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									Information Technology Act,
              Prof. (Dr) N. L. Mitra
                         Fox Mandal
             Solicitors & Advocates

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Object of the Act
   Electronic Governance made possible
   Facilitates Electronic Commerce

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Scope of the Act
The Act covers:
 e-Commerce

 Creation and use of digital signature

 Facilitation of electronic records

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   First statute on IT
   Influenced by the Model Law on Electronic
    Commerce (UNCITRAL)
   Passed on May 15, 2000
   Came into force on October 17, 2000

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   e-transactions of governance in the Civil
   Criminalization of internet rule violation
    and administration of criminal justice.

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e-Governance (CIVIL)
   Facilitates of electronic filing of documents with
    the Government agencies
   Electronic record keeping and data protection
   Signature in e-documents and authentication
   E-Gazette
   E-taxation
   Matters connected therewith or incidental

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Civil Wrong and Remedial Forum
   Damage to Computer
   Failure to furnish information and return
   Adjudicative Officer
   Cyber Appellate Tribunal

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e-Governance (Criminalization)
   Internet offences:
     * Tampering documents
     * Hacking system
     * Publishing obscene material
     * Breach of confidentiality and privacy
     * Publication of false digital signature
     * Publication of fourge digital signature

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Criminal Tempering of Computers
with Documents
Knowingly or intentionally does or causes
 to be done:
  * Conceals
  * Destroy
  * Alter
Computer source code

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 Intentionally or knowingly causing or likely
  to cause:
*Wrongful loss
*Deletes or alters
Any information residing in computer source

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Obscene in Electronic Form
 Publishing
 Transmission

 Causes to be published

  Material lascivious or appeals to prurient
 Controller’s power to intercept

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e-Governance (Criminalization)
IT Act brought amendment in the following
 The Indian Penal Code

 The Indian Evidence Act, 1872

 The Banker’s Books Evidence Act, 1891

 The Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934

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   Use of alternatives to paper-based methods of
    communication and storage of information
   Electronic contract
   Authentication of contract
   Documentation and proof
   Performance of contract
   Settlement of accounts
   Dispute resolution

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Applicability of the Act
   Whole of India excepting those mentioned
    in the Act
   Any Offence or Contravention committed
    outside India by any person.

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Non-application of the Act
   Negotiable Instrument (other than a cheque)
   Power of attorney
   Trust
   Will
   Contract for the sale or conveyance of
    immovable property or any interest in such
   Class of documents or transactions notified in
    Official Gazette.

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Electronic Gazette
   Section 2(1)(s)
   Official gazette
   Electronic form

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Digital signature
   Section 2(1)(p)
   Authentication
   Electronic method

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Affixing digital signature
   Section 2(1)(d)
   Adoption of any methodology or procedure
   Purpose of authenticating by digital

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Digital signature Certificate
   Section 2(1)(q)
   Digital signature certificate
   Section 35(4)

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Key pair
   Section 2(1)(x)
   Private key
   Mathematically related public key
   Public key should verify digital signature
    created by the private key

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Asymmetric crypto system
   Section 2(1)(f)
   Secure key pair
   Private key to create digital signature
   Public key to verify digital signature

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Definition of Access
   Section 2(1)(a)
   Gaining entry into
   Instructing or communicating
   Logical
   Arithmetical
   Memory function

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   Section 2(1)(b)
   Who receives the electronic record
   Not intermediary

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Adjudicating Officer
   2(1)(c)
   Appointed under section 46(1)

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Appropriate Government
   Section 2(1)(e)
   Any matter
   List II of Seventh schedule
   List III of Seventh Schedule

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Certifying Authority
   Section 2(1)(g)
   Person with license
   To issue Digital Signature Certificate
   Under Section 24

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Certification Practice system
   Section 2(1)(h)
   Statement of Certifying Authority
   Indicates practice of Certifying Authority in
    issuing Digital Signature

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Computer System
   Section 2(1)(l)
   Device or collection of devices
   Includes input and output support devices
   Excludes calculators not programmable,
    capable of being used in conjunction with
    external files

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Computer System
   Containing computer programmes,
    electronic instructions, input data and
    output data
   Performs logic, arithmetic, data storage
    and retrieval, communication control and
    other functions

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   Section 2(1)(i)
   Electronic magnetic, optical or other high-
    speed data processing device or system
   Performs logical, arithmetic, and memory
   Manipulation of electronic, magnetic or
    optical impulses

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   Inclusion of input, output, processing,
    storage, computer software, or
    communication facilitates
   Connected or related to computer,
    computer system or computer network

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Computer Network
   Section 2(1)(j)
   Interconnection of one or more computers
   Use of satellite, microwave, terrestrial line or
    other communication media
   Terminals or a complex consisting of two or
    more interconnected computers whether or not
    the interconnection is continuously maintained

                                                   Fox Mandal
Computer Resource
   Section 2(1)(k)
   Computer
   Computer system
   Computer network
   Data
   Computer database or software

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   Section 2(1)(o)
   Representation of
   Information
   Knowledge
   Facts
   Concepts or instructions
   Being prepared or have been prepared
   To be processed or has been processed
   Computer system or computer network
   In any form or stored internally in memory
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   Computer programme
   Software and databases or
   Microfilm or
   Computer generated micro fiche

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   Section 2(1)(m)
   Controller of Certifying Authorities
   Appointed under section 17(1)

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Cyber Appellate Tribunal
   Section 2(1)(n)
   Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal
   Established under Section 48(1)

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   Section 2(1)(w)
   Any person who
   On behalf of another person
   Receives, stores or transmits that
   Provides service with respect to that

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Electronic form
   Section 2(1)(q)
   Any information
   Generated
   Sent
   Received or stored in media
   Magnetic

                                  Fox Mandal
Electronic Form
   Optical
   Computer memory
   Micro film
   Computer generated micro fiche or similar

                                          Fox Mandal
Electronic record
   Section 2(1)(t)
   Data
   Record or data generated
   Image or sound stored
   Received or sent
   Electronic form or microfilm or computer
    generated micro fiche

                                               Fox Mandal
   Section 2(1)(u)
   Logic
   Control
   Arithmetical process
   Deletion
   Storage and retrieval
   Communication or telecommunication

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