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									     Information &
Communication Technology

           GCE Applied
           Advanced Level

                    Mr McElhinney
                    Mrs McKeever
   Information & Communication

AS Level (Lower 6th Form)
Unit 1  ~ Using ICT to Communicate
Unit 2  ~ How Organisations use ICT
Unit 3  ~ ICT Solutions for Individuals &

A Level   (Upper 6th Form)
Unit 9    ~ Working to a Brief
Unit 12   ~ Publishing
Unit 14   ~ Developing & Creating Websites
    Information & Communication

Unit 1 ~ Using ICT to Communicate

o   Plan, draft, produce & evaluate 6 original
    documents to meet appropriate

o   Evaluate 6 standard documents
    currently used by organisations
Information & Communication

     The Planning Stage
Information & Communication

    Drafting a Document
Information & Communication
Information & Communication
Information & Communication

 Unit 2 ~ How Organisations use ICT
     Study an organisation & produce a report
 o   How the organisation is structured
 o   How the organisation uses & exchanges
 o   How ICT supports many different activities
     within the organisation
 o   How ICT can improve the organisation
Information & Communication

            Task 3 2
            A family wants research and produce a word
            Carry out someto set upresearch membership to
                Carry out your own a family and
            processed report for the
            KFSC. notes which: Office Manager of
            • describe the to explain of the sections
            Draw a diagram functions how information
            moves, within KFSCthe personnel within to
            Your report must explain the implicationsduring
                and the roles of and with outsiders,
                Keep Fit Health and membership. The
            KFSC of theof setting upSafety at Work Act
            the process Sports Centre
            • identify thewhen the types and
            (1974) and subsequent Healthof Safety
            process starts different family enquires about
            Regulations and and evaluate the effect
            membership and mustsuppliers to KFSC this
                customers of finishes when they receive
                  have on the the
            mayand describe staff.
            membership cards. information passed
                between each and KFSC, the staff
            Briefly evaluate the method(s) you used to
                involved and the show:
            Your diagram should communication
            • who sends the information
                methods report.
            complete thisused
            • who receives the information carried
                describe the main processes
                  types of produce for Task 3 must
            • thework you information communicated
            Theout by KFSC, including the inputs, not
            exceed 500 words, including the ……
                processing which it is communicated.
            • the method byand calculations, evaluation of
            the methods you used.
Information & Communication

            Evaluate the current ICT system
            used for stock control and ordering

            Explain how the stock control system
            and ordering systems could be
            improved. Identify any problems that
            must be overcome…..

            Describe the ICT system used by the
            Sports Manager including details of
            hardware, software, examples of input
            data and outputs, and the processes
            carried out.
     Information & Communication

Unit 3 ~ ICT Solutions for Individuals & Society

Investigation of the impact of electronic information on
individuals & society:

 •    At Home
 •    In Work
 •    In Recreation
 •    etc
   Information & Communication

Carry out ICT and non-ICT based research on a
particular brief e.g. find a property within a 20 mile
radius of Newry costing a maximum of £3000 with a
particular set of amenities
Use various ICT tools including a spreadsheet and
database to analyse your findings and produce a
presentation outlining the results of your research.
   Information & Communication

Unit 12 ~ Publishing

                Produce a professional looking
                document for a client
                such as a 10 page ‘What’s On’ Guide
                for a local organisation.
 Information & Communication

This unit requires the student to meet with a client a
number of times to discuss content and possible
designs, to plan the project, to collect appropriate
information, to draft and redraft pages to meet the
client’s needs.

You take on the role of a graphic designer to
create a professional document.
Information & Communication
   Information & Communication

Unit 9 ~ Working to a Brief

  Prepare a Report outlining how to
  improve the current working
  practices of a company/organisation
  based on a brief given by OCR
    Information & Communication

Your report on the current working practices within the organisation
should include a range of issues, including the structure of the
relevant section of the organisation and any strengths and
weaknesses your research identifies.

A project management plan will help you to organise your time
efficiently. As a guide, the minimum requirements for this project
management plan include:
• key dates, deadlines and timescales
• how work may be managed in small sections or tasks
• organisation of information and resources
• time for reviews and modifications
Information & Communication
    Information & Communication

Full planning is vital to the success of the project. Full planning
will also allow you to evaluate your work more effectively.
As well as planning your work in full you must complete a diary or
log whilst you are working on the project. This diary or log should
• a full list of all tasks undertaken as part of the delivery of the
• an assessment of your contribution to the success of the task
• the skills used in meeting the requirement of the task
• an assessment of how your skills needed to extend to meet the
  needs of the task – your discussion of your skills needs to
  include your use of working with others as well as ICT skills.
    Information & Communication

Unit 14 ~ Developing & Creating Websites

•   Evaluate commercial
•   Produce a website for a
    specific purpose
   Information & Communication

This unit requires you to learn how to use professional
packages such as DreamWeaver and PhotoShop.

You meet with a client to draw up a set of user
requirements, plan your approach setting deadlines for
each task, draw up a draft design for the website, alter
it where necessary, produce a final website and
evaluate your work.
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