June 2004 - Metis Messenger by dfsdf224s


									                                                             L abra dor Metis Na ti on

                           Metis Messenger
                                                                                                                                 June 2004

  Inside this issue:                  Court Asked to Clarify Impact of Labrador Inuit
Overview of LMN Com-
                                      Association Agreement on Inuit/Metis Rights
munal Fishing Licence                 The LMN has been engaged            us on how the Agreement           “These clauses were not
David Pratt, Minister of    6         for six months in efforts to        should protect the rights of      needed by the LIA, so you
National Defense                      clarify the impact of the LIA       the LMN communities. But          have to ask why they
Meets with LMN Rep-                   Agreement on the only               until we get an agreement         agreed to put them in” said
                                      other Inuit descendant              on that, we have no choice        Mr. Russell. “Every other
National Aboriginal         7
                                      claim in Labrador – the             but to defend our rights in       Inuit descendant group in
Diabetes Day Walk                     LMN’s. “After getting inde-         court.”                           the country is sheltered –
                                      pendent legal opinions,                                               including the Nunavik Inuit
Minister of Natural         7         holding meetings and send-          The controversy over the          who also have territorial
Resources Canada Visits               ing and receiving a lot of          Labrador Inuit Association        overlaps and common an-
                                      letters on this issue,” says        (LIA) Final Agreement and         cestry in many cases. So
Trans Labrador High-        8                                             the LMN’s request for
                                      Mr. Russell, “the reality has                                         the question is, why did
way                                                                       amendments emerged be-
                                      sunk in. The price of set-                                            they single us out?”
                                      tling the north coast Inuit         cause of unprecedented and
Black Tickle Student        9                                             highly complicated legal          The LMN notes that the
Makes Community
                                      claim is to extinguish all
                                      Inuit descendant rights             texts in the Agreement,           Labrador Inuit Association,
                                      throughout Labrador, in-            which claims to extinguish        provincial government and
                                      cluding outside their claims        all rights of any and all Inuit   federal government have
New Forestry Agree-         9
ment Signed                           area. We can’t and won’t            or Inuit descendants with         expressed inconsistent
                                      pay that price.”                    any historic or current use       viewpoints about the effect
                                                                          and occupancy in the LIA’s        of the Agreement on other
Land Resources and         10         The Labrador Metis Nation           claims area. The LIA claims       Inuit -based claims in Labra-
Prosperity Conference                 filed court action, on behalf       area overlaps the LMN             dor with overlapping land
                                      of over 6,000 Inuit descen-         claims area to a consider-        use and occupancy. “So we
                                      dants. "Our aim is to clarify       able degree around Upper          have various parties saying
Russell meets with         11         the LIA Agreement’s impact          Lake Melville, just as much       various things,” adds Mr.
Prime Minister                        on people the LIA simply            of the LIA and LMN mem-           Russell. This court action
                                      does not represent,” says           bership have common an-           will hopefully bring every-
                                      Mr. Todd Russell, President         cestry.     The Agreement         one under the same tent.”
What’s happening in        11         of the LMN. “It is unfortu-         also tries to prohibit any
Voisey’s Bay?                                                                                               (Article continues on page
                                      nate that the three parties         acceptance of Inuit descen-
                                      to the LIA Agreement have           dant claims in Labrador           6)
Living a Healthier Life-   12         not been able to agree              outside of the LIA claims
style                                 amongst themselves or with          area.

                                 John Efford, Minister of Natural Resources                  Aboriginal Communal Fishery: After
                                 Canada visits the Labrador Metis Nation to                  years of lobbying, LMN signs an agreement
                                 discuss his battle with diabetes, a disease that is         for management of the salmon and other
                                 increasing rapidly in Labrador Metis communities.           fisheries. See inside for details.
                                 See inside for details. Photo: (l-r) Connor Adams, John
                                 Efford and Sydney Reichel
  PAGE 2                                                 M ETIS ME SSE NGE R

