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									the colours of life
Introducing LifeArt Australia

Our Purpose
To serve humanity's quest for remembering well those we

Our Mission
We will become Australia’s most valued and preferred supplier of
personalised and environmentally friendly coffins.

Mission deliverables
To provide customers with the means to personalise their choice
of coffin for the life they are celebrating and remembering.

To provide the premium choice of cardboard coffins in the
industry – supporting the environment and the community’s
desire for an eco-friendly recyclable material.

To provide our products within agreed consumer and industry
cycle times and industry’s coffin standards.

Contact LifeArt Australia
Phone    (02) 9712 7446
Mobile   0412 123 775
Fax      (02) 9712 7421

 Personalised LifeArt
 Personalise the design with the words that best reflects the
 personality of their loved one.


                                                        Life Dates

                                                                Choice of
                                                                favourite word(s)

Choice of favourite
word(s), a saying,
expression of love or

                                         LifeArt Non Personalised

                                         Design Only

                     LifeArt can be purchase as either
                      Enviroboard or Craftwood base

   LifeArt on Enviroboard
   Complete with a LifeArt design chosen from the LifeArt design catalogue.

                                   The coffin is fully assembled with the glossed
                                   LifeArt design, lining, pillow, cotton drapery, 6
                                   roll bar handles and thumb screws.

                                                Standard Size Only

                                  LifeArt on Craftwood

                                           Complete with a LifeArt design
                                                 chosen from the LifeArt
                                                       design catalogue.

The coffin is fully assembled
with the glossed LifeArt design,
lining, pillow, cotton drapery,
6 roll bar handles and thumb screws.

Standard Size Only

Introducing Enviroboard
What are Enviroboard coffins?
Enviroboard coffins are fully functional, environmentally friendly cardboard
coffins that meet the standards required by the Funeral Industry Council
for use in cremations or burials.

It has a pleasing traditional coffin shape, functional handles and lid
closures that mean it can be handled in the same way as traditional

The Enviroboard coffin is the first and only cardboard coffin to date to
meet the regulatory requirements governing the funeral industry in
Australia. The Funeral Industry Council has no objections for the use of
the Enviroboard
coffins in burials or
cremations                                  Natural Enviroboard

What is the
composition and
construction of the
Fibreboard (another
name for cardboard) is
made from recycled
paper and cardboard
and is fully bio-

The fibreboard used in
all Enviroboard coffins
is specially selected for its strength and suitability for burial as well as for

Enviroboard coffins are made from an extra thick toughwall: a patented
design which provides the strength and carrying capacity of the coffin.

How is the Enviroboard coffin different from other cardboard
coffins in Australia?
The Enviroboard coffin is the new standard in cardboard coffins.
       It has passed the regulatory requirements governing burials and
       It looks like a traditional coffin.
       It can be carried by the 4 or 6 external handles.
       The lid can be properly closed and fastened.
       It is suitable for all funeral home, cemetery and crematorium
       processes such as refrigeration, movement and handling, burial and
       It is fully assembled with lining, drapery, handles and
       The cost includes GST and freight.
       It is available as part of the service offered by your funeral home.
Most cardboard coffins failed to pass the regulatory requirements, and
hence were not offered by reputable funeral homes. They required the
family to pre-purchase the coffin, transport it home, store the coffin until
required, assemble the coffin and deliver the coffin to the funeral home.

What are the environmental benefits of an Enviroboard coffin?
Because an Enviroboard coffin is made from recycled materials, it uses
about one tenth the new timber resources of a regular coffin. A natural
cardboard coffin offers a significant reduction in pollutant emissions from

Chipboard and MDF coffins emit formaldehyde which presents occupational
and environmental hazards.

Standard Enviroboard
The coffin is available
soon in a coloured glossy
print finish.

Fully assembled with
lining, pillow, 4 handles
and thumb screws.

