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THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009                                                                                             Page 2
                                                                                      Youth Game Room
                                                         Swing by our Youth Game Room for some great FUN and fantastic
                                                      PRIZES! Try your hand at Hole-in-One, Washer Toss, Bumper Ball and many
                                                      more fun games. Or try your hand at making beaded jewelry. If that’s not
                                                      your style, maybe you’d rather have your face painted.
                                                         There’s something for everyone, so join us at the Youth Game Room each
               June 26, 27, 28                        day from 5-9 PM. SEE YOU THERE!

                                                                     Festival Menu
                                                     GYRO – Outside only (after 5 pm)
                                                     Roast Leg of Lamb
                                                     Souvlaki — Beef or Chicken Shish kebab
                                                     Lokaniko — Spicy Greek Sausage
                                                     Fish Plaki (Friday) — Baked with Tomato Sauce
                                                     Moussaka — Eggplant, potato, hamburg casserole with cream sauce
                                                     Pastitsio — Macaroni and hamburg baked with cream sauce
                                                     Spanakopita — Spinach and feta cheese in filo
            CALLING ALL                              Dolmathes — Stuffed grape leaves
           PARISHIONERS !!!                                            Rice — Greek Salad — Bread/Rolls
                                                     Beer (domestic and imported)                      Iced Tea — Soft Drinks Wine
The following are specific needs we have at
                                                      (bottle or glass)                                Coffee and Tea
the moment. Please call if you can do
something or know a source for us to                 Ouzo — Metaxa
pursue. Right now we are in need of:
                                                     Dessert                                                 JOIN US FOR LUNCH
      People willing to make phone calls to          Rice Pudding — Galatobouriko — Baklava
                                                                                                              AND DINNER, AND
      solicit volunteers to offer their              Loukoumades — Assorted Greek Pastries
      assistance during the Festival.
•     Donations of all kinds including:                                                                      STAY FOR THE FUN!
      monetary; supplies; food and beverage
      supplies; your time; and your talents
      (e.g., carpentry, artistic, culinary, etc.).
•     Donations of money and/or prizes for
      the Youth Game Room.
•     Cooks and kitchen help for designated
      days to prepare specific Greek foods
      prior to the Festival.
•     Anything else that you can think of!

Sounds like a lot of work … and it certainly
is! But it is also a lot of fun and a very                                                   First Prize: $2,000
                                                                                             Second Prize:     $1,000
gratifying way to give back to the Church;                                                   Third Prize:      Round trip ticket to Greece
it is our largest fundraiser of the year.                                                    Fourth Prize:     $250
    THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE                                                             Fifth Prize:      Boston Red Sox Tickets Box Seats
                                                     Thanks to the sponsors of our raffle,
                                                                                             Sixth Prize:      Boston Red Sox Tickets Grandstand
 ALREADY HARD AT WORK ON FESTIVAL                      Odyssey Travel of Lexington
                  ACTIVITIES !                                                               Donation: $5 per ticket
                                                      Peoples Federal Savings Bank
    To volunteer, please contact Linda                           of Brighton.
                                                                                             Drawing to be held Sunday evening.
    Ducas or Maria Zallas at our church
           office (617) 924-8182.
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009                                                                                Page 1

                                                 TAXIARCHAE/ARCHANGEL’S GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH
                                                       WATERTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS                    WWW.GOARCHANGELS.ORG

                                                     The Feast of Pentecost
                    The Feast of Holy Pentecost is celebrated each year on the fiftieth day after the Great and Holy Feast of
                    Pascha (Easter) and ten days after the Feast of the Ascension of Christ. The Feast is always celebrated on a
                         The Feast commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles on the day of Pentecost, a
                    feast of the Jewish tradition. It also celebrates the establishment of the Church through the preaching of
                    the Apostles and the baptism of the thousands who on that day believed in the Gospel message of
                    salvation through Jesus Christ. The Feast is also seen as the culmination of the revelation of the Holy

                    Biblical Story
                          The story of Pentecost is found in the book of The Acts of the Apostles. In Chapter two we are told
                    that the Apostles of our Lord were gathered together in one place. Suddenly, a sound came from heaven
                    like a rushing wind, filling the entire house where they were sitting. Then, tongues of fire appeared, and
                    one sat upon each one of Apostles. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other
                    languages as directed by the Spirit (Acts 2:1-4).
                          This miraculous event occurred on the Jewish Feast of Shavuot, celebrated by the Jews on the fiftieth
                    day after the Passover as the culmination of the Feast of Weeks (Exodus 34:22; Deuteronomy 16:10). The
                    Feast of Weeks began on the third day after the Passover with the presentation of the first harvest sheaves to
                    God, and it concluded on Pentecost with the offering of two loaves of unleavened bread, representing the
                    first products of the harvest (Leviticus 23:17-20; Deuteronomy 16:9-10).
                          Since the Jewish Feast of Pentecost was a great pilgrimage feast, many people from throughout the
                    Roman Empire were gathered in Jerusalem on this day. When the people in Jerusalem heard the sound,
                    they came together and heard their own languages being spoken by the Apostles (Acts 2:5-6). The people
                    were amazed, knowing that some of those speaking were Galileans, and not men who would normally
                    speak many different languages. They wondered what this meant, and some even thought the Apostles
                    were drunk (Acts 2:7-13).
                          Peter, hearing these remarks, stood up and addressed the crowd. He preached to the people
                    regarding the Old Testament prophecies about the coming of the Holy Spirit. He spoke about Jesus Christ
                    and His death and glorious Resurrection. Great conviction fell upon the people, and they asked the
                    Apostles, “What shall we do?” Peter said to them, “Repent, and
                    let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for
                    the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy
                    Spirit” (Acts 2:38-39).
                          The Bible records that on that day about three thousand
                    were baptized. Following, the book of Acts states that the newly
                    baptized continued daily to hear the teaching of the Apostles, as
                    the early Christians met together for fellowship, the breaking of
                    bread, and for prayer. Many wonderful signs and miracles were
                    done through the Apostles, and the Lord added to the Church
                    daily those who were being saved (Acts 2:42-47).

                    Icon of the Feast
                         The icon of the Feast of Pentecost is known as “The Descent
                    of the Holy Spirit”. It is an icon of bold colors of red and gold
                    signifying that this is a great event. The movement of the icon is
                    from the top to the bottom. At the top of the icon is a semicircle
                    with rays coming from it (1). The rays are pointing toward the
                    Apostles, and the tongues of fire are seen descending upon each
                    one of them signifying the descent of the Holy Spirit (2).
                                                                                                               (Continued on page 3)
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009                                                                                             Page 2

                    The Archangel’s Call
               is the monthly newsletter of the
       Taxiarchae/Archangels Greek Orthodox Church
                      25 Bigelow Avenue
                    Watertown, MA 02472
                         617.924.8182                                                 His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios
    The Taxiarchae/Archangels Greek Orthodox Church is a                                of the Holy Metropolis of Boston
parish under the spiritual and ecclesiastical shepherding of                      The Reverend Father Demetrios E. Tonias, Pastor
His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of the Greek                             The Reverend Father Emmanuel S. Metaxas, Pastor Emeritus
Orthodox Metropolis of Boston of the Greek Orthodox                                     Parish Council Members—2009
Archdiocese of America under the jurisdiction of the
                                                                        Frances Levas — President                            Members:
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.
                                                                        Andrew Colivas — Vice President                    Nicholas Alex
    The Mission of the Taxiarchae/Archangels Greek
                                                                        Konstantinos Ligris — Recording Secretary       Nicholas G. Faggas
Orthodox Church is to proclaim the Gospel of Salvation                  L. Ike Papadopoulos — Treasurer                  Michael Kasseris
through the Orthodox Christian Faith for the glory of our               Ernest Anastos — Asst. Treasurer                 Francine Kollias
Triune God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.                              John Analambidakis — Stewardship Secretary        John Kopellas
    We are a community of believers who journey towards                                                                  Christine Kotsifas
our Lord Jesus Christ and one another through our                                                                      Charles Panagopoulos
WORSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, SPIRITUAL GROWTH,                                  Contact Fr. Demetrios at:                         Richard Strakus
WITNESS, and SERVICE. We invite all people to join us on                                                                 James Tzouvelis
this journey toward the Kingdom of Heaven.                              Cell: 617.955.0126
The Archangel’s Call is published on the first of each                  Email: frdemetrios@goarchangels.org          Special Life Time Member:
month. The deadline for submissions to this newsletter is                                                                  Vasilios Gizanis
the tenth of the prior month.
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                                                                        Chanters - Thomas Minetos, Costa Magimbi
                                                                        Choir Director - Cynthia Alex
                                                                        Circle of Healing - Marion Avtges, Anna Cagos, Valerie Razis,
                                                                           Anne Baras, Linda Ducas, Adrianne Sansevero
                                                                        Clothing and Food Pantry - Charles A. Patsios
                                                                        Compassionate Friends - Marion Avtges
                                                                        Computer and Internet Ministries - Manny Parasirakis
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                                                                          Donna Balaouras, Alexandra Dentremont, Nicole Hollas,

