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					NCEPOD Report launch “An Age
Old Problem”
Professor David Oliver
National Clinical Director for Older People
11 November 2010
                   NCD Role
• Clinical leadership for older people – with a
  focus on improving outcomes
• Clinical input to cross government Ageing
  Society strategy
• Promote prevention and early interventions for
  older people
• Engage with leaders in health and social care
  and the voluntary sector
• Support the integration agenda and
  implementation of Coalition priorities relevant to
  older people

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                  “An Age Old Problem”

• Powerful report - acts as a reality check

• Articulates what we know – we can and should be
  achieving better and more consistent outcomes for older
  people post-operatively

• No defence of poor practice

• This applies at every level in the system

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   Why getting it right for older people

  • UK population is ageing rapidly - by 2033, almost a quarter of the population will be
    over 65
  • People over 65 are the core users of acute hospital care - 60% of admissions,
    65% of bed days, 70% of emergency readmissions, over 90% of delayed transfers
  • People long-term conditions account for 55% GP appointments, 70% of outpatient
    and emergency attendances, 77% inpatient days, 90% drug spend in over 75s
  • People over 65 account for 2/3 of acute and elective surgical admissions and a
    significant proportion of these are over 80 - often with complex medical needs or
    frailty and are at higher risk of postoperative complications

• We cannot ignore the specific needs of such a significant
  patient group
    NCEPOD Report adds to objective evidence of variable
• Equality Act consultation and evidence review

• National Audits (e.g. Hip fracture, stroke, continence, falls
  and fragility fractures)

• All parliamentary enquiry into human rights of older
  people in health and social care

• Work on dignity

• Nutritional care as a registration requirement and 2007 Nt

• Dementia strategy consultation

• Surveys of staff or patients

• Age UK “Hungry to be Heard”

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NCEPOD Report key findings & recommendations
• Key findings

• Just over 1/3 of patients surveyed (38%, 295/786) received good care.

• Poor nutrition and serious associated illness were very common in the group

• In over two-thirds of cases (67.7%, 653/965), patients were not reviewed by
  specialists in Medicine for the Care of Older People.

• Clinically significant delays occurred in 1 in 5 patients between admission and their

• 1/4 of hospitals had no acute pain service.

• Key recommendations

• In elderly patients needing urgent surgery careful attention should be given to
  improving fluid status, reducing unnecessary drug treatment and anticipating
  nutritional support.

• Elderly patients undergoing surgery need access to routine daily clinical review
  from specialists in elderly care.

• Delays in surgery, which lead to poor outcome, should be subject to rigorous audit
  and rectified.

• Pain and its management should have a high priority to avoid patient suffering.
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    Some levers for improving standards
• Implementing the Equality Act (no exemptions?)

• National Clinical Leadership (NCDs for Trauma, Kidney care,
  DVT/PE, Older People)

• National Hip Fracture Database and Best practice tariff – early
  involvement of specialists and shortened time to surgery

• New Measures – Standardised Hospital Mortality Indicators

• QIPP work streams (including Safer Care)

• CMOs recommendations on training in pain management “the
  fifth vital sign”

• NICE Guidelines – existing and in development

• Enhanced Recovery model (NHI, DH and Cancer Action Team)

• Nutrition action Plan 2007 and nutritional care as a registration
  requirement from 2010 plus SCIE resource
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• Acute Kidney Injury initiatives/CQIN scheme
Secretary of state’s vision for health and social care
 The reformed NHS                                                       April 2012: Monitor established as    By end 2010: Separation of SHA
                                                                        economic regulator                    commissioning and provider oversight
                                                                                                              2012/13: SHAs abolished
                                                                                                              From April 2013: PCTs abolished

April 2011: Shadow Board established as
                                                                                                                          2013/14: All NHS trusts
special health authority
                                                                                                                          become, or part of,
April 2012: Board fully established
                                                                                                                          foundation trusts
Autumn 2012: Board makes allocations to GP
                                                                                                                          2013/14: All providers
consortia for 2013/14
                                                                                                                          regulated by Monitor

April 2012:
                                                                                                             From 2011: Choice of care – long-
                                                                                                             term conditions; diagnostic testing,
                                                                                                             and post-diagnosis
                                                                                                             From April 2011: Choice of
                                                                                                             treatment and provider – some
                                                                                                             mental health services
               April 2011: Support for shadow health   2011/12: Established in shadow form
                                                                                                             2012: Free choice of GP practice
               and wellbeing partnerships               2012: All consortia formally established
                                                                                                             2013/14: Choice of treatment and
               April 2012: Health and wellbeing        April 2013: Consortia hold contracts with
                                                                                                             provider – vast majority of NHS
               boards in place                          providers
                              And in future…

• Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS describes a system
        –    Patients at the heart of everything

        –    Outcomes among the best in the world

        –    Clinicians empowered to deliver results

• Focus on commissioning for better outcomes in 5 domains of
  NHS Outcomes Framework

• Backed by National Quality Standards

• Continuing focus on more person centred care

• Strengthened role and priorities of CQC

• Importantly local accountability and freedom to achieve better
  outcomes – the response to this cannot be top down

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                        In Summary

• This report is important and necessary as it highlights
  deficiencies in the care of older people postoperatively in

• I commend the rigour and thoroughness and the constructive
  recommendations from NCEPOD to improve care

• I am not here to defend poor practice. Instead we need to
  identify constructive solutions.

• Many of the solutions rest with good local clinical leadership
  and a greater focus on safety and quality for older patients.

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                       Thank you

• Questions.....


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