Standard Size Only

                                                         DIY Canvas
                                                         Enviroboard or
                                                         Finished in a white
                                                         synthetic paper suitable
                                                         for creating high quality
                                                         personalised artworks
                                                         with a wide range of
                                                         media such as
                                                         charcoals, crayons,
                                                         pastels, acrylic or oil

Available in Enviroboard or Craftwood. Fully assembled with synthetic
paper finish, lining, pillow, 6 handles and thumb screws.
Standard Size Only

                          Range of LifeArt Designs
All designs featured in our catalogue are available in Craftwood or Enviroboard.

                                                  Abundant Roses
                                                  Also available White Base
                                                  classic, elegant, graceful

                                                         Code 001 or Code 001 W
                                                         Shown on Enviroboard

   Golden Sky
   mystical, spiritual,
   essence of life

   Code 002
   Shown on Craftwood

   Wild Flower
   simple, timeless,

   Code 003
   Shown on Craftwood

Blue Horizon

Code 004
Shown on Craftwood

achievement, simple

Code 005
Shown on Craftwood

Bright Blooms
colourful, extraverted,

Code 006
Shown on Enviroboard

refined, understated,

Code 007
Shown on Enviroboard

 Stately Tree
 enduring strength,
 peaceful shelter

 Code 008
 Shown on Enviroboard

Open Road
free spirited, unmatched

Code 009
Shown on Craftwood

  Royal Blue
  classic and

            Code 010 B
            Shown on Craftwood

            Also available in:-
            Royal Red              010 R
            Royal Green            010 G
            Royal Chestnut Brown 010 B
Personalisation ideas of the beloved one’s name
Please refer to our “Ideas for Personalisation” next page.

Please use the following examples are a guide for your choice in selection your
beloved’s name. You may also request this area be left free of any

Full name - Deborah Louise Smith or First name -Deborah
or Initials -DLS or DS or Nickname -Deb, Debbie or Possum
Or as a phrase -My darling Deborah

Personalisation ideas for “Life time dates”
We all wish to remember life times in varying ways….either as Life dates, Date
of Birth or Date of Death. It can be any date that holds remembrance and

You may also request this area be left free of any personalisation.
Please use the following examples are a guide for your choice in selection a
1951 *** 2004 (Life dates) or 1951 – 2004 (Life dates)
22-09-51 OR 22nd September 1951 (date of birth)
22-09-2005 OR 22nd September 2005 (date of death)

Verse or words for the lid
There are many ways and ideas possible to create your personalisation for
your loved one in this area. Our designs have the capacity to have up to 15 to
20 words, depending on the chosen design.

It is helpful to reflect here on particular ways and mannerisms, things said or
song, words that create a treasured memory. Perhaps it could be their
favourite words from a song, poem or story. Or simple words or phrase your
loved one liked to say.

Or even reflection on a favourite place – by the sea, in the garden… where
their spirit would rejoice. Or you may to use words that reflect your feelings,
wishes or desires for your loved one. You may also request this area be left
free of any personalisation.

Verse or words for the sides
In a few words so much can be convey.
You may select those personal words that reflect your feelings (always loved),
your wishes or desires for your loved one (in God’s care) or
perhaps choose words that reflect the nature or spirit of your beloved
(love of my life) (the heart of our family) (a beautiful soul) (my special angel)

You may also request this area be left free of any personalisation.

Word for the head and / or foot panel
In one or two words you can select word(s) that create a memory, express
your feelings or your wishes for the beloved. Ideas have been Dearest Dad,
Loving Mum or Our Angel, or words such as At Peace, Always Loved, Om,
Forever or Imagine.

You may also request this area be left free of any personalisation.

                                                       We will always remember you as our
                                                       Cherished Rose…with your passion for
                                                       flowers and love of gardening.
                                                       (ABUNDANT ROSES design)
Ideas for Personalisation
                                                       A life so treasured – we celebrate and
Personalisation of the LifeArt coffin is simply        remember you.
about creating the words that are a reflection         Your loss leaves our hearts with a never
of your loved one and your love for                    ending ache, your love leaves us with
them………remembering and celebrating their               treasured memories and the strength to
life.                                                  move forward.