                          Taxiarchae                                      Andrew Horvath, Katerina Loridas, Spiro Loridas, Nebosha Pantic,
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                                                                          Julie Tziolas
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                                                                            Maria Behrakis
                                                                        Infant/Toddler Class - Annie Alexopoulos
                                                                        I.O.C.C. Representative - Julie Tziolas, Sophia Giogas
                                                                        “Kali Parea" Senior Ministry - Drew Bilillies
                                3 Days of Family Fun                    Koinonia - Carol Kinas
                                    JUNE 26, 27, 28                     “Mommy and Me” Playgroup - Mandy Zervoglos, Audrey Xintaropoulos
                                                                        Parish Nurse - Marion Avtges
                     All Parishioners Wanted!!!
                                                                        Pastoral Assistant - Julie Tziolas
                      •To volunteer to assist at the Festival.          Philoptochos President - Pam Kondylis
  •To sell, buy and return all Festival Raffle tickets that have been   Sextons - Demetrios Brakoumatsos, Nicholas Yiokarinis
   mailed to you. Come pick up more tickets if you can sell them!
                                                                        Sunday School Director - Ellen Souris
  •To help secure donations and sponsors for the Festival.
  •To help advertise by putting up flyers and posters.                  YAL Coordinator - Costa Karageorgis
  •To join us at the Festival and enjoy good fellowship and food
   with family and friends!!!
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(Continued from page 1)
     The building in the background of the icon represents the upper room where the Disciples
of Christ gathered after the Ascension. The Apostles are shown seated in a semicircle, which
shows the unity of the Church (3). Included in the group of the Apostles is Saint Paul (4), who,
though not present with the others on the day of Pentecost, became an Apostle of the Church
and the greatest missionary. Also included are the four Evangelists—Matthew, Mark (5), Luke
(6), and John—holding books of the Gospel, while the other Apostles are holding scrolls that
represent the teaching authority given to them by Christ.
     In the center of the icon below the Apostles, a royal figure is seen against a dark
background. This is a symbolic figure, Cosmos, representing the people of the world living in
darkness and sin, and involved in pagan worship (7). However, the figure carries in his hands
a cloth containing scrolls, which represent the teaching of the Apostles (8). The tradition of
the Church holds that the Apostles carried the message of the Gospel to all parts of the world.
     In the icon of Pentecost we see the fulfillment of the promise of the Holy Spirit, sent down
upon the Apostles who will teach the nations and baptize them in the name of the Holy Trinity.
Here we see that the Church is brought together and sustained in unity through the presence and
work of the Holy Spirit, that the Spirit guides the Church in the missionary endeavor throughout
the world, and that the Spirit nurtures the Body of Christ, the Church, in truth and love.

                Prayer of the Holy Spirit                    Orthodox Christian Celebration
Heavenly King, Comforter, the Spirit of Truth,
                                                             of the Feast of Pentecost
everywhere present and filling all things, Treasury of       This great Feast of the Church is celebrated with the Divine Liturgy of Saint John
blessings and Giver of life: come and abide in us, cleanse   Chrysostom on the Sunday that is the fiftieth day after the celebration of Pascha.
us from every impurity and save our souls, O Good One.       The Liturgy is conducted on the day of the Feast, and is preceded the evening
                                                             before by a Great Vespers service and on the morning of the Feast by the Matins
                   Hymns of the Feast
                                                             service. On the day of the Feast a Vespers service is conducted that includes the
               Apolytikion (Plagal Tone Four)                kneeling prayers. These prayers mark the beginning of the practice of kneeling
Blessed are You, O Christ our God, * who has shown           during the Liturgy at the time when the holy gifts of bread and wine are
forth, the fishermen as supremely wise, * by sending         consecrated as the body and blood of Christ. The practice of kneeling has been
down upon them the Holy Spirit. * And through them           suspended during the Paschal season. On the Monday following the Feast, the
You did, * draw the world into Your net; * Lover of
                                                             Divine Liturgy is conducted in commemoration of the All-holy and Life-creating
Mankind, glory to You.
                                                             and All-powerful Spirit, Who is God, and One of the Trinity, and of one honor
                Kontakion (Plagal Tone Four)                 and one essence and one glory with the Father and the Son (From the Synaxarion
When the Most High came down and confounded                  of the Feast).
tongues of men at Babel, He divided the nations. When            Scripture readings for the Feast are the following: At the Saturday Vespers:
He dispensed the tongues of fire, He called all to unity,    Numbers 11:16-17, 24-29; Joel 2:23-32; Ezekiel 36:24-28. At the Orthros
and with one voice we glorify the Most Holy Spirit.
                                                             (Matins): John 20:19-23. At the Pentecost Sunday Divine Liturgy: Acts 2:1-11; John
                                                             7:37-52, 8:12. At the Divine Liturgy on the Monday of the Holy Spirit: Ephesians
                                                             5:8-19; Matthew 18:10-20.

                                                                  On behalf of our entire Taxiarchae Parish family, we
                          Χρόνια Πολλά                            extend our love and respect to Metropolitan Methodios,
                                                                  who celebrates his Name Day on June 14.
                                                   METROPOLIS WILL MARK FEAST OF ST. METHODIOS
                                                   WITH VESPERS, DIVINE LITURGY AND RECEPTIONS
                                      On Saturday, June 13, 6 PM, Metropolitan Methodios and the New England
                                  Clergy will celebrate the Vespers of St. Methodios in the Chapel of the
                                  Annunciation Cathedral, in Brookline. Following the Service, the Metropolis of
                                  Boston Philoptochos Board will host a reception in the Metropolis Center to which
                                  all are invited.

                                       Εις Πολλά Έτι Δέσποτα!                                 May you have many years!
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009                                                                                          Page 4