Salmon food fishery becomes a reality for many Metis but challenges
After many years of lobbying, protest          tions on the LMN communal licence,”            Communal Licence Advisory Commit-
and court action the Labrador Metis            said LMN President Todd Russell.               tee composed of representatives from
now have their own salmon food fish-           “While our glass is only half full this        14 communities provided guidance to
ery. A communal fishing licence agree-         year we must look at this agreement            the negotiating team.
ment for the area of Fish
Cove Point to Cape St.                                                                                 The communal licence confers
Charles was signed with                                                                                on the Labrador Metis Nation
the Department of Fisher-                                                                              the authority to fish for multi
ies and Oceans on June                                                                                 species. The licence is in-
10, 2004.                                                                                              tended to provide a mecha-
                                                                                                       nism, for reasons of proper
Although the licence does                                                                              management and control of
not cover all of LMN’s                                                                                 the fisheries and conservation
traditional territory, the                                                                             and protection of fish.
leaders of the LMN
weighted the pros and                                                                                    “Although the communal li-
cons and voted unani-                                                                                   cence provides an opportunity
mously to accept what                                                                                     to fish for food it also brings
DFO has offered on a one Lawrence O’Brien, M.P. for Labrador and Todd Russell, LMN President discuss Abo- with it a hugh responsibility
                               riginal Communal Fishing Licence and other matters.
year trial basis. Efforts will                                                                            to protect the resource.
be made to extend the                                                                                     We must all share in this
communal licence geographical area to             as a building block towards achieving        effort to ensure that our fish re-
the Lake Melville and Labrador Straits            fishing rights in all of our traditional     sources are healthy for future genera-
area over the next year.                          areas.”                                      tions of Metis.” The LMN intends to
                                                                                               enforce this policy.
“We were very disappointed to learn               The contents of the communal licence
during the course of negotiations that            was negotiated by a team of LMN rep-         Support on this file from Labrador’s
there would be geographical limita-               resentatives (see details below). A          M.P., Lawrence O’Brien was solid.

Overview of the Labrador Metis Communal Licence
             Communal Fishing Area
                                                        Communal Fishing Licence Area: Fish Cove Point to Cape St.
                                                        Species: Salmon, Trout, Char, Herring, Whelk, Scallops, Seals (for food
                                                        purposes only)
                                                        Who is qualified to fish under LMN’s licence ? Members of the Lab-
                                                        rador Metis Nation, who are resident of Labrador can fish under LMN’s
                                                        licence in the area specified.
                                                        What are the rules for members who reside in Labrador but out-
                                                        side the Communal Fishing Area ? Members from Lake Melville and
                                                        the Labrador Straits can fish in the communal licence fishing area. (See
                                                        related story Special allocation for Lake Melville p.5)
                                                        What is the fee structure? There are no fees applied to the licence.
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Fishing Gear

Nets may only be set in a straight line.
Nylon twine is only permitted in nets, monofilament nets are strictly prohibited.
Nets are not to be to left unattended for a period of more than 48 hours.
No nets to be set in inland waters.
Fishing by means of gill nets is permitted in tidal waters.
The maximum length of net permitted per household is 25 fathom.
For the period of July 07 – July 15, only nets with a mesh size of not less than 127 mm (5 inches), but not more
than133mm (5.25 inches) may be used.
For the period of July 16 – August 15, only nets with a mesh size of not less than 89 mm (3.5 inches), but not more
than 102 mm (4 inches) may be used.

Gear Identification

In accordance with fisheries regulations and in the interest of conservation, “weekend take-ups” will apply. All fishing gear
must be clearly marked to identify the full name of the designated individual of the Food Fishing Designation issued by the
Labrador Metis Nation.

Harvest Limits

Salmon:                    A maximum of 10 MT of salmon is permitted to be taken in that portion of coastal Labrador ex
                           tending from Fish Cove Point to Cape Charles. Six (6) tags will be issued per Metis household.
                           More tags may be issued after a mid season review is complete.

Trout/Char:                A maximum of 50 trout/char per Designation permitted.

Dates and Times

Fishing by means of nets in tidal waters is permitted from July 07 to August 15.

Fishing Area

Fishing area authorized by this licence includes the area from Fish Cove Point to Cape Charles.


The Labrador Metis Nation will designate one member per household to fish under this license. In extenuating circum-
stances, the Labrador Metis Nation may approve Alternates to fish under a specific Designation.

Other Provisions

Angling for trout and char is permitted at any time of the year in tidal waters. Angling for trout and char in inland waters is
permitted in accordance with conditions outlined in the Integrated Trout and Char Management Plan.
Angling for Atlantic salmon is permitted in accordance with conditions outlined in the Integrated Atlantic Salmon Manage-
ment Plan.In inland waters, fish may only be taken by means of angling. The daily bag limit for trout/char taken by angling in
inland and tidal waters is twelve (12) fish.
 PAGE 4                                              M ETIS ME SSE NGE R

SMELT (Food)
Harvest Limits
Harvest limits are restricted to the amount of smelt required for food, social and ceremonial purposes for the Labrador Metis
Gear and Gear Identification
Angling Gear only is permitted to be used in the harvest of Smelt.

Dates and Time
Fishing in tidal waters is permitted by members of the Labrador Metis Nation anytime during the year.

Fishing Areas
Fishing area authorized by this licence includes tidalwaters of the area from Fish Cove Point to Cape Charles.

Designated Fishers
Labrador Metis Nation Membership Cards will be accepted as proof of designation and the Labrador Metis Nation Member-
ship Card must be provided upon request of a Fishery Officer or Fishery Guardian, while engaged in fishing activity.

 WHELK (food)
 Harvest Limits
 All whelks retained must be a minimum of 63mm in length.

