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					Alan Titchmarsh’s TOP TIPS                                        Choosing the right compost
for using peat-free compost
1. Always check the instructions on the bag to ensure you
                                                                  Peat-free products can be successfully used for a range of
                                                                  garden tasks:
                                                                  • compost - use for planting up pots, tubs and
                                                                                                                                                                                     A Guide To
   get the best results.
                                                                    hanging baskets;
2. Peat-free composts generally need to be watered 'little
                                                                  • soil conditioner or home compost - dig in to your
   and often'. They are naturally darker, denser, and often

                                                                    flowerbeds and vegetable plots, to increase nutrient levels
   coarser, and don't turn as pale in colour as peat does
                                                                    and improve soil structure; and
   when they dry out.
                                                                  • mulches - spread over borders to discourage annual weeds
3. Wet the compost thoroughly before using it.
                                                                    and retain moisture.
4. You may notice that plants sometimes take a little
   longer to get going, but don't worry, once they
   do, they usually last longer and form a good,                  Compost can help your garden bloom by:
   bushy shape.
                                                                  • adding essential nutrients to your soil, which means
                                                                    healthier and stronger plants;
                                                                  • improving the soil structure, to allow plant roots, water and
For more information on how to get the best from peat-free          air to move through the soil more easily; and
composts please log on to www.recyclenow.com/garden.
                                                                  • helping the soil retain more water, meaning that plants
                                                                    will stay healthy - and its less watering for you!

                                                                  “There is a wide range of reduced
                                                                  peat and peat-free composts available
                                                                  at garden centres nationwide, making
                                                                  it really easy for gardeners to help the
                                                                  environment by choosing composts
                                                                  containing recycled materials.”
                                                                  Charlie Dimmock - Celebrity Gardener

                         TV gardening celebrity Alan Titchmarsh
                         is a keen supporter of compost
                         containing recycled materials:
“Wherever possible we need to try to help and conserve our        Please quote reference number: 48ORG
environment - but we also want to grow good plants. One easy      While steps have been taken to ensure its accuracy, WRAP cannot accept responsibility to be held liable to any
way is to use composts containing recycled materials; that way    person for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with this information being inaccurate, incomplete
                                                                  or misleading. This material is copyrighted. It may be reproduced free of charge subject to the material being
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                                                 Top Tips To Be Green In The Garden.

                                                 Home compost                                                               Use a water butt
                                                 Composting kitchen waste, such as fruit and vegetable peelings and         Collecting rainwater using
                                                 tea bags, along with your garden waste such as lawn clippings and
                 Introduction                    prunings is a really easy way to make your own free fertiliser to help
                                                                                                                            a water butt not only makes
                                                                                                                            sense for your garden but also for the
                                                 your garden bloom. In fact, over one third of the contents of an
                                                 average UK household bin can be home composted therefore                   environment. The water you collect can be
          The garden is a great place to         reducing the amount of waste put out for collection.                       used in dryer months so you don't have to rely
             improve your 'green' credentials,                                                                              on your hosepipe and it will ensure your
                                                 Visit www.recyclenow.com/home_composting                                   garden never goes thirsty.
              and changing the habits of a
                                                 for lots of top tips and information. For more detailed advice call
          lifetime need not be daunting.         the Home Composting Helpline on 0845 600 0323 (8am-8pm
     There are lots of small and easy                                                                                       Log on to www.recyclenow.com for stockist details.
                                                 Monday to Friday; 9am-12 noon Saturday).
      changes that everyone can make
        that will benefit the garden as well
         as the environment.                     Recycle your garden waste                                                  Buy recycled
                                                 Many local authorities offer a kerbside collection service for garden      There are a wide range of recycled products on the market for
                                                 waste, or if not you can take it to your local recycling centre.           gardens, such as benches made from recycled plastic - that never
       More and more we are being                                                                                           need to be painted and won't rot! If you look around you will find
                                                 It is then transformed into quality compost and used as an ingredient      all kinds of creative products such as bird boxes made from
      encouraged to home compost and use         in reduced peat and peat-free growing media, thereby helping to
 environmentally friendly composts, but just                                                                                disused 'for sale' signs and garden lanterns made from recycled
                                                 close the recycling loop. The process also keeps organic material out
what can you put in your compost bin and         of landfill where it can create harmful methane gas as it decomposes,      glass. Log on to www.recyclenow.com and click on shopping
what compost should you look for when            which contributes to climate change. (See compost re-cycle image)          for a selection of stockist details.
you are shopping? How do water butts work
                                                 Log on to www.recyclenow.com to find out more about your local
 and where can you buy recycled products
                                                 collection services.
  for the garden?

                                                 Buy peat-free compost containing recycled material
   This short guide will give you some           There is a wide range of peat-free composts containing recycled
    great tips on how your garden and            materials such as grass cuttings, prunings and leaves, on the market.
    the environment can both benefit             Extensive trials carried out by independent third parties have all shown
   from some small changes.                      that peat-free compost gives consistently good results when used
                                                 in the right way, and they are also comparable in price to
                                                 other composts.

                                                 Peat-free products are available at garden centres and DIY stores
                                                 nationwide and some of the major manufacturers are now using
      “It's time for the green-fingered          a logo to help make these composts more easily identifiable.
      gardener to help the environment by
                                                 A full 'Buying Guide' is available to download on
      learning about the benefits of recycling   www.recyclenow.com/garden, listing relevant products and
      their garden waste and at the same         providing contact details to help you find your nearest stockist.
      time buying products for the garden
      that contain recycled materials.”
      Chris Beardshaw - Celebrity Gardener                                                                                        Enough garden waste (including grass cuttings, prunings
                                                                                                                                  and leaves) to fill the Albert Hall more than 70 times over
                                                                                                                                  is buried in landfill sites every year.

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