                         From Father Demetrios…

                                                          Preaching and Healing

                      T     he month of June is a time when many
                            of us lose sight of the liturgical calendar
                       of our Church. As we embark on another
                                                                          sin is washed away. Before they left a region, a local church was
                                                                          founded so that others could have an opportunity to hear the
                                                                          same Good News and experience the same healing power of
                       summer, the excitement of the Lenten and           Christ.
                       Paschal seasons seem to be no more than a                Peter, Paul, Cosmas, and Damian recognized that it was Christ
distant memory. The pictures in this issue of The Archangel’s             alone who could heal a broken world. Their preaching was an
Call, however, remind us that it was only a few short weeks ago           effort to bring people to Christ—the true physician of souls and
when we all assembled in Church to experience the sorrow of               bodies—so that all might be healed by Him. In the process of
the Cross and the joy of the Resurrection.                                preaching, many who were physically infirm were healed so that
     Graduations, summer vacations, and trips to the beach often          they might become examples of the power of God. We are told
obscure the great lessons that the Church teaches us through the          that multitudes witnessed such miracles and believed in Christ
lectionary and festal calendar. On June 29, we commemorate                because of them.
the great apostles Peter and Paul; then, on June 30, the synaxis                Healing, therefore, can be understood as a form of
of the Twelve Apostles is celebrated; finally, on July 1 the holy,        preaching. Through the ministry of Peter and Paul and Cosmas
healing unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian of Rome are                       and Damian, we can see that all preaching is healing and all
remembered.                                                               healing is preaching. Whether by words or by miracles, the goal
     Peter and Paul and Cosmas and Damian, were sent into the             is always the same—to bring all humanity to Christ Jesus so that
world to preach and to heal. The eloquence of the former and the          all may be saved. Indeed, the Church was given by Christ to us
miracles of the latter, however, are not mutually exclusive gifts.        as a place where we can hear such preaching and receive such
Peter, for example, did indeed preach the Risen Christ and His            healing. In the Liturgy of the Word, we hear Peter, Paul, and
Holy Gospel but he also performed great miracles as in the healing        Christ Himself preach to us. In the Liturgy of the Faithful, we
of the lame man at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple (Acts 3:1–10).        experience true healing when we receive Holy Communion, our
Likewise, Cosmas and Damian healed many in the name of Jesus              sins are remitted, and eternal life bestowed.
Christ but also preached their faith with great conviction—even               There are those who make the mistake of thinking that such
before the emperor himself.                                               preaching and healing activity is either myth or a remnant of the
     All of Christ’s holy ones are called upon to preach and to           distant past—inconsistent with modernity. The Orthodox
heal. Indeed, far from being mutually exclusive gifts, preaching          Christian, however, realizes that in Christ’s Church, preaching
and healing are wedded to one another—for proclaiming                     and healing are not historic events, but rather perpetual
Christ’s Gospel is the medicine that brings about the healing of          activities.
the world. When the apostles went forth into a hostile world,                                                               Yours in Christ,
they preached the Good News in order to lead all of humanity                                                   Rev. Fr. Demetrios E. Tonias
to the healing waters of the baptismal font, where the sickness of                                                                   Pastor

                      Welcome to the newest members of our church
                      family, recently baptized at our Taxiarchae Church!

                                                                                                    September 21, 2008
                                                                                                    Carl William Pappo
                                                                                                  Sponsor: Peter Varsamis

                                                                                                      April 11, 2009
                                                                                                       Sarah Keenan
February 21 — Anastasia Lavoie, daughter of Paul and Megan.                                              Sponsor:
                 Godfather: Christopher Lavoie                                                     Katerina Tzouganatos
March 22 — Demitra Psikarakis, daughter of Anthony and Virginia.
                 Godmother: Katerina Sfakianakis
March 29 — Adrianna Tziavas, daughter of Aristidis and Roubina.
                 Godparents: Kostas and Pamela Divris
April 8 — Yianna Mitros, daughter of Dimitrios and Andromache.
                 Godparents: Demosthenis and Dimitra Maniatis
May 3 — Demetrios Berlis, son of Harry and Maria.
                 Godfather: Vasilios Davos
May 10 — Demetrios Athanasiou, son of Nicka and Amilia.
                 Godparents: Emmanuel and Irene Belibasakis
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009                                                                  Page 5

                 Απ’ τον Πάτερ μας…  
                     « Οτε του πυρός γλώσσας διένειεν, εις ενότητα τάντας εκάλεσε  
                            Και συμφώνως δοξάζομεν το πανάγιον Πνεύμα» 
                                         (Ύμνος της Πεντηκοστής) 

                A       υτός ο ύμνος της Πεντηκοστής 
                        αναφέρεται στο μέλλον της 
                   χριστιανικής εκκλησίας. Μετά την 
                                                        εργάτας εις τον θερισμόν αυτού.» (Ματθ. 9,38)  ‘Ότι 
                                                        γίνεται δια της Εκκλησίας δεν είναι καρπός 
                                                        συνεργασίας;  Δεν είναι θεανθρώπινος οργανισμός η 
ανάληψη του Χριστού η εκκλησία συνεχίζεται με την       Εκκλησία;  Η αλήθεια και η θεία χάρις, δώρα του 
έμπνευση του Αγίου Πνεύματος.  Και μέσα στην            σωτηρίου έργου του Κυρίου, προσφέρονται στους 
εκκλησία υπάρχει συμφωνία και συνεργασία μεταξύ         ανθρώπους δια της εκκλησίας, δια των ανθρώπων.  
Θεού και ανθρώπων για την πορεία και διακυβέρνηση            Και για τη σωτηρία του καθενός μας, μας καλεί ο 
του κόσμου.  Αυτό μας φαίνεται υπερβολικό.  Αλλά        Θεός σαν συνεργασία.  Η σωτηρία μας είναι καρπός 
έτσι δημιούργησε ο Θεός τον κόσμο.  Τον κόσμο αυτόν     συνεργασίας.  Του ανθρώπου και του Τριαδικού Θεού.  
το προσέφερε ο Θεός στον άνθρωπο ως κατοικία και        Χωρίς αυτή την συνεργασία είναι αδύνατος η σωτηρία 
του έδωσε εντολή να τον φυλάττει.  Ο Θεός φροντίζει     μας.  Ότι κάνει ο Θεός δεν μπορεί να το κάμει ο 
για τη δημιουργία του.  Καλεί όμως και τον άνθρωπο      άνθρωπος.  Και ότι κάνει ο άνθρωπος, δεν το κάνει ο 
συνεργάτη του και φύλακα.                               Θεός  σεβόμενος το θείο δώρο της ελευθερίας του.  
     Ιδιαιτέρως δε μας καλεί σε συνεργασία μέσα στο     Συνεργασία λοιπόν θεία και ανθρωπινή.  Θεού και 
χώρο της εκκλησίας του.  Για τη μετάδοση της            ανθρώπου. Μπορούμε να δεχθούμε αυτή την τιμή της 
ευαγγελικής αληθείας και της Θείας χάριτος στον         συνεργασίας;  Είμαστε καλοί συνεργάτες, καλοί 
κόσμο. Καλεί τον άνθρωπο σε συνεργασία για την          οικονόμοι και συνεργοί του Θεού;  
σωτηρία του κόσμου.  Σ’αυτό το έργο δεν κάλεσε τους          Είναι μεγάλη ευλογία που έχομε από τον Θεό για 
μαθητές του;  Και τους έδωκε την εντολή,                να γίνουμε συνεργάτες Του εις το κοσμοσωτήριο έργον 
“Πορευθέντες μαθητεύσατε πάντα τα έθνη”.                Του.  Και αυτό γίνεται μέσα στην εκκλησία μας, μέσα 
(Ματθαίου 28,19).  Αυτή τη μεγάλη αποστολή την          στο σπίτι μας, μέσα στην κοινωνία και μέσα στον 
αισθανόταν βαθιά ο Απόστολος Παύλος και γι’αυτό         κόσμο μας.  Αμήν. 
έγραφε δια τον εαυτόν του και τους λοιπούς                   Σας εύχομαι ένα χαρούμενο καλοκαίρι και σας 
Αποστόλους  “Θεού εσμέν συνεργοί” (Α’ Κορ. 3,9).  Ο     χαιρετώ και ασπάζομαι 
άνθρωπος συνεργός Θεού.  Ασφαλώς μπορούσε ο Θεός                                       με την αγάπη του Κυρίου 
και χωρίς εμάς να σώσει τον κόσμο.  ‘Όμως καλεί και                                 Αίδ. Έμμανουήλ Σ. Μεταξάς 
μας.  «Δεήθητε του Κυρίου του θερισμού όπως εκβάλει                                         Πρωτοπρεσβύτερος 

                                               2009 Community Spirit Award
                                                 to Fr. Emmanuel Metaxas
                                           presented by the Town of Watertown Historical
                                                       Thursday, May 7, 2009

                                     On behalf of Father Demetrios, the Parish Council and our
                                     entire parish family we congratulate our beloved Πάτερ for
                                     his service to our Parish and the community at large.
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                                   Our Taxiarchae 2009 Stewardship Report
             Stewardship Report                          Our 2009 Stewardship goal is $300,000. As of May 29, 2009, we have
              (to date for 2009)                      received 359 pledges in the
Total pledges for 2009 thus far:       $178,208       amount of $178,208 pledged
                                                                                        Current # Yearly Amount Daily Amount
Offerings received to date:            $135,173       (59% of our goal).
                                                         In 2008, we received 570       of Pledges      Range           Range
Due towards pledged amount:            $43,036
Stewards pledged thus far:             359            pledges in the amount of
                                                      $267,924.                                    4              $2,000+               $5.48+
Largest pledge thus far:               $10,184
                                                         To meet our goal for 2009,
                                                                                                  39           $1,000-$1,999        $2.74-$5.47
                                                      we need at least 241 more
                                                      pledges in the amount of                    28            $750-$999           $2.05-$2.73
      Please send in your 2009                        $121,792. Please help us reach
      Stewardship Pledge Card                         our goal for 2009 by submitting            288           Less than $750
               TODAY                                  your Stewardship pledge today!                                              g{tÇ~ lÉâ
                                                                                             Total number of pledges:359

                          Thank you to the following faithful stewards who have submitted their
                           pledge cards 2009. Please join them in their support for Taxiarchae
                                    Greek Orthodox Church and submit your pledge.