 Gear and Gear Identification
 The Labrador Metis Nation is authorized to fish whelk with whelk pots. Each individual is permitted to use five (5) pots per
 Designated fisher. All fishing gear must be clearly marked to identify the full name of the designated individual of the Food
 Fishing Designation issued by the Labrador Metis Nation.

 Dates and Times
 Fishing is permitted anytime during the year by members of the Labrador Metis Nation.

 Fishing Area
 Fishing is authorized by this license includes tidal waters of the area from Fish Cove Point to Cape Charles.

 Labrador Metis Membership cards will be accepted as proof of Designation.

HERRING (food)
Harvest Limits
Any herring caught as a by-catch in the communal net fisheries may be retained by members of the Labrador Metis Nation for
food, social and ceremonial purposes.
Gear and Gear Identification
The type of gear permitted is gillnets with a maximum mesh size of 2 5/8 inches (67mm). The gillnets shall not contain mono-
filament material in the netting. A maximum of one gillnet of twenty (20) fathoms can be fished. The head ropes of the gillnet
is to be set at lease one (1) fathom below the surface of the water. Gillnets must be set parallel to the shore.. All fishing gear
must be clearly marked to identify the full name of the designated individual of the Food Fishing Designation issued by the
Labrador Metis Nation.

Dates and Times
Fishing by means of nets in tidal waters is permitted from September 01 to September 30.

The Labrador Metis Nation may designate one individual per household who may fish under this license.
                                                        M ETIS ME SSE NGE R                                                 PAGE 5

SEALS- Harp, Grey, Ringed, Bearded and Hooded (Food)
Harvest Limits
Harvest limits are restricted to the amount of Seal required for food, social and ceremonial purposes for members of the Labra-
dor Metis Nation.
Gear and Gear Identification
While the Labrador Metis Nation is fishing and attempting to fish for Seals, the Designated Individual is not permitted to use or
be in possession of while engaged in sealing, a rifle that produces a muzzle velocity of less than 1,800 feet per second or a muzzle
energy less than 1,100 foot pounds. Netting of seals is prohibited.
Dates and Times
Fishing is permitted anytime of the year for members of the Labrador Metis Nation.
Fishing Gear
Fishing area authorized by this license includes tidal waters of the area from Fish Cove Point to Cape Charles.
Designated Fishers
The Labrador Metis Nation cards will be accepted as proof of designation and the Labrador Metis Membership Card must be
provided upon request of a Fishery Officer or Fishery Guardian, while engaged in fishing activity.

SCALLOP (food)
Harvest Limits
The amount of scallop taken shall not exceed 50 scallop per Designated Individual/member on a daily basis. The possession
limit is 100 scallop.

Dates and Times
Fishing is permitted anytime during the year by members of the Labrador Metis Nation.

Gear and Gear Identification
The Labrador Metis Nation is authorized to fish scallop with dip nets, hand rakes, drag and scuba gear (one drag per vessel).

Fishing Areas
Fishing area authorized by this license includes tidal waters of the area from Fish Cove Point to Cape Charles.

Designated Fishers
Labrador Metis Nation membership cards will be accepted as proof of Designation.

Special allocation for Lake Melville
Considering the communal licence            members within this age category do
does not cover Lake Melville, the Lab-      not intend to fish in the communal
rador Metis Nation negotiated a spe-        fishing area they can submit their
cial salmon allocation for the seniors in   names to the LMN office. A maximum
this area. An allocation of 500 salmon      of four (4) salmon will be distributed
will be caught by LMN members in the        per households to those who qualify.
communal fishing area and distributed
to seniors (65 years of age or older). If
PAGE 6                                                    ME TI S MESSE NGER

LIA Final Agreement cont.
The LMN represents 15 communities              Heard, “is that our ancestors were         knew a court case would disrupt that
of Inuit descendants in central and            Inuit and they lived in areas where we     process. We also have faith that the
south coastal Labrador, while the LIA          now live. Since that is in fact the his-   LIA membership would never want to
represents five Inuit descendant com-          tory and the reality, it makes ours an     see the aboriginal rights and titles of
munities on the central-northern               Inuit claim. The same reality exists       the LMN communities wiped out by
coast. The two groups have been his-           between the LIA membership and the         some act that only benefits the north-
torically divided by governmental and          Nunavik Inuit in Quebec – there is an      coast communities. What we are do-
missionary influences.     The federal         overlap.”                                  ing, and must do, is to guarantee that
government has been assuring the                                                          our rights are in fact safe-guarded, and
LMN that its claim is being assessed as        “We have no intention of harming or        that we can negotiate our own settle-
one based on the contemporary LMN              impairing the rights of the communities    ment, and our own treaty, in our own
communities being the successors to            represented by the LIA,” says Mr.          way.”
the historic Inuit communities in cen-         Russell. “That is why we delayed hav-      For more information on this issue,
tral-southern Labrador.         “What          ing to move on any court action until      please visit the LMN web site .
counts,” said LMN Elder Bernard                after the LIA ratification vote. We

