position and no doubt will champion the important role                 Sponsor API who, despite a rather tumultuous business year,
pharmacists have in looking after the health needs of the              still provided great input into the Foundation. I also take
elderly.                                                               this opportunity to thank my hardworking and enthusiastic
                                                                       Executive for all their personal support throughout 2006 and
The business mentor program for selected students was also
                                                                       of course acknowledge the wonderful work of Norman Graeve
initiated in 2006. This program brings together successful
                                                                       and his secretariat of Martin Carroll and Margarethe Trimble in
pharmacy business owners with students particularly interested
                                                                       maintaining the support for the Foundation and mounting our
in better developing their business management skills
                                                                       various activities.
and looking to develop a relationship with larger business
enterprises. All those involved in the project rated this first year
a great success for the sixteen students who participated, and
hope to further expand the program in the year ahead. My
                                                                       Warwick Plunkett
congratulations go to my Executive members John Maronese,
Damien Smith and John Bronger for the results achieved and
my thanks for all the hard work they provided.
Interaction with all arms of the profession and the
pharmaceutical industry continued at a high level throughout
the year with attendance at all the major conferences, the
hosting of a number of industry lunches and the staging
of our traditional, well attended, Governor’s Dinner. We
also hosted a visit to the Faculty of the newly elected Guild
National President Kos Sclavos and a number of the Warwick

     community engagement

     Pharmacy Alumni Association                                         Building Development

                                 The Pharmacy Alumni Association         The Pharmacy Alumni Association has an ongoing interest in
                                 is your ongoing connection to           fund raising for the Faculty of Pharmacy. We have financially
                                 our University. As a Graduate of        assisted in the achievement of several major projects including
                                 the Faculty of Pharmacy you are         refurbishment of the Faculty of Pharmacy main corridor,
                                 automatically a member of the           common room and lecture theatre. We have also assisted in
                                 Pharmacy Alumni Association             the appointment of new Chairs for Professors of Pharmacy.
                                 and will receive our journal            We are now assisting in the renovation and refurbishment of
                                 titled ‘Fiat Mist’. This journal is     the adjoining buildings allocated to our Faculty. These are the
                                 distributed with the University’s       former National Australia Bank and the Badam Building. We
                                 Sydney Alumni Magazine (SAM),           all have a responsibility to assist in this development . Our
             Mr Ross Brown       which is published quarterly in         profession has a commitment to contribute $2million, being
     spring, summer, autumn and winter. ‘Fiat Mist’ is an excellent      one quarter of the required amount of some $8million
     medium to keep you informed of activities and help you              Membership
     maintain contact with classmates and friends.
                                                                         Congratulations to all recent Pharmacy Graduates of The
     A Lifelong Link to Your Professional Colleagues                     University of Sydney on a wonderful achievement. You are
     The Pharmacy Alumni Association of the University of Sydney         fortunate to hold such a prestigious degree and on registration,
     will facilitate your personal growth both professionally and        to enjoy the benefits and privileges of a Pharmacist. Such
     socially. Within it you will develop friendships that will last a   benefits and privileges require professional acceptance of the
     lifetime.                                                           responsibilities associated with your professional role, including
                                                                         participation in activities of the Pharmacy Alumni Association.
     Remain Connected to the University
                                                                         The University of Sydney
     Pharmacy Alumni Association activities typically include re-
     unions, fine dining dinners, cocktail parties, sporting events,     It is very encouraging for us to learn that our University has
     seminars, mentor programs, barbeques, an annual gala                risen once again in global rankings, confirming its place firmly
     function, and the Pharmacy Alumni Ball.                             within the top forty universities in the world, according to the
                                                                         UK’s Times Higher Education Supplement. We moved up three
     Women for Pharmacy                                                  places from 38th to 35th which is a significant achievement.
     Women for Pharmacy is an innovative program providing               Our Faculty will soon have over 1,000 students, making us
     mentoring for women pharmacists. The program operates as            very likely to be the biggest in the Western world. I do hope
     a committee of the Pharmacy Alumni Association. Its aim is          that you take pride in your Faculty and stay connected. We
     to give women in pharmacy the opportunity to continue to            are indeed very fortunate to have been educated in such a
     network , with the ultimate aim of helping them achieve their       wonderful University, Australia’s first University established in
     goals within the profession. A very successful weekend was          1850, The University of Sydney.
     held at the Manly Pacific Hotel, which has considerably raised
     the profile of the Women for Pharmacy. Two of our women
     Alumni members who have made a great contribution to these          E Ross Brown, AM RFD ED
     activities are Patti Payne and Lyn Bronger.                         President

community engagement

Our Awards Partners
Through the Awards and Scholarship program, the Faculty
has built strong relationships with industry, and we proudly
acknowledge the support of the sponsors of the student

     community engagement

     Preceptors Report                                                 Australian Pharmacy

