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									Programs/Initiatives   Outcomes

                                          STRATEGIC PLAN GOAL


  Business Plans         Strategic Plan
Management Planning and Strategy - Strategy Map, August 2004

 ES1-2: Convenient, Easy to       ES9-1: Alignment of      ES9-2: Alignment of      ES9-3: Achievement   ES9-4:
 Use Services                     Services provided with   Priorities throughout    of Performance       Accountability to the
 ES1-3: Unity of County Service   community's needs &      the organization         Targets              public at every level
 Delivery                         desires                                                                of the organization
 ES1-4: Satisfied Customers

      Customer Feedback
                                      Update/Distribute                                      Perf Mgmt System
                                       Strategic Plan
                                                            Performance Expect'ns
                                                                                                                   Communicate Perf Resu
                                                                                         Performance Meas'mt
                         ES9-5: Continuously
Accountability to the    improving
public at every level    government
of the organization

          Communicate Perf Results
Sample - MDPD Strategy Map, October 2004
              Effectively provide the necessary and appropriate technology, buildings, equipment and people for delivery of quality
Goal 1 -
              services now and in the future.

 PS1-1: Public safety facilities   PS1-2, 1-3: Reduced        PS1-4: Reduction in     PS1-5: Improved          PS1-6: Expanded          PS1-7:Easy and coordinated
 and resources built and           response time (priority    property loss and       Homeland Security        ability to shelter the   access to information by
 maintained to meet needs          outcome)(Includes          destruction (priority   Preparedness (priority   public in response to    Departments and service delivery
 (priority outcome)                reduced response time in   outcome)                outcome)                 large scale public       partners to promote more
                                   agricultural areas)                                                         emergency events         effective programs and results
                       Sample - ETSD Strategy Map, September 2004

                        ES4-1: User friendly e-     ES4-2: Available and

                                                                           ES4-3: Responsive          ES4-4: Smart,    ES4-5: Technology       ES4-6 County
                        government sharing          Reliable Systems       service deployment and     Coordinated IT   projects completed as   processes improved
                        information and providing                          resolution of technology   Investments      planned                 through information
                        expanded hours and                                 problems                                                            technology
Information Technology Related Goal and Outcomes from Miami-Dade County Strategic Plan

     Strategic Plan Goal (Enabling Strategies, Goal ES4)

     Capitalize on techoology to improve service, increase efficiency and provide greater inforamt

Outcome (ES4-1)*          Outcome (ES4-2)          Outcome (ES4-3)       Outcome (ES4-4)
User friendly e-
                                                   Responsive service
government sharing
                          Available and Reliable   deployment and        Smart, Coordinated IT
information and
                          Systems                  resolution of         Investments
providing expanded
                                                   technology problems
hours and services

* Priority Outcomes are bolded
ty Strategic Plan

vide greater inforamtion access and exchange

               Outcome (ES4-5)        Outcome (ES4-6)*

                                      County processes
               Technology projects
                                      improved through
               completed as planned
                                      information technology

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