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NAME: Isidre March Chordà
DNI: 79170371
Date and place of birth: 1-12-1966 - Valencia (Spain)

Facultad de Economía
Avda. Tarongers s/n
46022 Valencia

TF: 34963828769
Fax: 34963828333

Doctor in Economics and Business Administration by the University of Valencia, 1994
MSc in Technology and Innovation Management, by SPRU (University of Sussex),
Degree in Economics by the University of Valencia, 1989

Professor at the Departamento de Dirección de Empresas Juan José Renau,, University
of Valencia, since 1998.
At the present time, Coordinator and lecturer of the following courses at the University
of Valencia:
“Dirección de la Innovación y la Tecnología”: Technology and Innovation Management
“La Empresa comunicativa”: Comunicative firms
“Gestión de la Innovación”: Innovation Management: Doctorate course


1(A) BOOKS AND MONOGRAPHS (last 6 years only)

(1) I. MARCH, J. NAVARRO (1996), Modelos de cooperación estratégica en el sector del
mueble y afines, IMPIVA, Valencia

(2) I. MARCH et al. (1999), Innovación y competitividad: Metodoliogía de análisis sectorial,
Universitat de Valencia, Valencia (director-editor)

. I. MARCH et al. (2000), Audit competitivo y de innovación: Sector maquinaria – bienes de
equipo, Universitat de Valencia, Valencia (director-editor)

. I. MARCH et al. (2000), Las claves de la innovación y la competitividad en el sector
iluminación, Universitat de Valencia, Valencia (director-editor)


- I. MARCH (1996), "Towards the maturity stage: an insight into the performance of French
technopoles", Technovation, Vol 16, Nº 3, pp 143-152

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innovative entrepreneur: conclusions from a Cross-Tabs analysis”, Entrepreneurship,
Innovation and Change, Vol 6, nº 2, June 1997, pp. 145-166

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recherche et la communauté d´entreprises dans les pôles technologiques”, Revue Internationale
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empirical results”, International Conference COST A3 Action on Management of New
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Market-Technological-Entrepreneurial Matrix”, 20th ISBA Conference, Belfast, 11-13 Nov

1(D) GUEST LECTURES (years 2000-2002 alone)
    (1) “Innovation Audits”, Doctorate session, Department of Business Administration,
         University of Girona, May 2000
    (2) “Performance indicators”, Doctorate session, Department of Business Administration,
         University of Girona, May 2002

2.1. “Interface Structures in the Spanish Innovation System: their role in the dissemination of
technology”. Research Project funded by the European Union, VALUE II Programme.
Coordinator: Universitat Politécnica de Valencia. I played a role as researcher in this project
taking place in 1995-1996. A broad number of Research-Industry Interface units were analysed
in depth in this project.

2.2. “La cooperación en el sector del mueble como estrategia de gestión”, Research project
together with AIDIMA: Technological Institute for the Furniture Industry, funded by a Spanish
National Programme called Iniciativa PYME.
I played the role of co-director. The project took place in 1996. We analysed in depth 5 case-
studies of furniture firms undertaking successful collaborative agreements with other firms. A
book was published as a result from this project

2.3. “Estrategia tecnológica en el sector de la industria química valenciana y propuesta de
mejora de la competitividad”, within the Programa IMPIVA de Entidades de Apoyo a la
Innovación, within the RETES European Programme. Research Project taking place in 1998, in
which I was the director. The team was formed by 5 more researchers from the University of
Valencia. A total of 39 individual technological audits were undertaking within this project to
companies pertaining to the chemical sector in the Valencian region. One book was edited as a
result of this project.

2.4. “La estrategia tecnológica en el sector metalmecánico valenciano y propuesta de mejora de
la competitividad a través de un Plan de Innovación”, Research Project funded by the Spanish
Ministery of Science and Technology, together with the FEDER Programme by the European
Union. I played the role of director in this project. A total number of 9 researchers from two
Universities participated in this project, taking place form 1998 to 2000. Two books and several

CD-roms were edited as a result of this project. 25 firms pertaining to the metal-mechanics
sector were deeply analysed and an individual report was handed to each of them.

2.5. “Estrategias competitivas y de gestión en las PYMEs valencianas”, Research Project funded
by the Regional Government, taking place in year 2002. A total of 13 deep Strategic Diagnosis
to leading Valencian firms was undertaken within this project.

    In 1994 I was invited to the University of California at Berkeley to make a staying in order
    to undertake a fieldwork on a sample of New-Technology based firms located in the Bay
    Area of San Francisco. During that staying I visited and interviewed personally the
    entrepreneurs of 18 start-up firms in high-tech fields. I also visited other agents such as
    venture capitalists and Research-Industry Liaison Offices. As a result of that staying, I
    prepared several articles and Conferences in the management of high-tech firms. The most
    important achievement is probably the article published in The Journal of High Technology
    Management in year 2000. That article provides a tool to classify high-tech firms by
    performance and expectations. I´ve been requested reprints from that article by researchers
    from Universities all over the world, last one in June 2002 by Prof. Dr. J.I.M. Halman,
    Department of Technology Management, Eindhoven University of Technology.
    This is certainly my main field of research during the last 4 years. Since 1998 I´ve been
    director of two quite large projects oriented to make Innovation and Technology audits to
    firms pertaining to a particular sector. First project analysed the technological strategy and
    innovation capabilities in firms pertaining to the Chemical sector. The second research was
    conducted in 1998-2000 and targeted two particular activities within the metal-mechanical
    field, the lighting manufacturing firms and the machinery firms. An exhaustive study at the
    industry level was undertaken as well as individual technological audits for each of the 25
    firms participating in the project. The Valencian Metalmechanical association was our
    industrial partner in that project. Several contributions to Congresses and articles are on the
    way as a result of both projects.
    Our team developed a particular questionnaire for technological audits which has been
    licensed to the University of Girona. Other Institutions in our region have shown their
    interest in our methodology of analysis.

I am senior researcher and assistant professor (what in Spain is called Profesor Titular de
Universidad) at the Department of Business Administration in the University of Valencia,
since 1998.
I am the head of the Research line “Innovation Management” at the University of Valencia.


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