     Clinical Placements                                               Bailey Centre Pharmacy - Coffs Harbour

     The Faculty of Pharmacy, at The University of Sydney takes        Ballards Pharmacy
     this opportunity to thank all preceptors for their continuing     Ballina District Hospital
     contribution towards the training of our students. Students
     are often inspired by their preceptors and tend to return post-   Basin View Pharmacy
     graduation to continue on their chosen career paths.              Batemans Bay District Hospital
     Rural Clinical Placements                                         Bathurst Base Hospital
     2006 was a busy year regarding clinical placements,               Bayer Australia Ltd
     particularly for rural sites.
                                                                       Beachside Pharmacy
     Four different groups of students undertook rural placements:
     the Bachelor of Pharmacy 4th year students (two weeks in          Bennettswood Pharmacy
     July), the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Rural) 4th year students         Bermagui Pharmacy
     (who spent twelve weeks in a rural setting and completed all
                                                                       Big Bear Pharmacy
     their university work at that site), the Bachelor of Pharmacy
     (Rural) 3rd year students (one week in July) and the Master of    Bill Warner Chemist
     Pharmacy students (two weeks in both July and November).
                                                                       Blacktown Hospital
     2006 Preceptor Sites
                                                                       Bloomfield Hospital
     Acland Court Pharmacy
                                                                       Blooms The Chemist
     Ada & Flynn Pharmacy
                                                                       Bob’s Chemist
     Alan Lo Pharmacy
                                                                       Boian Night Chemist
     Albert & Braithwaite Amcal Pharmacy
                                                                       Boland & Steel Amcal
     Amcal Chemist
                                                                       Bonnyrigg Pharmacy
     Amcal Pharmacy
                                                                       Botany Pharmacy
     Anna Bay Pharmacy
                                                                       Bova Chemist
     Annette Blinco Aged Care
                                                                       Bowen’s Pharmacy
     Arkaba Guardian Pharmacy
                                                                       Brook’s Pharmacy
     Ashfield Chemworld Chemist
                                                                       Callala Bay Pharmacy
     Atallah’s Pharmacy
                                                                       Calmans Pharmacy
     Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals
                                                                       Campbelltown Hospital

community engagement

Campbelltown Medical Centre Pharmacy   David Wilson’s Day & Night Chemist   Goulburn Base Hospital
Canberra Hospital                      David Yin Chemist                    Greenslopes Hospital
Canley Heights Pharmacy                Day and Night Chemist Ramsgate       Greenwich Pharmacist Advice
Canterbury Hospital                    Deep’s Pharmacy                      Hannon’s Mt View Pharmacy
Carillon Medical Centre Pharmacy       Denman Pharmacy                      Harper’s Pharmacy
Carlene Smith Aged Care                Dolls Point Pharmacy                 Harrison’s Health & Beauty Pharmacy
Centre Pharmacy                        Downtown Day & Night Pharmacy        Harrison’s Pharmacy
Centro Mildura Pharmacy                Dubbo Base Hospital Pharmacy         Health Information Pharmacy
Chemist Choice Armidale                East Gosford Pharmacy                Homebush Pharmacy
Chemist Warehouse Pharmacy             East Point Soul Pattinson            Hornsby Hospital
Chemmart Mall Pharmacy - Singleton     Eastlakes Pharmacy                   Hospital Hill Pharmacy
Chemworld Seven Hills                  Edwards Pharmacy                     Hudspeth Pharmacy
Chen’s Pharmacy                        Elizabeth Pharmacy                   Huskisson Pharmacy
Children’s Hospital Westmead           Enmore 7 Day Pharmacy                Jackie Cole Soul Pattinson
Chipping Norton Pharmacy               Fairfield Hospital                   Jacksons Pharmacy
Clarendon Pharmacy & Photo Shop        Five Ways Pharmacy                   Community Home Medicine Review
Clifton Beach Pharmacy                 Flanagan & Poole Chemmart            Jesmond Pharmacy
Coady’s Pharmacy                       Florence St Pharmacy                 Jindabyne Pharmacy
Coates & Kahler Chemists               Ford’s Pharmacy                      John Bell Pharmacist Advice
Complete Care Pharmacy                 Forster Amcal Pharmacy               John Flynn Private Hospital
Concord Hospital                       Fresh Therapeutics Pharmacy          John Hunter Hospital
Convenient Chemist                     Galluzzo Pharmacy                    John Johnson Kingsford Chemist
Cooma Hospital                         Gateway Pharmacy                     Johns Chemworld Pharmacy
Culburra Pharmacy                      Gerringong Pharmacy                  Jurds Pharmacy
Curry Chemist                          Glebe Point Pharmacy                 Justice Health
Darlinghurst Chemist                   Glenroi Pharmacy                     Kalaf Pharmacy
Dash’s Pharmacy                        Gold Cross Pharmacy                  Kanahooka Pharmacy