You and your family may wish to use words              We will cherish your memory,
your loved one used to often say, or words             remembering your love, laughter and
from a song, poem, prayer or story they                gentle ways.
enjoyed. “Wind beneath my wing” or “My                 Your loss only makes our bonds stronger.
sweet Angel” …anything that creates a joyous
memory, feeling and hold deep meaning for              Thousands of candles can be lighted from
you.                                                   a single candle, and the life of the candle
                                                       will not be shortened.
Other ideas could be words that express your           Deep peace of the quiet earth to you, Deep
desire or love for them or a favourite memory.         peace of the shining star to you, Deep
“You are my one and only” “Always loved” or            peace of the heart of peace to you (Irish
“Sitting on the beach watching the waves”              saying).
Anything at all is appropriate.
                                                       Fear no more… your worldly tasks are
                                                       done and you are safe in God’s care.
LifeArt has created a collection of words,
phases and quotes that you are most welcome            In the end the love you take is equal to
to use. Please feel free to used or changed any         the love you make (John Lennon).
of the below ideas to suit the family’s wishes.        God has two dwellings – one in heaven
                                                       and the other in your loving and thankful
     Our dearest Mother – the heart and soul           heart.
     of our family.
                                                       Your kindness, beauty and truth have
     Beloved husband, father, granddad and             given happiness and love to all your
     friend. We will never forget your love of         family.
     family and life.
                                                       (Name) -our beautiful friend - who filled
      Beloved wife and mother, your grace,             our lives with love, happiness and joyous
     tenderness and joy for life’s simple              memories.
     pleasures will never be forgotten OR will
                                                       Your strength and grace will keep us safe
     always be treasured memories.
                                                       and protected without you near.
      Spirited and beautiful, forever our
                                                       Our God shall wipe away all tears from our
     darling (name).
                                                       eyes, no more death, nor sorrow or pain.
      Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death           For the former things have now passed
     can erase our good deeds. (Buddha)                away.

      If I had a single flower for every time I        Pray for my / his / her soul,
     think about you, I could walk forever in          more things are wrought by prayer than
     my garden.                                        this world dreams of.
                                                       Peaceful dreams until we meet again.
      The sun in your face, the wind in your
     hair and the open road before you.                A gentle soul, our soft place to fall.
     (OPEN ROAD design)                                A gentle spirit – may God watch over and
     Loved all, trusted all, giving joy to all         protect you.
     those around him / her.                           As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so
     An inspiration to all, bringing joy to our        a life well lived brings a peaceful and
     lives.                                            happy death…rest in peace.

Order Form Process

To place an order for a LifeArt Personalised or Enviroboard coffin it is necessary to
complete the Order Form to ensure the Funeral Director has captured all the
details required to manufacture the coffin for the loved one.
It is important that every area on the order forms is completed; so no order is a
risk of being delayed.
Key points to assist in completing the order form are
       Print all information on the order form in block letters.
       Ensure the family member checks and signs the order form in the specified
       sections, including the declaration.
LifeArt Australia will acknowledge receipt of your order and acceptance of delivery
time within an hour of the order been faxed through to the LifeArt Australia
Service Centre.

Ideas for Personalisation

LifeArt has offered examples of sayings to assist family members when they are
creating or deciding their personalisation for their loved one. The family
members are welcome to use any or alter of these examples.

Customer Responsibilities when placing a LifeArt Personalised

LifeArt Personalised coffins are a customised product, specifically created and
delivered for each customer in a very short time. As production commences
within an hour of receiving the order, a cancellation fee of $500 applies if the
customer or funeral home cancels or alters an order, or if the coffin is unusable
due to the wrong size being ordered or incorrect details or spelling are supplied.

Need support on product information or any other matters?

Please phone or email our Service Centre 7 days a week
Phone - (02) 9712 7446
Email -
Mobile - 0412 123 775 or 0417 741 938


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