David Pratt, Minister of National Defense meets with LMN representatives
The Minister of Defense, David            and future activities by Allied                                            Photo (l-r)
                                                                                                                     Bernard Heard,
Pratt, visited Happy Valley – Goose       Forces at the Base. The Metis De-                                          Vice President;
Bay on Saturday, March 6, to meet         velopment Corporation representa-                                          David Pratt,
                                                                                                                     Minister of
with the Town Councils in Lake            tive, John Fleet and LMN Vice-                                             National Defense
Melville region as well as the Citi-      President, Bernard Heard made a                                            and Lawrence
                                                                                                                     O’Brien, M.P. for
zens Coalition to discuss options         presentation to Minister Pratt who                                         Labrador.
for 5 Wing Goose Bay. Earlier in          was accompanied on his visit to
the day, Mr. Pratt met with the Lab-      Labrador by M.P., Lawrence
rador Metis Nation to discuss             O’Brien.
Metis concerns about the current

National Aboriginal Diabetes Day Walk
Labrador Metis Nation’s “Learning for          hundred people who participated in         Lots of prizes were given out and we
Life” project held its 3rd Annual Walk         the walks that took place in most of       want to thank the many organizations
for National Aboriginal Diabetes Day           the South Labrador Communities from        who donated to the walk. We want
in May. This year we                                                                                 to thank all those who got
combined our ef-                                                                                     out there and made a dif-
forts of raising                                                                                     ference to their health by
awareness of Type 2                                                                                  participating in the walk. A
Diabetes with raising                                                                                big thank you to each per-
monies for “Walk to                                                                                  son/s who partnered with
Cure     Diabetes”,                                                                                  us to organize the walk in
Juvenile Diabetes                                                                                    each community. This walk
Research Founda-                                                                                     would not happen or be a
tion.                                                                                                success without those peo-
                                                                                                     ple. Great job, well done!
This year’s success Charlottetown, Labrador.                              Cartwright
was no exception.                              and Pinsent’s Arm to the Labrador           If anyone would like any information
There was great participation and              Straits. Walks also took place in Up-      about Type 2 diabetes or about the
community partnering. Everyone was             per Lake Melville and the North Coast,     Learning for Life project please feel
excited to get out there and get active        with over $3000 collected for the Ju-      free to contact Melita Paul@ 949-0292
after the long snowy winter. This got          venile Diabetes Research Foundation.       or Darlene Wall @ 896-0592.
people’s attention particularly those          This is a very worthwhile cause with
who have family members with Type 2            the number of kids that we have in our
Diabetes. There were nearly four               area with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.
                                                                    ME TI S MESSE NGER                                                   PAGE 7

                                                                                Labrador Metis Nation
                                                                                team/Friends and Family of Ray
                                                                                Turnbull supports cancer fund-
                                                                                raiser: Relay for Life
                                                                                The Canadian Cancer Society annually holds a Relay for Life to
                                                                                raise funds. Various members of the LMN staff, along with family
                                                                                and friends, formed a team to participate in this years walk which
                                                                                took place on June 11th. The Metis team, named the Friends and
                                                                                Family of Raymond Turnbull, raised approximately $1400.00 for
                                                                                the Cancer Society through a sale and pledges. Thank you to the
                                                                                participants and those who donated.
Friends and Family of Ray Turnbull – Relay for Life Team. Goose Bay, Labra-
dor. June 11, 2004.

News and Notes
Multi Cultural Youth Gathering                           Drug Mart valued at $60,000.00 over 4              Student Employment: The HRT com-
Applications are now available for the                   years. The scholarship will fund the costs         mittee has, to date, approved funding for
9th annual Multi Cultural Youth Gather-                  of the pharmacy program as well as two             eight summer student positions. Three
ing in Goose Bay. Interested youth be-                   years of guaranteed employment. Con-               students are located at our main office,
tween the ages of 16–24 are asked to                     gratulations Rachel!                               four students in our EAS offices and two
contact the LMN office @ 1-877-896-                                                                         others with community groups. We are
0592 or Shavonne Brown at the Labra-                     Targeted Wage Subsidies: Decisions                 currently considering funding for 6 more
dor Friendship Centre (896-8302) for                     on all program application including Tar-          positions.
more information.                                        geted Wage Subsidy applications are
                                                         currently on hold. There will be no new            Congratulations 2004 Graduates!
Rachel Luther of St. Lewis is enrolled                   programs approved until internal long              President Todd Russell extends con-
at Memorial University and has just com-                 term planning sessions are complete.               gratulations to all 2004 High Schools
pleted the first year of a three year pro-               Student Summer Employment and Youth                graduates.
gram in the School of Pharmacy. Rachel                   requests will still be processed in a
has been awarded one of sixteen schol-                   timely fashion.
arships across Canada from Shopper’s