     community engagement

     Ken Lai Pharmacy                      Maurice Morcos Family Pharmacy             Narooma Pharmacy
     Kiama Pharmacy                        McBeath’s Pharmacy Aged Care               National Pharmacy
     Kingsdene Pharmacy                    McCarthy’s Soul Pattinson Chemist          National Prescribing Service
     Kingswood Pharmacy                    McDonalds Pharmacy                         Nelson Bay Pharmacy
     Kogarah All Saints Pharmacy           McFarland’s Pharmacy                       Nepean Hospital
     Lady Davidson Private Hospital        McGill’s Chemist                           Neringah Hospital
     Lane Cove Pharmacy                    McInerney’s Soul Pattinson Chemist         Nightingales Kew Junction Pharmacy
     Late Night Chemist Auburn             McKimms Pharmacy                           North Hobart Amcal Pharmacy
     Lawler’s Guardian Pharmacy            McPhersons Pharmacy                        North Nowra Amcal Pharmacy
     Lee’s Chemmart                        Medical Centre Pharmacy                    Northgate Amcal Chemist
     Leichhardt Amcal Chemist              Medicine Chest Pharmacy - Port Macquarie   Oakhill Pharmacy
     Lindfield Pharmacy                    Menai Soul Pattinson Chemist               Oatlands Pharmacy
     Lismore Base Hospital                 Metropolitan Pharmacy Services             O’Loughlin’s Medical Pharmacy
     Littles Pharmacy                      Michael Hughes Soul Pattinson Chemist      Orange Base Hospital
     Liverpool Hospital                    Michael Vasili Chemist                     Orange City Centre Pharmacy
     Lugarno Pharmacy                      Miranda Day & Night Pharmacy               Oxford “Fullife” Pharmacy
     Macksville Pharmacy                   Mona Vale Hospital                         Pain Clinic - Concord Hospital
     Macquarie Chemist                     Moonlight Pharmacy                         Pantai Medical Centre
     Maitland Hospital                     Moruya District Hospital                   Pat Zirilli Amcal Chemist
     Malabar Pharmacy                      Mt Pritchard Pharmacy                      Paul Fitzgerald Pharmacy
     Manly Hospital                        Mudgee Friendly Pharmacy                   Paul Overton Aged Care
     Manly Vale Pharmacy                   Muller’s Pharmacy                          Peter Hibble Chemmart Pharmacy
     Maria Stogiannis Pharmacy             Mullumbimby Healthcare Pharmacy            Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd
     Market City Pharmacy                  My Chemist Chadstone Pharmacy              Pharmacy First
     Mark’s Pharmacist Advice              My Chemist Health and Beauty               Pharmacy Guild of Australia
     Marlon Coast Amcal Chemist            Nambucca Heads Pharmacy                    Pharmacy Outlet
     Mater Misericordiae Hospital Sydney   Narellan Chemmart Phcy                     Plevey’s Pharmacy

community engagement

Port Macquarie Base Hospital            Skyline Pharmacy                    Tumut Pharmacy
Priceline Pharmacy                      Slade Pharmacy                      Tuross Pharmacy
Prince of Wales Hospital                Soul Pattinson’s Chemist            Ulladulla Pharmacy
Pulse Pharmacy                          Specialist Clinic Pharmacy          Villawood Pharmacy
Quarry Road Pharmacy                    Speers Point Pharmacy               Vincents Night Chemist
Reckitt Benckiser Pty Ltd               Spit Junction Pharmacist Advice     Viva Pharmacy
Riverwood Family Chemist                St George Hospital                  Warriewood Medical Centre Pharmacy
Riverwood Plaza Pharmacy                St Georges Basin Pharmacy           Wilson’s Pharmacy- Adamstown
Robertson Village Pharmacy              St Joseph’s Hospital                Wollongong Hospital
Rodney’s Pharmacy                       St Vincent’s Hospital               Woodcroft Pharmacy
Rosebery Pharmacy                       Surf Beach Pharmacy                 Woolgoolga Amcal Pharmacy
Royal Hobart Hospital                   Sussex Inlet Pharmacy               Wyeth Australia Pty Ltd
Royal Melbourne Hospital                Sutherland Hospital                 Yagoona Station Pharmacy
Royal North Shore Hospital              Swansea Amcal Pharmacy              Youngs Pharmacy
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital            Sydney Hospital                     Zainab’s Pharmacy
Ryde Hospital                           Tathra Pharmacy
Sally’s Pharmacy                        Terry White Chemists
Sam Megalli                             The Area Pharmacy
Sampson & Schultz Pharmacies            The Avenues Pharmacy
Sanofi-Aventis                          The Chemist at Glebe
Schultz, Bassham & Sampson Pharmacies   The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
Serafims Bourke St Pharmacy             The Milton Pharmacy
Shoal Bay Pharmacy                      Thredbo Village Pharmacy
Shoalhaven Amcal                        Top Campus Pharmacy
Simpson’s Pharmacy                      Trafalgar Pharmacy
Singapore General Hospital              Trevor Coles Terry White Chemists
Singleton Heights Pharmacy              Trinity Beach Pharmacy

