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LOGIX Web Site Design offers a complete turnkey solution to Web site hosting,
design, and maintenance for small, medium, and large businesses. The service
combines LOGIX's renowned Web-hosting services with industry-proven Web
designers and developers who provide the hands-on expertise to create your
site.                                                                               Consider the benefits of LOGIX
                                                                                    Web Site Design for your business:
LOGIX Web Site Design
LOGIX does it all! From planning to implementation giving your website a very           •   Reduce capital expenses
professional look. We specialize in providing quality website designing in terms            by outsourcing your Web
of software as well as giving professional and special effects to your website so           hosting and design.
that it stands as something special!                                                    •   Use electronic commerce
                                                                                            and online advertising to
We understand the need for a website to contain material that makes it popu-                promote products and
lar with your customers. We use the latest image editing software to create                 services and make
web graphics and multimedia that enhances the appearance of your website.                   money.
                                                                                        •   Boost productivity, stream-
LOGIX Web Site Design is a site content-creation service for your electronic in-            line operations, and de-
teractive media hosted by LOGIX. The online content can include advertise-                  liver better customer ser-
ments, product information, announcements, news, software, graphics, or                     vice using powerful Web-
electronic presentations.                                                                   based applications.
                                                                                        •   Simplify your business by
LOGIX Web Site Design eCommerce Capabilities                                                outsourcing site mainte-
LOGIX can custom build your eCommerce web site using advanced ASP                           nance to LOGIX develop-
(Active Server Pages) or CGI scripting. Or we can design your solution using In-            ers.
tershop® technology to create a virtual storefront that allows your customers to
shop 24 hours a day. With our storefront, you can automatically track inventory,    Want to integrate a database into
sales, sales tax, and shipping charges. Our Web designers will work closely with    your Web site?
you to determine the most effective electronic commerce site for you.
                                                                                    Our developers can easily create
LOGIX offers a variety of electronic commerce applications designed to match        a fully functional, "intelligent" Web
your business needs:                                                                site through the combination of
                                                                                    SQL server and Microsoft® Active
   •   CyberCash® or WorldPay® are transaction-processing systems for se-           Server Pages using Visual Basic®
       cure Internet payment                                                        Scripting Language.

   •   Intershop storefronts and product catalogue applications allow you to        LOGIX and ASP development will
       build and manage a storefront environment and link to back-office sys-       enable the creation of pages
       tems                                                                         and forms that read and write to
                                                                                    and from the SQL database on
                                                                                    LOGIX’s Dedicated Windows
   •   Tucows® Certificates provide secure communications and transactions          2000® Hosting Service.
       over the Internet

If your company requires integration with your industry's wholesalers and dis-
tributors, the LOGIX Web Site Design group also has the experience to deliver
your solution.
LOGIX Website Maintenance                                                          LOGIX’s offers a full line of com-
WebCare* is a maintenance program that covers any changes, updates, ad-            ponents for your Internet pres-
ditions, and deletions performed by our development team for your Web site.        ence.
Our team has the expertise to accurately maintain your site efficiently and on a      • Domain Registration Ser-
timely basis. Our maintenance program is sold in affordable units.                        vices
                                                                                      • 128-bit SSL Certificate Ser-
Personalized, Comprehensive Service                                                       vices
For the most efficient and personalized service, you will be assigned a devel-
oper who will work with you to make certain you get a uniquely competitive
and enhanced-for-business Web site.

*Only available in conjunction with the LOGIX Web Site Design service.

LOGIX offers a full line of solutions for business, government, and educational
customers, including:

   •   Access services to connect your business to the Internet
   •   Web Hosting services for your Web site and mission-critical data
   •   eCommerce solutions that enable your business to sell over the Internet     LOGIX’s experienced staff offers
   •   Communication services that unite geographically-dispersed opera-           you Web-based solutions for busi-
       tions                                                                       ness.
   •   Managed Services that use the Internet to make your business more
       productive.                                                                 Our developer group is on the
                                                                                   cutting edge of Web design and
Domain Name Registration Service                                                   development.
LOGIX has partnered with Tucows’ OpenSRS an accredited ICANN and CIRA                  • HTML development
Domain registrar to offer our customers an unparalleled Domain Registration            • Graphics development &
service. Whether you are just starting up on the Internet or already established           animation
with a domain name let LOGIX register or renew your domain for you. Our Do-            • Macromedia Flash
main Registration service offers you:                                                  • ASP (Active Server Page)
   •   We are a full service company                                                   • SQL database develop-
   •   We offer telephone support so you don’t have to deal with a computer                ment and integration
       if you don’t want to.                                                           • Javascript
   •   Competitive pricing                                                             • Perl Scripting
   •   24 hour self-service domain management control panel                            • Storefront environments
   •   COM, NET, ORG, CA, and many more                                                    using Intershop
                                                                                       • CyberCash integration
128-bit SSL Certificate Service                                                        • SSL integration
LOGIX has partnered with Tucows to bring you 128– bit SSL Certificates to se-
cure your web site communications and guarantee your customers you are
who you say you are. These high quality certificates are issued by Entrust Tech-
nologies, a global leader in Public Key Infrastructure products, to provide you
with Web Certificates with the highest levels of security and recognition avail-
able in the market today.

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                                                                                   Canada L5T 2E1

                                                                                   Toll Free: (877) 564-4922
                                                                                   Tel: (905) 670-7055
                                                                                   Fax: (905) 670-9262
                                                                                   Email: sales@logix.ca
                                                                                   Web: www.logix.ca

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