Minister of Natural Resources takes time out to visit LMN Members

                                                                              On April 14, 2004, John Efford,      of his political career. He looks
                                                                              Minister of Natural Resources        forward to spreading his mes-
                                                                              Canada spent an hour in the          sage to a larger LMN gathering
                                                                              LMN office talking to members        in the future.
                                                                              about his life experience being a
                                                                              diabetic. In an inspiring speech,    Minister Efford has been active
                                                                              he talked about pursuing his         on many LMN files since his
                                                                              goals in the ever demanding po-      term as Minister of Natural Re-
                                                                              litical arena despite having this    sources Canada.
                                                                              disease.     Minister Efford has
                                                                              been a diabetic for the majority

Photo (l-r) Lawrence, O’Brien, Todd Russell and Minister Efford.
PAGE 8                                                          M ETIS ME SSE NGE R

Questions! Unknowns! Non-Inclusion! :Trans Labrador Highway Phase III

The final date for submission of public               The LMN has been diligent in submit-            proximately 60% of the river blocked
comments to the Federal and Provincial                ting comments to both levels of Gov-            by a causeway, the velocity of flow at
                                                                       ernment on Phase III.          the site and for some distance down-
                                                                       Many of the proposed           stream will increase and that the direc-
                                                                       water crossings for Phase      tion of the river flow will change.
                                                                       III are quite inadequate
                                                                       and many streams and           Considering these predicted changes,
                                                                       rivers will have large         the Environmental Assessment docu-
                                                                       abutments protrude into        ments have no studies on the hydrol-
                                                                       the rivers, similar to con-    ogy or hydraulics of the river. There
                                                                       struction on Phase II of       are also no predictions on channeling,
                                                                       the road. According to         erosion or ecological disruptions. The
                                                                       the documents for the          downstream and upstream effects from
                                                                       assessment, rivers will be     this proposed construction are simply
                                                                       restricted by abutments        unknown and have not been studied.
                                                                         between 25% and 78%          The Labrador Metis Nation is asking
    Poor bridge construction by the Department of Transportation on      for Phase III. The ef-       the federal and provincial authorities
    the South Feeder of the Paradise River showing armor rock and fill
                                                                         fects this will have on      that field studies are conducted and
    pushed into the river bed near a salmon spawning ground.                                          hydraulic/hydrological modeling is per-
                                                                         trout and salmon stocks
                                                                         is unknown and has not       formed before construction begins.
                                                                       been assessed.                 The design drawings for the causeway
                                                                   Perhaps the worst river            and bridge can be viewed at the Lands
                                                                   crossing will be on the            and Resources office in Goose Bay and
                                                                   Grand (Churchill) River.           the public has until July 4, 2004 to make
                                                                   The proposed crossing at           comments on the effects of this ob-
                                                                   B l a c k        R o c k           struction under the Navigable Waters
                                                                   (approximately 6 km                Protection Act.
                                                                   West of Goose Bay) will            In addition to these very real environ-
                                                                   result in the construction         mental concerns, Labrador Metis cur-
                                                                   of a 500 meter rock and            rent and historical land use has not
                                                                   fill causeway from the             been given any consideration in the
                                                                   north bank of the river            Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
                                                                   and three 120 meter                LMN’s recommendations in the EIS
    An example of good bridge construction by Corner Brook Pulp    bridges spanning to the            called for an active and respective role
    and Paper at Little Gull River showing abutments on the dry  south bank. This river is
    banks with no effects on the river bottom.                                                        prior, during and after construction.
                                                                 the seventh largest in Can-
                                                                 ada and drains an area 1.3
Environment Ministers was May 26,                     times the area of the province of New
2004. It is expected that a decision on               Brunswick. The flow of the river is
whether to proceed with construction                  estimated at 110,000,000 liters per
this year will be made by mid-summer.                 minute. It is expected that, with ap-

Human Resource Training
As many of our members are aware,                  Voisey’s Bay Project. For information             tions for post secondary support for
LMN’s Education and Employment                     on obtaining funding for schooling                this academic year. Employment coun-
Officer, Mr. Raymond Turnbull has left             please call Wendy or the Human Re-                selors will have contacted all applicants
the position due to medical reasons.               sources and Training Administrative               by mid June. The HRT Committee will
Replacing Ray at this time is Wendy                Assistant, Diane Brown at the LMN                 be in Goose Bay on June 25 to make
Poole. Wendy, originally from St.                  office.                                           final selections on individual funding.
Lewis, has most recently been working
with the LMN as the Training and Em-               The Human Resources Training De-
ployment Coordinator with the                      partment had received 190 applica-
                                                                ME TI S MESSE NGER                                                          PAGE 9

