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									                Skills and                                                Additional
                Competencies                                              Resources and Info
You can expect to acquire a solid background in            For Career Planning and Opportunities:
                                                                                                                     W h a t To Do W i th A
many skill areas as an Industrial Technologies major.
First, since Industrial Technologies is a liberal arts
                                                                   Academic & Career Advisement Center
                                                                   3302 C.B. Hedgcock                                     M a j o r In ….
major, you will also be completing NMU’s Liberal                   906-227-2971
Studies program. This program will expose you to a
lot of writing, researching and critical thinking—skills           Engineering Technology
that are necessary in today’s job market. In fact, if

                                                                   101 Jacobetti
you pursue an Industrial Technologies-related ca-                  906-227-2190
reer, strong communication and coordination skills       
are absolutely necessary. Leadership skills will also
benefit you in this career. Of course, your academic       For Job Search, Resume and Career Information:
course work will also develop your critical thinking,              Career Services

problem solving, and decision making abilities. You                3502 C.B. Hedgcock
will utilize these skills in a variety of ways in your   
                                                           For Information about NMU Student Organizations
                                                           Associated with this Major Contact:
                                                                    Center for Student Enrichment
                                                                    1206 University Center

                Development                                Internet Resource Links:
Your career options as an Industrial Technologies          Occupational Outlook Handbook
major are diverse, but becoming qualified to take
advantage of those options is entirely up to you.
                                                           For Career Information with National Organizations:
First, you must excel in your academic course work,
as potential employers and graduate schools will          National Association of Industrial
consider your grade point average. Second, you
must begin the resume building process as soon as
you can. Don’t wait until you are a junior or a sen-
ior to begin considering what your post-graduation
plans are. This means taking advantage of extracur-
ricular activities related to your major and/or your
interests. Internships and volunteer work are two
great ways to gain valuable experience, and opportu-
nities exist locally for you to become involved.
NMU is also here to help. The Academic and Career
Advisement Center can provide you with career                                 Current as of Fall 2009
planning help, while Career Services will help you                                 Provided by:
fine tune your resume. Remember, your career op-
tions are entirely up to you. Go out today and begin
gaining the experience that will help you in your job
               Industrial                                             Potential Careers
               Technology                                             NMU’s Industrial Technology Program prepares students for employment in the following careers:

D     o you like to know how things are put to-
      gether? Do you like to use machinery? If you
answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then a
                                                               Automation Specialist
                                                                                                                      Additional Considerations

career in the Industrial Technologies field could be                                                                  Good communication skills, coordination and paying
                                                               Department of Defense                                  attention to detail are beneficial.
for you.
                                                               Manufacturing Supervisor
The Engineering Technology at NMU offers associ-               Manufacturing Technologist                             The ability to supervise people in a business without
ate and baccalaureate degrees that prepare students                                                                   being biased will prove essential. Internships and
                                                               NASA                                                   higher education research participation are excel-
for various careers. These careers include Com-
puter Engineering Design, Manufacturing Technol-               Quality Control Coordinator                            lent way to obtain these types of positions.
ogy, Industrial Technology, Mechanical Engineering             Sales Representative
Technology, and Industrial Technology Education. A                                                                    Additional education classes will be required if you
                                                               Technology Teacher                                     are planning on going into teaching.
foundation of these majors consists of courses in
mathematics, the physical sciences, and computer

Your career options are flexible as an Industrial
Technologies major. You can enter the workforce
immediately after graduation with an associate de-
gree or continue your studies and earn a bachelors
degree. Your career possibilities only depend on
the competencies and skills you acquire through you
academic work, your technical specialization, and
extracurricular activities.

To help you decide what field of Industrial Technol-
ogy you may be interested in, these introductory       Job Outlook
courses are offered: DD 100 Technical Drafting
with Introduction to CAD or MF 134 Manufacturing       Industrial Technology is expected to grow at an average
Processes. A faculty advisor in the Engineering        rate in the coming years, expanding at a 7-10% pace de-
Technology Department will meet with you and           pending on what career you choose. Salary for most pro-
describe the careers available and the program op-     fessions earn slightly more than $40,000.

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