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Abate             Mrs. Erasmia Cacciola                Ms. Aliki Eleftheriadou                 Mr. & Mrs. Dmitri J. Kapalis
Mr. Thomas J. Agathopoulos           Miss Isminy Cagos                    Mrs. Angeliki Eliades                   Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Kapotsis
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Alamariu          Mr. & Mrs. Aristides Cagos           Mr. Philip L. Emmanuel                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Karafotias
Mr. Charles Alex                     Ms. Anna Cagos                       Mr. N. Fakalaris/Ms. S. Macherides      Mr. & Mrs. Panagiotis Karafotis
Mr. & Mrs. John Alex                 Mr. Christos Canelos                 Ms. Athena Fillios                      Mr. Costas Karageorgis
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Alex                Mrs. Hope Carras                     Ms. Madeline T. Fillios                 Mr. & Mrs. George Karalis
Mr. William Alex                     Mr. Frank D. Catrickes               Mrs. Jennie Flamburis                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Karalis
Mrs. Stella Alexander                Mr. & Mrs. Harry Chehames            Mr. & Mrs. James Floudaras              Mr. & Mrs. Peter E. Karalis
Mr. & Mrs. John Analambidakis        Mr. & Mrs. George Chiklakis          Mr. & Mrs. George Fotis                 Mr. & Mrs. Demetrios Karidoyanes
Mr. & Mrs. Anastasios Anastasiou     Mr. & Mrs. Constantine Choharis      Ms. Olympia Fournarakis                 Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Karidoyanes
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Anastos            Mr. Harry P. Choharis                Mrs. Mary Fuller                        Mr. & Mrs. Dimitri Karpouzis
Ms. Christine G. Anastos             Mr. & Mrs. George Christakis         Mr. & Mrs. George Gartaganis            Ms. Constance Katsos
Mrs. Helen Andrews                   Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Christakis       Mr. & Mrs. Marinos Gartaganis           Miss Mary Keches
Mr. & Mrs. George Andritsakis        Mr. & Mrs. Peter N. Christakis       Mrs. Olga Geannacopoulos                Mrs. Betty Kefalas
Mrs. S. Antipas/Ms. P.Antipas        Mr. & Mrs. Christie W. Christo       Mrs. Polexina Georgaklis                Mr. Christopher Kokoros
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Anzalone           Mr. & Mrs. George Christodoulo       Mr.Bill George                          Mr. & Mrs. George Kokoros
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore L. Arend          Filipiada Christodoulopoulos        Mr. & Mrs. John Georgopoulos            Ms. Nicky Kokoros
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Armstrong         Ms. Julia Coffin                     Mrs. Mersina Georgopoulos               Ms Francine Kollias
Mr. John Arno                        Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Colivas            Ms. Patryce Georgopoulos                Mr. & Mrs. Alex Kolokythas
Mr. & Mrs. Demosthenes Arvanitis     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Colivas           Mr. & Mrs. John Giacoumakis             Mrs. George Kondis
Ms. Sotiria Aslanidis                Mr. & Mrs. James Conduras            Miss Angela Gianoukos                   Mr. & Mrs. George Kondylis
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Athanasiou       Miss Dorothea B. Coston              Mr. & Mrs. Christos Giogas              Dr.& Mrs. Nicholas J. Kontos
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Avtges           Mr. Nicholas G. Coufos               Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Girginis              Mr. & Mrs. Dionisios Kontos
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas E. Avtges         Mrs. Agnes Coukos                   Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Giunta, Jr.          Mr. & Mrs. James Kontos
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander W. Avtgis        Mrs. Louise Damascus                Mr. & Mrs. Vasilios Gizanis             Ms. Sandra Kontos
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Bakalis            Mr. & Mrs. Charles Daskalos          Mrs. Thalia Goros                       Mr. & Mrs. John Kopellas
Ms. Pelagia Balodimos                Mrs. Vasilios Davos                  Mr. & Mrs.Konstantinos Gougoulias       Ms. Nikolista Korikis
Mr. & Mrs. Panagiotis Baras          Mr. & Mrs.Christos Deamantopoulos    Mrs. Helen Haralampu                    Ms.Irene Koronos
Ms. Diane Barnes                     Mr. & Mrs. Efth. J. Deamantopoulos   Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Harris                Mr. George Kotsifas
Mrs. Helen Bean                      Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Delegas          Mr. & Mrs. Evan W. Harris               Mrs. Elaine H. Kotsifas
Mrs. Diane Beldekas                  Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Dellaportas      Ms. Barbara Harrison                    Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kotsiras
Mr. & Mrs. Nikos G. Belibasakis      Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dellaportas         Miss Christina Heras                    Mr. & Mrs. Manolis E. Kotzabasakis
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Bennas           Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Demirjian      Mr. & Mrs. Paul Iannazzi                Mr. & Mrs. Anastasios Koufos
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Berlis              Mr. & Mrs. Michael DerBoghosian      Ms. Pearl Janis                         Mrs. Evangelia Kounelis
Mr. & Mrs. James Berlis              Mrs. Catherine Der Boghosian         Mr. Angelo Jiaravinos                   Ms. Angeline Kounelis
Mrs. Alice Bililies                  Mr. & Mrs. George Dhionis            Mr. & Mrs. James G. Jumes               Mr. Steven Kourepenis
Mr. & Mrs. Andreas Bisbas            Mrs. Christine DiFilippo             Mr. Nicholas Kacoyanis                  Mr. & Mrs.Periklis Koutsouris
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Boisvert           Mrs. Karen DiGiovanni                Ms. Catherine Kafalas                   Ms. Liz Kovacs
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Bonica           Mr.Carl Diomandes                    Mrs. Anastasia Kakis                    Mrs. Kaciany Krouskos
Mrs. Helen Boudouris                 Mrs. Joyce Dovinos                   Mrs. Georgia Kalafatis                  Mr. John C. Kyriakos
Mr. & Mrs. Vasilios Boustris         Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ducas             Mr. & Mrs. George Kalavantis            Mr. Nicholas Kyriakos
Mrs. Emily Briguglio                 Mrs. Afrodite Economos               Mr. & Mrs. Perikles Kalavantis          Mr. & Mrs. James Lambrianidis
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brooks             Mr. & Mrs. Charles Egirous           Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kalivas              Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Latzanakis
Mrs. Charles M Bucuvalas(Elaine)     Mr. George Egirous                   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Kaloyanides          Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Latzanakis
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Buras             Mr. Michael C. Egirous               Mr. & Mrs. Demetrios Kanellias          Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Lavoie
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009                                                                                              Page 7

