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									                   Estimated Download Times for Various Modem Speeds

This table lists estimated download times for different size files for common modem speeds. These are rough estimates
only. The actual download time is dependent upon many other factors, including computer speed and network traffic.
Note: Your browser might estimate an incorrect download time.

                                            Modem or Connection Speed
                 File Size         28.8Kb         56Kb           T1 dedicated         T2 dedicated
                 500K              < 1 min        < 1 min        < 5 sec              < 1 sec
                 1 MB              < 1 min        < 3 min        < 5 sec              < 1 sec
                 5 MB              < 2.9 min      < 1.5 min      < 5 sec              < 1 sec
                 20 MB             < 11.6 min     < 6 min        < 13 sec             < 4.3 sec
                 50 MB             < 28.9 min     < 13.5 min     < 33 sec             < 5.3 sec
                 100 MB            < 57.9 min     < 29.8 min     < 1.1 min            < 22 sec
                 200 MB            < 1 hr 9 min   < 59.5 min     < 2.2 min            < 43 sec
                 300 MB            < 2 hr 9 min   < 1 hr 30 min  < 3.2 min            < 1.1 min
                 400 MB            < 3 hr 9 min   < 2 hr         < 4.3 min            < 1.4 min
                 500 MB            < 4 hr 8 min   < 2 hr 30min   < 5.4 min            < 1.8 min
                 600 MB            < 5 hr 8 min   < 3 hr         < 6.5 min            < 2.2 min
                 700 MB            < 6 hr 8 min   < 3 hr 5 min   < 7.6 min            < 2.5 min
                 800 MB            < 7 hr 7 min   < 4 hr         < 8.7 min            < 2.9 min
                 900 MB            < 8 hr 7 min   < 4 hr 5 min   < 9.7 min            < 3.2 min
                 1G                < 9 hr 6 min   < 5 hr         < 10.8 min           < 3.6 min
                                            The Best Time to Download a Product

Although the majority of people don't have problems, if you have a slow connection and/or if there is a lot of traffic on the internet,
you might not be able to get a complete download on your first try. Typically, the best times to try again are outlined below:

           Americas:                              Nights or Weekends
           Europe:                                Mornings or Weekends
           Asia/Pacific Regions:                  Afternoons or Weekends

                                                        Downloading FAQs

1) Downloaded software can not be reinstalled without a CD

Why this may not be true: Software downloaded to your computer can be saved and reinstalled anytime. If the software requires a
key and/or activation code, make sure that you keep them in a safe place. Downloaded software can be archived on a CD by aide of
a CD burner.
Why this may be true : Sometimes, a download of a Novell product will contain an ISO image. In this case, an installation CD must
be created from this ISO image. Create the installation CD according to the instructions of your CD imaging software. The following
instructions use Adaptec's* Easy CD Creator* as an example:
      1. Open the Easy CD Creator Utility.
      2. Select File > Create CD from CD Image.
      3. In the Files of Type text box, select or browse to select the ISO image file.
      4. Select the target device and other options according to your hardware specifications.
2) It takes too long to download software. I can get a CD faster.

Why this is not true : Downloading software actually saves time! When you choose ESD or electronically delivered software, you
don't have to wait for the CD to be shipped to you. You can download your software any hour of the day or night.

3) Downloaded software doesn't come with documentation.

Why this is not true : Downloaded software comes with all of the same documentation found in a CD Software Media Kit as part of
the downloaded files. Additionally, the majority of Novell's product documentation can be found at

4) It's impossible to return downloaded software.

Why this is not true: It is true that you are unable to return the downloaded software. However, your license purchase and/or
upgrade protection or maintenance purchase is returnable, according to established Novell return policies.
5) Downloading software on the Internet is not safe.

Why this is not true: All Novell software download files are scanned multiple times for viruses before being placed on the servers for
download. It is extremely unlikely that a virus is present in any Novell software download.
Occasionally virus scanning software will falsely detect a virus in a download based on a normal pattern ("signature") in the
download file. When this happens, the virus scanning software must be updated.

If you have virus scanning software that is generating virus warning, please contact the manufacturer of the virus scanning software
and verify that you have the latest version of software and pattern files.

If the manufacturer of your virus scanning software instructs you to contact Novell because of a possible virus, please use the
feedback link at the bottom of this page to report the problem to Novell. Please be as detailed as you can, including:

The name of the Novell software you were downloading, including the file name if possible
The name of the virus scanning software you are using
The type of computer you are using
The exact wording of the warning message
6) Downloading software is difficult to do.

Why this is not true: If you are downloading your software via the Sm@rtCert agent (for-sale electronic software delivery), the
Sm@rtCert download manager will allow you to stop and start the download, without having to start again. (*Note: Download
Managers are third party tools that provide robust file downloading by resuming and/or scheduling interrupted downloads.) If you are
downloading your software via Novell's free software download site ( ), you may wish to use a third-party
agent to make the download process easier. Here is a list of download agents that Novell's IS&T department has tested for reliability:

           Download Managers         Scheduling         Restarts         Resumes        Browser             URL
           Download Wonder     No                 Yes              Yes             MSIE, Netscape    http://www.forty
           GetRight            Yes                Yes              Yes             MSIE, Netscape    http://www.hea
           Go!Zilla            Yes                Yes              Yes             MSIE, Netscape    http://www.gozil
           Netscape            No                 Yes              Yes             Netscape          http://my.netsca
                                                                                                     Go to "Download"

For additional help in download files from Novell's free download site, visit

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