JOB DESCRIPTION

INCUMBENT:                                          DIVISION:      Science, Health, Sport and Education
GROUP:          SSA                                 DEPARTMENT:    Health
CLASSIFICATION: Level 9                             DATE REVIEWED: January 6, 2009
STATUS:         Term Certain


The Nursing Lab Coordinator - Simulation collaborates with other nursing department members in performing
duties essential to the achievement of the departmental goals for simulation. The main purpose of this position is to
function as a planner, developer, consultant, coordinator, resource person and instructor to both faculty and students in the
Simulation lab.


Reports to:               Chairperson of Nursing

Subordinate staff:        None

Internal Contacts         Nursing Lab Coordinator, Lab Technician(s) & assistants, Nursing faculty & staff, Finance

External Contacts:        Contact with the public, salespersons and supply company staff, external agencies, local
                          health region materials management staff and other postsecondary institutions.


1. Works with the Nursing Lab Coordinator to manage and administer the Nursing Simulation Laboratory by;
   a) Advising and consulting with the Chairperson and Nursing Department Lab Committee,
   b) Establishing and updating policies and standard practices related to the use of simulation technology,
   c) Establishes and monitors procedures for signing out of simulation lab equipment and movement of
      simulation equipment from one lab area to another.
   d) Developing, presenting, evaluating and refining scenarios utilized for simulation experiences utilizing role
      playing, props and dialogue to create a realistic learning environment
   e) Developing new simulation experiences based on student or faculty identified needs and serving as a
      resource for faculty utilizing simulation in classroom/lab activities.

2. Maintains the simulation inventory system by;
   a) Ensuring the completion of an annual inventory of the Nursing Simulation Laboratory,
   b) Preparing tenders and ordering supplies as needed into the Nursing Simulation Laboratory inventory,
   c) Ensuring the safe storage of hazardous materials, including medications,
   d) Overseeing the collection and disposal of waste materials according to regulations
   e) Determining the inventory needs for the Nursing Simulation Laboratory
   f) scheduling use of the lab/equipment

3. Participates in and contributes to the upkeep of Nursing Simulation Laboratory by;
   a) Providing advice & orientation to instructors regarding simulation laboratory procedures, location and use
       of materials, and the operation of equipment,
   b) Recommending and/or performing general cleaning in the nursing simulation laboratory,
    c) Recommending and/or performing maintenance or repairs of equipment in the nursing simulation
       laboratory, initiating and coordinating approved simulation laboratory renovations and repairs.

4. Participates in and contributes to a safe environment in the Nursing Simulation Laboratory by;
   a) Keeping current with safety regulations,
   b) Establishing, updating and maintaining safety policy within the Nursing Simulation Lab,
   c) Checking and maintaining safety equipment,
   d) Provide training and enforcement of safety procedures to individuals, including faculty, students and staff,
       using the simulation laboratory.

5. Participates in and contributes to the learning needs of students in nursing programs by;
   a) Serving as a resource for faculty utilizing simulation in classroom/lab activities
   b) Independently, or in conjunction with other faculty/college personnel, assists students in realizing course
       objectives through utilization of the Human Patient Simulation (HPS)
   c) Provides student progress feedback to instructors.
   d) Tutors students who require remedial assistance or additional assistance with learning.
   e) Utilizing instructional methods that promote student development of critical thinking, problem solving,
       decision-making, clinical competency and life-long learning

6. Provides coverage for the Nursing Lab Coordinator.

7. Conducts tours and simulation sessions for internal/external groups and/or individuals


    •   Diploma or degree in Nursing (RN)
    •   ACLS and TNCC certification or must be obtained within first 6 months of employment
    •   Ability to prepare and organize simulation laboratory and demonstration materials
    •   Ability to set priorities on own initiative
    •   Ability to work in a team environment
    •   Computer skills
    •   Good communication skills
    •   Good general subject knowledge
    •   Ability to work a flexible schedule
    •   Ability to accommodate change
    •   First Aid/CPR and WHMIS certification
    •   Ensures a safe and healthy work environment by complying with college health and safety
        policies, standard practices, and programs in keeping with occupational health & safety legislation
        and regulations

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Incumbent: __________________________                    Date: _____________________________

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