Mrs. Ourania Leotsakos            Mr. & Mrs. Peter Nikas                Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Sansevero         Mrs. Irene Travlos
Ms. Frances E. Levas              Mr. & Mrs. Charles O'Rourke           Mr. Christopher Sarantos             Mr. & Mrs. Ted Trodden
Ms. Despina Lianos                Mr. Charles Panagopoulos              Mrs. Alyce Savas, Mrs. Anna Savas    Ms. Eleni Trujillo
Mrs. Evdokia Ligris               Mr. Matthew Panos                     Mr. & Mrs. John Savvidis             Mr. & Mrs.TheodoreTsacogiannis
Mrs. Ann Lingos                   Mr. Alexander Pantel                  Mr. & Mrs. Mack Schermer             Mr. & Mrs. James Tsacoyeanes
Ms. Lemonia Litopoulos            Mr. & Mrs. Ike Papadopoulos           Mr. & Mrs. Michael Seegers           Mrs. Patricia Tsacoyianis
Mr. & Mrs. George Loridas         Miss Mary Papageorge                  Mr. & Mrs. John Sfakianakis          Mrs. Mary Tsairis
Mr. & Mrs. Yiannis Loumbrinis     Mr. & Mrs. Dino J. Papagiannis        Mr. & Mrs. Konstantinos Siannas      Mr. & Mrs. D. Tsatsarones
Mr. & Mrs. Geoffry Lucente        Mr. & Mrs. John Papagiannis           Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Sikellis         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tsekrekas
Ms. Marsha C. MacDougall          Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Papakyrikos       Mr. & Mrs. Apostolos Skarlatidis     Mr. & Mrs. John Tsicouleas
Mr. & Mrs. Brian H. MacKintosh    Mrs. Mary Papakyrikos                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Smerlas        Mr. & Mrs. Aristidis Tziavas
Drs. Nicolaos & Ourania Madias    Mr. & Mrs. Chris Papavassiliou        Mr. Frank Smerlas                    Mr. & Mrs. Scott Usechek
Mr. Christopher Madias            Mr. & Mrs. T. Pappadopoulos           Mr. & Mrs. Peter Smerlas             Mr. & Mrs. James Vafiades
Mrs. Denna Magos                  Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Pappas            Mr. Peter Speros                     Mr. & Mrs. Steve Vahos
Mr. & Mrs. Demetrios Mandilas     Mr. & Mrs.Emmanuel Parasirakis        Mr. Spilios Spiliakos                Vangelatos Sisters
Mrs. Bess R. Manousos             Mr. & Mrs. Georgios K. Patsiokostas   Mr. & Mrs. Kosta Spyropoulos         Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Varsamis
Dr. Michael Maraganore            Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Patsios             Mr.Mrs.AthanasiosStamatopoulos       Mrs. Christina Varsamis
Mr. & Mrs. Menelaos Marathias     Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Patsios            Mr. & Mrs. George Stathakis          Mr. & Mrs. T. Vasiliades
Mr. Peter Mariano                 Mr. & Mrs. Vasilios Patsios           Mr. & Mrs. John Stavropoulos         Mr. & Mrs. Peter Vergados
Mr. & Mrs. Vasilios Marios        Mr. & Mrs. Vasilios Patsios           Mr. & Mrs. Spiros Stavropoulos       Ms. Christen S. Vergados
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolf Markic          Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Pattas            Mrs. Georgia Stavropoulos            Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Vigna
Dr.& Mrs. Brian D. Marriott       Ms. Caliope Psinakis Patterson        Mr. George W. Stefanides             Mr. George James Vlachos
Mrs. Sophie Martakis              Mr. & Mrs. Nickolaos Pavlidis         Mr. & Mrs. Aristidis Stefanis        Dr. & Mrs. T. P. Vlagopoulos
Mr. & Mrs. James Martignoni       Mr. William J. Peros                  Dr. George Stevens                   Mr. & Mrs. George Vouloukos
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Martinos        Mr. & Mrs. Vlasis Phillips            Mrs. Christine Straggas              Mr. Athanasios Vulgaropulos
Mr. & Mrs. George Masteralexis    Miss Ellea Polimou                    Dr & Mrs. Richard Strakus            Mr. J.Vulopas/Ms. T.Lakin
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mastro           Mr. & Mrs. N. Polychronopoulos        Mr. Demetrios Stratakias             Mr. William Wallgren
Mrs. Eleni Mastrogiannis          Mr. Michael Popas                     Mrs. Ecaterini Sturgis               Mrs. Julia Welch
Mr. & Mrs. Plato Mavrogeorge      Mr. & Mrs. Alexander C. Poravas       Mrs. Katina Sucu                     Ms. Marilyn Xenakis Davis and
Mr. & Mrs. John Melithoniotes     Ms. Stella Prenares                   Mr. & Mrs. David Sullivan              Mr. M. Xenakis
Ms. Stella Metaxas                Ms. Irene Provas                      Mrs. Athena Tagarelis                Mrs. Mary Xenakis
Presbytera Georgia Metaxas        Mr. & Mrs. Anthony E. Psikarakis      Mr. & Mrs. Chris Talambekos          Mr. & Mrs. Demetre Xintaropoulos
Ms. Despina Michaelidis           Mr. & Mrs. Sarantos Rallis            Ms. Messina Avtges Taleas            Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Zagami
Mrs. Evangeline Miller            Mrs. Vicki Rallis                     Mr. & Mrs. George J. Tatakis         Mr. & Mrs.William Zagorianakos
Mr. Georgios Minasidis            Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Razis               Mr. & Mrs.DionysiosTembelopoulos     Mr. & Mrs. Costa Zahos
Mr. & Mrs.AthanasiosMitropoulos   Mrs. Ekaterina Razis                  Mr. & Mrs. Socrates Theodorakos      Col. & Mrs.Nicholas M. Zallas
Mr. & Mrs. Dimitrios Mitros       Drs. Rice & Welch                     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Theodorakos        Ms. Alexis Nicole Zallas
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Morris     Mr. Antony M. Rodolakis               Dr/Mrs.Theoharides Theoharides       Mr. & Mrs. Vassilis I. Zannis
Ms. Priscilla Moskos              Ms. Helen D. Rokas                    Mr. Peter Therios                    Mr. & Mrs.Demetrios V. Zarkadas
Mr. & Mrs. George Moutafis        Ms. Elaine P. Romano                  Mr. & Mrs. John Thurner              Mr. & Mrs.Nicholas A. Zervoglos
Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Moutafis      Mrs. Eleni Romneos                    Mr. & Mrs. Costas Tingos             Mr. Christopher D. Zevitas
Mr. & Mrs. William Munichiello    Mr. & Mrs. Milton Sakorafas           Mr. & Mrs. Ike Tingos                Mr. & Mrs. Demos Zevitas
Mr. & Mrs. Stavros Natsis         Mr. & Mrs. Pavlo Samios               Mr. William Tragakis

                                                                                        Vasilia “Vicky” Geskos was born and raised in a
                                                                                        devout family in Greece. She graduated from
                                                                                        Dioxedes College in Athens with a Liberal Arts
                                                                                        degree. In 1974, she married George Geskos and
  23rd ANNUAL METROPOLIS OF                                                             came to the US, bringing with her strong values.
BOSTON MINISTRY AWARDS DINNER                                                           She was blessed with three beautiful and
        Sunday, June 14, 2009                                                           successful children; Steve, Klio and Evangeline.
                                                                                        She gave her love and devotion to her family
   LOMBARDO’S, Randolph, MA
                                                                                        above all else and after her husband’s passing,
Cocktails 5:30 PM Dinner 6:30 PM                                                        raised her children on her own, instilling in them
                                                                                        her values of family, religion and love. After her
The Ministry Award is bestowed                                                          children went off to college, Vicky devoted her
annually to Parishioners who have                   time and love to her beloved Taxiarchae.
labored for the progress of the local                  When Father Ted entrusted her with the keys of the church, the church became
Parish. Special Awards are also made to             her second home. She could be found throughout the day tirelessly beautifying her
individuals whom Metropolitan                       church inside and out, decorating, sewing, and gardening. She also volunteered
Methodios thanks on behalf of the                   with Greek School, the church office, and Panagia’s Garden. She especially loved
Church, for outstanding service to the              cooking for her church! Vicky has also been involved with the community, schools,
Ministries of our Metropolis.                       art, music, sports and various fundraisers. God has blessed her with health,
Stewardship of time and talents is the              strength, perseverance, talent, generosity, and love in heart which she has
basis for this Award.                               succeeded over the years to share with others. She always thanks the Lord for His
        Donation: $75 per person                    blessings and the privilege to serve His Holy Church.
             For Reservations,
         contact the church office.
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                                         A Message from our Parish Council President

