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 POSITION TITLE                                                                                                             CLASSIFICATION
                                                    Internal Auditor                                                                        38
                                                                                                                                  subject to JJEC review
 REGION                                                                          DIVISION
                     Head Office (Cornwall, Ontario)                                                         Internal Strategy
 SECTION-GROUP                                                                                                              POS. REF. NO.
                                                     Audit Services


 Under the supervision and guidance of the Manager, Audit Services, the Internal Auditor is responsible for reviewing and assessing SLSMC processes
 controls and practices, as well as related procedures according to the yearly audit plans approved by the Audit Committee. The purpose of these
 assessments is to provide the Corporation’s management, the Audit Committee and the Board an independent, objective assurance and consulting
 activity designed to add value and improve SLSMC’s operations.

 The internal auditor shall perform management, information systems and technologies, financial and security audits in all locations of the Corporation to
 review and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of financial reporting, compliance with applicable laws and regulations such
 as the Canada Labour Code part II, the Employment Equity Act, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA), CSA
 financial reporting regulations, International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) and safeguard of assets.
                                                            PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES

      •     Develop the scope for operational, information technologies, financial and security audit projects and select/develop appropriate audit steps
            necessary to promote effective audit coverage for the manager’s approval.
      •     Design or assist in the design of audit program routines using IDEA software to analyze computer systems databases and perform data mining
            and analysis to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of automated controls.
      •     Conduct management, information technologies, financial and security audit projects according to the yearly audit plans in all areas of the
      •     Perform fieldwork in all SLSMC locations.
      •     Analyze operational and management processes and system controls’ effectiveness and efficiency in view to improve them and propose value-
            added recommendations.
      •     Provide assurance that operations and processes conform to current SLSMC policies and procedures.
      •     Participate in the development of new information systems to ensure that efficient and effective controls are incorporated.
      •     Identify control and processes weaknesses, document main control points and provide evidential support for report recommendations.
      •     Prepare recommendations for all levels of management, considering materiality, pertinence and documentary evidence.
      •     Present to area management the results, recommendations and conclusions of audit reviews.
      •     Maintain respectful and effective communications and relationships with management and staff of areas under review.
      •     Prepare draft audit reports in both official languages.
      •     Perform external audits (exercising the Corporation’s Right of audit) in the areas of revenue and costs that are beyond the direct control of
            SLSMC employees, such as cargo weights used for toll billings which are supplied to the Seaway by vessel owners and agents via Transit
            Declarations, and certain construction contracts.
      •     Participate with members of the Operations staff in the ISO audits of Marine Services.

SLSMC/CGVMSL 352-02-04
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 POSITION TITLE                                                                                                          CLASSIFICATION
                                                 Internal Auditor                                                                     38
                                                                                                                           subject to JJEC review
 REGION                                                                        DIVISION
                    Head Office (Cornwall, Ontario)                                                       Internal Strategy

                                                     PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES (cont'd)
      •     Review year-end inventory balances as requested by the Corporation external auditors.
      •     Assist the manager in the execution of special studies and consulting assignments.
      •     Assist the manager in the preparation and follow-up with SLSMC management of the implementation of outstanding recommendations.
      •     Assist the manager in preparing Audit Services Status reports for the Audit Committee, management and external auditors.
      •     Pursue departmental approved program for continuing education in order to remain up-to-date in the audit profession.
      •     On occasion, act as replacement for the manager.

SLSMC/CGVMSL 352-02-04
                                                      JOB QUALIFICATIONS

                                            Internal Auditor                                               subject to JJEC review
 REGION                                                             DIVISION
                    Head Office (Cornwall, Ontario)                                        Internal Strategy
 SECTION-GROUP                                                                                          POS. REF. NO.
                                             Audit Services


 University graduate in accounting, finance, administration or business with a professional designation (CGA, CA, CIA, CMA) or
 an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.


 5 – 8 years of business and audit experience in medium sized enterprises
 Management, financial and IT audit experience

 Good knowledge of organizations’ structures, enterprise risk management and internal controls
 Knowledge of hardware, information systems, network and Office automation activities, data mining software (IDEA), security
 and controls
 Ability to work alone and to plan and execute projects with minimum supervision and to complete work within required
 Knowledge of the business objectives and processes of various and complex environments such as information technology,
 telecommunications, human resources, operations, maintenance and ISPS security
 Ability to think “outside the box” and apply creative and constructive thinking to proposed recommendations for improvements
 to internal processes controls, procedures, and policies
 Demonstrate excellent analytical skills in proposing well-founded conclusions
 Demonstrated initiative, autonomy, adaptability, maturity and sound judgment
 Excellent communication and listening skills with the ability to interact effectively with all levels of management and unionized
 Demonstrated compliance to the Professional Code of Ethics and the Standards for the Professional Practice of internal
 auditing according to the Institute of Internal Auditors

 About 20% travel to the two regions required


 Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing in both official languages



 Valid class “G” driver’s license and insurable driving record

SLSMC/CGVMSL 352-02-04

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