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					                      Student-Instructor Agreement
THIS AGREEMENT is made on                , 200           between Johnny Richards (Instructor) and
                   (Student) as follows:
• Instructor agrees to provide Student a course of training at the [level] in accordance with the cur-
  rent Standards and Procedures established by the appropriate training agency.
• Such course shall consist of [number of ] days of training involving [number of ] dives at [number
  of ] different sites.
•   Instructor fees for such course shall be as follows:[Fee description].
•   No more than [number of ] students shall be enrolled in any course at any time.
•   Student agrees to pay a $[dollars] nonrefundable deposit in order to reserve specific dates for this
    course. In the event of Student’s inability or failure to attend the course, for any reason, the deposit
    shall be retained by Instructor in consideration of Instructor making the time reserved available to
    Student. In the event Student wishes to reschedule the course, the nonrefundable deposit shall not
    be credited to the subsequently scheduled class date. If Student attends the scheduled course, the
    deposit shall be fully applied to the Instructor fee.
•   The remaining balance of Instructor fees shall be payable to Instructor, in cash, at the beginning of
    each level of training.
•   Student realizes that the Instructor fee does not include site fees, gas fills, student workbooks or
    texts or certification fees. All such costs are additional to the Instructor fee and shall be the sole
    responsibility of Student.
•   Student is aware that, although Instructor is a Staff Instructor at Ginnie Springs Outdoors, LLC
    for the purpose of teaching Cavern and Intro to Cave courses, such affiliation is not present while
    Instructor is teaching Apprentice Cave, (Full) Cave or any gas-related courses. For the purposes of
    this Agreement, Instructor is an independent contractor not affiliated, associated or connected in
    any manner with Ginnie Springs Outdoors, LLC.
•   Student agrees to provide all dive equipment, in good working order, necessary for the course
    which Student has requested as reviewed by Instructor and modified, as necessary, by Student.
•   Instructor agrees to provide Student with timely and thorough instructional services for the course
    requested by Student.
•   Student expressly represents that he is at least eighteen (18) years of age on the date of signing this
    Agreement, is aware of the inherent risks and hazards of cave diving and has knowingly elected to
    proceed with the course of instruction requested by Student.
This Agreement is made in Alachua County, Florida.

                           Student Signature
Dated:              , 200 .

Johnny Richards
PO Box 2920
High Springs, Florida 32643-2920
(386) 454-1348

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