            Dear Parish Family,                                              SPRING CALENDAR RAFFLE WINNERS
             Wow, what a busy time. On Graduation Sunday we                           May 4—May 28
             honored our new graduates. The Greek School and
             Sunday School ended their year. The Greek School          Monday, May 4               Teri Peixoto           $100
program was wonderful. We thank all the teachers in our Greek
School and Sunday School for their time and devotion to our            Tuesday, May 5             James Vouros            $100
children. Graduation Sunday is a day to honor our youth for           Wednesday, May 6          David McNamara            $100
their accomplishments. On behalf of the Parish I wish to
congratulate the graduates and their families for a job well done!     Thursday, May 7            Eva Zographos           $100
Please give them warm congratulations. They are our future and
                                                                        Friday, May 8        Ted Construction/Souris      $100
we are lucky to have them!
                                                                       Saturday, May 9             Alex Seegers           $100
College Graduates
     Annie Alexopoulos, Worcester State College                         Sunday, May 10       Peter and Joanna Davos       $200
     Matthew Ducas, Bryant College
                                                                       Monday, May 11             Ellea Polimou           $100
     Katerina Loridas, Boston University
     Phil Mastro, Bridgewater State College                            Tuesday, May 12           John Sarianides          $100
     Paulina Mitropoulos, Boston University
     Xeni Mitropoulos,                                                Wednesday, May 13          Elaine Bucuvalas         $100
        Mass College of Pharmacy & Health Services                     Thursday, May 14            Joann Assad            $100
     George Stefanides, University of Massachusetts, Boston
                                                                        Friday, May 15            Mary Xenakis            $100
High School Graduates
Stephanie Ducas             Diane Stitt                                Saturday, May 16            Peter outafis          $100
Nicholas Lambrianidis       Konstantinos Theoharides
                                                                        Sunday, May 17            John Kopellas           $200
Arthur Patsios              Alexis Zallas
Anthony Sansevero                                                      Monday, May 18           Ike Papadopoulos          $100

On Graduation Sunday, the Scholarship Committee awarded                Tuesday, May 19          Yvonne Spandoni           $100
their annual scholarships to the following students still attending
                                                                      Wednesday, May 20      George & Carol Stathas       $100
college. Congratulations to all!
                                                                       Thursday, May 21           Brad Contardi           $100
Stephanie Ducas             Christina Sansevero
Speros Loridas              Alexandra Strakus                           Friday, May 22         Michael Maraganore         $100
Alexandria Salemis          Alexis Zallas
                                                                       Saturday, May 23             B. Tiatsios           $100
Our biggest fundraiser of the year is around the corner, the           Sunday, May 24            Christina Karalis        $200
Grecian Festival 2009 on June 26, 27 & 28. Everyone’s help is
needed to make sure that our Festival is more successful than          Monday, May 25           Taxiarchae Choir          $100
ever. These are difficult times and we need to ensure that we
                                                                       Tuesday, May 26            Mark Arvanitis          $100
work hard to make it a success. The chair people are John Abate,
Andrew Colivas and myself. I am asking everyone to commit             Wednesday, May 27           Frances Levas           $100
time to volunteer. Let’s have some fun as a “Church Family”.
Please call the Church office to volunteer.                            Thursday, May 28    Anastasia and Billy Kopellas   $500

Every year we nominate a parishioner to be awarded at the
Metropolis Dinner on June 14. It is my pleasure to announce the                           Save these dates IN 2009!!!!!
recipient of the Metropolis Laity Award from our Parish, Vicky
Geskos. Please join me in congratulating Vicky with this honor.                      Friday-Sunday, June 26-28
Vicky has devoted her time and love to the church for many                               Annual Grecian Festival
years and we pray that God blesses her and her family with                           Saturday, September 26
health for many years to come.                                                           Faire on the Square
                                                                                     October 17-18
See you at the Festival,                                                                 Gyro Fest/Family Festival
Frances                                                                              Sunday, November 8
                                                                                         Nameday Family Dance

                                                                                             MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009                                                                                       Page 9

                         FROM THE PARISH NURSE                                                  COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS:
                                                                                        The Compassionate Friends Ministry is a
                               NATIONAL NURSES WEEK                                     group of caring individuals who are making
                            HONORING OUR PARISH NURSES                                  a difference to the people around them
                         On Sunday, May 17, in honor of                                 who are in need. As an expression of true
                         National Nurses Week, the Taxiarchae                           Christian Stewardship they give time to visit
                         community honored the nurses of the                            with parishioners who are homebound, in a
                         parish who have been helpful to the       nursing home, or in assisted living. They are nurturers,
Parish Nurse Ministry. We thank Esmerelda Ciano, Valerie Razis,    advocates, and listeners. They may take someone shopping, to a
Haroula Varsamis, Anne Baras, Estier Sayegh, Lisa Tanis, Savina    doctors appointment, or to church on Sunday. The time
Davos, Elizabeth Ashton, Stella Metaxas, and Presbytera            commitment can be as much or as little as they can give.
Maryann Tonias for their help. Nurses present were blessed by      Compassionate Friends are people helping people, teaching us
Father Demetrios and presented with an icon of Saint Elizabeth,    to care for our brothers and sisters.
the patron saint of nurses.                                            If you can give a few hours a week or a month, you will
                                                                   experience the gift of giving as well as receiving. We welcome
                                                                   men and women-young and old alike!
                                                                       Contact our Parish Nurse Marion Avtges, R.N. or call the
                                                                   church office and leave a message for further information.

                                                                                           BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP:
                                                                                              “Blessed are they that mourn,
                                                                                       for they shall be comforted” Matthew: 5:4

                                                                                     If you have had a loss of a loved one,
                                                                                     whether recent or not so recent come and
                                                                                     join us. This is a group that understands your
                                                                   grief and understands this is a difficult time. The Bereavement
                                                                   Group meets on the third Thursday of the month from 2 PM to
                                                                   3:30 PM. This month’s meeting will take place on June 18. The
                                                                   group is co-led by Father Demetrios and Marion Avtges, R.N.

Blood pressures are offered every Friday morning from 9 AM to                Fallen Asleep in the Lord
12 noon.                                                                  Remember in your hearts and prayers our
                                                                                   brothers and sister
MEN’S HEALTH ISSUES—STRAIGHT TALK FOR MEN                                       who fell asleep in the Lord
Ministry and the Barron Center for Men’s Health at Mount                      on March 24, Achillaes Kapetanakos
Auburn Hospital will sponsor a health education program which                 on April 8, Raymond Anthony Miller
will focus on men’s health issues. Dr. George Reservitz, Medical                 on April 10, James Gregoricus
Director for men’s health, will be our main speaker. There will                   on April 26, Zoe Triantafilles
be time also for your questions.                                      Eternal be their memory Αιωνία η Μνήμη

                                “Harris J. Booras” Chapter #406                  Hope (Elpida) Carras was
                                                                                 honored on AHEPA Sunday
                                        Order of AHEPA                           for her outstanding service to
                                                                                 the Watertown Community
                                                                                 and especially to the
                                                                                 Taxiarchae Greek School.

     AHEPANS                                                                                    Contact numbers:
  commemorate                                                                      John Abate:              617-484-0499
  AHEPA Sunday,                                                                    George Loridas:          617.926.8674
 May 17, with the                                                                  Athanasios Vulgaropulos: 781.894.7666
   Blessing of the                                                                 Demetri Tsatsarones:     781.893.5988
Loaves (Artoclasia).
                                                                               Please keep us informed of any member that is sick or in need.
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009                                                                                                     Page 10

                                                                          Your Philoptochos, along with all the ladies of our parish, are
                   Philoptochos                                           working hard this month preparing for the Taxiarchae Grecian
                                                                          Festival. WE NEED EVERYONE'S help to fill our pastry table for
                           Chapter of the Good Samaritan                  three straight days of sales. ALL proceeds benefit our church. It is
                   Member of the National Ladies Philoptochos Society     very difficult to make personal requests to everyone so please be
                                                                          proactive and contact Pastry Table Coordinator Pam Kondylis via
 the church office or at tkmktg@comcast.net. If you are unsure as to what type of pastry you should make, we will be happy to offer
 some suggestions. If you cannot bake, please consider volunteering to help or giving a monetary donation. We will graciously accept
 all levels of monetary assistance to cover the costs of the large group baking projects (such as thiples and baklava). Lastly, don't forget
 to bring in new or like-new items for our "Re-Gift Sale" table. Thank you and we look forward to working together to help make this
 year's festival even more successful than ever!
      It was great to see everyone who attended our annual Pot Luck General Assembly Meeting and Taxiarchae Women's Gathering last
 month (see photos). The dinner, comprised of everyone's pot luck offerings, was terrific and a pleasant time was had by all. A
 Philoptochos financial overview for the past year is available via the church office to all who could not make the meeting.
      Philoptochos board elections for the 2009-2011 term were held on May 31st. Congratulations and best of luck to the new incoming
 board which will officially assume its responsibilities and elect officers in September. Our appreciation to current board members Pam
 Kondylis, Irene Pistoftzian, Maria Robinson, Popie DiGiovanni, Amy Pappo, Haroula Varsamis, Diane Beldekas, Elaine Tripoli, Angelica
 Vergados, Leah Alvanos and Katie (Tingos) Lucente for their hard work these past two years.
      Your Philoptochos hosts a small coffee fellowship hour after the St. Panteleimon Vesper Service in July. If anyone would like to help
 sponsor this event in honor of, or in memory of, a family member named after the Saint (as is our little chapel) please contact Linda
 Ducas via the church office.

