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									                           Welcome To
                     ROBOSOFT Inc.


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               Our Services       Clients       Locations           Contact Us


       ROBOSOFT is an Information Technology company which specializes in IT
       Professional Consulting Services, Project Management and Outsourcing of
       any services from data entry to product development on-site and off-site
       with our highly technical teams . ROBOSOFT is a preferred choice for many
       leading edge companies in USA and around the world. We are a single stop
       company for any of your IT needs.

       We are very flexible, reliable, cost effective and responsible. We work hand-
       in-hand with our clients to keep up their goals and performance
       expectations. ROBOSOFT can be your business partner in sharing
       knowledge and exchange current technologies.

       We are specialized in Middleware architecture, system integration and
       custom application development including wireless and web applications,
       ERP solutions, Networking, Database Administration and can undertake any
       product development and maintenance with all current advanced techniques
       and emerging technologies.

                                                                     Mission      Benefits
               Our Services       Clients         Locations          Contact Us


       Our vision is to help our clientele to achieve enterprise business
       solutions at an optimum levels and bring their partner company
       businesses also to achieve their goals with our win-win-win innovative

       Our mission is to make information technology services available to provide
       qualitative service at an affordable price utilizing current technologies to make
       our clientele win-win situation with our elegant solutions to keep Time and
       Budget in mind.

                                                                                   Benefits
               Our Services         Clients         Locations          Contact Us


       ROBOSOFT is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits program. All full time
       employees that work an average of 40 hours per week are eligible to
       participate in our benefits plans offered. Eligibility includes your spouse and
       dependent children. Some restrictions apply depends on the project term and
       location of the projects.

       Coverage for medical, dental, vision, prescriptions, life and accidental death
       insurance will be effective the first of the month following 60 days of
       employment. Short and long term disability, optional life insurance, dependent
       and health care reimbursement, and 401k savings will be effective the first
       month following 90 days of employment if eligibility requirements are met.

       Availability of benefits and eligibility dates will vary by location and duration of
       the projects. For more details ask our Recruiting staff.

                                                                                        Mission
               Introduction      Clients        Locations       Contact Us

Our Services


      ROBOSOFT is committed in providing IT staffing solutions to any organization
      across the globe. We have a proven track record in implementing successful
      human resource techniques for any size of companies. We offer complete
      analysis, design, development, programming, software and hardware
      engineering and maintenance and support services for any e-commerce
      Business Applications, Databases, Operating Systems and Network
      Environments. We offer our services to any Contract, Contract to Hire, Direct
      Hire positions. Our practice areas include: IT, Telecom, Engineering, Energy,
      Transportation, Banking, Finance, manufacturing, retailing etc. We always
      believe in “Look for Right Candidate for the Right Job. But not , to fit a
      candidate into any Job”

      We have consultants with the following Skill sets:
               Introduction          Clients           Locations               Contact Us

Our Services

        ERP Applications               Oracle Applications ( Financials, Manufacturing, Projects), S
                                       AP, BAAN, Peoplesoft , Siebel, JD Edwards etc.

        Object Oriented Programming    C, C++, VC++, Pro*C etc.

        GUI Development                Visual Basic, Oracle Developer 2000, Powerbuilder, Delphi,
                                       Foxpro etc.

        Web Technologies               Java, J2EE, Javascript, XML, HTML, DHTML, DotNet, ASP,
                                       CGI, Perl, VBScript etc.

        Quality Assurance              WinnRunner, LoadRunner, Test Director, QTP etc.
        Database Administration        Oracle , SYBASE , Informix , DB2 , SQL Server etc.
        Data Warehousing               ETL, COGNOS, Informatica, ERWIN Datamodelling etc.
        Unix Administration            HP, Sun Solaris, AIX, Linux etc.
        Mainframes                     COBOL, JCL, DB2, AS 400 platforms etc.
        Network Security               LAN, WAN, Routers, Hubs, SSL, SET, LDAP/X.500, Digital
                                       Certificates, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Firewalls (check
                                       point). etc.
               Introduction       Clients        Locations          Contact Us

Our Services

      Quality is our success
      We have
        our own database of candidates
        referrals ( consultants, please refer our referral program in our
         Careers page)
        resume databases of third party network companies
        pre-screened process with online testing

      Custom Software Development
      We have highly skilled professionals with wide variety of skill sets worked in
      variety of industries and utilizing the latest technologies, such as the Microsoft
      Technologies, Java, J2EE, XML Web Services, Open Source technologies,
      Advanced database architectures, Web Portals, Client/Server and ERP
      technologies. We always assure confidentiality in our on-shore and off-shore
      development projects. We assure “the perfect Job Done with in Time and
               Introduction      Clients        Locations         Contact Us

Our Services

      Project Management
      Our project managers and analysts are certified and well trained to make use
      of right methodologies to promote collaboration and partnership bridge
      between the technical and business members of any project team. This
      approach reduces the rigidity found in many projects by crafting and tailoring a
      process to fit into logical approach found in each situation. Our Project
      managers are well trained in decision making and are successful by clearly
      understanding the requirements and needs of the project. Our team of Project
      Managers understand what is Project Planning, Organizing, Staffing,
      Developing, Coordinating, Revenue and Budgeting principles.