Meet your LMN
Council Represen-
                                   BLACK TICKLE STUDENT MAKES COMMUNITY
tatives:                           PROUD
Executive Councilors:             Dominique Keefe, Grade Six student at St.                          CBC-TV’s “Canada Now”, where reporter
                                  Peter’s School in Black Tickle, turned heads                       Tony Dawson interviewed her about her pro-
                                  with her exhibit at                                                                                ject.       As
                                  the May, 2004 Labra-                                                                               shown       by
                                  dor Heritage Fair in                                                                               viewer feed-
                                  Goose Bay. Domi-                                                                                   back the next
       TODD RUSSELL               nique’s exhibit gave a                                                                             evening, Domi-
       William’s Harbour          detailed account of                                                                                nique      im-
                                  Black Tickle’s water                                                                               pressed people
                                  problems. Through a                                                                                all over the
                                  video she made, the                                                                                province and
                                  11-year-old showed                                                                                 beyond with
                                  how residents of the                                                                               her articulate
                                  community are de-                                                                                  comments on
       Vice President             pendent on contami-                                                                                Black Tickle’s
       Goose Bay                  nated wells for water                                                                              water    prob-
                                  and have no sewage                                                                                  lems. In the
Zone 1 Councilors:
                                  i n f r a s t r u c t u r e . Dominique Keefe at the Labrador Heritage Fair in Goose Bay.May 2004.  Labrador
(Cartwright, Paradise River &
Black Tickle)                     Through photographs,                                                                                Metis Nation
                                  Dominique compared Black Tickle to a Third                         and her home community, everyone is ex-
                                  World city–Accra, Ghana, in West Africa.                           tremely proud of her.
                                  For her efforts, Dominique received an award:              Dominique is the daughter of Dinah Dyson
                                  The Honourable Laurier LaPierre Medal for                  and Richard Keefe. Her grandparents are
                                  Exceptional Enthusiasm and Dedication to                   Bern and Mary Dyson and Vince and Mary
       JOHN MARTIN                History and Heritage. She also appeared on                 Keefe, all of Black Tickle.

       Photo Missing
       Councilor                Forestry Update

                                After nine months of negotia-          Forest Planning Office in                the agreement and will see
Zone 2 Councilors:              tions with the Province, the           Goose Bay. Specifically, the             the implementation of man-
(Port Hope Simpson, Char-       Labrador Metis Nation Coun-            LMN will be considered for all           agement plans to benefit our
lottetown, Pinsent’s Arm,
Norman Bay & William’s          cil has approved a new Forest          new wood allocations in Dis-             people and protect our fragile
Harbour)                        Management Agreement                   tricts 20, 21 and the south              environment.
                                which is effective from April          side of the Churchill River in
                                31, 2004 until March 31, 2006.         District 19, will provide input          The Forest Planning Office
                                This two year agreement de-            into all annual operating plans          will be working with the De-
                                scribes the involvement of the         in the districts and will be             partment of Natural Re-
                                LMN in developing manage-              consulted on all new com-                sources to finalize the plan for
                                ment plans in District 20              mercial permits. Among other             District 20 during the next
                                (Sandwich Bay area) and Dis-           things, the agreement speaks             few months and in the very
       Councilor                trict 21 (Port Hope/Straits            to the concept of a commu-               near future will begin public
                                area). It also ensures the in-         nity forest pilot co-op project.         meetings in District 21 to
                                volvement of the LMN in                                                         facilitate the forest planning
                                amendments and implementa-             In the absent of Land Claims             process. Participation by the
                                tion of the District 19 Plan           or a treaty process, agree-              membership is important.
                                (Upper Lake Melville).                 ments like this forest manage-           Those with industry issues,
                                                                       ment plan are very important.            land usage concerns or poten-
                                Through this agreement the             This Agreement provides the              tial tourism ideas in the area
       BONNIE BURT              Metis will be involved in re-          LMN with approximately                   are asked to participate in the
       Councilor                search, management and de-             $400,000 over a two year                 public meetings.
                                velopment of forest resources          period to hire the necessary
                                in the territory through the           personnel for the conduct of
PAGE 10                                                       M ETI S MESSE NGER