                                                                                                         Monday, August 10 to
                                               “Το Περιβόλι της Παναγίας ”                                 Friday, August 14
                                                        Panagia’s Garden                                      9 am – 1 pm

                                     Join us for a one-week Greek Language and Cultural Day Camp for Pre-School,
                                     Kindergarten, and early elementary-aged children. Our Greek School Director, Hope Carras and members
                                     of our Greek Language and Cultural Program, will lead this day camp assisted by several other staff members.
                                     The program will again feature lessons in Greek Folk Dancing.
                                        Our Focus for the week includes songs, crafts, games, stories, playtime, as well as a journey through the
                                     beauty of the fifteen days of August to the Feast of Panagia. Knowledge of the Greek language is NOT
                                     necessary. This day camp will be a great “jump-start” and “refresher” for our young students before they
                                     begin the new Greek School year. We will also learn to sing a few of the beautiful hymns and songs
                                     dedicated to Panagia.
                                        A limited number of campers will be accepted. Please register early to ensure your child’s space! For
                                     more information and registration forms, please call our church office at 617.924.8182

      Vacation Church School                                          Session One: June 29—July 5                   Metropolis of Boston Camp
                                                                      Session Two: July 6—12
         August 3—August 7                                            Session Three: July 13—19
           Monday— Friday                                             Session Four: July 20—26                    The camp began in 1990 with 50
                                                                      Session Five: July 27—August 2              campers and 18 staff members. The
      at the Metropolis Center                                        Session Six: August 3—August 9              program has grown to over 550
Day-camp program for children ranging             MBC Camp                                                        campers and over 100 staff members
between the ages of 4-12 years old. Arts                                                                          during the five one week camp
and crafts, fun and games, athletics, music,             Embracing Children Camp July 13-19                       sessions. Youth between 8-18 years of
discussion sessions, and much more.             Embracing Special Needs Camp: This program seeks to provide       age participate in a wide variety of
                                                an opportunity for our children with special needs to enjoy fun   activities.
  For more information on Summer                                                                                      Christ has truly blessed this camp
 Camps for our children, please speak           and fellowship with other Orthodox Christian youth from
                                                surrounding areas.                                                program and it is the foundation for the
         to Father Demetri.                                                                                       other aspects of youth ministry.
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009                                                                                        Page 11

                                                                     GREEK EDUCATION AND CULTURE PROGRAM
                                        St. Sophia’s
                                       Sunday School                 Another year with all our wonderful students has
                                                                     come to an end and what a year it has been! So
                                                                     much has been accomplished by the students.
                                                                     When I go into each classroom, I see students
 We can't believe the end of the year is here already!               seriously engaged in their work — reading,
                                                                     writing, and working on special projects with the help of their
 Congratulations to all our graduates on May 31. We are so           teachers. I see our littlest angels writing their letters and singing
 proud of you and hope you will remember all the valuable            new songs. Some of our students even learn to dances. Seeing
 lessons you learned during your Sunday School experience at         such productivity tells us that it could not have been done
 the Taxiarchae.                                                     without our committed and dedicated staff of teachers. A huge
 Volunteers are much needed for our game room at the Festival,       thank you to our Coordinator of Language Arts, Mrs. Voula
 June 26-28 and gift basket donations are also needed for our        Polychronopoulou. Mrs. Eleni Koutsouris and Mrs. Katerina
 fundraiser raffle. To volunteer or donate, please call the church   Varellis Swartz make learning fun. Mrs. Anastasia Stamos’ love
 office.                                                             and understanding has endeared her to her students; thanks also
                                                                     to Mrs. Ellie Gravanis and Irene Pappadopoulos who have
                                                                     worked with her. Ms. Maria Diamantoudi motivates her
                                                                     students and helps them create ideas of their own. Mr. Vasili
                                 JOY, HOPE and LOVE                  Louros’ talents and resources within our Orthodox church lend his
                                                                     expertise in chanting and learning new songs. Mrs. Cynthia Alex’s
                                 had a great year learning about     creative ideas and use of audio-visual aides has given her students
                                 the Parables of Christ! Thank       inspiration and motivation in learning the Greek language. Here
                                 you to all of the children and      is what some of our students have to say about what they have
                                 families who participated this      learned this year:
                                 year. Have a great summer,                                                         Hope Moschi-Carras
                                 and we'll see you in September!
                                                                     Εμαθα να συνεργάζομαι με άλλους με τις εργασίες….. 
                                                                          —Αναστασία Κυρατζόγλου 

                Mommy & Me Playgroup
                                                                     Έμαθά ποιήματα και τραγούδια για την Ελλάδα…. 
                                                                          —Χρύστος Brooks 
                                                                     Έμαθα για την μυθολογία τους θεούς της αρχαίας Ελλάδας…. 
               The Mommy and Me Playgroup is a drop-in                    —Αναστασία Μανιάτις 
               playgroup for infants to 5 year olds that meets       Έμαθα να κάνο πολλά πράγματα…—Δημήτρης Κοκόρος 
               every Friday from 9:30 — 11 AM. During this           Μάθαμε να μιλάμε καλά Ελληνικά…..—Αργύρης Καραλής 
               time we have a brief church related lesson            Εκάναμε εργασίες για τις γιορτές…..—Κώστας Τ. 
               followed by snack time, a craft, and playtime.        Ένα πράγμα που έμαθα ήταν πώς να γράφω καλύτερες    
               Please feel free to drop in any time. On June 5th          εκθέσεις…..—Μιχάλης Κολύβας 
               we will meet with the Watertown Family
                                                                     Μου άρεσε πολύ το βιβλίο μου γιατί οι ιστορίες ήχαν μικρά    
               Network for some music and crafts. On June 12th
 we will meet for the last time until September. Join us for an           παιδιά….—Παναγιώτα Κολύβας 
 end of the year celebration. Please contact Mandy Zervoglos at
 mzervoglos@gmail.com for more information about our

 Friday, June 5 — 9:30 AM — MUSIC WITH BETH
 Celebrate the end of yet another successful school year with music suitable for young children. At the Hellenic Center.

 Wednesday, June 10 — 11 AM - GORE ESTATE TOUR. We will meet at the Gore Estate in Waltham and walk to see the animals
 that are housed on the property Feel free to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy after. If the weather is very bad we will cancel.

 Wednesday, June 17 — 11 AM — ARSENAL PARK. Come enjoy bubbles and outdoor activities. Rain date: June 24.

