Vol 3 Num 12 Networking inventors service providers entrepreneurs June 2009 Upcoming Events Last month 2009 General Meetings

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					Vol 3 Num 12                 Networking inventors, service providers & entrepreneurs                           June 2009

Upcoming Events:                   Last month
2009 General Meetings:             Thanks from all of us to:
                                   International speaker and author of Stop the Fear, Gloria
June                               Boileau for discussing powerful steps to help you conquer your
                                   fears while empowering you to create an extraordinary
                                                                                                         Visit our website
Spring into Springboard
                                   business. www.stopthefear.net                                         www.sdinventors.org
July                                                                                                     Scott Sykora is webmaster.
Invention Contest                  Ruprecht von Buttlar / CONNECT Director Commercialization             Post your latest news!
                                   & Finance Programs for speaking about CONNECT programs
August                             including Springboard www.connect.org                                 Other Useful Links
Harnessing Creativity                                                                                    http://www.sbditc.org/
September                          This month – How to communicate your idea                             http://www.connect.org/
Patents 101                        A sucessful inventor, Mario Cugini is scheduled to speak and          https://www.octaneoc.org/
October                            one of our own, Jeff Spitzer has an exciting new invention to         http://www.excoveries.com
Marketing 101                      share with the group!                                                 http://www.mindsetresearch.
November                           CONNECT /Springboard has provided a template to help you              com/resources.html
Business Plan 101                  create a presentation. We will review and discuss the template        http://www.venturechoice.co
December                           Springboard has created, useful to any inventor that wants to         m/glossary
Funding 101                        communicate their invention.                                          www.google.com/patents
Next month is the SDIF Invention Contest! First prize $500 Second prize $400 Third Prize $300            www.uiausa.org
Press will be invited. Instructions on how to enter will be given at this months meeting, entry forms    www.q-stat.com
will be provided. 10 inventors will have an opportunity to present their latest creations for a SDIF     www.a-squaredtec.com
group review and vote. Call or email for more information. Come be discovered!                           www.ovation.tv

Congratulations SDIF Inventors who exhibited at the Response Expo in San Diego. If you are interested in getting your products
on QVC or HSN, or doing a short or long-form infomercial, expanding on other avenues of DR marketing ,or simply finding help with
distribution, fulfillment, production etc, the Response Expo, is the place to be. www.responseexpo.com www.livemercial.com

Recent interest in inventing has reached a new peak. The economy is picking up, funds for inventors to launch has become available
thru many means. Check out this interview with ABCNews. Eureka! Recession Sparks Inventive Spirit
The point is we can help ourselves and this country’s economy by living the great American dream.
This interview with Bradley Fikes from the North County Times was published May 17 th: “Ideas Become Jobs”
Now is the time inventors, become an entrepreneur! – Adrian Pelkus

Attention Female Inventors: Milojo Productions (brainchild of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos) is now casting women with fabulous
ideas and great personalities from across America for a new series. The show, set to air on TLC, takes a selected female inventor
through the journey of realizing their dream. It's an opportunity to get your product developed, manufactured, marketed, and finally
sold on The Home Shopping Network. http://www.gotcast.com/casting-calls/Female-Inventors/54140
The show's casting directors will be accepting submissions through GotCast until the last week of June.
 For more information contact Justin Moodley jmoodley@gotcast.com

The DOE SBIR Office has contracted with Foresight Science & Technology, Inc. to provide a Technical Assistance Program (TAP)
commercialization web portal which provides prospective SBIR applicants and other energy entrepreneurs with the tools, training,
and support to write a successful SBIR proposal. For more details on what’s available to you, You are cordially invited to use the
DOE SBIR Technical Assistance Program Web Portal at http://doecapreg.foresightst.com.

I really like what some other Inventors groups are doing. Here is a great example from the Inventors Society of South Florida (ISSF):

Keeping a logbook of your inventions is a good idea. It's an effective means of staying organized and can also serve as proof that
you are the inventor. Logbook maintenance however, has special requirements and pitfalls. To find out more read the June
newsletter "The Inventor's Mentor" by George Levy. For archived copies of the newsletters and more information for inventors go to
Patents and Ventures.

Each month we focus on a topic relevant to inventors and share knowledge and experience. We network inventors and builders,
artists, designers and engineers, legal, business and marketing service providers to discuss all aspects of product development.
Success breeds success! Invite your friends. To pre register for the next meeting contact Scott Sykora @ scott.sykora@gmail.com
Adrian Pelkus, 2008- 2009 SDIF President
www.a-squaredtec.com email adrian@a-squaredtec.com Phone (760) 591 9608

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