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Description: Embedded systems for automobiles contribute to nearly 20% of the total embedded systems market. The market has been witnessing a surge after a decline as a result of economic problems. This surge in market growth is expected to be maintained as a result of increased demand. The industry is growing mainly due to an increasing demand for on-board safety features, rising number of people opting for electric vehicles, and a rise in telematics in automotive industry. The shift in the automobile industry towards electric vehicles is driving the growth of this market. However quality and reliability issues continue to be challenges to market growth. TechNavio’s “Global Embedded Systems Market in Automobile Industry 2010-2014” report has been prepared based on an in-depth study of the market along with inputs from industry experts. The report contains market and vendor landscape supported by drivers, restraints and trends. The report covers the current embedded systems market specifically for the automobile industry. The report also profiles leading vendors in this market.
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