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									  Executive Office for
United States Attorneys

     The Palmetto Project -
    Continuity of Operations
  Palmetto Project – Goals and Objectives

• Ensure the Continuity of Operations (COOP) for the
  Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys (EOUSA)
• Relocate EOUSA Operations and IT Functions
• Create a Regional Litigation Support Facility
• Expand the Network Operations Center (NOC)
• Expand NAC Operations to include additional
  facilities for Technical Training, Assembly and
  Conference Space and TV Productions
• Reduce Space Costs and Improve Efficiency

        Designated EOUSA Staffs
• Operations (Personnel, Facilities, Procurement,
  Security, District Assistance Program, Employee
  Assistance) – Approximately 78 FTE
• Information Technology (Office Automation,
  Telecommunications and Technology Development,
  Information Security, Case Management) -
  Approximately 56 FTE
• Contract Positions associated with supporting these
  functions will be filled in Columbia.

                Relocation Site
• Recommended the Close/Hipp Building – Home of
  USC’s Business School located adjacent to the NAC –
  340,000 square feet.
• Eight Floors – Primarily window offices – 360
  adjacent parking spaces
• The Business School will be relocated and the
  location will be renovated.
• Estimated completion 2013

USC School of Business (Close- Hipp Building) 2007

• Operations Staffs (Personnel, Facilities, Procurement, Security,
  EAP, Operations, District Assistance)
• Information Technology Staffs (Case Management, TTD, Office
  Automation, Information Systems Security)
• Network Operation Center
• Security Operations Center
• Regional Litigation Support Center
• United States Attorney’s Office – District of South Carolina
• Justice Leadership Institute
• National Center for Courtroom Excellence

• Serve as a center for Continuity of Operations for
  EOUSA (COOP) in the event of a disaster.
• Provides readily Available Access To EOUSA Staffs
  during visits to Columbia – One Stop Shopping –
  Increase efficiency and responsiveness to the USAOs
• Proximity of EOUSA Staffs would allow for enhanced
  training capabilities in areas such as procurement,
  personnel, IT, security, etc.
• Quality of Life Enhancements for the staff (reduced
  cost of living, housing, parking, commuting time)

              ….More Benefits
• Enhanced Recruitment Capabilities through USC
  Internships and Work Study programs
• Expansion of Distance Education Capabilities
  including additional studio/editing space
• Allow for Expanded Cooperation with the Law
  School, the nationally recognized School of
  Business and other University components
• Provide Space for Regional Litigation Support
  facility, additional Courtroom Facilities, Justice
  Executive Leadership Institute (JELI)
                What’s Next….…
• Provide Congressional Notification – In Process
• Brief individual staffs - Develop individual staff plans
  and timetables
• Develop FAQ sheets for employees on the Project
• Identify those individuals interested in relocating
• Provide information on Columbia to include cost of
  living, housing, etc.
• Identify options and alternatives for those
  employees who choose to remain in DC.
• Advertise a limited number of vacancies in Columbia
  to phase-in programs prior to the completion of the


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