      Outsourcing Partnership
      Data Entry
      Data Entry and processing services. Data entry services comprises minimum
      of double keying process wherein data is re-keyed to provide at least of
      99.995% accuracy.
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Our Services

      Web Development
      We have off-shore development facility in India and we can undertake web
      development, graphic design, imaging, editorial, marketing and public relations
      professionals working in association to provide our clients with elegant web
      development services at a lowest possible cost. Our focus is customer
      satisfaction. Now serving clients all over the globe. We can do web hosting and
      maintenance of websites with any sizes of databases linked with websites.
      Samples are available upon request.

      Medical Transcriptions

        Advanced scheme of username/password/privileges assignment management
          DES encryption
          Full Access security based on digital signatures
          Full Compliance with individual client Turn Around Time (TAT)
          Complete integration with HIPAA compliance for electronic transfer and security guidelines
          Complete compliance with AAMT for quality and billing
          Secure onsite delivery system
          24/7 Support and Availability all round the year
          EMR & Billing support

                         Try our 7 days risk free sample transcriptions with our MT team.
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Our Services

      Electronic Publishing and Digitization
      We offer a full service for Book and Journal Publishing services including
      submission of manuscript, Editorial functions, production and Project
      management. Our Artwork Team is highly capable to handle any type of media
      conversion, converting legacy artwork to High Quality Printer requirement. We
      will convert all old records (either paper or microfilm) to digital images and
      index them properly. We will do both back file conversions and transactions in
      less than 24-hour turnaround time.
      Samples are available upon request.

      Corporate Training
      We have experienced technical staff in teaching any-level of technical courses,
      organizing leading seminars and train your staff in setting standards with
      extreme project management skills and methodologies. Our Trainers are
      industry leaders with deep knowledge in understanding of how to step up high
      standards in your technical staff into understandable and capable of doing job
      to the maximum extent. We have capability of sponsoring on-site corporate
      training, on turn key basis to train your staff round the calendar year.
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          We work closely with your management and information systems team to add
          full value to your technology investments and rapidly deploy new systems
          support to your businesses

          ROBOSOFT Consultants are highly committed in delivering the best job
          possible. As we build around our core-strengths we have strategic partnerships
          with our sister concerns that ensure our clientele receive the best service
          possible. We are dedicated to your success, always striving to improve our
          service levels and provide our clients with our best services. We believe in
          hard work and efficiency of our consultants to exceed your expectations.

          We are currently serving sectors like:
          Health care, Telecommunications, Insurance, Automotive , Biotech,
          Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Financial Services, Banking, Mortgage,
          Government, Manufacturing, Trading, Construction, Engineering, Legal,
          Multimedia, Education, Retail, Call Centers etc.
                 Introduction   Our Services           Clients   Contact Us


      We have 5 locations to server you:

      Michigan (USA)
       Address                    : 29508 Southfield Road, # 202
                                    Southfield MI 48076
       Phone                      : 248 - 495 – 9650

       Fax                        : 248 - 569 – 7979

       Email                      :

      Chicago (USA)
        Address                    : 6500 N. RIDGE BLVD, # 1A
                                     Chicago, IL 60626

        Phone                      : 773 - 322 - 0516

        Fax                        : 773 - 761 - 6681

        Email                      :
                 Introduction   Our Services           Clients   Contact Us


      Alabama (USA)
       Address                    : 4186 S Memorial Pkwy
                                    Huntsville, AL 35802

       Phone                      : 724 - 612 - 2747

       Fax                        : 248 - 569 - 7979

       Email                      :

      Missisauga (Canada)

        Address                    : 3400, Riverspray Dr
                                     Missisauga, Ontario L4Y 3M5

        Phone                      : 905 - 270 - 1776

        Fax                        : 248 - 569 - 7979

        Email                      :
                 Introduction   Our Services           Clients   Contact Us


      Toronto (Canada)
       Address                    : 39 Havenlea Road
                                    Toronto, Ontario M1X 1S6

       Phone                      : 416 - 724 - 2744

       Fax                        : 248 - 569 - 7979

       Email                      :
                 Introduction   Our Services           Clients         Locations

Contact Us

      Corporate Headquarters
       Address                     : 3171 John R Road
                                     Rochester Hills, MI 48307, USA

       Phone                       : 586 - 580 - 4910

       Fax                         : 248 - 853 - 9430

      For Company Information
      Please send us email about complete company profile/brochure

      For Resume submittals
      Please send us your resumes with contact information and best rate, we will market
      your skills. Resume referrals available. Please contact one of our Branch Offices for
      more information

      For Jobs posting
      Please send us email about your requirement, we will match the right resume
      and submit resume within 12 hours

                                  Thank You!

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