     community engagement

     Student Comments on Placements                                        of Australia for ten Continuous Professional Development
                                                                           (CPD) points upon completion of the program. In 2006, The
     “I really enjoyed being able to have a hospital placement and
                                                                           Faculty of Pharmacy at The University of Sydney provided
     have learnt many things which I am sure I will take with me
                                                                           administrative support for the program to almost eighty
     into my future career.” (Placement at Lady Davidson Private
                                                                           participants from rural and metropolitan areas throughout
                                                                           Australia. This included answering enquiries, registering
     “Very very good placement and a wonderful experience. Very            participants, processing payments and compiling reports.
     enjoyable, I gained a great deal from this placement and
     strongly encourage other pharmacy students to nominate for
     this placement. It has set excellent grounds for my clinical
                                                                           Faculty Involvement in University events
     practice and future conducting of HMR.” (RPA)                         Degree in a Day

     “I really have enjoyed the rural experience, spending time at         The University of Sydney’s “Degree in a Day” features
     hospital has allowed me to consider it as a long term career.”        hands-on tutorials, presentations, demonstrations and
     (Maitland Hospital)                                                   practical sessions that give high school students a taste of
                                                                           what they will experience while studying at university. The
     “Fabulous experience, overall I learnt a lot and appreciate the
                                                                           Faculty of Pharmacy participated in four “Degree in a Day”
     organisation.” Colorado Hospital (USA)
                                                                           events in April and November 2006, providing a session
     Australian Pharmacy Preceptor Education Program                       entitled “The Diversity of Pharmacy.” After an introductory
                                                                           presentation, students attended demonstrations of “The
     The Australian Pharmacy Preceptor Education Program was
                                                                           Analysis of Paracetamol Syrup/Suspension”, “Formulation
     developed through collaboration between academic staff at
                                                                           and Tablet Manufacture” and “Dispensing Practice Laboratory
     Charles Sturt University, Monash University, The University
                                                                           – Preparation of Paracetamol Elixir”.
     of Sydney and The University of Tasmania and was funded
     through the Rural and Remote Infrastructure Grants Scheme             Careers Advisers’ Day
     from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.
                                                                           This event provides teachers, specifically those involved in
     The program was developed to ensure that pharmacy students            providing careers advice, with information regarding the
     gain high quality learning experiences in rural health care           undergraduate programs offered by The University of Sydney.
     settings. Furthermore, the program has been developed so              The Faculty of Pharmacy participated in the “Faculties in
     that a sustainable national pharmacist preceptor education            Focus” component of the program, at which Professor Jo-anne
     and support strategy is accessible to all pharmacists who             Brien provided an overview of the study options available to
     supervise students on clinical placements. By utilising flexible      students and the various pharmaceutical career opportunities.
     delivery methods it has been designed to cater specifically for
                                                                           Sydney Uni Live! and Information Day
     the needs of rural and remote practitioners, yet simultaneously
     accommodate the needs of metropolitan practitioners. The              These ‘courses and careers days’ allow students to discuss
     program is not restricted to pharmacists; many other health           their study options with a range of academics, staff and
     practitioners have found the program very useful, such as             students from all participating schools and faculties. As
     nurses, physiotherapists, and podiatrists.                            well, they attend mini-lectures and tours within the faculties
                                                                           which provide an insight into the facilities available, entry
     The program has been approved by the Pharmaceutical Society
                                                                           requirements and student life.
     of Australia (PSA) and The Society of Hospital Pharmacists

                                  The Faculty extends sincere thanks to all those who have contributed to the Faculty’s events and
                                  publications in 2006, including the numerous people who assisted in the development of this report.


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