Meet your LMN
Council Represen-            Land Resources and Prosperity Conference
                             The Metis Development Corporation spon-                          the sessions and commended everyone on
Zone 3 Councilors:
(Fox Harbour, Mary’s Har-    sored the Lands, Resources & Prosperity Con-                     their interest, group work, and suggestions
bour & Lodge Bay)            ference in Mary’s Harbour on June 1st & 2nd.                     around the discussion topics.
                             More than 60 people made an extra special
                             effort to attend the 2-day sessions despite less                 Erika Stockley, Labrador Regional Representa-
                             than seasonal weather which played havoc                         tive for Hospitality Newfoundland & Labrador,
                             with airline                                                                           presented information
                             schedules                                                                              concerning her organiza-
                             and       de-                                                                          tion and how it can assist
    NINA PYE                                                                                                        tourism operators to
    Councilor/Secretary      terred oth-
    Mary’s Harbour           ers     from                                                                           improve their product
                             participat-                                                                            and services.
    Photo Missing            ing in the                                                                                   Claude Rumbolt, Fisher-
    GUY POOLE                round-table
    Councilor                                                                                                            ies Development Special-
    Fox Harbour              discussions.                                                                                ist with the Metis Devel-
                                                                                                                         opment Corporation,
                             The pri-                                                                                    presented information
Zone 4 Councilors:           mary aim of
(Goose Bay, NorthWest                                                                                                    about the seal fishery and
River, Mud Lake, Churchill   the confer-                                                                                 its potential opportuni-
Falls & Labrador West)       ence was                                                                                    ties for fishers on the
                             to get “                                                                                    South Coast.
                             feedback                                                                                                    There were a
                             on ideas      Presenters at the Land , Resources and Prosperity Conference. Mary’s Harbour, Labrador . June variety of very
                             presented 02, 2004.                                                                                         interesting and
                             as well as                                                                                                  timely     topics
    DON DYSON                input into economic initiatives undertaken by                      discussed at the conference including the in-
    Councilor/Treasurer      the Metis Development Corporation in the
    Goose Bay                                                                                   troduction of new ideas such as fur farming
                             primary resource areas such as the fishery ;                       and seal skin clothing. A final report on the
                             and forestry; as well as the tourism and trans-                    group work will be done and distributed
                             portation sectors.                                                 within the next few weeks.

                             Bernie Heard, vice-president of the Labrador                      In addition to the community delegates, there
                             Metis Nation, brought greeting to the confer-                    were a number of resource persons in atten-
                             ence on behalf of LMN president, Todd Rus-                       dance as well including: Rex Goudie( ACOA),
     PERCY DAVIS             sel, who had prior commitments. Clarice                          Ruby Kelly (HRSDC), Pat Loder (NRC), Neil
     Councilor               Blake-Rudkowsky represented the MDC                              Andersen (ABC), Ina Jeffries (ITRD).
     Goose Bay
                             Board. Delegates attended from the Labrador
                                                                                              In addition to the resource topics, delegates
                             Straits; Lake Melville; Cartwright; St. Lewis;
                                                                                              were supplied with surveys on Education and
                             Mary’s Harbour; Charlottetown; and Lodge
                                                                                              Health. Information from those surveys will
                             Bay.     Unfortunately, delegates from Black
                                                                                              form the basis of specific workshops to be
                             Tickle and William’s Harbour could not attend
                                                                                              held later this year by the Labrador Metis Na-
                             due to cancellation of flights by Air Labrador
                                                                                              tion. Those initiatives will be directed by Dar-
                             due to the weather.
                                                                                              lene Wall.
                             Despite Mother Nature, the sessions did pro-
     KIRK LETHBRIDGE                                                                           Special thanks to everyone who attended,
     Councilor               ceed as planned, and there were a number of
                                                                                              especially given the weather and prior work
                             presentations given which were followed by
                                                                                              commitments, and to all the staff at LMN and
                             working group sessions which were lively,
                                                                                              MDC who worked hard to make the confer-
     Photo Missing           informative and productive in that the discus-
                                                                                              ence a success.
     JIM LEARNING-           sions and suggestions by delegates will be
     Councilor               incorporated into a long-term Strategic Plan
     Goose Bay
                                                                                              John Fleet, MDC Manager
                             by the Metis Development Corporation. John
                             Fleet, MDC general manager, presided over
                                                     ME TI S MESSE NGER                                                        PAGE 11

Meet your LMN
Council Represen-
                      Russell meets with Prime Minister
tatives:              Over the past several months       issues.                                      Most importantly, on April 22,
                      Todd Russell, LMN                                                                   2004 the LMN President
Zone 5 Councilor:     President had numerous                                                              had a meeting with the
(Labrador Straits)    meetings with federal                                                               Prime Minister which
                      and provincial ministers                                                            focused solely on Labra-
                      of the crown. As well,                                                              dor Metis Nation issues.
                      Russell had the opportu-                                                            On the agenda were
                      nity to meet with the                                                               such items as Land
                      Prime Minister of Can-                                                              Claims, programs and
                      ada, Paul Martin in differ-                                                         services and the impact
   BEATRICE HAN-      ent venues. At an Abo-                                                              of the LIA Agreement on
   COCK               riginal Peoples Commis-                                                             the      Labrador Metis
   Forteau            sion social on April 17,                                                            Nation.
                      2004 and the Aboriginal
                      Peoples Roundtable in Todd Russell, LMN President and Paul Martin, Prime Minis- M.P. Lawrence O’Brien
ELDERS:               Ottawa on April 19, Mr. ter seen here at the Prime Ministers residence, 22 Sussex   attended the meeting
                      Russell spoke with the Drive in Ottawa                                              and supported all LMN
                      PM about Aboriginal                                                                 issues.