 Thursday, June 25 — 6:30 PM — FAMILY PICNIC AT SALTONSTALL PARK. Get ready for the 4th of July. Music provided by the
 Pine Hill Ramblers.
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009                                                                                                              Page 12

Summer Sunday Schedule: Orthros: 8:30 AM, Doxology and Divine Liturgy: 9:30AM
Weekday Liturgies: 9 AM
Parish Nurse Office Hours/Blood Pressure Clinic: Fridays 9 —12 noon
Greek School: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:45-6 PM, Saturdays, 9:45 AM—1 PM
Evening Meetings: Adult—7:30 PM, GOYA—7-9 PM, JOY—6:30-8:30 PM
Mommy & Me Playgroup: Fridays, 9:30 AM — 11 AM
Flex/Stretch Class: Mondays, 10 AM — 11 AM
                                                                                                   June 2009
                Sun                            Mon               Tue                 Wed                             Thu            Fri            Sat
                                                  1                 2                   3                              4           5                6
                                             Flex/Stretch                                                                      Mommy & Me

                    7                             8                 9                  10                              11           12               13
               Pentecost                     Flex/Stretch                                                            AHEPA     Mommy & Me      St. Methodios
            Trinity Sunday                                                                                           Meeting    End of Year       Vespers
Epistle: Acts 2:1-11                                                                                                            Party p.11        Cathedral
Gospel: John 20:19-23                                                                                                                          Center Chapel
                                                                                                                                                  6 PM p.3
         Summer Hours begin
            Orthros 8:30
             Liturgy 9:30

                 14                               15                16                 17                          18          19                         20
             All Saints                      Flex/Stretch                                                      Bereavement
     St. Methodios the onfessor                                                                                Support p.9
          Feastday of our
       Metropolitan Methodios
Epistle: Hebrews 11:33-40; 12:1-2
Gospel: Matthew 10:32-33;
           37-38; 19:27-30

Ministry Awards Dinner p.7

                21                                22                23                  24                       25            26                         27
        2nd Sunday of Matthew                Flex/Stretch                          Nativity of             FESTIVAL PREP
Epistle: Romans 2:10-16                                                           St. John the                  p.14
Gospel: Matthew 4:18-23                                                              Baptist
                                                                                Orthros and Divine

               28                               29                  30
      3rd Sunday of Matthew               Peter and Paul
                                          Holy Apostles                                FESTIVAL PREP
Epistle:                                   Orthros and                                   We need Everyone ’ s help
  Romans 5:1-11                            Divine Liturgy
Gospel:                                        9 AM
  Matthew 6:22-33

                                                                                      Metropolis Camp Session I p.13
THE ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009                                                                                                                                          Page 13

  MASCO Consultant Service, Inc.
               John A. Abate, President                                       KALIVAS                                                 FAGGAS FUNERAL HOME, INC.

                                                                                                                                                 Nicholas G. Faggas
                  227 White Street
            Belmont, MA 02478.1255                                              INSURANCE AGENCY, INC.                                               Funeral Director

                 Tel: 617-484-5946                                        Automobile • Homeowners • Commercial • Business          George Faggas                       Adrianne Faggas
                                                                                          “Always There for You”
                Fax: 617-484-0895
          Email: john.abate2@verizon.net                                  Charles Kalivas     781-648-0060       Michael Kalivas
                                                                           635 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington Center                                           Toll Free: 1-800-222-2586
                                                                                  Email: charlie@kalivasinsurance.com              551 Mt. Auburn St.                   Tel: 617-926-2163
    Tax • Bookkeeping • Payroll • Consulting                                                                                       Watertown, MA 02472                 Fax: 617-926-7888

                                                                         Manager/Relocation Specialist
                                                                         CENTURY 21 Adams
              FAMILY DENTAL ARTS                                         486 Common Street • Belmont, MA 02478
“Where Art & Science Come Together to Create Healthy Beautiful Smiles”   Office:     617-489-6900
      Karen L. Orazio-Venizelos, D.M.D.                                  Fax:        617-826-3489
    6 Hawthorne Street               290 Baker Avenue., S201             Cell:       617-571-8883
    Belmont, MA 02478                Concord, MA 01742                   Voice Mail: 617-826-3489
                         (617) 489-2710                                  Email: mariapap@comcast.net
                E-mail: Dr. KOraziosmile@verizon.net                     Web: www.bestmovesbymaria.com

           Elis Paparisto, D.D.S.                                        Peter
        YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY                                               CONDAKES
• Tooth Colored Fillings            • Veneers
                                                                         Company, Inc.
• Periodontal Therapy               • Invisalign Braces                                    Executive Offices
• Latest Implant Technology         • One Hour Teeth Whitening
• Porcelain Crowns & Bridges        • Evening Hours                        100 Everett Avenue, Chelsea, MA 02150
                                                                         Tel. (617)884-5080      Fax (617)884-3950
                                                                                  All fresh fruits and vegetables

                                                                                                                        Document Technologies Inc.
                                                                                                                              204 Second Ave
                                                                                                                             Waltham MA 02451

                                                                                      Products to meet every need....and every budget

                                                                                      •      Color or Black & White
                                                                                      •      Copiers & Printers                              •      Network or Stand-alone
                                                                                      •      Total Satisfaction Guarantee                    •      Multifunction machines

  Elegance on the Charles.

                                                                                                                                           TED CONSTRUCTION INC.
                                                                                                                                    Call Ted
                                                                                                                                    Phone: (617) 926-4038
   2345 Commonwealth Avenue       Newton, MA 02466                                                                                  Cell: (617) 699-0353
         (617) 969-1000   Fax (617) 527-6914                                                                                        Fax: (617) 926-1634                  PO Box 89
                www.newtonmarriott.com                                                                                              Licensed & Insured    Watertown, MA 02471-0089

                             leah kelly photography
                             emotion. unscripted.

                                             Evangelea Kelly                                                                       Specializing in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
                                               Photographer                                                                                   for children and young adults
                                                                                                                                   Caterina Raffa, D.M.D. Alexander Athanasiou, D.M.D.
                                8 Chapman Street                                                                                    521 Mt. Auburn Street, Suite 104     Watertown, MA 02472
                           Watertown, MA 02472                                                                                                           617.924.1911
                                    617.393.4221                                                                                          Come visit our brand new state of the art office
                  leah@leahkellyphotography.com                                                                                           where we provide unique dental experiences!
                   www.leahkellyphotography.com                                                                                               www.pediatric-dental-arts.com
  THE ALLING        A P
              LL ARISHIONERS
      ARCHANGEL’S CALL - June 2009               !!!                                                                    Page 14
  The 2009 Grecian Festival will be held on Friday, June 26 – Sunday, June 28. Festival Hours are: Friday and Saturday, 11 AM – 11
  PM, and Sunday, 12 noon – 10 PM.
     Putting this event together is a massive undertaking requiring 100 volunteers each hour that the festival is open!!! We need
  your help! Many of you have worked for years to make this event a success, but we need more help and new blood to renew
  our energies. The more volunteers we have, the fewer hours each volunteer has to work. This is a great way to get involved and
  to have fun with your fellow parishioners.
  Right now we are in need of:
       People to make phone calls to solicit volunteers.
       Donations of all kinds.
       Donations of money and/or prizes for the Youth Game
       Room.                                                                                              Please check off the day
       Food Prep Help                                                                                            you can help.
       Volunteers to put up flyers and posters.                                                         Setup:
  For the weekend of the Festival, we are looking for:
       People to assist with the food line.                                                                  Thursday, June 25
       People to help with tray pick-up.                                                                Days of Festival (We will
       People to assist in the kitchen.                                                                 need help each day starting
       A whole bunch of other things.                                                                   ½ before the festival begins
       Anything else that you can think of.                                                             until ½ past the end.):
      We love to hear ideas!                                                                                 Friday, June 26
                                                                                                           11 AM – 11 PM

                                                                                                           Saturday, June 27
                                                 YES!!! I want to volunteer!
    THANKS TO ALL OF YOU                              Please contact me!                                   11 AM – 11 PM
     AT WORK ON FESTIVAL                     Name: ____________________________                            Sunday, June 28
         ACTIVITIES!                                                                                       12 noon –10 PM
     If you have any questions or            Phone#: __________________________
    suggestions, please feel free to                                                                   Equipment Breakdown:
    contact Linda Ducas or Maria             E-mail: ____________________________
       Zallas the church office at                                                                         Monday, June 29
                                                                                                           9 AM - 5 PM

Taxiarchae Archangels Greek Orthodox Church                                                                           Nonprofit Org.
                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
25 Bigelow Avenue                                                                                                         PAID
Watertown, MA 02472-2041                                                                                                Boston, MA
                                                                                                                     Permit NO. 58091

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