                      What’s happening in Voisey’s Bay?
    Mary’s Harbour
                      Construction at the Voisey’s        pects of preparing the con-                  continues to maintain a re-
                      Bay Site has been ongoing           centrator and mill. The                      sume referral service through
                      since March. To date there          trades required will be mill-                which we have had approxi-
                      are around 750                                                                                     mately 100
                      employees working                                                                                  Metis hired
                      on site. As this is                                                                                thus far this
    DON DAVIS         the maximum num-                                                                                   year.
    Elder             ber of people the
    Goose Bay
                      site can accommo-                                                                                  The      LMN
                      date, very little                                                                                  also contin-
Youth Councilor:      hiring is taking                                                                                   ues to work
                      place or will occur                                                                                with JETA to
                      before early July                                                                                  offer training
                      when barges arrive                                                                                 to      Metis
                      with more accom-                                                                                   members. In
                      modations.       The                                                                               June      four
                      site will cap at                                                                                   Metis      are
                      around 1000 em-                                                                                    attending a
    Youth Councilor   ployees this sum- Metis members participate in the Joint Voisey’s Bay Aboriginal Employment and Cargo Han-
                      mer. Recently, it Training Authority (JETA) Heavy Equipment Operator Program.                      dling Course
                      was     announced                                                                                  to prepare
                      that the schedule for work          wrights, pipefitters, instru-                                  for jobs in
                      has changed from a rotation         mentation and electricians.                  shipping and receiving. An-
                      of six weeks in and two out,                                                     other Metis client will be
                      to a rotation of four weeks in        While we continue to face                  attending a Crane Operator’s
                      and two out. This will result       challenges in getting contrac-               course in September and
                      in the hiring of between 150-       tors to abide by the hiring                  selection for a number of
                      200 more employees to               principles, The LMN is con-                  clients to attend the Mining
                      cover rotations. The concen-        stantly corresponding with                   and Mineral Processing
                      tration of work this summer         the groups involved to en-                   Course in September will
                      will be on the technical as-        courage and promote the                      take place later in June.
                                                          Metis Workforce. The LMN
                                          Introducing the recipients of the Labrador Metis
                                          Nation High School Scholarships:
P.O. Box 460, Station ‘C’
Goose Bay, Labrador
A0P 1C0

Phone: 709-896-0592
Fax: 709-896-0594
Email: spye@labmetis.org

                                          CHARLEY ANN                      JONATHAN                      AMIEE ELSON
                                          MOSS                             EARLE                         Goose Bay
                                          Port Hope Simpson                Red Bay

                                                    Photo Missing                        Photo Missing
                                                    KRISTIN PARDY                        DAVID RUMBOLT
                                                    Cartwright                           Mary’s Harbour
  We’re on the World Wide
         www.labmetis.org            The scholarships are worth 2,000.00 and are issued annually by the LMN. Applicants
                                     must demonstrate admirable community and school involvement, as well as academic
                                     achievement. One scholarship is issued in each of LMN’s five geographical areas.

Living a Healthier Lifestyle
The Learning for Life project, spon-         At the bottom of each monthly page          kilometer. We are also encouraging
sored by the Labrador Metis Nation           you will see a table that gives you         those who smoke to recognize the
and funded by Health Canada has just         space to record healthy eating as per       effects it has on your body and its or-
launched a new program called, “Living       Canada’s Food Guide, physical activity      gans by cutting down the number of
a Healthier Lifestyle.”                      and no smoking days for each month.         cigarettes you smoke one day at a time
                                             Please record daily in each date. At        until you are not smoking at all.
 In 2003 our project carried out a           the end of each month, each registered
“Needs Assessment” survey among              participant will be expected to call or      If you are interested in registering for
one-third of the Métis adult population      email their progress (no matter how         the “Living a Healthier Lifestyle”
from Norman Bay to L’Anse au Clair.          little or how much).                        Program and receiving a lovely calen-
This survey focused on many health                                                       dar of artwork created by our children
related issues. We discovered from            Eating a well balanced diet is very im-    and youth, please contact:
this survey that the majority of our         portant to the health of our body.          Darlene Wall at Tel # 896-0592 (1-
Métis people are not eating as healthy       One way we can do this is to get back       877-896-0592) or email:
as they should and they are not active       to eating more foods from the land          dwall@labmetis.org
enough to prevent some of the major          such as caribou, fish, rabbit, etc. These   Melita Paul at Tel # 949-0292 or email:
health concerns such as Type 2 diabe-        foods are very low in fat and are much      mpaul@nf.abin.com
tes. As a sequel to the Trek to Heb-         higher in nutrients and vitamins than
ron, we are incorporating a new pro-         most store bought foods. The activity       Prevention begins with ourselves!
gram into our Metis Artwork Re-              can include snowshoeing, walking, jog-      Take control of your own
source Calendar. The new program is          ging, skiing, swimming, etc. Ten min-       health....get registered now!
called “Living a Healthier Lifestyle”.       utes of activity can be recorded as one

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